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If The Beatles had even tried to make an album as good as Made In The A.M by One Direction maybe half of them wouldn’t be dead now

reasons to date a fangirl

1. she already loves you
2. she probably knows you better than you know yourself
3. you’ll probably get some every night


“So, why do you love Harry so much?”

18 months ago louis told us on the Alan Carr show that the break will be 18 months long so they should be back AS A BAND today!!!

So in conclusion all men do is lie

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beautiful boy


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* means personal favorite 

☺ means readers’ favorite

please like/comment, it means a lot // everything below is my work. by the way, i mostly write about harry, so unless one of the other boys’ name is stated, assume it’s about him! 

harry series:

Frat Boy Harry * (prologue) (chapter one) (chapter two) (chapter three) (chapter four) (chapter five)

Nerd Harry * (chapter one) (chapter two)

blurbs (most recent to least recent):

blurb night

You Like Stealing Harry’s Rings

Your Parents Don’t Accept The Fact That You’re Bisexual 

You and Harry’s Child Says His/Her First Word 

He Comes Home After a Fight To Find You a Mess *

BFF Harry Thinks You Like His Brother 

Clingy Harry *

His Ex is in Town and He Spends Too Much Time With Her *

“Just tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it. Please.” *

Ice Skating with Harry *

You Are The One Harry Comes Home To *

He Kisses You All of a Sudden *

He Asks You To Marry Him and You Think He’s Joking *

He’s Sick and You Take Care of Him

Election Blurb: Soft Comforts From Haz xx

Catching Harry Doing Something Embarrassing

Gemma and His Parents Walk In On You and Harry Having Sex

Midnight Talks with Louis

You’re Broken Up and Harry Shows Up *

Harry Cheers You Up *

Someone Interrupts You and Harry’s Kiss *

You Sketch Niall

Louis Starts Talking About Kids

You’re Scared of Thunder and Harry Comforts You

Harry Blurb Based on “Sweet Dreams, TN”

Harry Teasing You About Moaning

Harry Cums Early

Harry’s Insecure about His Dunkirk Haircut

You and Harry Are Actors and Are Secretly Dating *

Harry Asks Niall If You’re Single (text blurb)

You See Harry After Breaking Off The Engagement *

You’re Short

He Proposes and You Hesitate

You’re Drunk and He Doesn’t Want To Take Advantage of You

You’re Sad and He Comforts You

harry styles (most to least recent):

Little White Lie (pt. II) *

A television talk-show host feels you up backstage and you don’t tell Harry.

My Girl (pt. II) (pt. III) *

You are Harry’s go-to girl and it’s platonic…until it’s not.

Is This It? *

Harry tells you that he’s in love with somebody else.


Your abusive ex-boyfriend gets in touch with you when Harry’s on tour.

Take My Medicine

You develop a slight addiction to your medication.

Your Royal Highness (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) (pt. V) *

You are part of the British royal family, and the chemistry between the both of you is completely undeniable.

From the Dining Table *

The break-up and consequent situation that inspired one of the most heartbreaking ballads on his album. 

Temporary Fix (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) (pt. V) * ☺

You are Harry’s opening act and there are sparks, despite everyone telling you that it’s a bad idea. Also, Camille Rowe may or may not complicate things.

Past Lives (pt. II) (pt. III) *

You and Harry are divorced, but your twins love birthdays together in paradise.

Nobody’s Leaving Anybody *

Harry thinks you’re leaving him and you both get into a huge fight that wakes up your daughter.

Tell Me You Love Me

You self-harm and Harry finds out.

Never In A Million Years * ☺

You and Harry get into a fight and you think he’s going to hit you.

7 Missed Calls (pt. II) * ☺

You get into a car accident while Harry’s performing.

Something Old Something New (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) (pt. V) *

Your new boyfriend is your ex Harry’s good friend. 

The Good Side (pt. II) * ☺

You and Harry are broken up and he writes The Good Side about you.

For The Rest of Eternity *

You and Harry spend the night at the beach and there are tears.

You’re My Boyfriend Before You’re an Actor *

He pretends he’s fine when he’s not.

Gold Digger *

Gemma and Anne think you’re using him for money. 

I’m Not Yours Anymore *

Your ex criticises your relationship with Harry.

Fake Happy (pt. II) (pt. III) *

You guys fight but try to hide it from your friends.

Get Out (pt. II) *

You get into an argument and he kicks you out of the car.

Monster *

One of Harry’s friends touches you inappropriately. 

Love is Love

You are bisexual and you come out to Harry.

Why Did You Marry Me Then?! * ☺

Harry says the fans come first.

It’s Nice To See You Again *

It’s your birthday and you see Harry after breaking up.

I Believe in You

You are self-conscious. 

Goodbye *

You leave Harry.


Harry makes a huge career change and doesn’t tell you.

February 29th

Harry forgets your birthday.

A Little Thing Called Love

You overhear Harry talk to the boys and it sounds like he’s gonna break up with you, but he’s actually going to propose.

Shooting Stars

You and Harry are both artists and he gets asked about you.

You’re My #1

Harry teases you after catching you fangirling.

Broken Promises (pt. II) (pt. III) * ☺

Harry cheats on you.

I’ll Protect You *

Harry gets mobbed and your daughter gets hurt. 

The Other Princess

Harry has been spending a lot of time with your child and you feel left out.

Are We Friends or Are We More? (pt. II) (pt. III) (pt. IV) *

You and Harry are friends with benefits.


You’re offered to be a model and Harry doesn’t want it.

Don’t Touch Her

Harry protects you against someone dangerous.

I’m The Boyfriend

You run into your ex and Harry gets jealous. 

All Alone (pt. II) *

Harry ignores you at an award show.


You’re an actress and he’s obsessed with you.

You’re Not Her (pt. II) *

Harry has a son from a previous relationship and he doesn’t like you.

The Three Little Words I Can’t Say *

Harry thinks you don’t love him anymore.

Dream a Little Dream of Me (pt. II) *

You have a nightmare about killing Harry.


The rumours make Harry insecure.

The Hairdresser and the Rockstar (pt. II) *

You are Lou’s assistant and there are sparks between you and Harry.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

New Years with Harry on the yacht.

You Belong With Me *

You kiss Calum from 5SOS and BFF Harry gets jealous. 

I’ll Take Care Of You *

He has chest pains on stage and you take care of him.

Muffled Cries

You have a bad life at home and Harry finds out.

louis tomlinson:

Flesh and Blood *

You’re Louis’ sister and he finds out you get hate.

Alone At Last *

You and Louis sneak out late.

niall horan:

My One and Only

You’re soulmates with Niall (Soulmate Au)

Poor Baby *

He gets carsick on the way to your parents’ house.


You Give Zayn a Wedgie

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Harry Styles Masterlist

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In which Harry and you have been away from each other for way too long and him looking way too good before his show

“If you love something set it free. If it comes back It’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.”

Harry invites you over to his place and you both make out for the first time

In which Harry wakes up from feeling sick and y/n feels like she can’t do anything to make him feel better

Where Harry goes away for a couple days and y/n gets back into her old ways

Niall wants to prove to you that he is more fun than you think… and you might just give in.

You are away in Paris and Harry just misses you too much and wants you back home

Shouldn’t date a man who holds your paycheck right in his hand

Harry is lonely and meets a girl at a pet shop

Harry works at lush and you are a writer


harry sung stockholm syndrome,,, niall did home and best song ever,,,, if this is ain’t one band, one dream, one direction then idk what is


no question about it i’m ready to get hurt by harry again.


Harry bursting out loud laughing is my new aesthetic.