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Liam Bailey featuring A$AP Ferg – Villain (Remix)

Breathe [Feat. Liam Bailey]
  • Breathe [Feat. Liam Bailey]
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  • From The Roots Up

Delilah // Breathe [Feat. Liam Bailey]

You only have to check the amount of posts I’ve tagged “Delilah” to know that I’m in love with this girl’s music. Her ethereal voice and poignant songs make her one of the most promising new artists of 2012.

When I heard that a song called “Breathe” was being released as a single I was confused, as I’d already posted about a beautiful track of the same name that was featured on the “Go” EP months ago. But when I heard that it was duet with Liam Bailey and noticed that “Breathe” was removed from Itunes, I put two and two together and realised that it was a re-worked version of the same song.

I guess it makes sense to release “Breathe” at this point as well. With the debut album “From The Roots Up” set for release late April, Delilah needs something strong to lead it all off. With it’s climaxing strings and haunting atmosphere, “Breathe” is a bit of a masterpiece. It recalls the sounds off Portishead, mixed in with a little Massive Attack and late 90s R&B. Liam Bailey’s soulful vocals mix well with the purity of Delilah’s, although I do think her solo version is a little bit better as it captures the track’s emotion a little bit more. But nevertheless, “Breathe” is truly spine tingling.


Love the roots reggae vibes from all the new Liam Bailey tracks I’ve heard. 


Liam Bailey ft. A$AP Ferg - Villain (2014)

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