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What's My Name

This is a continuation of “Don’t Call Me That”. Hope you like it! LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK


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The atmosphere in the little shower cubicle was almost suffocating, the sexual tension between you and Harry occupying most of the space and apparently consuming most of the air. He pressed himself even more close to you, if that was possible, his whole front flat against yours as you could feel his leaking cock against your thigh all wet and drippy almost as much as you were.

He leaned in his breath fanning against your ear as his hand brushed your hair off your face, the soft puffs of air from his mouth leaving goosebumps on your skin in their wake. 

“Why don't​ you go and lie down on your back on the bed for me darling? Alex has something to get before he joins you, okay?” 

He looks at you on a way that you understand what he said was not a suggestion or a question by any chance but an order. It was quite an occurrence in your relationship where Harry controlled the pace of your sexual encounters, being the more dominant one. 

You looked at him all doe eyes with your bottom lip tucked behind your teeth as you gave him a nod before walking off to do what he had asked of you. If there was one thing that turned you on more than Harry calling himself daddy, it was him referring to himself in third person when he’s in a dominant mood. 

He finds himself browsing through the array of silk ties he owned most of which you had bought for him on various special occasions, sometimes cos you just wanted to, when he walks into the closet. He can hear the rustling of the sheets signalling that you obeyed his orders were not in a defiant mood tonight which honestly​ made him quite happy because defiance means denying himself and you the pleasure of indulging in each others’ pleasure and he didn’t think he’d like that tonight. He is definitely not in the mood of forgoing the chance to pleasure himself and soaking in all the warmth and slickness your pretty cunt had to offer. He finally picks a red coloured silk tie before wrapping it around his four fingers as he walks back into the bedroom still completely naked, his cock now more erect than it had ever been and he’s bursting at the seams for an orgasm.

 “ Oh baby girl, you’re so ready for me aren’t you? All warm and wet? You’re soaking onto the sheets darling, I’d rather you soak my cock than anything.” 

You look at him with innocence in your eyes than he knows better than to believe, it’s deceiving. You give a meek nod, all cognition of words and sentences escaping your brain in this pleasure clouded state that Harry has you in. 

“Use your words darling. Don’t want to get punished tonight, do we?” 

“N-no Harry, please don’t.“ 

He sighed before grabbing your chin with his hand, “Now sweetheart, what did I ask you to call me? It’s not my name that you just used, is it?” 

“No it’s not.” 

“No what? Tell me my name.” 

“No.. no Al-Alex.” 

“Good girl. I knew you were my good girl. My best girl. Now I’m gonna tie this around your wrist okay? And I want you to behave. I’m not going to spank you or anything. Just going to tie you up, alright?” 

Knowing better than to just use your gestures this time, you give a nod before repeating an affirmation along with his “name”. He ties up your hands to the bed post giving it a quick tug to check their tightness and asking you if they hurt much, which you assure him they don’t. 

“Alex is gonna take care of you, okay? Gonna fuck yeh real good. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 

He slowly slides his length up and down your slit collecting all the wetness that had pooled in the time that you had to wait for him to fuck you like you know he could. You sigh at the little jolts of pleasure coursing through your body, your hole already clenching all the possibilities of what could happen. He slowly thrusts into your pussy both of you sighing at the jolts of relief coursing through your bodies of finally attaining the feeling you’ve denied yourselves for a while. His hips move against yours in smooth calculated thrusts, your lower half arched off the mattress for him to reach deeper in you, the sounds of his skin slapping against yours along with his shafts sliding into your soaking hole filling the room.

 You feel his face pull back from the crook of your neck where he’s been sponging wet kisses and licking and sucking the taut skin all smooth and very inviting for him. His eyes are closed, lips slightly parted with brows furrowed together at the tight knot that it steadily growing in his stomach, causing the skin to clench and his thrusts to switch to a rhythm less pace. You press your lips to his berry red ones, tongue sliding against his bottom lip as his mouth encloses around yours moving a slow motion that opposed his hips, your teeth biting into his plush lower lip as he lets out a groan that could only be described as fucked out. 

