liar tony

Things I think about a lot: AVAC Jan giving Steve the shovel talk about Tony. Generally I don’t like the shovel talk trope but I love?? This??

Steve and Tony finally getting together after months of pining and gazing at each other with heart eyes, and Tony literally calling Jan the instant Steve leaves his room after kissing him for the first time and they confess their feelings for each other. 

(It’s so awkward and endearing, Steve says it first and Tony thinks he’s joking for a minute, but Steve is blushing so much and Tony knows that he is NOT a good liar… then Tony’s flustered and honestly it’s a mess but it’s the best kiss either of them have ever had.)

Tony calls her and she literally screams (luckily Tony had expected it and held the phone away from his ear after he told her). Anyways, she requests all of the details, which Tony gives after some prodding, because he doesn’t want to let on right away how absolutely over the moon he is. 

After they hang up though, the first thing Jan does is march up to Steve’s dorm room, knocks loudly on the door, and waits for Steve to appear. He’s surprised to see her… even more so when she launches into her speech. 

“You better not hurt him, Steve.”

“What? How do you know… it literally just happened…”

*hand wave* “It doesn’t matter. Listen, Tony may talk big and flirt and flaunt himself like he’s on top of the world, but you better realize that there’s so much more to him than that.”

“Of course–”

“He’s very sensitive, and he seems to like you a lot, so you better be good to him.” *crosses arms and glares up at him*

“I will, Jan, I promise.”

“And if you’re using him, I will kick your ass. He’s my best friend and I won’t be happy if he gets hurt.” 

“I understand.”

After that, her demeanour changes and she grins at Steve, gives him a hug (Steve: “?????”) and tells him she’s so happy that it finally happened, they’re going to be SO happy together and she’s just so happy for them… 

But yeah, her first priority: she’s gotta take care of Tony and make sure no one hurts Tony because he deserves to be happy. 

So I’ve been getting a bunch a questions about Tony’s eating habits and other things so here are some facts. 

-Tony’s favorite snacks are raw eggs, shell and all. Tony’s jaw DOES NOT unhinge like a snake, he still has a normal human jaw. He can eat raw meat but still prefers it cooked, although it’s gotta be pink middle.

-He tends to just have one meal at dinner and then have some snacks at night. If Steve doesn’t get his lazy butt up, he’ll snooze right through breakfast and lunch, especially if he’s all warm and snuggly in bed.

  • Natasha: Tony, I know how valuable you are to the team, but there's a hundred-year war going on between you and Steve, and it's a distraction. Now, we need to be thinking of one thing: protecting the world.
  • Tony: You were the swing vote, weren't you?
  • Natasha: Look, we can't afford internal tension. War is a game that has to be played with a smile.
  • Tony: Stop quoting Steve!
  • Natasha: That's Winston Churchill.
  • Tony: Well, he sounds a lot like Steve!

spencer has become such an unlikeable character istg why are you doing this marlene? why did you ruin haleb and spoby? why??? spaleb makes me sick it’s disgusting and that scene with them was painful to watch… like i’m sorry but two episodes ago caleb was literally not giving two shits about spencer and clearly showing her he cared more about hanna but bow suddenly that changed i mean honestly spare me

So when Spencer offered to pay for the drinks when she was with Marco, she used a credit card. I have a feeling that she used Rollins credit card to pay for it.

We know Spencer had his credit card on her because she was waiting for Aria to text her the okay so Spence could buy the train ticket to Phillidelphia using his credit card so it’d look like he left town in a hurry.

The way the directors made sure we saw a close up of her tossing the credit card on the check booklet thing kind of made me question if it was his credit card (picture of the close up at the top).

It would be understandable if she accidently used it, she was drunk and not thinking straight. We didn’t see her put it back into her purse either, it just cut right to the make out scene with Marco.

If she forgot the credit card, someone could’ve easily taken it and used it to buy a ticket to Baltimore.

I feel like I’m kind of stretching this but you never know with this show tbh.

Wow! 😨😨😨 I can’t believe labour ❤️ MPs have links to former labour leader and PM Tony Blair❌❌😷😷!! Who would of known😦? ‼️‼️‼️ SOLID PROOF‼️‼️‼️ that this is a b l a i r i t e™ coup orchestrated by the Z I O N I S T M E D I A 👹👹, tony b~~~LIAR~~~ 🤑🤑 and Alastair Camembert!!😵😵😵 they are trying to BRING CORBAE DOWN⬇️⬇️ so they can put B L I A R back on top!! ❌🙌🏻🙌🏻💁🏻 share 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 TO KICK 🏃🏻 THE FAR RIGHT BLA I R ITE S 😷😷😷 OUT OF THE LAYBOR PARTY!!! THEY WEREBT ❌❌ INVITED!!! ✉️✉️✉️🙌🏻🙌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Steve: You see, we’re a family here. Well, not the conventional one, but we love each other and...
  • Tony: Excuse me, snoop.
  • Steve: Liar.
  • Tony: Rhino.
  • Steve: Lizard. It’s real love, It’s an honest love. And, yes, we might have secrets that we stubbornly try to hide from each other.
  • Tony: Python.
  • Steve: Swamp insect. But we’re a family nonetheless, and you can’t break us up.