liam you will be my hubby

Dance For You-A Liam Payne Imagine


Happy Birthday to my hubby/bubby/love <3

The morning of his birthday, you had decided to roll out of bed before him. Walking down the cold, wooden stairs had woken you up as you trudged along to start breakfast. When you had made it to the kitchen, you had maneuvered you way around, getting out the ingredients you needed to make his favorite breakfast. You had turned on your phone, pressing shuffle and letting the music take you away.

You were halfway through flipping a crepe when Beyoncé’s Dance For You came on. You swayed along to the beat, listening to the song. It didn’t take you long to come up with a plan that you wanted to put into effect later in the night. It brought a smirk to your lips as you continued to make breakfast.

The crepes were plated along with bacon, eggs, and some strawberries, before you were walking back to the bedroom with a full tray. You tried to be quiet as possible as you entered the room. Bypassing you sleeping dog that was at the foot of the bed. Liam was still asleep, bare chest exposed as he laid on his back with the covers on his lower half. You smiled at your sleeping bear as you set the tray down.

You gently moved so that you were hovering over his body, ready to straddle his body. You lowered yourself, moving so that your hands were placed on both sides of his head. You kissed his cheek before opening your mouth.

“Happy birthday,” you chanted a couple times before seeing his stir. You could tell that he was fighting his eyes from actually opening. You giggled a little, leaning down to give him a soft kiss. “Wake up, Li.” He huffed and opened his eyes, letting them adjust to the light before he smiled up at you.

“Hi,” he rasped, moving his hands so that they were resting on your waist. You remained on top of him while he woke up some more. “Good morning,” he finally spoke, seeming more away than before.

“Are you feeling twenty-two?” you joked, moving so that you weren’t so close to his face. The vibrations his body made you move as he laughed at your joke.

“Not really, but I’m sure I will soon enough. What’s going on?” he asked, squeezing your hips as he looked off to the side of the bed. He noticed the food and smiled. “Aw, babe, did you make me breakfast?”

“That I did. It’s your day, birthday boy. Anything for you,” you smiled, moving so that you were on longer on top of him, hearing a whine leave his lips as you did so. You sat on your knees, watching as he moved to sit against the headboard. “Happy birthday,” you said, again, getting a replied ‘thank you.’

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