liams tea

“Mum says we’re extra.”  

Liam looks up and turns around to face Zayn who’s sat the kitchen table looking at his phone.

He snorts.

“She only learned what extra was when Safaa told her what it meant when everyone kept saying that on your pictures.”

“When did anyone ever say I was extra in my pictures?”  Zayn practically squeaks as he speaks.

“Maybe the time you had your baps out and squeezed ‘em together to make it look like you had pecs.”

As quick as a flash Zayn picks up an apple from the fruit bowl and throws it at Liam who only just manages to duck in time. 

“I’ve got proper good pecs, as you well know,” he pauses for a moment before he carries on, “And anyway Payno, I’m not the one who spent half an hour before he sent that pic to Adam wondering which angle looked best.”

“The angle without you flicking  V’s to distract me and coming up behind me blowing  on my neck is the answer there Zed.”

Zayn nods, and stands up, crossing the short distance to Liam, who opens his feet a bit further outwards, altering  his stance a little bit to let Zayn into the space,  to let him crowd into him a little bit.

“Still don’t see why you had to lock me out of the room though,” he pouts and then reaches his hand up to the beanie, pulling it off to reveal the hair that’s shorter now, ready for the heat and sunshine of LA, ready for the next chapter of their story. 

He smoothes his palm and then his fingertips of his other hand over Liam’s head, the hair that’s still there, and Liam’s eyes shut, and he leans into the touch, and Zayn can’t help the way his own heart lifts at it, the way they’re so comfortable, the way Liam’s always been like this. 

It doesn’t stop him teasing of course.

“Is this Liam Payne with his mask off then, rough, tough, spitting rhymes Liam Payne who takes no prisoners?”

Liam holds up a finger, the middle one, but he doesn’t shift away from Zayn’s touch, then his lips curve upwards at the corners and he’s smirking, and uh-oh.

“Listen, in some shit magazine Nic was reading when I was at theirs last week, there was an article about ‘ get you a man who does both’ and well, voila.”

Liam splays his hands out and then  gestures up and down his own body ending with a finger on his lips in mock innocence. 

Zayn shakes his head, and  gently swipes at Liam’s.

“They probably meant cooking  and cleaning, babe.” 

He turns away then, but a hand pulls him back, and there’s a voice in his ear.

“Oh no, they definitely didn’t mean that.” 

The breath that was warm on his ear, is then warm on his neck as its peppered with kisses and Zayn’s like Liam just before, like a content kitten or puppy except kittens or puppies probably don’t have the type of thoughts or reactions body wise like Zayn has now.

And he’s about to shift so that he can kiss Liam himself when without warning the touch is gone and Liam’s away from him and the other side of the kitchen. 

Zayn lets out a frustrated groan.

“What the fuck Li?”  He’s not even bothered that he’s practically whining. 

“Yeah, that first article I read definitely didn’t say cooking  and cleaning, but then I read mum’s magazines and well, let’s just say washing up was number 1.”

Liam turns round and starts to laugh as soon as he sees Zayn’s face.

“You see babe, that expression, that’s the one I can never quite master.”

“That’s cause it’s the, I’m so done with Liam Payne but fuck it, I’m in love with the little shit and tease, so I’m stuck with him expression, many have attempted it, few, well me and Paddy basically are the only ones who’ve mastered it.”

Zayn can tell Liam’s smiling even as he turns away and places a dish in the rack to dry. 

“Hard life you, now come over here and help me wash up, and who knows I may even let you wash and I’ll dry.”

“Whatever happened to the  get you a man who does both.” complains Zayn though he still walks over to where he stands next to Liam, picking up the tea towel and a plate an half-heartedly drying it.

They could bicker like this all day, but instead Liam flicks a soap sud in Zayn’s direction and dissolves into  giggles interspersed with hiccups as he’s almost bent over double now with amusement and barely manages to get out the words.

“The fairy liquid goes so well with your green hair though babe.” And then he’s off again laughing. 

This is Liam with his mask off.  

And Zayn wouldn’t have it any other way, as he leans forward, mutters. “You asked for it” then grabs the sponge, dunks it into the washing up bowl and  squeezes it over Liam’s head.