“Oh my god.. Alex baby that feels so good. Just like that. You’re doing so well”, you moan when you feel his head nestled against your G-spot constantly stroking it in an unsteady pace. You could feel your stomach start to clench as your vision blackened, your back arching off the bed, chest meeting his front as your sensitive and puffed up nipples rub against his skin. His hand slide behind your back knowing you cannot keep up longer, the silk tie straining against your wrists that were tied to the bed post. 

“Christ yeh feel so good darling. All tight and warm for Alex, aren’t you? My best girl loves to please me so much.” His hand that isn’t wrapped around you reaches down for him to thumb at your clothes, breath stuttering as the high you would take some time starting coming closer and closer. He can feel your pussy clenching around his length, the tight fit bringing him closer to his edge. 

 "Gonna cum for me, aren’t you baby girl? Be a good girl and cum all over my cock. I know you can do it.“ His thumb increasing it’s swiping against your nub as you get closer and closer to the edge, your breath stuttering as you gasp for air, eyes closed bad your mouth open as moans are let out. The ties hurt against your wrist but you don’t feel a thing or at least don’t care in that moment as you can feel “Alex” release ropes of cum inside your tight cunt before falling against your chest, your back hitting the mattress again with a soft “thud”. 

The room feels suffocating as the smell of sex, his cologne and your shampoo cloud the atmosphere. Harry’s eyes are closed as his lets out soft puffs of air against your breasts, his arms wrapped tightly around your middle.

 "Harry?“ You tread the waters lightly testing to see if he’s out of the mood you had set for yourselves during the course of the evening. 

 "Yes, love?" 

"Can you untie me? My wrists hurt a little. I think I pulled too hard.”

 He lifts his head from your chest shuffling to remove the knots and tossing them aside before grabbing your wrists giving them soft kisses as his eyes bore into yours, the jade irises shining with love for you. 

“Can I ask you a question?” He utters with a glint in his eye that lets you know that it’s nowhere near innocent and is probably either a sexual innuendo or something filthy​. 

“Sure what is it?”

“Was this better than the wet dream you had of me?” He giggled at your wide eyed expression, clearly taken aback by his question. 



I hope you liked it! I had loads of fun writing it! Thank you to @oh-styles and @trulymadlysydney for being my vent buddies, love you both! Much love to all of you for the support you’ve shown me. Means the world,xx!

Pamper Night - Evan Peters Imagine

Request: Hey!! Can you make one with Evan Peters where you’re best friends but have feelings for each other (something really fluffy please)? Thanks


“Stay still!” I say while laughing.

“I can’t, it’s really cold Y/N!” Evan said moving his face away from my outreached hand. Tonight myself and my best friend Evan we’re hanging out at my place eating junk food and watching movies like we usually do on Friday nights. This quickly became a tradition of ours since we were freshmans in high school, fast forward 3 years later we’re seniors and still doing it.

Evan slapped my hand away from his face stopping me from putting more of the cold face mask to it. He bought me a bunch of self pampering stuff for my birthday and I decided tonight we would try some of it out together. Evan has been my best friend since the beginning of high school, I never saw him as anything more until the beginning of this school year. He had left junior year scrawny and the same height as me, when I slowly started to see him develop more over the summer and when we came back to school he’d grown at least 4 inches and spent more time at the gym. I’ve always loved Evan but more in a brother type of way, now he’s all I think about.

“Alright fine I won’t put anymore on you, not like you need it anyway”, I whisper the last part quietly, putting the lid back on the mask pot.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He replies laughing. My eyes widen as I realize what I’ve just said.

“You know..” I say trying to avoid a very awkward conversation.

“No I don’t think I do.”, Evan says smirking, he leans in close to me, our noses almost touching and I can feel my breath hitch.

“Well it’s just that…you h-have really good skin.” I say nervously smiling, I’m so embarrassed at this point. We just stay looking at each other for a few seconds, I can see his eyes glancing from mine to my lips.

“Well you have really nice skin to Y/N, beautiful skin in fact.” He says whispering, I can feel his breath on my skin and it sends shivers down my spine.

“Thanks.” I whisper.

Then it happened.

He slowly leaned in then his lips finally met mine, he brought his hands up to cup the sides of my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss was slow and passionate, I could feel his body lean into mine and it felt so right. He pulls away from the kiss and takes a moment to watch my reaction, I smile at him and he laughs.

