Yes, I’m an writer, but beauty you have, happiness, positive, optimism, it’s impossible to describe, no matter how hard I try, it’s not enough… You’re our beautiful Irish man, the person who always has smile on its face and makes us happy, the person who gives us hope. Just one single smile that comes from you could make our day so much brighter no matter how hard it is in that moment. I’m really and truly hoping that everybody will have a chance to met you, including me, and that their dream will come true, to get that famous Horan hug that everybody talks about, to hear your perfect Irish accent, to be the person who will sweep you off of your feet and make you laugh like never before. But everything that I can tell you for now is this: Happy 19. birthday my love, I hope you’re gonna spend it surrounded by people you haven’t saw for a long time now and people that missed you. Today is your day, enjoy it!! :) <3
With love, Croatian Directioner