Sometimes the most mundane things in life can turn into something awesome. Case in point: Redditor Liammm photographed soapy water swirling down the drain in his kitchen sink and later looked at the image to discover a wide, watery eye staring back at him. We think his sink might be haunted.

View a larger version here.

[via Colossal]

Dear Leeyum,

Thank you for coming back 2 years later to X Factor. If you hadn’t, One Direction wouldn’t exist. Thank you for being yourself. You’ve made Britain proud of you. Everyone is proud of you. You deserve everything good in life. I love you. Thank you for being our Daddy Direction, our Leeyum, our LiLi, just…thank you. We love you. <3


Liam Vs. Calum

I’m never gonna get over this. LIAM.

my favorite part of the uan tour was when liam wore niall’s red polo, because liam is slightly taller and broader than niall so it was really tight and his shoulders were very defined and his torso looked as long as italy