you got your spell on me baby - 6k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by demiboyharrie 

Auror Louis is under orders to keep muggles from being exposed to magic, including wizards posing as muggle magicians. Usually he can spot the criminals, but one time he doesn’t.

The Oldest Magic Word - 18k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by FullOnLarrie

Louis gets called up to play Seeker for the English National Team and when he gets there, he finds out that Harry Styles, his old school crush, is the Team Healer.

if you let it be something - 10k // niall horan & zayn malik // {1/1} // by zcinmalik

“The only reason–” George suddenly can’t contain his laughter and needs to take a moment to collect himself. He doubles over for a few long seconds, then straightens up again to wipe an imaginary tear from his eye. “Oh, lad. The only reason that potion would cause someone to nearly propose marriage is if they were already embarrassingly in love with you.”

Love Like Wildfire - 22k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by perfectdagger

Louis was an Omega and a Prefect. Harry was an Alpha and a little rascal. They were mates, drawn to each other since they first met in the Hogwarts Express. They worked well like that, or at least they tried, which only made their relationship way more interesting.

put your head against my life (here i am) - 13k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {9/9} // by phoenixflyinghigh 

Louis is the youngest, most accomplished Potions Master that Hogwarts has seen, but can he learn how to heal the cracks in his heart he’s been ignoring?

Try to Impress - 6k // niall horan & zayn malik // {1/1} // by hilarry13

Hufflepuff pure-blood Niall tries to impress Nerdy Cute muggle born Zayn at the new Hogwarts Scify/Fantasy Club. Cue lots of pining, menacing Louis and cute fluff!

Sweeter Than Wine - 15k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by letsjustsee 

When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for.

Right Smart Spell - 11k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by distortedrain 

Harry is a muggleborn who’s very, very nervous about school at Hogwarts but Louis, a pureblood who is also a first year, takes Harry under his wing and teaches the ins and outs of Hogwarts.

We Will Find Our Way - 23k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by amomentoflove 

Or the one where Harry is a Hufflepuff, Louis is a Slytherin and they take midnight walks together.

love came and hit me in the eye - 10 k // niall horan & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by niallhoranbitches

How to woo a Hufflepuff? Zayn read with disbelief clear in his voice. “You’re kidding?”

“Nah,” Louis answered proudly. “This is serious research that will give me all the knowledge I need.”

Hold up, no, you didn’t bow down - 4k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {4/4} // by 1975reasons

Louis Tomlinson was the Gryffindor golden boy, always managing to earn his house points and winning them any and all quidditch tournament he could get his team on. He was the picture of perfection and grace and he was deeply loved and admired by all his fellow students, house members or not.

And then, of course, there was Harry Styles. The prettiest, most infuriating piece of work Slytherin had ever managed to produce since Professor Malfoy and that’s saying something.

Always And Forever - 4k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by smileformemylovely // 

Life is hard when you’re the savior of the Wizarding World, when the one person who was supposed to be there for you isn’t.

An Underrated Type of Trouble - 22k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {5/5} // by anchortied 

Or, Harry is the Head Boy, Louis is a troublemaker and they both like each other too much to get in each other’s way.

we push and pull like magnets do - 17k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {2/2} // by larry_is_mine

or Louis finds himself struggling with dealing with exams and has to deal with somehow getting stuck with Harry Fucking Styles of all people as his tutor.

it’s always darkest before the dawn - 18k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/3} // by lostboysoflondon

Seventh Year Hogwarts AU. Amidst the darkness of an impending second Wizarding War, Louis struggles to reconcile his feelings for Harry with his role in The Resistance. 

Been here all along - 28k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {10/10} // by Cherrie

Harry is 11 year old wizard who was brought up in muggle home and now is on his way to his new school. Everything is new and exciting, and nothing can hold his attention for more than two seconds at the time, expect for this one boy with blue eyes, silver tongue and green tie around his neck. He can hold Harry’s attention for two seconds, or you know… forever.

