Jason P Todd Headcanons
  • Cass is his favorite sister
    • Cass voice “i’m……your only sister”
    • jason voice” okay first of all no second of all you are the Best
  • Dick is his least favorite brother
    • “ok well then who’s your favorite?”
    • “idk man but it ain’t you”
  • curly hair
  • he can’t walk out of a conversation with bruce without wanting to hug or maim him
  • he doesn’t like talking to the New Batfam™ by their real names because it makes them more real
  • he knows they’re real but it’s like…..more real? anyway nicknames galore
  • he thinks steph is obnoxious but he also relates to her hardcore sometimes which is difficult 
  • he misses kori and roy every day
  • he loves lian… much…..and doesn’t know what to do about it every time he’s with her
  • one time he was with lian and bruce came in the window and saw them, lian curled up on jason’s chest asleep and jason almost asleep. jason glared at him and bruce left. both of them were tearing up
  • he constantly claims alfred is his favorite person on this good earth
  • he gets cards from talia in the mail, no matter where he is, on the anniversary of his death
  • (they’re usually super formal but jason appreciates them)
  • would punch oliver queen in the face for nothing but a high five from roy or dinah
  • would not punch any other arrowfam members, unless roy really deserves it
  • has tried to learn to shoot arrows, has mostly failed 
  • the only batfam members he wouldn’t punch in the face are alfred, cass, and damian (jury’s still out on duke)
  • Roy: When Bizarro gets older I'll teach him about sports and stuff, and you'll be in charge of Lian's emotional crap. We agreed that's how we'd raise our kids
  • Jason: Our kids? Roy, we're not married
  • Roy: Dude, we're a little married
  • Jason: *whispers* I know, I love it

liane-animatromo  asked:

Hownwluld the toys reacted to the fantoms? Wouldn't they be scared to know that they'll be burned...?

Everyone reacts differently to seeing their phantoms! Most of the toys don’t have a phantom form, which is worrying as well. What happens to them? Who knows!

(would’ve drawn Balloon Boy’s reaction to PBB, but the screaming ghost balloon was stolen quite a while ago back in the great BB heist)