One my favourite ZIAM cartoon fanarts!! i just cant get enuf of their cutenes..ziam and d cartoons BOTH!!

#1 AH!! dis is so innocently NAUGHTY! ahahaaha!! and liam’s face! *priceless*

#2 we all knw zayn lvs to draw his batman! :P and LEEYUM!! god! he’s too cute! zayn’s tongue though! XD

#3 THIS so aptly describes ZIAM! dey r ALWAYS like dis! liam will go on talkin rubbish..and zayn jst looks at him like he’s blabbering pearls of wisdom! :P *wat u thinkin zaynie!*

#4 I can’t even begin to tell you how bloody CUTE this is! and zayn really was surprised wen d intrviewr said “niam” instead of ziam! LOL!! ahaaha! perfect expressions!! and specially d last one..whr liam luks patient as is he’s seen this coming..zayn luks finally satisfied…and nialler..haha clueless!! *wat jst happend!!* XD

#5 Umm well this ain’t cartoon…but they'r our (ziam shippers’) superheroes! and dey look mighty HOT! so why not ;D

I WANT MORE SUCH PICS!!! dey r just too cute to nt fuss over!