Keep Your Hands Up, So I Can See - 30k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {9/9} // by xxSterre

Or: an AU where Louis is the golden Slytherin Seeker, with Jesy and Perrie as both teammates as well as his BFFS, and Harry is the Hufflepuff Seeker - and also Louis’ arch nemesis, or is he?

only words to protect - 30k // nick grimshaw & liam payne & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by serenityandtea

Hogwarts AU in which Hogwarts really isn’t the safest place in the Wizarding World any more, Louis and Liam just want the war to be over already, and Nick thinks he’s sending them off to boarding school.

Keep me from falling - 20k // zayn malik & liam payne // {2/?} // by shiningdistractionwrites

It’s their seventh year at Hogwarts, and Liam and Zayn are selected as co-Head Boys, from Gryffindor and Slytherin, respectively.

It’s unexpected, to say the least, and it really doesn’t help that they can’t agree on a single thing.

(It also doesn’t help that their Headmaster doesn’t seem to care at all, that there’s nothing quite like a good prank to relieve stress, that Liam looks good in a Quidditch uniform, or that they may or may not have slept together once in sixth year.)

you call it hope, it is but agony of desire - 5k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1}// by curlyfries

Louis has had a crush on Harry for the longest time, but when he stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised, he’s still surprised at what he finds reflected back at him. When they finally meet, it doesn’t seem like it’s meant to be, but after a little help in a stressful situation, maybe Louis could re-evaluate.

A story where Louis and Harry are meant to be, there’s more pets, and an unrequited crush turns into a blossoming new love.

Figure Me Out - 5k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by toritastic11 

Harry and Louis were enemies since day one, their Gryffindor and Slytherin pride getting the best of them from first year. Unsavory circumstances land them in detention together and who knows what can happen when you go in with an open mind.

Talk Me Down - 27k // zayn malik & louis tomlinson ; harry styles & louis tomlinson // {8/8} // by lou_beatrix

Louis is just someone who has a lot of love to give. His polyamorous relationship with Harry is beautiful and perfect, and when Zayn transfers to Hogwarts from Beauxbatons in their 5th year, Louis finds himself drawn to him as well. But Zayn’s difficult childhood brings up problems that maybe Louis can’t fix, and maybe Zayn can’t either.

let me take your heart, love you in the dark - 7k // zayn malik & harry styles // {1/1} // by leighbot 

Or, Zayn and Harry are secretly together and both entirely sick of sneaking around. They don’t handle it very well.

There’s No Antidote For This Curse - 27k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {2/2} // by LiveLaughLoveLarry 

New York City, 1924. Harry Styles is an Auror working for MACUSA. Louis Tomlinson is an investigative reporter for the Daily Prophet in London. They haven’t seen each other for years, but when bodies start showing up in Central Park, Louis travels to New York to cover the story. The two work together to uncover the killer, and uncover a few other secrets along the way.

Here Comes the Thunder - 8k // zayn malik & liam payne // {1/?} // by iwanttowriteyouafic 

Or the one where Liam is Head Boy, Louis and Niall are Quidditch captains, and Zayn and Harry are Ilvermony students stuck at Hogwarts for reasons no one is quite brave enough to explain.

I’ve been thinking ‘bout it all day - 8k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by LSFOREVER 

or, Harry gets a job in Perrie and Louis’ potion shop. He wasn’t planning on the huge crush he develops on his boss.

Green Eyes - 13k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by Cherrie

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes people who should be the closest to you are the ones you sometimes need to get away from, and sometimes just a job can turn into the most important thing in your life.

a truth so loud you can’t ignore - 4k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {½} // by 5sexualhomos 

Liam just wants to get through Sixth Year relatively unscathed. He wants to pass his N.E.W.T.S and beat Slytherin in Quidditch for the first time in four years. But he can’t do that when Louis, his best Seeker, is off hooking up with Harry Styles during practice.

fake it ‘till you make it - 14k // harry styles & louis tomlinson // {1/1} // by tempolarriefics 

or, the one where Harry and Louis are seventh years at Hogwarts and while trying to make Liam jealous, fall in love along the way.

