This Day in 1D History - July 28


  • Niall, Harry, and Liam go golfing in London with JLS and Olly Murs


  • just another casual M&G… with Eddie Vedder!
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Seattle, USA 


  • Louis’ Cinderella Ball is announced!!!
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Kansas City, USA 
Harry’s Anniversary “Speech”

I’m so sorry to say that this speech never happened. I’m a larrie and I love Harry and Louis but I can’t let the fandom believe this actually happened.

So we dubbed Septemeber 28th the be the larrieversary and to celebrate it I drew a fanart:

I posted this on September 28th. Then, the next day, someone posted this on twitter, saying it was an actual quote from Harry at their concert on Sept. 28th:

As you can see, it is word for word the ”speech” Harry gave in my fanart. They even put, “Uh, um,” because I didn’t finish the speech in my fanart. I don’t know if rainbowboyfriends thought I based it off a real speech which I DID NOT. I can’t let the fandom believe in something that didn’t happen, especially when I made the fanart that caused it. 

There are no videos of this “speech” and if Harry really made this “speech”, you know there would be TONS of videos of him saying this. There are no videos and no one who attended the concert said anything about him making a “speech” like this. I do believe he shouted out “anniversary” but that’s it.

I am so sorry that this happened. I love Larry and they are amazing but I can’t let my friends and other larries believe this. Please spread this so we don’t make this a huge thing on Sept. 28th. 

Late night ‘sunset clause’ pondering...

Sorry, this is long, but hear me out. So, I was awake in the middle of the night last night, and this thought came to me. We have been discussing ‘non-competes’/’sunset clauses’ for a while now, as a reason for the band not being able to announce anything to do with there future. And, I just wonder:

If the boys were working on the assumption that the release of MITAM, and a possible 30 promo period after that release date, would mark them as free, after an additional ‘sunset period’, then everything gearing up to end at the end of March would have made perfect sense. Based on this:

MITAM 30 day promo = 12 December + 90 day ‘non-compete’/sunset = (approx) 11 March. 

However, if that +1 album, we have been referring to for years, formed part of the tangible delivery that had to happen to been seen as meeting the terms of their contract, and IF this +1 evolved into Zayn’s debut album (as he is still clearly tied to Sony/Syco) then mid March would not constitute the end of their contract at all:

MOM 30 day promo = 24 April + 90 day ‘non-compete’/sunset = (approx) 23 July.

And what happened on the 21 July?  

If this is the case, either NT made an error in judgement, or Syco took advantage in a lack of clarity in contracts. I could be way off here. But to my sleep-deprived brain last night, this makes sense, and would make sense of the sudden close down of BG activity at the middle/end of March.

@business-direction @aaronbutterfield @m3lly-baby tagging you, as we’ve chatted about this kind of thing before. My maths is not the best, which is why I’ve said ‘approximate’.

After playing through so many adventures on the show, it should be to no one’s surprise that the team wanted to venture off on their own. We got to see them romance a few strangers and answer your questions at Comic Con. And while that would be enough for some people, Critical Role continues t…

Half Asleep (Liam Payne)

Sleeping with your back to him, he had his chest pressed up against you, his face pressed against your shoulder. Your arms were sprawled out in front of you, your breathing steady and your eyes shut. Liam shifted in his sleep and tightened his grip on your waist as he stretched his legs, tensing up for a brief moment before relaxing once again.

He slowly and unwillingly peeked an eye open, a general grogginess hanging over him. Unconsciously, you shifted your hips and pressed back into him without being aware. Liam huffed out softly, trying to ignore the fact that your bum was pressed right up against him.

His half-awake state made it harder for him to control any urges. The early morning sunlight and the remnants of a dirty dream still sitting in the front of his mind. The more he thought about it, the further he had to pull his lower half away from you so you wouldn’t be woke up by a hard on pressed against your leg.

Subconsciously though, you bent yourself back into him, curled up with your bum up against his erection once again. Liam sighed out softly and gave up trying to pull away. He sighed out softly and moved his head up to nuzzle against your neck.

He slowly moulded his lips against the soft bare skin, slipping his hand under your loose t-shirt. His fingers dragged lightly against your stomach, causing you to shift slightly, your eyes staying closed. Liam closed his heavy feeling eyes, starting to suck against the skin at the base of your neck. Letting out a soft breath, you curled your hands up in front of you, your body staying still.

Liam’s hand inched up higher until he was right below your breasts. He brushed his fingers along the underside of your chest, goosebumps popping up underneath his touch. As he sucked the mark into your neck, he fully slid his hand over you to cup your breast, giving it a light squeeze. Humming out slightly, you curled your fingers around the sheet, starting to become more aware of what was going on.

