1D Hiatus: Day 436

* New pictures of Louis and Steve doing ‘Just Hold On’ promo recently are released

* Niall posts a picture on his Facebook page

* Ed Sheeran mentions Harry and his album during an Instagram live stream

* Louis and Steve appear in Calvin Rodgers’ new YouTube video

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

It’s Feb 21st, 2017.

anonymous asked:

All I'd want is to see the boys together again. Yet I don't feel like it's gonna happen at an awards show.

It would be loverly to be sure.  I don’t think its specifically about a 1D reunion or them going as a group - they’ve all got solo stuff happening for each of them, including Harreh with his album rumored to be coming out in April.  I also don’t think Loammy Jean is going tonight, but I could be wrong.  Louis is going fer sure, as is Noll. Harry is the wild card and I’ve got reason to believe he’s going, so its a wait and see thing I guess. The red carpet has already started, so we just have to wait and see if these fashionable hoes roll up. 

Just a Little Help

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted any of my writing. I got this idea a few days ago, and immediately started writing it. Please let me know what you think and if I should continue it!



She was completely flabbergasted.

She couldn’t comprehend why this was happening to her.

Before the doctor had stepped in, she and her husband had been so hopeful. They had such a huge ambition that the news would be positive. Unfortunately, their hopes were shot down.

“I’m so sorry about this, I really am. Through all the years I’ve worked in this position, this has never gotten easier.” The doctor sighed sympathetically as he reached for their file. “I think it’s time we talk about your other options…” he watched their expressions carefully. “Have you ever thought about adoption or maybe finding a surrogate?”

She stared at him with tears ready to roll down her cheeks. She grabbed his hand and held it with a tight grip.

He, on the other hand, was trying his hardest to stay strong for her. He allowed her to hold his hand as hard as she needed. All he wanted was for her to feel some sort of tranquility. Even if it was small.

They had been married for a little over two years, but had been together for seven full years. All they had wanted was a child of their own. Ever since her younger brother had his first baby, their baby fever had gone up like crazy. Now that he had three, they had both become almost anxious.

They’d been trying to get pregnant since their wedding night. Although, they had no such luck. They had begun to get worried as to why nothing was happening, so they consulted a doctor. The best one in the country they could find. The two of them went through a long process to figure out what the problem was. Now they knew.

“We never actually thought it would get to this.” He responded, catching his wife’s first fallen tear.

The doctor nodded. He watched the devastated couple cling to each other as they took the bad news. He felt awful to say the least. This was the one of the few things that he hated about his job.

“How about you two head home and rest? We could schedule a meeting later this week or whenever it’s convenient for you.”

They all nodded in agreement before organizing another meeting.

He offered her his hand at the end, and pulled her up when she took it. He gently wrapped his arms around her we she stood up. She hugged back tightly.

“Let’s go home.” He mumbled after kissing her forehead.

You stared calmly at your eldest daughter as she finally asleep. She had been utterly energized since the moment she woke up. Hoping out of her bed and onto yours at 7 in the morning. After managing to get on your bed, she took it upon herself to wake both you and Harry up. She jumped on both of you, causing you to jolt awake.

“She asleep?” Harry’s voice chipped.

You hummed in response.

Harry walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. He rested his head on your shoulder, absentmindedly smelling your hair. He hummed contently.

“The twins are asleep.” He stated as you walked out of her bedroom. “Do you wanna take a nap… or have some fun?” He smirked.

You giggled as you enter your bedroom. “I’d love to ‘have some fun’ with you, but I’m so, so tired.” You curled up on the king sized bed.

Harry laid down beside you before cuddling against your side. You pulled a small throw blanket from under you and draped it over the two of you. Then, you wrapped your arm around Harry, and snuggled closer to him. You shut you eyes and hoped to get some sleep done before the kids woke up.

As you felt yourself slowly falling asleep, a loud ring of the doorbell rang throughout the house. A small grunt fell from your lips when you had to leave your comfortable position and walk down the stairs.

Once you reached the front door, you looked through the tiny peek hole. You were surprised to see them standing there; Gemma and her husband. They hadn’t called or anything to notify you that they were coming. They don’t usually pop by out of nowhere. Not that you minded, though. You’d just hadn’t had the time to tidy up the house, or yourself.

You opened the door carefully before greeting them, “hey! What are you guys doing here?”

“Oh, we just wanted to stop by and say hello to you and the kids. Is this a bad time?” Gemma spoke as they entered.

“No, not at all. We were just about to take a nap. Well, us anyway. We finally got Amelia to sleep, she’s been hyper all day. And the twins have also just gotten to bed, they’ve been awake since nine.” You stopped rambling when you saw the expressions on their faces. “What’s the matter?”