Some Secrets - 11k // niall horan & liam payne // {1/1} // by stylindad 

Or the one where Liam is a fifth year in charge of showing the mysterious new transfer student, Niall Horan, around the school.

Please don’t forget to leave kudos and comments, it costs you nothing and means a lot to the authors ! 

Don't Listen To Them... (Liam Dunbar imagine)

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

Request: write one about Liam with a plus size Reader who’s very self conscious and they meet because he saves her from getting bullied

Warning(s): bullying, cussing, and i think that’s it also sorry if your name is Rebecca (the bully) I just thought of a random name.

DISCLAIMER: Rebecca is the bully and (Y/N) is the reader. just to clear that up

NOTE: Sorry if it’s short and i just want to say you are all amazing and beautiful in your own unique way and keep doing you and what you love to do. 

Also if you see someone getting bullied, please do something or tell someone. Be nice to them, don’t make fun of them for their weight, looks, etc. Cause the reason why I put Liam to say “You wouldn’t like it if someone said those things to you” is because it’s true, no one ever does so please just be nice to people and be careful about what you say.

I sighed as I walked up to the entrance of the school, maybe today will be a good day. I take a deep breathe in and exhaled as soon and I opened the doors to Beacon Hills High. I ignored all the looks I get from certain people and held my head up high while walking down the halls to get to my locker.

I look around before opening my locker and exchanged things from my backpack to my locker, ‘so far so good’ I think to myself while closing my locker but instantly regret what I thought.

I came face to face with Rebecca aka Beacon Hills High Queen Bitch. Even though she was a bitch she was still prettier than me and I couldn’t help but believe all things she has said to me.

“Oh hey (Y/N), I would say I didn’t see you there but that would be a total lie, you’re too big to miss” Rebecca says smirking while her kiss up minions were laughing behind her. “Leave me alone Rebecca” I say pushing past her and walked to class and found my seat.

Unfortunately, I had my first class and lunch with Rebecca and her stupid minions. Everyone was already in class and as soon as she came in the room it got quiet and awkward because no one wanted to mess with her and her friends and no one was going to address her and her friends about the way they act.

“What’s up with the elephant in the room? And I’m not talking about the tension in here, I’m talking about (Y/N)” Rebecca comments and everyone looks at me while I hide my face waiting for class to be over.

Class was quickly over and I walked out of the room but before I knew it I tripped. I hear Rebecca laugh and some other students laugh along with her. “Watch where you’re walking fatty, are you too big to even see where you’re feet are walking?” Rebecca questions.

I quickly get up and turn to her, “Fuck you Rebecca” I spat and walked away while hearing her yell, “Better watch your back (Y/N)!”. Soon lunch rolled around and I sat with my friend Taylor but she got up to go to the library. I got up to buy water from outside at the vending machine before being shoved to the ground, “God I’m surprised I’m able to push you considering you’re too heavy” the voice says as I look up to see Rebecca looking down at me. I looked around to see a few people around us laughing.

I stood up and looked at her, “I’m sick of your bullshit, leave me alone”. Rebecca laughs, “Sorry no can do” she replies. “You’re such a fucking bitch” I add. Rebecca chuckles and then suddenly my face was stinging and I grabbed the side of my face holding it from the pain and in shock.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again (Y/N). I rather be a bitch than a fat ass because news flash no guy would ever want to date you. You’re just too ugly and you’re not skinny like me, you’re just a cow” my eyes started to water from the words that came out of her mouth.

“Hey!” someone shouted, interrupting Rebecca before she could say anything else. We both turn to see a boy our age with brown hair and blue eyes and I knew who exactly it was. Liam Dunbar. The boy I had most of my classes with and the boy who was always hanging out with Scott and the rest of his friends.

Rebecca smiles, “Hey Liam, how are you?” she asks flirtatiously. 

Liam rolled his eyes, “I’d be better if you treated (Y/N) like a human being and not make fun of her. I think she’s absolutely beautiful just the way she is. She’s kind hearted, funny, and stunning. She’s not a cow, she’s perfect the way she is, if she likes how she looks then that’s good, but she shouldn’t have to deal with people like all of you who make fun of her. Because deep down I know you all wouldn’t like it if someone said things to you like that.” Liam spoke. 