His mum’s right, they are extra.  And that’s okay. 

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so according to liam today in an interview, him, taylor, harry, ed, and niall were all singing purple rain around a piano at an afterparty after an awards show. was haylor a thing around award season or do you think this could have been a little while after 👀

On my dash I’ve seen that it could have been after the 2013 vmas. I mean..taylor, harry, and ed we’re all pictured together.


Pack Mom | Derek Hale Imagine

request ; Hello can you an imagine about the reader/Derek being like a mother to the pack and they adoring that idk but yeah.😊

word count ; 1171

warnings ; fluff fluff fluff and like one swear word (bad liam)

a/n ; this request was perfect ty. 

You hadn’t really meant for it to happen, you becoming the unofficial mother of the entire pack. You were naturally caring, kind; and even though they weren’t even that much younger than you, you were extremely protective over the members of the pack. You were human, so you did whatever you could to try and help, and everyone loved you for it. 

You did it accidentally sometimes, the whole “mother” thing. It sort of happened. Like today, when you strolled inside Derek’s loft with your arms full of groceries and your keys in hand. Scott, Stiles, and Derek were all seated in the living room, chatting away about whatever supernatural creature thing was threatening the town now. Just a regular Tuesday, anyhow. 

“Boys, come help me with these, please,” you called, not really caring which boys stood up as long as someone took these ridiculously heavy bags out of your grasp. All three rushed over to you, Stiles and Scott relieving you of the groceries and Derek pecking you lightly on the lips after they did so. 

“Did you buys snacks? I need some cookies,” Stiles muttered the last part to himself, rifling through one of the bags with a determined expression. You gently smacked his hand away.

“Buy your own cookies then, it’s not Y/N’s job to buy you snacks. You don’t even live here,” Derek pointed out, sitting down at the kitchen island. You rolled your eyes at him, covering his mouth with your hand. 

“I shouldn’t have to buy you groceries either, except you never leave the apartment,” you said to him, patting his cheek. It was his turn to roll his eyes now, but your mother-like scolding was kind of adorable. You rounded on Stiles next, “And I don’t think you need anymore sugar.” 

“We are growing boys, Y/N,” Scott informed you, grinning in triumph when he pulled out a box of Chips Ahoy. You let them have it, and they retreated into the living room happily. Derek shook his head, rubbing his eyes tiredly. He cared about those two idiots a lot more then he let on, though. You knew that for sure.

“Make sure the two seven year olds in the living room don’t get crumbs on the couch for me, will you?” You smiled sweetly at Derek, who groaned but picked himself up from the chair and dragged himself into the living room. “Thank you, babe!” You called out as you busied yourself with unpacking. You heard the door to the loft open and shut loudly, a frustrated sigh following in suit. 

“Is that Isaac or Liam?” You asked, raising your voice a pitch so that Stiles could hear you as well. Whenever someone walked in moodily, it was either Isaac, Liam, or Derek, and the latter was in the living room.

“Liam,” they all chorused back, two voices muffled by the sound of the boys shoving more food into their mouths. 

“Come help me in here, Li? I need to ask you something!” You already knew something was up, maybe you could lighten the mood. You were already firing up the stove to make some tea when he walked in, throwing himself into a chair with another sigh. “So, bad day?” You turned to smile softly at him, letting him know you were being just a little sarcastic. Obviously he was having a bad day. He nodded, rubbing a hand over his face in exasperation. 

“Yeah, it’s nothing…” He went silent, and you waited patiently, because he was so about to spill everything to you. You had that effect on people. “Just some girl…she’s kind of hated me since the sixth grade and now she’s being kind of bitchy.” 

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Need me to kick her ass?” You joked, leaning across the table and ruffling his hair affectionately. He grinned up at you, and you succeeded in tugging a smile out of the upset Beta. There we go, you thought cheerfully. He shook his head, still grinning. “Seriously, Liam, what’d you even to do her?” Suddenly uncomfortable, he shifted in his chair and put his head in his hands. You moved back to the stove, filling two mugs with tea and handing one to Liam, who took it gratefully.

