Liam/Louis/Zayn rec

Rhythm of their voices

By Liralen

Written in response to Louis pouring water all over Liam’s head and the subsequent lovely tumblr explosion over it.

I’m feeling better ever since you know me

By khakis

Liam’s feeling down about the concert, but Louis and Zayn won’t have any of that. (He would have felt terrible, honestly, if anything had happened to the girl. It’s just - he knows everyone has a least favorite member, alright, and he thinks (not for the first time) that he’s ok knowing he’s probably it for a lot of people, because being someone’s least favorite part of One Direction still means he’s a part of One Direction.)

Doubling down

By lazy_daze

In which Zayn and Louis discover Liam’s been getting it from both of them separately, and decide to give it to him together. That’s the plot. there is A LOT OF PORN HERE. Warnings for double penetration, barebacking, mild humiliation kink (but essentially it’s schmoop/porn). Let Zilo ‘week’ continue! :D

Liam/Louis/Zayn rec

All kissed up

By lazy_daze

A/N: ZLILO!! Because they all went out together for Halloween, and I wanted them to mess Liam up a li'l bit.

Never kissed anyone who didn’t burn me like the sun

By jannika

Liam’s just looking for a place to stay. He finds a lot more. Or, Liam is sort of having a crisis, Louis and Zayn have a spare room in their flat, and Louis knows how to solve a triangle.

The night starts here

By blackwayfarers

The high of another couple of glasses of cheap champagne glow in Liam’s cheeks as he slowly loses himself in the music, up next to Louis and giving it his best, jumping up and down with one hand in the air. He keeps finding Zayn in the in-between moments, giving him these wide open grins like he just really, desperately wants to share this feeling with someone else. All at once Zayn wants to feel it too, wants to bite that feeling from Liam’s lips, taste the blood of his grin and share it with Louis, remembering tonight as the bruise of fingers around wrists and mouths on skin.