You’ve made me doubt love. You’ve made me doubt everything. Your lies spin in my head all day, ‘How did you not see it coming,’ 'Why didn’t you see the signs,’ I blame myself for your mess. Your lies I trusted with my dying breath. You never said you were sorry. You never tried to explain. You just left when you got busted with not so much as a goodbye. Just suddenly, you were no longer a part of my life.
—  Maybe you were a catalyst for my growth, or maybe you were nothing but lies and pain from the start. ( @humanhealing )
How A Torpedoed Kickstarter Campaign Unintentionally Revealed An Unlikely Unit of Cyber-Terrorists - Degree180
Zoe Quinn and Randi Lee Harper had everything to lose.

How Zoe Quinn, darling of SJWs that sparked GamerGate, tried to harass and troll an African American female anti-bullying expert and it back fired to reveal she is the biggest harassing troll and conartist of them all.