Zayn WAS in the “Between Us” BTS video

So I was in the youtube comments and saw this

Soooo here are the ss where you can easily see he was cropped out: 

That’s Zayn because none of the boys were wearing that kind of sweater?? 

And then the arm moves and the rest of the body can’t be seen?? 

Also you can see the same arm hugging Louis

Like there’s no way Liam, Niall or Harry hugged Louis with that sweater….IT’S ZAYN MALIK. The video is cropped out. Thats. IT.


yeah that lil grey line is Zayn, which appears only a second and you have to pause like 100 times to catch it.

Sooooo we learned that Zayn Malik was supposed to be in the “Between Us” BTS….You can see it yourself in the video.