He wrapped two fingers, his pointer and middle finger, around your soft bud, pinching softly. Your lips parted slightly and soft breaths escaped as your nipple stiffened up. His lips curled up into a grin against your neck and for a moment, he stopped everything. You bit your lip softly and kept your eyes shut. Liam’s hand traveled lower, slipping under the material of your shorts. You kept your eyes closed, but you were a lot more aware of what was going on now. There was no way you wouldn’t be aware.

Sucking under your ear, his hand dipped into your panties, the tip of his finger pressing down against your clit. You let out a soft breath and pressed a hand against your face, trapping it between the pillow and your cheek. He began rubbing soft circles over the little bud, dragging his lips down to your shoulder. You lifted your leg up slightly and felt Liam smirk against your shoulder. His breathing was lazy as he dropped his fingers lower, sliding up and down your slit, tickling the sensitive skin. You were breathing out softly reaching your other hand around lazily to grab his arm.

As he worked your sex lightly, his movements just going off on feel, you swallowed thickly and cuddled back into the pillow, smiling tiredly. He pulled his hand back and slowly pushed your shorts down, low enough so you could cock your leg up and swing it back over his hip. He pushed his boxers down to his knees.

He slithered his arm around your thigh keeping it up. Looking under the blankets, he guided himself into your entrance. There was a hot feeling he spread through you as he stretched you out slightly, his length shooting a fire through your core. You rolled onto your back slightly, your lower half staying still.

Liam grabbed your jaw and turned you as far as you could, sloppily pressing his lips against yours and holding you in place. His thrusts were sloppy and uneven in pace, but with every one, a fuzzy feeling tingled through to your toes. He sucked on your lower lip and hummed out quietly.

He continued to roll his hips into yours, breathing out deeply, but the both of you were pretty quiet, so wrapped up in each other and half asleep. You swallowed thickly and pulled your lips back from his. You crushed your face into the pillow and held onto it, rolling your upper half away from him again. His one arm held onto your leg while the other grabbed around your waist, holding you right against him. The slow and sensual movements of his hips filled you with such a blissful feeling, making you bite down onto the pillow, closing your eyes tightly.

Pressing his cheek against your shoulder, he ground his pelvis against your bum, settling in you for a moment and grinding his hips in slow circles.

You let out a deep groan that was muffled by the pillow and took a deep breath, holding it for a couple of seconds. He drew his hips back for a moment, quickly pushing them back and thrusting into you again, stilling once more. You hissed out quietly and felt your walls start to clench around him. The more he took his time, the more you tightened. Your climax was threatening to be intense.

Liam let out breathy grunts with every thrust, his muscles tense and rock hard against your back. He rocked his hips against yours, breathing out quickly. Letting out an elongated whine, your climax hit hard, but quietly. Your body jerked under the covers, quick pants falling from your lips. Your hands were gripping onto the sheet, your knuckles turning white.

Liam had slipped out of you without you really noticing, his sticky release messing the sheets and your lower back slightly. On your own, you came down from your high, breathing out quietly and releasing your grip slowly on the sheets.

Liam’s swollen lips moulded against your shoulder softly as he collapsed back into the mattress, his muscles turning to jelly. You hummed out softly and opened your eyes, letting them adjust to the morning sunlight. Staring at the wall, you slowly rolled onto your back and rubbed your eyes, being greeted with a gentle good morning kiss from your boyfriend. Smiling softly, you dropped your arms and looked up at him, liking your lips. He fell back into his pillow and held onto it as he laid on his stomach. You chuckled softly and kissed his forehead before slipping out of bed to have a shower and get ready for the day.

My Masterlist

Originally posted by apennyparadise

it’s here…it’s finally here.(I will update this Masterlist every time I have a new post)

|One shots and Imagines(not Gif imagines) are in bold Italic writing|


• #1 What you call him

• #2 Kissing

• #3 He teaches you how to…

• #4 You’re a supernatural creature

• #5 Cheesy pick up line he likes to use on you

• #6 He does your hair(Liam & Derek only)

Pack Imagines

• The pack making fun of your Canadian accent

• After a fight,the pack locks both you and and Derek in a room

• The pack being overprotective of you because you’re like a sister to them

• You and the pack meeting Sam & Dean

• Cheering for Stiles,Scott,Kira and Liam at their lacrosse game

Stiles Stilinski

• Going on a road trip with Scott & Stiles

• Your dad(Sheriff Stilinski) and your brother(Stiles) finding out that you’re a hellhound

• Stiles trying to act cool in front of you but ends up embarrassing himself

• Being Stiles’ little sister and him not approving of your relationship with Liam