“I might have broken her nose on picture day, but she broke mine, too! So really, it wasn’t even that bad!” He added hastily, not wanting you to think he was some kid who went around hitting girls. It was only the one time, and he couldn’t control his anger that well, and he would never even think about doing it again. Despite yourself, you laughed, and then slapped a hand over your mouth when you realized you shouldn’t have. 

“Jesus, Liam! Okay, I can see why she might be kind of mad still,” Liam stood up, about to just leave the room when he realized you were about to defend her. Quickly, you grabbed his wrist and pulled him back into his seat. “But, I think you should just be nice to her and she’ll come around eventually. You’re a good kid, Liam.” You patted his hand, smiling at him again. 

Derek entered the room just then, arms folded. “Stiles said he loved you.”

“Did you threaten him again? Seriously, Derek. He doesn’t mean it in the girlfriend/boyfriend love way. He means it in the way you would tell your older sister or your mom.’ How many times do I have to explain this to you?” Derek wrapped an arm around your waist, playing with the ends of your hair. Liam sipped his tea awkwardly. 

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Derek said absentmindedly, preoccupied with your hair. 

“I’m serious,” you said, poking his stomach lightly. “I love you a whole lot differently than I love the boys.” Derek went to speak again, but Liam interrupted him. 

“But I’m your favorite, right?” He put his mug down, staring at you intently. Derek muffled his laughter into your hair, and you pressed your lips together in an attempt to control the loud laughter that was threatening to spill from your lips. 

“Of course, Liam.” You said, patting him on the head fondly. He pecked you quickly on the cheek before rushing toward the living room, hollering at the top of his lungs about how he was your favorite. 

Two minutes later, right on schedule, the three boys were arguing in voices that probably carried throughout the entire loft about whether or not Liam was really your favorite. 

“They really are seven year olds,” Derek remarked quietly, kissing your temple and letting his forehead rest against your own. You nodded, interlacing your fingers with his. 

“Definitely,” you murmured, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled away though, his expression curious. 

“I’m your real favorite, right, babe?” Derek asked. You rolled your eyes, pushing him in the direction of the living room. 

“Shut up, and go hang out with the other babies, Der. It’s where you truly belong.“ You turned to the stove once again, about to start on dinner when Derek decided to try again. ” 

“I was joking around!” There was silence. “But seriously, you love me the most, right?”


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A/n: Get ready for some serious revenge

Synopsis: (y/n) starts to put her revenge plan into action. First on the list Liam & Haydens Relationship.

WARNINGS: blood, sabotage, wrecking relationships, insults.

A/N: Get ready for your daily dose of bitchiness. Two more parts until the semi final.

Sorry Layden fans.


TAGGING SQUAD: @panic-angel3314 @fan-of-many-bands {I think you changed your url} @jenny5sos1d @bananakid42 @star-gazer178 @thegreatficmaster (Message me if you want to be tagged in this or untagged in this series)

Liam gently put you down on his bed.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked, stroking your hair.

“No” you lied, you were perfectly fine. You just wanted to play with his feelings.

“You’ll heal slowly, but for now I’ll clean the dirt off of you, I’ll just go get a wet tea towel” Liam said.

“Okay” you muttered, giving him a fake smile.

Liam smiled at you, pulling his hand away from your hair. Getting of his bed and heading towards the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes as soon as he left the room, your eyes landed on his phone, picking it up and unlocking it.

“Clingy much” you grunted, opening a new text message Hayden sent.

“Someone has jealousy issues” you muttered smirking as his phone rang, pressing accept.

Just as you were about to say something she started to rant.

“Finally, I‘ve called are you about twenty times, are you actually falling for that hoe?” Hayden ranted, her voice was worser then nails on a chalk board

“I’m back” Liam announced.

You quickly put his mobile on the night stand, as Liam walked into the room.

Liam sat beside you as you sat on the edge of the bed.

“I should go, I’m healed” you said, making Liam frown, as he pressed the damp towel on your arms, wiping the blood stain off.

Both your eyes locked, as Liam dropped the wet towel, cupping your face and crashing his against yours.

“LIAM I SWEAR IF I CAME TO YOUR HOUSE ANDSEE (Y/N) I AM DUMBING YOUR ASS” Hayden screamed really loudly, making you and Liam pull apart.