Everyone was quiet and Rebecca went to speak again, “Yeah, well-” but gets cut off by Liam. “Oh and news flash no one likes a stuck up bitch who makes fun of other girls because they think it makes them look good” Liam states smirking and everyones eyes were wide and they all whispered. 

“All go you get out of here” Liam spats and Rebecca wanted to speak again but had no words and just walked away. 

Liam walked up to me, “Hey (Y/N) are you okay?” I nod my head yes. He checked again to make sure and we were going our separate ways. 

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face his back, “Hey Liam” he turns around to look at me, “Yeah?”.

“Why?” I ask confused, “Why what?” he questions. 

“Why did you stand up for me? We barely talk to each other.” I comment.

“Because that’s not right what she did, and I know but I’ve always thought you were beautiful” he explains.

“You don’t have to pretend like you like me” I stated. Liam looks at me and walks up to me, “I’m not pretending (Y/N), everything I said was true, especially about me thinking you’re beautiful, I’ve liked you since freshmen year but was too scared to talk to you” he confesses. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N), you’re perfect the way you are. (Y/N) I want to show you the world and show you all the things you really deserve and I want to be there for you and just protect you and I know a lot of stuff happened today but would you like to go on a date with me?”.

I quickly hug him and peck him on the cheek and he blushes, “What was that for?” he asked. “For caring and yes I’d love to go on a date with you Liam Dunbar” I answer.

Preference #83: Reunion (Harry’s POV)

A/N: HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY ONE DIRECTION, I had to make this to honor today. I hope you guys like it, it isn’t really a preference, just more a little story of all 5 boys getting back together again (which is my freaking DREAM). Ok I hope y’all enjoy .xx

This was it. This was the first time I would be seeing the lads again, and we would be performing together since the New Year’s Eve show in 2015. We had all had success as solo artists, but there was something that was always missing in the back of my mind. I missed the four other boys that I had grown up with. I missed all of our backstage antics, where we would just laugh and have fun together. We were just boys being boys, and it was the best time of my life. I thought back to the day we were put together as a group. The joy I felt in that moment was unexplainable… That was all we wanted… A chance.

That chance had grown into something that none of us ever imagined. We had travelled the world together, laughed together, cried together… And we experienced things that we had never before imagined… Together. I looked out of the tinted glass of the back window of this Range Rover, thinking about what things would be like now. All this time later. Would we still sound good together? Would it be strange being back on stage as a group? My thoughts carried me all the way to the venue, where I adjusted my suit before getting out of the car and being swarmed by cameras. Paul had guided me to the inside of the Wembley Stadium… where it all began. From the moment I walked in, I heard an Irish voice calling out to me,

“Harry mate!!” A smile covered my face as I saw Niall running towards me, I was so proud of him, and so happy that after all this time, he was still his friendly, happy self. He greeted me with a big hug as he tried to pick me up off the ground. “I’m so happy to see you H! Missed you big time!” 

I couldn’t help but smile, as he dragged me through the corridors, “The others are already here!” We entered a room filled with all of our crew, Lou, the band, everyone was here. It felt right… For the first time in a long time, my heart felt full again. Nothing was missing now, it was all right here.

“Well well well, look who it is!” Liam came out from the crowd and shook my hand before pulling me into a hug, “Harry you really are the fashion guru, we should have coordinated our outfits like we used to.” We laughed as a familiar accent filled the room, 

“Oh yeah Liam, because I would look good in that Gucci suit…” The voice was shrouded with a thick Yorkshire accent, and I knew it was Louie. “Well don’t just stand there Harreh, I know I am so fantastic, but you don’t have to stare.” A smile covered his face, as he pulled me in for a hug. The four of us shared a brief group hug before being joined by another individual.

“Hope you don’t mind that I’m intruding on the love!” We all turned and looked shocked to see Zayn standing there, “We started this together mates, I couldn’t miss out on this…”

The screams were deafening as we all took the stage, and all of us looked so happy. 

