If that does not mean the revival of Lannie, I give up.

The way he hugged her when she saved him.

The way she fought to protect him.

The way he called out her name when she got shot.

The pained look on his face as she fell to the ground.

The way he touched her face as she lay there.

I have more hope for Lannie now than I ever did. After all that, they NEED to happen.

I can see it now.

Liam is going to read the ending at some point and realize that Annie wasn’t using him, that she really loves him.

And he will realize that she’s the one. She’s always been the one.

And they are endgame guys.


That ending was actually really powerful 

but omg next week 

Liam is going to go after Annie, catch her just in time, and propose again 

and Lannie is finally finally finally going to get their happy ending 

I can feel Lannie happening and I'm getting so excited.

Everyone is pointing Liam towards Annie, reminding him of what he really wants. 

And you can see how he’s starting to realize his feelings for her.

And it needs to happen now.