“Shit” Liam cursed, picking up his phone to see Hayden hanged up.

“I think go” you mumbled, getting up.

“Don’t go (y/n)” Liam begged, trying to hold your hand, only for you to push him away.

“No, I should, I just wrecked your relationship with your girlfriend and now you hate me” you fake cried, running out of his room.

Liam looked desperately back at his phone then at the door. He stood up, throwing his phone against the wall

“Shit” he cursed again, sliding against the wall. His hands covered his face as he let out a frustrated sigh.

You stopped running after 10 blocks, a huge smirk forming on your face, as you saw Hayden’s car speed down the road.

“Phase one complete” you smirked.


You walked into school with a smile on your face. Walking towards your locker.

“I’m so glad you’re okay” a girl in your gym class said, walking up to you.

“Yeah” you muttered opening your locker. Sticking your head in your locker and rolling your eyes.

“I’m so sorry about losing both of your parents and your friends, if you need a friend we can always be friends? Are you okay?” she babbled on.

“I’m alright, taking it day by day” you mumbled, making her give you a sad frown.

“I’m so glad your back at school” she said, changing the subject.

“Me to” you said, giving her a fake smile.

“Time to make Hayden’s school life a living hell” you thought.

“I’m going to go, see you in gym class” she said, walking away.

“I can’t believe you would do this Liam” Hayden shriecked.Making you lean against your locker. A smirk on your face.

“I didn’t sleep with her” Liam shouted, making her bawl her fist.

“You went to go find her when she was hurt and then you kissed her and” Hayden shouted.

“Shut up Hayden, she was hurt, I couldn’t just leave her” Liam yelled at her, catching the attention of other students.

“She’s your ex, you left her for me, and you should be with me, loving me not worrying about a psycho bitch like her. Besides she can just raise Theo up from the dead” Hayden yelled.

“Don’t talk about her like that” Liam defended you.

You turned around happy to see your plan had worked.

You let out a fake vomiting sound when you saw Naya, Hayden’s best friend.

“What do you want blondie?” you asked, clearly annoyed that she was in your line of vision.

“Are you proud of yourself?” Naya asked, giving you a bitch look, that honestly to you didn’t pass as one, it looked like she needed to go to the bathroom.

“God your voice is worser then nails on a chalk board, no scratch that it’s as bad as watching some sappy teen romance” you snapped.

“Answer my question bitch” she demanded, making you roll your eyes.

“First of all honey, shouldn’t you worry about your own relationship then miss I am so perfect I don’t deserve this, oh and lastly fuck off” she growled, clenching your fist, as your claws came out, digging into your skin, making little drops of blood drip onto the ground.

“I’d watch yourself if I were you” she threatened, making you laugh.

You composed yourself, before gripping the side of her head tight, your claws digging into her skin as your eyes flashed gold.

“Oh blondie, don’t start things you know you can’t win” you growled, making her shake in fear.

“Is that a threat?” she gasped out, making you roll your eyes.

“Oh you don’t know what you just started blondie” you snarled, banging her head hard against the locker door.

You let go as she slide down, walking away from her with a smirk…


Next part is way much better.

Young & Beautiful - Velvetoscar

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Number 9 [Liam Dunbar x Reader]

Author’s Note: Yay, Liam! This is just something cute and sweet. I was going to try and write yesterday, but I had a super long day because of homecoming. I had fun helping out, but man, it just takes a lot out of you. I guess the football game last night is what helped inspire this because the atmosphere is kind of the same. ^^

Word Count: 640

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I needed dog dads Ziam thanks to that pic of Zayn on the right. All flannel and domesticity. For @otpsoulmates for encouraging my nonsense and generally being the awesomest. <333

Morning workout and shower accomplished, Liam has been sitting in front of the soundboard in their small studio for the past half hour mostly just messing around. He doesn’t know if he’ll actually accomplish anything today, but there’s something soothing about it anyway. Behind him he hears the soft shuffle of socked feet and the tell tale click of a herd of little claws on the hardwood floor.

“Good morning,” he greets, half turning to smile up at a dressed but still sleepy Zayn.