“Wembley Stadium make some noise!” Liam shouted into the microphone, as the crowd exploded once more. I took a step up onto the stage,

“Hi we’re One Direction, THANK YOU FOR HAVING US BACK!” The roars continued as we all took in this amazing sight in front of us.

“We cannot believe that after all this time, you amazing fans have stuck with us, it means the world to us. You mean the world to us… Isn’t that right lads?” Louie said and we all began to sing the song where we left off…

“You and me gotta whole lot of History… We ARE STILL THE GREATEST TEAM THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.”

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Secrets, Part 2: Liam Dunbar

requested: by anonymous

pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

word count: 1.2k

warnings: slight sexual references, sibling teasing

summary: As you and Liam become more open about your relationship, Brett tries to change his behavior to make you happy.

a/n: I’m finally able to write again!! Thank you to everyone for waiting so long since my last update. Hopefully I’ll be writing more, but obvi as school starts things are going to be slowing down a bit. As always, my inbox is open for requests/questions/anything!!!

Read Part 1 Here

“Do you think you can wear my jersey tomorrow night?”

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Actual scene from 6x12
  • Brett: Liam your arse looks so good in that Lacrosse kit
  • Liam: Thanks, I guess?
  • Brett: You know where it will also look good in?
  • Liam: Where?
  • Brett: In the goal!
  • Brett: *Pushes Liam into the goal*
  • Corey: What is going on here? My boyfriend is in the stands watching!
  • Mason: Is that Liam, Brett and Corey having a threesome in the goal?
  • Lori: Yes
  • Mason: Why wasn't I invited?

Keep me from falling

by Anonymous 

Liam and Zayn are selected as co-Head Boys, from Gryffindor and Slytherin, respectively.

It’s unexpected, to say the least, and it really doesn’t help that they can’t agree on a single thing.

(It also doesn’t help that their Headmaster doesn’t seem to care at all, that there’s nothing quite like a good prank to relieve stress, that Liam looks good in a Quidditch uniform, or that they may or may not have slept together once in sixth year.)

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  • Liam: Zayn?
  • Zayn: Yeah, babe?
  • Liam: *casualy* If we were to get married, who's surname would we keep?
  • Zayn: Um - mine? I mean, Zayn Payne - that kinda rhymes so.. or actually no, maybe -
  • Liam: What about keeping both?
  • Zayn: As if, Zayn and Liam Malik-Payne?
  • Liam: *nods happily*
  • Zayn: Yeah, I guess. If we were to get married, yeah, *kissing him on the corner of mouth* that's cool -
  • Liam: And we'd look so good on a wedding cake together
  • Zayn: Yeah, bae
  • Liam: But I mean, why don't we?
  • Zayn: why don't we wha - OH MY GOD, LIAM, YOU DID NOT JUST -
  • Liam: *in a small voice* I might have? but I mean - fuck, I -
  • Zayn:
  • Liam:
  • Zayn:
  • Zayn:
  • Liam:
  • Zayn: you fucking pile of cheese *kisses him breathless*
Middleschool crushes 3/7

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

Pairing: Theo x Liam

Words: 1129

Summary: Theo goes to school the following day with his hair a mess, Liam isn’t there to protect him from some mean comment but in the end everything seems to turn out right.
All this has developed from this post!!!

Tag list: @lucifers-embodiment, @thiam-lover, @rainbowthiam, @rafaela-rafiela (If you want to be added in the taglist, then message me :D)

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The next day when Theo got on the bus to school he was greeted by an empty seat where his friends usually sits. He scurried his eyebrows together wondering where they were. Liam had seem fine when they hung out the day before so he shouldn’t be sick Theo thought. And Mason had seemed fine the day before too, but of course he could’ve become sick during the afternoon which Theo wouldn’t have seen. And the rest of their class were on the bus so they couldn’t be on a school trip or anything. Maybe they got a ride to school, Theo thought and sat down at the empty seat anyway and scratched his head a little.

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