“What?” I say totally embarrassed thinking I messed up or maybe it was horrible or my breath smelled, oh god.

“No babe, it was great,” he says reassuringly running his hands along my arms, “you just have some of my clay mask on your face.” He laughs. I bring my hand up to my face and touch my cheek, I look down at my hand and see the pink mask smeared on it. I look back up at Evan and we both end up laughing.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind sharing.” Evan says bringing my face back into his.

Thanks for requesting this @spiritofbuddah I hope you enjoyed it!! Please feel free to request more love!


Preference #84: How he Makes you Smile/Laugh

A/N: howdy friends! so I was just sitting down thinking of some preference ideas and this one popped in my head after watching a lovely youtube video of Haroldo being funny… Enjoy it my loves! .xx

Harry: He tells you one of his corny knock knock jokes. “Hey Y/N…” You turn to face him, unsure of what is going to come out of his mouth next, “Yes Harold?” His face breaks out into a huge smile, and you start to have a feeling about what is to come, “Knock knock…” You laugh knowing it would be a knock knock joke, “Who’s there?” He continues to laugh at his own joke before he can even finish it. He puts his index finger up, “I need a moment”. He takes a deep breath before he composes himself. “Little old lady…” You can’t get over how much he is enjoying this, “Little old lady who?” Thats when he loses it, “I didn’t know you could yodel!” and with that the two of you are on the floor laughing.

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Louis: He hosts a fake gameshow with his signature voice. Louie always had a great voice-over voice, and he knew that whenever he needed to make you laugh or smile, that would always do the trick. One day he Facetimed you after he hadn’t seen you for a few weeks, “Hello Y/N and welcome toooooooo MegaMind!” You laughed instantly, and it made your heart happy knowing that he remembered how much this made you smile. “Alright Y/N, here is your first question. Which member of One Direction would you like to date?” You put your hand on your chin to pretend you were really contemplating the question, “Hmmm… I am going to have to go with–” He cut you off, “Its safe to say I know your answer, and therefore the winner is…”. You smiled cheekily and said, “Probably Harry.” His jaw dropped open, “No… No.. that isn’t it. And I am going to have to punish you for that when I get back.” He said with a naughty wink.

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Liam: Write a funny song for you. Liam loved to play around with different song lyrics, especially because it always made you laugh. “Hey babe, I wrote you a song…” You rolled your eyes and laughed at him, “What’s it called? I want to hear it.” He pulled a guitar out from behind the chair in your living room, “Liam you don’t know how to play guitar.” He simply winked at you, and you were already laughing. “Old Payno had a house… E I E I O… And in this house he had a kitchen, E I E I O. In this kitchen there were… SPOONS.” You broke out in laughter while he nervously belted out the chorus, “Here a spoon, there a spoon, everywhere a spoon…” He took a deep breath and looked at you, “Sorry babe I couldn’t keep going, I was getting nervous.” You both laughed as you gave him a little applause.

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Niall: With his adorable and silly voicemails. Whenever Niall was away and in a different timezone, he would always call even if he knew you were asleep and leave you cute voicemails that you could hear when you woke up. “Top of the morning to ya Princess. I am a leprechaun… Just kidding love, it’s just your boyfriend Niall here, and I am gonna try and make you smile over the phone. Its some kind of magic sorcery I know. You can hear him chuckles as he continues. I just wanted to remind you of the time when I fell while being the golf caddy for Rory, because I know that always gets you to laugh. And beings that your laugh is the most beautiful sound in the entire world, I want to try and hear it as much as possible… Even if we are half way across the planet from each other. I love you Y/N. I will see you soon don’t worry.”

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Wolf Rage - Harry Styles imagine

Request: Definitely an imagine with Harry styles, please. One where he gets jealous about my love for teen wolf and the hot dudes lmao. And it kinda blows up into a fight but we make up. Cheesy I know!


