Your video of the day: Watch five glorious minutes of Donald Trump contradicting himself before and after his Presidential run

The video is especially great in light of Trump’s loss of the popular vote. Recently Donald Trump tweeted effusive support for the electoral college, calling it “genius.” Of course four years ago when Obama won, he was singing a hilariously different tune.

Gifs: PlainSight


You’ve made me doubt love. You’ve made me doubt everything. Your lies spin in my head all day, ‘How did you not see it coming,’ 'Why didn’t you see the signs,’ I blame myself for your mess. Your lies I trusted with my dying breath. You never said you were sorry. You never tried to explain. You just left when you got busted with not so much as a goodbye. Just suddenly, you were no longer a part of my life.
—  Maybe you were a catalyst for my growth, or maybe you were nothing but lies and pain from the start. ( @humanhealing )