Friday Faves

Today I am grateful and loving many things.  First, of course, my sweet boyfriend of over two years. His birthday is this weekend and I simply can’t wait to spoil the kid! Last week, we were asked to be part of something that is almost too cool for words - above is my favorite frame from the shoot - literally a life moment frozen in time. Can’t wait to start this happy weekend!

{Photo above: Seema is a great friend and JM and I were asked to participate in her liamolly look book as well as a few other super cool things - many thanks to Seema and Jo.}

External image

{New spring/summer hued Sharpie’s make me smile.}

External image

{My favorite office companion - at the end of my freshly installed vintage drafting table. And yes, that’s a bit of laundry he’s resting on…don’t judge me!}

External image

{New Via Spiga’s - with an insanely discounted price tag - would make any girl giddy.}


Made in Louisiana: featuring Matthew Arthur, Seema Sudan of liamolly, Amanda deLeon and Jolie & Elizabeth. For NOLA Fashion Week, support.