Part 13: A Secret Voicemail - Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover

[Part 1 - 12]

Beacon Hills, CA 

As soon as Liam woke up this morning and ate his breakfast, he packed his gym bag for the big home game tonight. He packed his shoes, socks, shorts, jersey, helmet, gloves, and his lacrosse stick. He doubled checked to see if he forgot got anything. He ran his fingers through his messy morning hair, only making it worse. Liam realized he had forgotten something. He rushed to his closet and skimmed through his clothes until he found what he was looking for: his away jersey. He gently yanked it off the hanger and walked back to his bed. He laid the jersey on bed and folded it neatly, then placed it carefully in his bag. She’ll be wearing my number. Liam thought to himself, as a wide smile formed on his face.

After showering and having everything ready, Liam noticed it was only 11am. Technically it’s not afternoon but he couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to see Y/N. He wanted to see her try on the jersey before the game. He replayed the memory of their date from last night as he walked over to Y/N’s house. He couldn’t believe it took this long to get where he is with Y/N, and despite all the trouble they’ve already been through together, he’s glad he’s finally with her. He couldn’t wait for the second date, the third date, and the many more after that, and that thought didn’t scare him. Y/N was different from all the girls. She knew about all the monsters in the world, but she knew Liam wasn’t one of them, and he loved her for that.

Liam had a pep in his step as he walked up the front steps to Y/N’s house. He pushed the doorbell with his index finger. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he waited for Y/N to answer the door. He rang the bell again. He stood in front of the door with his hands in his pockets and his gym bag slung over his shoulder. Liam figured she was still asleep. He walked over to get the hidden key in the turtle shell she mentioned last night.

Liam gently touched the door handle, about to put the key in to unlock the door, but realized the door was already opened about half an inch. He couldn’t believe he didn’t notice it before. He let the excitement of seeing her get in the way. Liam peeked through the small opening, hoping to see if someone was there. Suddenly his heighten scents kicked in. He didn’t hear Y/N in the house. There was not one heartbeat in the house. Liam quickly stiffened as he smelled an unfamiliar scent. Liam flung the door open and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

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