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IM BACK BITCHES (masterlist)

i’m so very sorry that i have been gone for so long! but i’m back with a vengeance and ready to give you all what  you want. So while i’m getting back in my grove, catch up on all my previous work!

It’s all here folks:


1: Little Things (Harry)

2. Sidestage (Harry)

3. Laugh (Niall)

4. Missed me? (Harry)

5. Surgery (Harry)

6. Coming home (Zayn)

7. Proposal (Harry)

8. Camping (Niall)

9. Happily (Harry)

10. Happy Birthday Dear Haz (Harry)

11. Crying (Harry)

12. Big event (Harry)

13. Walks in on you breastfeeding

14. Notes (Liam)

15. Official Photographer (Harry)

16. Announcing your relationship (Harry)

17. Missing you (Liam)

18. I’m Sleepy and I miss you (harry)

19. Take Care of You (Niall)

20. You can sleep on the couch (Niall)

21. Fight and Make Up (Liam)

22. Losing Zayn (Louis)


1. He embarrasses you in front of the boys (Harry)

2. Comes home angry (Liam) *mature*

3. Telling him you’re pregnant (Zayn)

4. Wedding (Niall)

5. Cheating (Harry)

6. Insecure (Niall)

7. Tease (Harry)

8. Couch sex (Zayn) *mature*

9. Meeting the boys (Harry)

10. Best Friends (Harry)

11. First Time (Harry) *mature*

12. Tease Pt.2 (Harry)  *mature*

13. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Baby (Niall)

14. Meeting at their Concert Pt.1 (Harry)

15. Am I beautiful? (Harry)

16. First Meeting (Liam)

17. Gemma and Anne hear you having sex (Harry)


1. Best friends

2. Drunk in Love







Beneath The Surface

anonymous asked:

Are you taking imagine requests? what about getting a splitting migraine and get sick from it. He takes you to the emergency room and you find out that you are pregnant.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” you groan from your bed. The room is completely pitch black, as it has been for the past 3 days. Today is definitely the worst day and you’ve thrown up 3 times today from the pain. 

Harry makes his way over to you quietly before sliding in to bed next to you. He gives you a soft kiss on your cheek before wrapping his arm around your waist. 

“Baby, please.” he sighs before kissing your temple slightly.

“No, I hate doctors. I can’t do it.” you say, trying to fight back tears, but you know he’s right. You’ve been stuck in your shared bedroom for 3 days with no lights, no TV, nothing. Throwing up constantly and barely able to eat isn’t normal, but you’re stubborn. 

“I hate seeing you like this, I promise I won’t leave your side. We will be in and out before you know it. In our bed, sleeping, with out your migraine.” He promises and continues to rub your arm.

“As long as you promise not to leave me and you-” 

“Deal!” he exclaims quietly as he interrupt you before getting out of bed. 

“I’ll start the car, I’ll be right back.” Harry promises as he leaves the bedroom, closing the door quietly. 

“It’s kind of cute how you have sunglasses at 10 pm,” he chuckles as he looks over from the drivers seat at you. 

You try to glare at him but soon realize he can’t see you, and you giggle. 

“Beautiful,” he whispers as he strokes your check softly with the hand he’s not driving with. 

You take his hand off your cheek and kiss his palm before intertwining your hands with his. 

“Here.” He sighs nervously as he drives into the parking space. 

“It doesn’t look busy, this should be fast.” 

You look up at the bright red sign above two large doors reading “Emergency Care,” and your heart starts to pound. 

“You know what, I’m fine, let’s go home. All better i promise,” you say nervously as you put your seatbelt back on. 

“Stop. We’re going” He furrows his eyebrows and puts his hand on yours. 

“You’re going to be fine, let’s go.” 


“Ok sweetie, all you have to do is pee in this cup before the doctor comes in.” The sweet blonde nurse says to you as she hands you the cup and gives you further instructions. 

“What is this for, exactly?” You ask, confused.

“It’s just standard procedure,” She says with a warm smile and you nodd heading toward the bathroom before looking back at Harry.

“I’ll be in the room, don’t worry,” he promises and you nod.

Once you’re done, you head back to the room where Harry greets you with a hug and kiss. 

You sit down next to Harry on the bed while waiting for someone to come back to give you an update. 

*knocking on the door* 

“Come in!” Harry exclaims.

“Hello there, I’m Doctor Volts,” He shakes your hand with a smile.

“Ok I’ll just get to the point because it looks like you’ve had a pretty long couple of days.” He pauses before continuing.

“Sadly most of these migraines happen without reason, and there really isn’t a cure. Most people use prescription medication that helps reduce the pain.” He says with a smile.

“Ok that sound perfect. We can do that, if that’s alright.” Harrys says with excitement in his voice before he’s cut off by the doctor again.

“It does, but that’s not something we can do for you Miss.” He says still smiling and you feel like you’re about to choke him. This isn’t funny.

“What do you mean? Are there other options??” You start to worry and the panic sets in and your hearts begins to race. There’s no way you’ll go another day this way. 

“Don’t worry, there is a solution for you, I can tell your worried.” He chuckles and your heart slows down.

“We got your urine tests and because of a positive result we will have to alter medication for you, which shouldn’t be a problem. We reviewed the questionnaire filled out in the waiting room and it leads me to believe you had no idea.” He pauses, as if you’re supposed to be catching on to something.

“Okay…. no idea of what…” You say as you wait for him to continue.

“Is this your husband?” He looks over at Harry.

“Yes, doctor I’m really confused can we please just get to the point. I’m exhausted it’s been a long 3 days.” You say as nicely as you can and you look over a Harry, who looks like he’s about to jump from excitement or cry or can’t decide which one. 

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Styles, you’re pregnant. We reviewed your urine test and they came back positive. Which explains some of the headaches and definitely the nausea. I’ll meet you two outside with the prescription so you two can have a moment.” He says with a kind smile as he steps out.

Harry’s arms are around you instantly and you sit there in shock, not knowing if you should laugh or cry form happiness.

“A baby,” Harry says as he cups your face in his hands and kisses you.

“A baby,” you laugh with tears strolling down your cheeks as you hug Harry.


Harry Styles - Dating VS Model - Imagine


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