Liar (Ben Hardy x Reader) - Part XI

summary: thanks to the reader, ben’s feeling better now. maybe she can do some more cheering up.

1.8k words; ben x reader, nothing but cheesy fluff this time!!

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Ben kept his spotify playlist — chock full of cheesy love songs — running for almost an hour. In that hour, you didn’t say much to each other. Your hands stayed joined as you mumbled and hummed the words of the songs, giggling when a song was particularly sappy.

Silence fell when the playlist ended, filling the car with nothing but the sound of your breathing. After a couple of minutes of letting the silence sink in, Ben let out a deep sigh, slumping even lower on the backseat.

“You okay?” You asked, tightening your grip on his hand ever so slightly.

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I will never stop being amused by Lucretia straight up lying through her teeth whenever anyone asks her about the Red Robes.  “Ah, yes.  They were an ancient order (that split up, like, 10 years ago) of wizards (and a fighter, and a cleric, and whatever Barry is) who created the Grand Relics for unknown reasons (to defeat the Hunger) using unknown means (I mean, I know.  I still have the blueprints) and have since disappeared (okay, one of them disappeared.  But it was really upsetting for the rest of us).  I thought they were all dead (I mean, except for me, and Davenport, and you three, and Lup and Barry are liches so death is just like, whatever for them), and have no idea where they are (in this room.  Literally everyone in this room was part of the IPRE).  I don’t know anything else about them (other than full names, ages, heights, races, classes, backstories, notable characteristics, blood types probably…)”  She literally has a giant picture of them on her wall.  Directly behind her.

since the beginning of 20gayteen, Kehlani has had one girlfriend, kissed and got grinded on by Demi Lovato, collabed with Hayley Kiyoko, has been using female pronouns in songs, had a female love interest in Charlie Puth’s ´Done for me’ video… and all in 4 months! Now she wants to make me believe that in a 23 years proportion of what shes given us, GIRLS MAKE HER NERVOUS??? babygirl, u make ME nervous