The Lirry Fic-Rec I Never Thought I Would Make

Here is a ton of recs, spanning from fluffy, to supernatural, to smutty, to from like 2012. I separated them into beginner fics, meaning that they have little to no smut, and then progressively more! Some of the links won’t work if you don’t have an AO3 account, but there’s not a lot like that.  (There are some that aren’t on AO3, but this one is solely AO3). 

So without further ado, I give you, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the fluff scale, angst scale, word count, and a small summary. (Bold is MUST READS)

Fluff Scale: Rock, Liam’s Abs, Harry’s Curls, Bunny Tail

Angst Scale: Sunny Day, Partly Cloudy, Rainy, Hurricane

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"Cheryl is one of the most beautiful women in the country" this is such a...weird thing to say? like Liam purposefully "picked" her solely based on her looks to have a baby with

Yeah that’s……definitely a weird thing to say. I’m just….not gonna touch it.

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yo why was tmh tour so ziam af like for sure fucking was going on?

UM YES tmht was a literal ziam goldmine esp the european leg like i get the shakes just thinkin abt it but that tour on a whole was ziam AS HELL we were blessed w so MUCH like u could just cut the sexual tension with a KNIFE am not even lying tbh we got shit like this on the daily

what the actual FUCK no wonder that vid got deleted jesus chrisist n then theres all the buttslaps n thrusting 2wards eachother (i swear i got like 50 gifs saved solely of liam thrusting at zayn irfl) n things like zayn checking out liam n then saying ‘nice’ bc liams tshirt was wet and u could see his nipple and zayn wiping between liams ass w. liam’s bandana like ???? LMFAO #nevr4get :’-(

Protective (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: When scotts the readers older brother and he gets protective with the reader and liam but liam constantly assures him thats youre safe with him please!!!!:)

Warning: Angry Scott, Fluff

Word Count: 1234


“Y/N where the hell were you I’ve been worried sick about you.” My older brother Scott McCall says as he comes to the front door and brings me into a bone-crushing hug, “Scott calm down I was just at the movies.” I say as I finally escape his hold, he looks at me quizzically and says, “For three hours?” “The movie ran a little longer than expected.” I said as I plopped down on the couch and twirled a lose strand of hair, something I did when I was lying.

Scott folds his arms and gives me stone cold look, “I don’t have to be werewolf to tell when you’re lying baby sister.” I roll my eyes and say, “Well I was with some friends and we got a quick bite to eat afterwards.” Wasn’t a total lie I thought to myself as I stared Scott down, as we’re having our stare off we both hear a loud thud come from up stairs, we look at each other then rush up to the source of the noise, hearing another heartbeat come from my room Scott runs to the door and swings it open ready to attack but finds none other than his beta lying on my floor rubbing his elbow.

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Soundtrack Series - Midnight Memories - Right Now

Harry: Same feeling, different week. You miss him. He hasn’t called in a while but you’re still hearing his voice in your head. Every conversation, small or large, is replaying in your head. You can see his shoes sitting by the door, even though they aren’t actually there. Your mind is taking you back to a time when he was around, a time that was much better for you than this. You had taken his presence for granted so often, always thinking he was going to be around in some way or another. Your heart is shattering, and it’s a slow, agonizing process. You want nothing more than Harry to be here. He was always here. Except now he’s not. Mainly because he’s back on tour, yes. But also because things between you just aren’t the same. How long is it going to take for you to get used to the change? It would be nice to know. Maybe you could tolerate the pain a little better. A knock at your door brings you from the discouraging thoughts in your mind. You don’t even roll over to see Sydney walking into the room. She’s back to checking in on you every so often. She is seeing how hard you are taking not having Harry around. She says nothing as she crawls into bed with you. You wish she wouldn’t, but you didn’t have the heart or energy to tell her to leave you alone. She wasn’t here to bother you anyways. This is just her way of making sure you hadn’t let your emotions get to you and done something unreasonable. “I’m getting ready to go to work. I’ll bring back some Thai if you want,” she offers softly. Her time spent working reception at the tattoo shop down the street was the only time here lately you had found the urge to leave your room. The media had also started to pick up on your decision to seclude yourself. Syd had left the TV on in the living room plenty of times in order for you to hear that she wasn’t the only one worried about you. It didn’t matter though. The only person’s opinion you cared for was halfway across the world, clearly not thinking about you. You had thought things were going to at least somewhat return to normal after his assurance a while back, but it turns out that was the last thing you had gotten from him. Not a call, not a voicemail, not a text. Him telling you everything between you was going to be fine was all you had to hold onto. You just wish he wouldn’t have told you but showed you. You only have his words with no actions to back them up. “So Thai?” Syd inquires, interrupting your thoughts yet again. You had completely forgotten she was even beside you. “That’s fine,” you say quietly, your eyes closed, but no urge to sleep. You have no plans of eating it but you know the repercussions of telling her no. She sighs, and the covers shift as she gets back out of the bed. “If it’s hurting this bad, you just need to call him. And if you don’t want to do that, at least get out of the house. It hurts me to watch you do this to yourself. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, but I know you aren’t making it any better by lying in here alone all of the time with only your thoughts. You don’t have to be miserable.” At that she leaves for work, closing the door behind her, knowing her small speech more than likely wasn’t going to bring you from the covers. You roll over onto your back and open your eyes to look up at the ceiling. You are very much aware of the fact that you are doing this to yourself. But this is so new to you, you’ve never not had Harry around it seems like. And all that you want is for him to be around, for everything to be okay like he told you it would. 