Y/N - Your Name
Y/F/N - Your Friends Name
Y/H/T - Your Home Town


“Oh my god I know right?!” I exclaim into the phone talking to my best friend, Y/F/N and I are watching the weekly episode of our favorite show Teen Wolf. We would normally be together tonight but she’s back home in Y/H/T and I’m traveling with my boyfriend Harry while he does press for his new movie. I love Harry so much but I miss home immensely, that’s why I look forward to spending my Sunday nights on the phone with my best girl friend watching my favorite show. “She needs to stay away from Stiles, I’m gonna get my big ass in the tv rip those cheap hair extensions out of her annoying ass head!” Y/F/N yelled into the phone. “I think her hair is real Y/F/N.” I say laughing, I hear a door shut behind me and turn my head to see Harry closing the front door.

“Hey gorgeous.” I say, I can hear him taking off his shoes and walking towards the back of the couch in our living room.

“Hello love, how was your day?” Harry says placing a kiss on the top of my head. “Hold on a sec Y/F/N Harry just got home, I’ll call you back after the commercial break. Okay bye.” I hang up the phone and face towards the couch wrapping my arms around Harry’s torso, placing my chin on his chest. “It was fine, I called my mom she’s says hi and that she loves the movie, how was yours handsome?” Harry smile and rubs his thumbs over my cheeks. “It was good, lots of interviews as usual but Fionn invited us to go out for dinner tonight. I just came up to get you and to change.” Harry said with a smile on his face, I felt so guilty. “Honey you know I’d love to but Teen Wolf is on tonight and Y/F/N and I on the phone watching it together.” I say smiling nervously hoping he understands.

“So you’re telling me you would rather stay home and watch some dumb teen tv show than go out for dinner with adults?” Harry answered back clearly agitated. I unwrapped my arms from his torso and leaned back into the couch, and gave him a confused look.

“Harry you know this is important to me, I haven’t seen Y/F/N in months and the only time we can talk together is when-”

“You’re gushing over shirtless ware wolves, I see how it is.” He said backing away. “Harry what is this really about? The fact like I like to spend my Sunday nights with my best friend who is thousands of miles away or about the guys in the show?” I say raising my voice, I can’t help but let out a humorous huff as this is such a ridiculous thing to be arguing about but here we are anyway.

“It just seems that you get a little too into the show sometimes, when we went to comic con you ran into one of those wolf blokes and completely ignored me.” Harry said obviously hurt by my love for the show and cast, I felt horrible. I didn’t know Harry felt this way about a silly show, clearly it’s taken a toll on him over time.

“Harry I’m sorry. Honey if you felt this way why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a fun show that I like to watch, it doesn’t mean I want to be with any of the guys in the show!” I say trying to make a point but sound sincere, Harry bows his head down running his fingers through his hair. He always did that when he gets nervous. I walk up to him and cup his head in my hands forcing him to look up at me.

“Listen Harry, I love you. Only you, and no one else. Well maybe Y/F/N a little to.” I say and we both laugh, “the only reason I make such an effort ever Sunday to watch the show is because I miss my friends. It’s just a fun thing to do and something I look forward to especially when I’m home sick.” I say quietly, I don’t mean to make him feel worse but I want him to know my reasoning.

“I’m so sorry love, I know you don’t get to see your family and friends that much.”, as Harry said that the phone rang it was obviously Y/F/N calling back. “Go answer it,” Harry said smiling,“she’s probably biting her nails in anticipation of who will be shirtless next.” He says laughing, I smile and lean into his chest and place my lips on his. I can feel him hum into the kiss and wrap his arms around my waist, I run my fingers through his hair as he rubs tiny circles on my lower back. “Before this goes to far,” Harry whispers low against my lips, “go enjoy your Sunday night.” I pull away from him slowly and smile up at him,“thank you darling.” I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

I run towards the couch and pick up the phone on my way, “Hey I’m back! Oh my god, he did not!” I click the tv on and turn to Harry leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed smiling at me. “I love you” I mouth as Y/F/N catches me up on what I missed, Harry brings his hands up to his face, covering the sides of his grinning face and mouths “I love you too.” Oh this is the man I love.

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ok but harry in blue is the reason for my existence

••• Part 2

18 months ago louis told us on the Alan Carr show that the break will be 18 months long so they should be back AS A BAND today!!!

So in conclusion all men do is lie

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