Niall Horan tribute! There’s also one for Harry Styles on my channel! 


Holy crap, the Sifl & Olly show is back, and it’s now a web series about reviewing fake video games!

Most of you young'uns, what with your Wizards of Waverly Place and your reblorgs, probably don’t know about this national treasure, but Sifl & Olly was the finest show on TV during the late ‘90s – best songs, best skits, best characters, best everything for life.

And now, out of nowhere, the sock puppets (even Chester!) are back for at least eight new episodes. It’s almost enough to make you forget about all the disappointments of life, knowing that at least Sifl & Olly exists again.

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Reasons to love Dhani (& Ringo)

He follows Ringo’s advices:

 "I was actually at Ringo’s birthday, funny enough, I went along to say “happy birthday” and I was in L.A. by myself, and I walked in and it was all family, family friends. I was looking for Ringo, I couldn’t find him, and then I saw him. Suddenly, a young sort of mouthy, punk-rock-looking dude came walking, holding a present and looking just as confused as I did about five minutes before. I sort of pointed him in the right direction, and then five minutes later Ringo came over with him and said, “Liam and Dhani, you’re best friends. You have never met before, but you’re best friends.” And he was right.“  -Dhani


Matt Berry, myself and Queens of the Stone Age. (shot by Liam Lynch)