let me tell you about lianny

so kenny is always portrayed as a sexual deviant

and one who actually has been around the block a few times ya know

and like i guess most people who ship lianny are like “ooh they are both the towns sluts they belong together”

and like just

so kenny being with liane of course to the guys he would brag about nailing a hot older woman right

but really i think that being with liane actually makes him feel like a child who is naive and still pretty innocent?? i guess

and he’d actually be really nervous with her

like she makes him sweat and blush and just makes his heart skip a beat like no one else has actually made him feel


  • Noxicosis:you guys, kenny convinced liane to let them keep the lair by
  • Noxicosis:well
  • Noxicosis:you know
  • Noxicosis:mysteriane
  • ...
  • Noxicosis:jeez i'm totally getting this idea in my head of kenny mentoring ike
  • Noxicosis:and trying to show him how to get the ladies
  • renabop21:HEADCANNONS YES
  • Noxicosis:or showing him, uh positions and stuff
  • renabop21:oh dear.
  • Noxicosis:and getting liane to help demonstrate
  • ...
  • zeldabootay:which is why Kake shipping is nice
  • zeldabootay:because you know ike is like kenny
  • Rose:what what is Kake?
  • zeldabootay:karen and ike but because kenny know's
  • zeldabootay:how ike is
  • zeldabootay:I could see kenny being super over protective
  • Noxicosis:he wouldn't let karen date anyone
  • renabop21:cause Ike would be like his little brother and karne's his sister
  • renabop21:so They'd have to date in secret
  • zeldabootay:yes EXACTLY
  • Rose:omg
  • Noxicosis:YES
  • Noxicosis:there we go
  • Rose:kenny teaches ike all he knows
  • Rose:and ike uses what kenny taught him
  • Rose:on kenny's sister
  • Rose:behind his back
  • renabop21:and he doesn't even know he's using the positions on karen
  • Noxicosis:and wait till kyle figures al this out
  • Rose:And Kyle's having like an aneurysm
  • Noxicosis:but i think kyle would be okay with kake
  • renabop21:what if they gotback at hem by pretendin to date eachother?!
  • Noxicosis:cause it;d get back at kenny in a way
  • renabop21:Karen and Ike would come home and Kenny and kyle would be "making out"
  • renabop21:and the they'd run away
  • renabop21:and Kyle'd be like "Kenny, they're gone. You can stop kising me now. ....kenny get your hands out of my pants"