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Everyone wears a mask. Good, evil, compassion, conscience, justice. Names of these masks. From time to time, we mistake those masks to be our real selves. But here, without any exception, we take off all those masks. Your true self, looking at this money… what would it be?

Liar Game

is the best thing that happened to me this year.

I am still not over with Liar Game as of typing this, and I doubt if my feelings for this show will vanish in an instant. I’m showing signs of drama withdrawal syndrome when I constantly listen to the OSTs, or when I, once in a while, do a rewatch on some scenes, or when I stalk liar game tags in tumblr. I’m doing every die hard fan will do. After all, Liar game deserves so much love, not just from kfans but from international fans as well.

I’ve never heard of the manga or of the japanese series and movie. Choosing Liar Game to watch after Pinocchio was a random choice. I based my choice on how short Liar Game is. Ah, this would be next. If I won’t like it, no regrets!, since I only wasted 12 hours of my summer. Say what? Haha! After I watched everything with dedication, I can proudly say, that, Liar Game is the best kdrama of 2014.

So, what’s with Liar Game? Why am I so hyped about it?

1. It’s a psychological thriller. My heart is craving for this kdrama genre. Just, how many psychological thrillers have I watched? One? Two? (My eyes are on God’s Quiz rn but heck there are 4 seasons!)

Knowing myself, I love brains! Wee! I am way more interested in the mental capabilities of human beings given a situation, and Liar Game has never deprived me of that. It spoiled me with games I never thought existed. Less action, more brains. Less physical harm, more mental breakdowns. No gore. Just plain awesomeness.

2. It always caught me off my guard. One great example is the Smuggling Game, where I almost had my mind in circles after each betrayal. And I mean, each, there are hundreds of them (exaggerating this). And a thousands of betrayals in all the other games (special mention: President Game). The betrayals and lies done by each character had drove me to nuts, but some had me to the point of screaming on top of my lungs at my computer. Dang. Look at what this show has done to me.

3. It was well written. In connection to number 2, I liked all the games, I was interested with all of the games and how the players will respond to the stimuli. Trust me, the games kept my eyes glued on the screen.

The writing clearly showed me the cause of everything, and the subsequent effects. It had a smooth flow, all scenes were useful, and the dialogues said were on point. Likewise said, the betrayals and lies were a great factor to the success of this show. After all, it’s Liar Game, right?

4. I won’t discuss further about the setting, or of the characters. I just want to say that everything is very convincing. And that I bet 10 million dollars on this that you’ll enjoy Liar Game. (First, lemme join the game and win the prize money if you won’t enjoy hahaha)

And ohhhh not to mention Pasha Oppa! Good to see you in Liar Game!! And I found my girl crush here, Jaime. She rocks!


This is not the end yet.

Because I’m about to reveal to you the BIGGEST and the MOST CONVINCING reason for you to watch Liar Game.

This guy.

Because it’s just in Liar Game that I saw Lee Sang Yoon in a new light.

How can I not contain myself after spending 12 hours anticipating on his role as Ha Woo Jin?! Liar Game is actually not the best thing I’ve witnessed this year, but this guy. This guy is.

The way he wore turtlenecks or leather jackets or long sleeve comfies, with his bangs down, eyes piercing your soul so deep. His once in a blue smile that can hypnotize you, or his words, “I have a way to win” to reassure you. Everything about him had me head over heels. He’s fierce, but he can be soft, He shows emotion. He gets mad. He smiles. He’s mysterious. He can get nervous. But he clearly knows that victory is his.

I have a way to win is my most favorite kdrama line ever and I swear if someone I know of the opposite sex mentions that, I’ll have my eyes on him.

Back to Ha Woo Jin. Don’t want to spoil you though, but let me give some facts about him. He graduated with a degree in Applied Psychology and is the youngest professor in Seoul National University at 28. He is also known as the human lie detector. Hah! A big tragedy comes into his life and he has to pay the price of his actions and eventually, he joins the Liar Game with Nam Da Jung (Kim So Eun). 

And I fell in love with him. His faithfulness and confidence solidified his character as Ha Woo Jin. He’s not the kind of guy that would creepily stab you in the back, no he’s not the Gapdong’s Ryu Tae Oh type of guy (but I have a crush on him despite of that hahahaha). He’s a man who will stick to his words and promises and will do anything to protect you. You’d want him because he’s attractive, he’s hot, he’s charismatic and he’s undeniably a genius. And as a sapiosexual myself, Ha Woo Jin is my target, and sadly, my biggest delusion. Marrying someone as smart as Einstein is one of my priorities in life (that’s why I took chemistry in hopes I find my soulmate but ugh there’s none in my school, there are intelligent guys here but they just don’t have the charisma, but don’t get me wrong, I love chemistry very much lol)

Ha Woo Jin definitely is my most favorite fictional character out there right now. Sorry Trash Oppa! I have to push you to second place, but you can still have my heart. I will pray a thousand times to have a Ha Woo Jin in real life minus the Liar Game of course, heck no, I’m still not ready for mental war.

So.. um.. convinced? No? Really? 


“A psychologist named Adler once said this, "What defines our lives is not the wounds or traumas when we grow up, but It’s the goal we decide to accomplish. Based on those goals, we decide our behaviors by ourselves.” Therefore, if I trust someone, that’s because I just have to trust that person. Even if I get betrayed, keeping that trust is not credibility. It’s called faith.“


Repairing our lives isn’t due to trauma or wounds inflicted in childhood. It’s a goal we decide to accomplish. Depending on that goal, we decide our own actions. If I decide to trust someone, it’s because I just have to trust that person. Even if I’m betrayed, maintaining that trust isn’t credit. It’s faith. 

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Korean Remake of Japan’s “Liar Game” in October 2014

“Liar Game” joins “Tomorrow Cantabile” (Nodame Cantabile) in the list of Japanese series that will be remade in Korea this year.

According to a statement made by a drama representative to iSPlus on August 26, the Korean adaptation of Japan’s “Liar Game” is set to air on cable channel tvN this October.

This information was confirmed with a representative from CJ E&M who said, “It is true that it will be completed by October. There will be a total of 10 episodes and it will follow ‘Valid Love.‘ ‘Liar Game’ is a popular series not only in Japan but in Korea as well so we plan to cast good actors. After finishing the casting work, we plan to begin filming next month.”

The remake of “Liar Game” will be written by Yoo Yong Jae of MBC’s “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and directed by PD Kim Hong Seon, who was in charge of OCN’s “Hero” and SBS’ “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.”

“Liar Game” is a live action adaptation of Kaitani Shinobu’s manga of the same title. The manga, which was first serialized in 2005 and was adapted into a TV series on 2007, is about Nao Kanzaki, a college student who’s honest to a fault. By a twist of fate, she got involved in a fictional “Liar Game Tournament” wherein contestants are encouraged to cheat and lie. The live action series had a second season aired on 2009. It also spawned two live action films that were shown in 2010 and 2012.