You know what i want as a Liam Payne fan? A whole damn interview about his career ! I don’t care about the rest… I want a full spread of him talking about his inspirations, music, colabs, creative process, etc. Nobody has time for the rest ! It’s totally a shame when in a preview for a cover magazine we only have three pretty generic paragraphs about his career. Get better !

one direction as voltron

Harry as the Black Paladin

  • lead singer
  • best solo act dont @ me
  • 25+ year old fandom moms want him 

Louis as the Blue Paladin

  • a little silly 
  • carries the group 
  • definitely has done drugs with the red paladin

Zayn as the Red Paladin

  • hotheaded 
  • first to leave the group 
  • definitely has done drugs with the blue paladin

Niall as the Green Paladin

  • small
  • irish 
  • says words you cant understand

Liam as the Yellow Paladin

  • smile that saves lives
  • accidentally kissed the red paladin once and didnt shut up about it for a literal year
  • people always mistake him as soft and innocent but like buddy. buddy.

description- where Niall and (y/n) attend the Grammys and are both nominated for the same award. 

a/n- I combined two requests! One that asked for niall and (y/n) at an award show and the other where niall watched (y/n) on stage!! 

word count- 2k                      request- yes                        warnings- none 

“Almost ready to go now love? Car’s going to be here soon!” Niall called to me in the other room of our shared loft. We were lucky enough to own an apartment in New York where this year’s awards were being held. 

I was sitting in my walk-in closet with my hairdresser, who was putting her final touches on my long, brown hair. We had decided to curl it, knowing that would hold together the best in the crisp New York air. Niall and I were rushing to make it on time, as usual.

Niall was in the bathroom, assumingly fumbling with his bow tie. He was never able to put them on correctly. I was always the one that had to do it for him.

“Yeah, babe! Just finishing up, be out soon!”

We always agreed not to look at each other until we were 100% ready, like “some wedding day shit,” according to Niall.

“You’re all set, (y/n)! Want to take a look?” My hairdresser motioned to full length mirror in the closet. I wore a tight blue dress, with cut outs on the side and a plunging neck line. I quickly grabbed my diamond earrings that Niall had given me for Christmas last year, thanked my hairdresser and walked into the bathroom to find Niall as expected, pulling at his tie, trying to get it to sit correctly on his chest.

“Hi, handsome.” I said, striding towards him.

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