Liam: You remember so clearly the day you told him you didn’t want him around. It was a conversation you never thought you would ever have with him. He has been around longer than anyone, and you told him to leave. Your heart breaks now. Everything is so hard, knowing he isn’t around. He had tried to come back, but you hadn’t let him. Mark had tried to get you to consider friendship with him again, and you ignored it. The world wasn’t against you in this. You were against you. It’s all coming back around to you now. You’re missing him; there’s no denying that. You’ve watched videos of tour more than you ever had before, telling yourself you’re only doing it because you miss the atmosphere. No, you miss Liam. You stare over at the laptop that you have yet to open today. It was becoming a regular occurrence for you to stay online watching videos of him for hours. That isn’t how you want to spend this day, so you have banned yourself from being on it at all. You remove yourself from the bedroom, the most tempting place for your thoughts and move into the kitchen. Mark is lying on the couch in front of the television having just gotten off from work. You wish you could be as busy as him. School, full-time job, putting up with you. It all seemed like things you could do to get Liam off of your mind. You had already finished school though, and the job that you had only took up a very small amount of hours. Needless to say, your mind was on Liam a lot. “Are you going to make something for dinner?” Mark asks curiously as he looks up to see you walking into the kitchen. “Yes,” you say, but not turning to address him. He lies back down after quickly noticing you aren’t in the mood to be teased. You feel bad for Mark. Putting up with you is a feat you couldn’t even do, especially being as emotional as you have been here lately. You can’t help it though. If Liam was here none of this would even be a problem. But wait, what are you even saying? Liam is the sole reason all of this happened in the first place. He’s the one that screwed up. He’s the one that chose to lie. So why are you the one that feels like this? Because he’s already felt like this, that’s why. He spent the weeks after his screw up feeling exactly like this. Missing you and not being able to do anything about it because you wouldn’t let him in. You can do something though, the ball has always been in your court in this situation. You can bring him back and neither of you have to feel like this anymore. But is that really a possibility? Can he really come back and respect Mark enough to where the three of you can actually coexist?  You want to think so. You want to think that after all of this time that Liam has learned some sort of lesson. You can’t handle this anymore. You’re sick of having to watch him through a computer screen, telling the world his feelings when he should be on the phone sharing them with you directly. It was your fault he wasn’t though; he had given up trying to call you, knowing the best way to reach you was to let the fans be the mediator. They had held up their end, and you had gotten his messages, all of them. So much so that thinking about them now as you stand in the kitchen nearly brings you to tears. “(Y/N)?” Mark calls out from the couch. You turn around, your eyes watering. “What?” “Are you alright? You’ve kind of just been standing there for the last few minutes.” “Yeah, I’m fine,” you say, turning away from him. You aren’t fine at all.