“‘Morning beb,” Zayn replies, his accent always thicker when he’s just woken up. “Whatcha doin?”

Liam shrugs. “Not much. Just playing.”

Zayn reaches over Liam’s shoulder to snag his cup of tea and take a sip. He makes a face. “Too much sugar.”

Liam hides a smile. It’s a ritual that’s been going on for years. “Yours is in the kitchen.”

Zayn takes the seat next to Liam and leans in to hook his chin over Liam’s shoulder. His facial hair scrapes gently against Liam’s neck, sending a subtle shiver down his spine. Liam glances to his left to see Zayn’s eyelids drooping closed. He chuckles and nudges him softly in the ribs.

“Seriously, Z, go get your tea.” Liam gestures toward the soundboard. “You want a go?”

“Nah.” Zayn shakes his head and slowly rises to his feet. “Gonna read maybe.”

“Alright. Take the beasts with you, yeah? They always want to jump up on here.”

“Yeah, okay.” Zayn laughs and drops a kiss on Liam’s temple. “C’mon, kids, let’s go to the kitchen.”

All three dogs excitedly follow Zayn out of the room, jumping on each other on the way out. Liam doesn’t know if they know the word kitchen or if they just tend to follow whoever is up and moving at the moment. Either way, it’s kind of adorable.

It doesn’t take long for the room to feel too empty and for the restlessness to settle in. Liam sometimes feels he’s no better than the dogs with the way he needs to seek Zayn out and just be in his presence when they’re both home at the same time. There’s something soothing about just sharing space with him, whether they’re talking or not. It’s like curling under a pile of blankets in the winter or stepping into a hot shower after a workout.

Zayn is stretched out on the sofa with his book by the time Liam finds him. Liam takes a moment to appreciate Zayn’s unstyled hair and black framed glasses and how soft he looks like this. It’s rare that they get the chance to just relax together without one of them running off for an appointment or a flight or a meeting. Rumpled, relaxed Zayn is always his favorite.

Liam settles in on the opposite end of their gigantic sofa that they spent ages shopping for because finding one that was long enough for this and wide enough for joint naps and cushy but not too cushy was practically impossible. He tangles their legs together, feet tucked under Zayn’s calves because Liam is too comfortable to go get socks now. Zayn smirks at him and pokes at Liam’s thighs with his bony toes.

“Ow,” Liam complains half-heartedly.

“There’s literally a blanket right next to you,” Zayn points out.

Liam sticks his tongue out childishly. “You’re more comfortable.”

“You say that now, but you’ll be whining about your feet falling asleep in an hour.”

“Then I’ll use the blanket in an hour,” Liam responds, shoving his feet further under Zayn’s legs.

Zayn rolls his eyes and laughs. “I’ll remind you of that when you start complaining.”

He returns to his book, still grinning, and Liam watches him for a moment just because. If Liam could spend forever exactly like this he thinks he’d be content. Just him and Zayn and their menagerie, locked away from the world in a universe of their own design.

Outside, rain batters against the windows steadily. The gloom of the darkened sky makes the house feel cozier somehow, a haven against the elements. Liam feels drowsy and happy, for once not feeling like he should be up and doing something. At his elbow, Marley whines softly. Liam looks down to three sets of puppy eyes staring up at him.

“You guys want up here?” he asks.

“You’re gonna regret that,” Zayn comments idly.

Liam ignores him and pats at his lap. Zayn lifts his book up without taking his gaze from it to allow Harley to gracefully jump into his lap despite his bulk. Liam on the other hand gets multiple pointy dog feet to the groin for his trouble.

“Fuck!” he hisses.

Zayn laughs at him. “You alright?”

“I’m fine,” Liam grumps. “You didn’t want kids the natural way, right?”

“I don’t have the hips for it,” Zayn shoots back with a raised eyebrow.

“Then we’re good,” Liam says. He glares at the dogs. “You guys are jerks.”

Loki licks his chin in apology before settling over Liam’s chest while Marley stretches across their legs. It’s a tight fit, but it works somehow, blanketing him in dogs. The added warmth lulls him into closing his eyes. A quiet joy curls in his chest as he lets the patter of the rain and the soft sound of Zayn turning the pages of his book drag him into a doze.