• Having a 2-year-old son with Stiles

• Checking out Stiles when he’s not looking

• Having a study date with Stiles,bit then it turns into something else

• Walking in on Derek & Stiles making out

• Getting caught by Sheriff Stilinski while having a heated make out session with Stiles

School Boner »Click Here«

• Stiles watching you change in the girl’s locker room,but then he gets caught

• Falling in love with Void Stiles

• “He doesn’t deserve you” »Click Here«

“Stay Away From My Girlfriend” »Click Here«

“Studying” »Click Here«

• Stiles getting jealous when a guy flirts with you

• Stiles getting distracted because of you

Scott McCall

• Going on a road trip with Scott & Stiles

• Scott pranks you,but it goes too far this time

• Isaac gets jealous of your relationship with Scott

• Derek & Scott shifting into chihuahuas

Broken Heart »Part 1«

Broken Heart »Part 2«

Isaac Lahey

• Chris comes back from France and you ask him about Isaac

• Isaac getting jealous of your relationship with Scott

• Dating Isaac and Jackson getting protective of you because you’re his twin

• Scarf Obsession

• Isaac comes back and you welcome him with sex

• You and Isaac get caught by your dad(Chris Argent),right when you’re about to have sex

Jackson Whittemore

• Dating Isaac and Jackson getting protective of you because you’re his twin

Chris Argent

• You and Isaac get caught by your dad(Chris Argent,right when you’re about to have sex

• Chris coming back from france and you ask him about Isaac

Peter Hale

• Peter f*cking you in every room in your house

Derek Hale

• Dating the sour wolf

• Making out with Derek in public

• Walking in on Derek & Stiles making out(STEREK!!)

• Derek & Scott shifting into chihuahuas

• Talking to the girls about how hot and cute Derek is,but you didn’t know he was listening

Party Boner »Click Here«

Don’t be a sour wolf »Click Here«

Ethan & Aiden

• Having a threesome with the twins

Brett Talbot

• Brett meeting your dad(Sheriff Stilinski)for the first time

• Brett getting protective of you when you both go to a club

Valentine’s Day Surprise »Click Here«

• Fighting with Mason on who gets Brett’s attention first

“Strip For The Birthday Boy” »Click Here«

• Watching Brett at lacrosse practice and drooling in awe as his muscles flex

“I know you like me” »Click Here«

• Brett sexting you

• Your dad(Sheriff Stilinski)walking in on you and Brett making out

• Having a foursome with Brett,Liam & Theo

• Finding out that Brett cheated on you

• Being in a love triangle with Brett and Liam

• Having angry sex with Brett

• “Beach Babe”(Short Imagine) »Click Here«

• Flirting with Brett so you can make Liam jealous

• “Jealousy looks good on you”(One Shot) »Here«

Theo Raeken

• Getting caught by your brother(Stiles) while having sex with Theo

• Having a secret relationship with Theo

• Theo getting whipped(not literally)

• Giving Theo a blowjob

• Having a foursome with Brett,Liam & Theo

• Theo breaks up with you because he found someone else

He doesn’t deserve you »Click Here«

• “Let’s Have Some Fun”(Long Smutty One Shot) »Click Here«

“I Don’t Feel The Same Way” »Part 1«

• “I Don’t Feel The Same Way” »Part 2«

My Sick Baby(Short Imagine) »Click Here«

• Theo f*cking you senseless

Baking gone wrong(Short Imagine) »Here«

Liam Dunbar

• Being Stiles’ little sister and him not approving of your relationship with Liam

• Watching Netflix and chilling with Liam

• Liam breaking up with you because you’re pregnant

• Liam’s reaction when he see you for the first time

• Accidentally kicking liam in the balls

Caught Masturbating(Short-ish Imagine) »Click Here«

• Liam trying to impress you but fails…terribly

• Finding Liam kissing another girl

• Having a foursome with Brett,Liam & Theo

• Liam f*cking you in the boy’s locker room

• Being in a love triangle with Brett and Liam

Lacrosse Lesson(Short Imagine) »Click Here«

• “You’re one of a kind”(Short Imagine) »Click Here«

• “You’re such a tease!” »Click Here«

• Flirting with Brett so you can make Liam jealous

• Liam not listening to you because he keeps looking at your soft luscious lips so he just nods and pretends he’s listening

• Liam gif imagine(scenario)

“Dating___Would Include”

• Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include

• Dating Derek Hale Would Include

• Dating Theo Raeken Would Include

• Dating Isaac Lahey Would Include

• Dating Liam Dunbar Would Include

|If you have any requests,questions or concerns,feel fee to ask/message me|