Niall: “So I just ordered the subway tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen, in white of course, so they should be ready to install by the beginning of next week,” you explain as you get up from the dining table and walk through Stephen’s now gutted kitchen. “What about the tile in the bathroom? Didn’t you want the same in there too?” You turn around and smile at him, he had been listening to your ideas. “Yes, but I want to see how all of it looks in here first before I make the decision to continue the look throughout the rest of the flat.” “Have I ever told you that I love how you call it a ‘flat’?” Stephen inquires as he gets up from the arm chair he had refused to move from the living room. He had told you he needed something comfortable to watch you work in; another comment you had let slide. “Phone’s ringing,” he says and you turn to the dining room table, which had also yet to be moved. You look down at the name and know you don’t have time to talk. “Oh, rejected,” Stephen jokes as you walk away and let the call go to voicemail. “No, I’m just busy,” you counter. You’re certain you would be able to listen to a voicemail about everything that was happening on tour, but right now you had to focus on this project. “So when are we going to go out and celebrate all of this amazing work you’ve been making happen?” You turn to face the chatterbox. “Damn right I’ve been making this happen; all you’ve done is sit in that chair,” you acknowledge. “Have you ever watched you work?” He questions, and a confused look comes over your face. “Exactly. It’s a sight to see, and I’m just here to enjoy it.” “So you wanted me to reno this place just so you could watch me?” You question playfully, nodding your head as if you understand his motives. “Well not entirely, but for the most part, yes.” A bright and proud smile stretches across his face, and you cannot help but laugh just a little. You get back to work, moving from the kitchen to the master suite. You’re slightly relieved when you aren’t followed, after all Stephen had work to do as well. However, his makeshift desk in front of his precious armchair was nothing compared to the spread you had on his dining room table. This was your only project at the moment, something that brought on curiosity. But you were having so much fun walking around this blank canvas that you didn’t even worry about not taking on anymore work. The master bedroom was still intact for the most part. Everything had been removed from the walls but most everything else was as is. This flat was remarkable, and even though you had spent a week in it now, there was always something new that caught your eye. At this moment it’s the view coming from the wall of windows adjacent to the California King. This city, your city, is so beautiful when the sun is setting. You are brought from the view by the sound of your phone. It was just notifying you of a tweet, Niall’s tweet. You walk over to the bed where you had laid everything down and pick up your phone. ‘Starting to miss how things used to be. This round of shows at home will be the toughest of them all.” Your heart sinks. The rolls are reversing, and he is missing you now, much more, you have to admit, than you are missing him. He isn’t allowing his work to distract him like you are. Granted you do have more of a distraction these days. 

Louis: Knowing he is in the UK is possibly harder to handle than if he were a million miles away. He’s so close, yet you still can’t see him. That heartache is one you’ve never experienced until now. You watch the phone as it connects your call to him, hoping today’s schedule is similar to yesterday’s. “Morning,” he says sleepily and you immediately feel guilty for waking him up. “I’m sorry,” you say right off. “Oh, don’t be, I need to get up anyways; we’re almost there, I think. Wherever there is.” You try to believe him, and move the conversation along. The two of you had just gotten back into the routine of daily conversations again, of course, after he had formally forgiven you for your lack of trust. That was finally in the past, and you can now look forward to talking to him. “How was the drive last night?” “I’m guessing it was fine, I slept through most of it. I do remember waking up and we were stopped somewhere, no idea where, but there was some loud noises coming from outside. I didn’t get up to see what they were, I just went back to sleep.” You smile as you picture the scene in your head of his annoyance of the situation he just described. To most people a conversation like this would be meaningless. There doesn’t seem to be much substance. To you though, listening to him talk about how he slept through most of the night is everything. You want so badly to be there with him, and are far too aware of your obligations here at home. You would listen to him talk about his day until the sun sets if he could do it, just the sound of his voice brings you peace. And right now, peace is everything you need. You don’t even know the situation happening in your house these days, but everyone’s tones and actions are telling you that things aren’t good. You don’t want to be here. If things are taking a turn for the worse with your dad, you would much rather have the distraction of tour than to be sitting here right in the middle of it all. It’s miserable. “You still there?” Louis questions softly. “Yeah, sorry.” “What were you thinking about?” He asks, knowing you far too well. “Just everything that’s been happening around here. No one talks anymore, and everyone is always sad. It’s bringing me down, more so than I already was. I know I wouldn’t be feeling this way if I was there with you. I mean you’re two cities over. I don’t understand why it’s so wrong for me to just be with you. I miss you terribly.” There is no point in trying to hide anything from him. You knew better. “You know you need to be there, that’s your family, love. I’m going to be around, but you know that’s where you belong. I know it isn’t the happiest of situations, but everyone in that house needs you. If they aren’t being strong, be their strength. You can do this. You can be there for them. Be their light.” You’re certain he wasn’t expecting to go full on soapbox this early in the morning, but it always seems like he turns his motivation on when speaking to you. He knows your situation is a tough one, but he’s showing you how much he believes in you. There isn’t much more you can ask for from him. “I miss you too. You have no idea how much I am missing you. But I’ve accepted the fact that they need you there more than I need you here, no matter how much I think I need you.” Just hearing that he was missing you makes your heart hurt. But he was making his own emotional sacrifices in this situation, and it was time that you accept the same fate.   


