Humane Society International: ‘BREAKING: HSI’s Chinese partner group activists successfully stopped a truck – transporting over 300 dogs heading for slaughter – in Liaoning, China. After suffering hours in excruciating heat, the dehydrated and starving dogs – likely stolen pets – were relinquished to the care of the activists. The rescued dogs have been unloaded and are receiving immediate vet care in order to ensure their survival. Stay tuned for more updates.’

Fire and Black Smoke Billow From Crashed Tour Bus in Taiwan

A tour bus was engulfed in flames after it hit a fence on Freeway No. 2 near Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan, on Tuesday, July 19, killing at least 26 people on board. All the tourists killed were from Liaoning, in northeast China, according to Central News Agency, quoting Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau. Credit: 1412352402 (王瑤瑤)