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After he was done with the low excuse for his attempt at a funeral for his deceased husband, he used his boot and scattered the ashes across the place where he had burned him, so it wouldn’t look like something really suspicious. But then again who bothered walking into such deep places of the forest where he lived? He never knew. He sighed and started to fidget with the necklace and ring, twirling it between his fingers nervously, occasionally looking around the place around him, his paranoia rushing through his veins like crazy.

He coughed slightly and finally got out of the forest’s deep hidden heart, to find the bases, walking in quick steps. He wore black clothes, to symbolize his grief, but he wouldn’t acknowledge his husband’s death as he was still in denial and shock. Sort of. After seeing him burn, it was starting to sink in his delusional mind of his, but thought it was all a real bad dream that he would wake up quick. His breathing started to pace, getting awfully shaky, as his hand shakily fumbled his black shirt’s pocket for his inhaler as he collided against the bunny eared scout, falling on his butt.

Joel had been up for a while now. He had had nightmares and didn’t bother to go to sleep again. He still had this stupid bunny ears and tail and Joel couldn’t wait to get rid of them. The scout was now walking outside, he was totally in his own thoughts, until someone collided against him and the scout also fell on his butt. “The hell–” He started and raised his head, rubbing his head. He had never seen this guy before, anyhow, he didn’t look he was doing too good. He wore only black, Joel had seen no one here wearing only black. “Umm.. Ya alright?” Stupid question, anyone could see he wasn’t alright. 

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Hi, mister Sniper! :3 *wave* I’m Shinobi Amy but, you can call me Amy or Lilly if you want ;)

Kon’nichiha, I’m Diana Zebus. Pleased to meet you.

Hello, I’m Metana Star, leader of The Team Dreams. *looks around him and she’s have a light* it’s a little direct what I say but uh… You’re not a Amadour’s friend by chance?