A/N: This is the first out of four oneshots for the boys this year! The rest will be posted later today, ENJOY!xx (also there is a little side ziam in this!)

R: y/n is inexperienced in kissing (and embarrassed about it) so Harry teaches her

Or that one where you go to a Christmas party and have your first kiss with a drunk Harry in a closet.

It was the first holiday party she had even been to, well dragged to. It’s not like she didn’t mind a good time this just wasn’t her crowd. It was all the kids she saw in the halls but never stopped and said hi. Or the kids that were in some of her classes but that sat at the other end of the room.

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One of the main things I want to happen in 2B is for Karma to find a friend other than Amy. She literally has no one besides Amy. Amy has Shane and she even kind of has Lauren if she needs to talk about something that she can’t talk to Karma about. Karma has no one. That’s why I think in 2x09 at first Karma is going to act like everything is okay between her and Amy and put the blame solely on Liam. Obviously that’s going to come crashing down quick but still I just wish the writers would give Karma someone to talk that isn’t a potential love interest. Really the only person they’ve had her confide in besides Amy and Liam is her mom.

The Model Series #35 What Management Says

Harry: …stop with the PDA. “Harry…” the uppity woman from management sighs. “We’re not telling you to break it off, just stop with the public kisses and the…hand holding.” Harry frowns, deep lines creasing his forehead. “So…” He bellows, his voice deep and frightening. “You’re telling me I am not allowed to show how much I love my girlfriend?” The woman sighs again. “Just…love her behind closed doors okay?” She checks her watch and walks out of the meeting room. “No I refuse!” Harry shouts after her before the door closes and he collapses in a chair. His phone chimes with a new text message from you: Are you okay? He sighs and runs his fingers through his long hair before replying. Just done with people trying to tell me how to run my life. He replies. 

Louis: …break it off. “You cannot be serious.” Louis crosses his arms at the two men from Modest sitting across the table at him. You sit up straight in outrage next to him. “This is ridiculous, we are not breaking up simply because you think the album will sell more copies.” You stand up and walk towards the door. “Come on Lou, this is absurd.” Louis sits at the table glaring at the two men. “You know we’re right Louis,” one of the men whispers. “You know what…” Louis whispers, leaning in close. The men lean in close as well and your heart starts pounding faster in fear. “Louis?” you whisper. “FUCK YOU!” Louis screams in the men’s face before flipping the table over on top of them. “LOUIS!” You yell, running over and pulling him backwards. “That was NOT called for,” you reprimand him, his anger evident on his face.

Zayn: …agree to cheating rumors. Your face drops at your manager’s request. “23 and the brand’s management does not like their representatives to date someone so…high risk.” You blink at the man. “High risk?” You ask, nails digging into your palms to keep you from exploding. “Popular.” He explains. “Well you can tell 23, and their management,” you say slowly, standing up so you tower over the short, balding agent. “That I love representing them, but I love Zayn more. So they can take their shitty excuses and shove them.” You walk towards the door when the man clears his throat. “You don’t want to walk away from 23, we are the biggest and fastest-growing brand in the entire world.” You pause and turn around to face him. “I’m not walking away,” you state. “YOU are.” You slam the door behind you. 

Niall: …try to return to a casual relationship “There are several tabloids at each minute, Niall and [Y/N], talking about how serious you are and how fast you’re moving. All we’re asking is for you to try and return to just a flirtation, a little crush, as opposed to a serious relationship.” The woman finishes reading her prepared statement and looks up for the first time since beginning her small speech. You stare at her, speechless. “I am seriously offended, you are asking us to lie about how we feel about each other.” Niall shakes his head at the woman, agreeing with your words. “I can’t even sit here with you.” You storm out of the office and just start walking, vaguely aware that Niall is following you. You find yourself in a small forest/park and you just let out a giant scream of frustration that echoes around the park.

Liam: …do more interviews solely surrounding the relationship. You and Liam put so much effort into trying to keep your relationship as quiet and private as possible. Both of you have refused to talk about it in interviews and now Modest is trying to make you talk about your relationship in interviews. “This is your first interview since our little ‘talk’,” Liam’s manager reminds him just before the lads head towards the set. “Keep that in mind 'huh? Conan will give you the perfect set up.” Liam just nods blankly and follows the rest of the boys onto the interview set. The interview progresses but when Conan starts talking about yours and Liam’s relationship, Liam says nothing except “no comment”. Conan and the manager looking on from the side of the set are both taken aback, but Conan makes a wry joke and the interview continues.

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