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Who’s That Shadow Holding Me Hostage by Romancemesomeziam

Word count: 42,625

Summary: He remembered spending hours at that same table, drawing until his fingers went numb, warm lips sometimes pressed to his neck as hazelnut kisses were exchanged. Zayn could still hear that mellow sultry voice whispering in his ear, how he worked too hard how he needed to take a break. He also remembered how those breaks often ended in the tiny bathroom meters away, clumsy make out sessions as large hands palmed his ass, grinding against him until he was breathless.

“Stop, “mumbled Zayn to himself as he stripped his soaked coat, hanging it on a vacant hook before taking a seat. Don’t do this yourself, he’s gone. He never came back.


(When Zayn is faced with the return of a man he loved but thought dead and now faces a battle worse than any war, a battle with Liam’s memory of him and their past.) 

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Thanks to @starboyhaz for keeping me entertained during my seven hour layover (and beyond) and for helping me flesh out this fluffy fluffball of a lil drabble

“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? have to be the joker?” Zayn’s eyebrow quirks up when he sees the black and gray attire, easily towering over the littler red and green suit. 

Not that Sasha looks worried about this height difference. Her hand is still gripped tightly in Liam’s, smiling ear-to-ear. 

Seeing her smile widen even further at his reaction, Zayn continues melodramatically, “I see how it is in this household.” He scoffs. “First, my husband takes my place to be Batman.” Giving him a hard stare, he then turns his attention downwards. “And you,” he slaps his hand over his heart. “My own daughter betrayed me by being my near and dear sidekick, Robin.”

At this, she fully bursts into giggles. Watching her, Liam just smiles down at her, sliding his other fisted hand in her direction. She taps it, giving the most gracious fistbump Zayn has ever seen.

And, okay. If Zayn was ever going to dress up to be the Joker, he’d want it to be with his two favorite people in the world. 

“Fine.” He rolls his eyes good-naturedly. Thinking for a moment, he adds, “But next year, when I’m Superman and my little girl is Lois Lane…” He waits until he sees her face light up at the idea. “You get to be the…” He pauses to catch Liam’s eye. “Err. The kryptonite.”

Liam tries to hold back a laugh but fails, the choked sound erupting from his mouth. “The… what now? Care to repeat that, Zayn?” He bites his lip to suppress another laugh. “I didn’t know one could dress up as kryptonite.” 

Zayn shrugs. “I’m sure you can figure something out.” He takes a step closer. “I mean, I have to figure out some way to be the Joker tonight, no thanks to you two.” He tries to hide his fondness with fake scorn, but fails miserably.

“Love you, Daddy,” Sasha says happily, pulling her hand from Liam’s to run over and slip it into Zayn’s unsuspecting hand.

“Love you, too, my dear,” Zayn coos as he squeezes her hand lightly. “Now, come on. Let’s go figure out my costume.” He turns around to squint his eyes at Liam. “We’ll leave Liam here to think about what he’s done.”

Zayn isn’t surprised when he feels a gentle slap to the back of the head. “Wanker,” Liam whispers, quiet enough so that Sasha won’t hear.

Sasha pouts at Zayn’s words, so Zayn sighs, pretending to think it over. “Alright, he can come. But only if he hands out the candy to the trick or treaters tonight.”

“Deal,” Liam says, quickly moving to stand to the other side of Sasha. He reaches for her free hand. “Couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening.”