liam you will be my hubby

remember the you & I book from finland? the one with the “open this only if the next statement is true; larry is real”- page
anyway I noticed that when louis first sees it, he slams the page shut, but when harry comes to look at the book, liam opens the page again, harry points it, and louis shouts hubby to harry, wich means husband, because louis just can’t shout harry or husband or anything

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Part 20: The Perfect White Picket Fence Life - The series finale to the “Hidden Secret” Teen Wolf and Supernatural Crossover Series

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Note: I want to thank you for all the love, support, and messages y’all have sent me throughout this series. This was my first series and it’s crazy to believe it all stared with the idea of ‘what if Liam dated Dean and Sam’s sister?’ I never expected to get the attention it did and it’s all because of each and every one of y’all. I’m sad to see this come to end, and I’m sorry I took so long to write it. I wanted to give it the perfect ending and I think I did it. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of the “Hidden Secrets” crossover series. Thank you!

Liam blew the whistle. “Come on guys, I’d like to get home to my wife and kids before the sun goes down.” Liam watched his lacrosse kids running laps around the field. His eyes follow one of his senior players crossing the finish line before all this other teammates. “Great job, Greenberg.” Liam looked down at the stopwatch in his hand. “You run faster than you’re dad ever did in high school.” 

More kids started crossing the finish line.

“Is that everyone?” Liam asked, picking up the bag of equipment. Most of the team had already collected their stuff and headed towards the locker room.

“Just one left,” McCall said with a smirk, waiting by the finish line. “Can you guess who, Uncle Liam?”

Liam’s eyes landed on a tall and lanky freshman with shaggy dark brown hair and almond shaped brown eyes. Liam smiled at the freshmen in front of him. He was a splitting image of Scott and Kira.

Before Liam could answer, another skinny freshmen crossed the finished line. He put his hands on his knees and panted like dog. He had Lydia’s strawberry blonde hair and Stiles’ brown eyes.

“Hey, Stilinski,” Liam shouted. “Where’s your inhaler?”

“I’m fine, Uncle Liam.” He wheezed in between breaths. He stood up as McCall stood in front of him. “Dude, I’m gonna puke. Take me somewhere.”

“Okay,” McCall grabbed his best friend and dragged him to the trashcan by the bleachers. Liam couldn’t help but laugh at the two.

“Hey McCall! Tell your parents we’re bringing the apple pie!” Liam shouted.

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Daddy’s Home

Okay guys so this is my very first fanfic ever…. It’s a Liam fic and I’m really proud of it! Hopefully you like it too :) I’m gonna try to write more of these since I am a writer and these really get my creative juices flowing. This one’s about hubby Liam surprising you by coming home from tour a lil early ;))) 

WARNING: smut. 

You didn’t come on tour often. You missed Liam whenever he was away but it’s hard toting a two year old around the globe. Especially since you found out that your family was growing. After your Barcelona visit a few months ago, you were pregnant with baby number two. The morning sickness was making it uncomfortable to fly and more than anything you just wanted to stay home and nest in your first trimester.

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I’ll literally look at him [Liam] and be like “You are hot, dear god!” The other day, I turned on the pool heater and it was steaming, and he walked outside and took off his clothes and jumped in the pool. I was like, “I’m gonna faint - the hottest guy of my life is in a steaming pool. This looks like a Playgirl shoot.” So I took a photo and made it the background of my phone. My best friend grabbed my phone and was like, “Who’s that? He is so hot!” That’s my hubby!

anonymous asked:

Would you people make such a big deal if Liam or Niall held the rainbow flag? No. Harry is not gay but you tried tho. I see what all of you are trying to do and it's sickening and Nasty. Leave my hubby alone for once. Get a life

You are fucking nasty. 

I have no words. I could sit here and break down point by point why your message is SO fucked up but I’m too busy enjoying my fucking RAINBOW BABY onstage showing how much he LOVES ME AND PEOPLE LIKE ME.

madat-55  asked:

Hello Sasha, how are you my dear girl? I know you're very happy that Liam finally found true love (and she's only 10 years older than he is, which is certainly an improvement after the harry/Caroline Flack love story), but I need your help. I need to find a name for this ship as "this ship sank before it left the harbour" that I thought is rather long... Will you please give me a hand out?

Anonymous said:

Oh lord, they’re going the Cheryl and Liam angle, gross she met him when he was 14, what is with 1dhq and implied pedophilia????? Anyways, she has gay rumors herself up the wazoo, what is it with 1dhq and closeted people??? Anyways, should be a short, boring fauxmance. Also, I thought he was supposed to have a high profile fauxmance, I had no idea who this chick was till I googled her 😅😅

Anonymous said:

According to syco/ 1dhq after three months dating it’s perfectly normal and not totes cray cray to : permanently ink roses on your hand reflecting the roses on your ladezz™ ass. Also not cray cray at all to go apt hunting. I mean after 3 months my hubby and I were enjoying living apart while having fun , wild sex but really I should’ve been tattooing his name on my forehead, because that’s what people do. This is irritating

Well, they decided to go there, eh? Another case of the narrative changing on a dime with no logical explanation.

And The Sun broke the story? Shocking. Liam got a “tribute tattoo” last month after only 2 months of dating?? Please share your secrets Cheryl. What kinda mojo you working wit? So tribute tattoos are now a thing? Except and only except when it comes to Liam and Zayn or Harry and Louis. Then it’s just tinhat nonsense.

CHERYL Fernandez-Versini is in a secret relationship with One Direction heart-throb Liam Payne, The Sun can reveal.

The superstars’ romance began last December after the X Factor judge decided to divorce her husband Jean-Bernard, 35.

Well this is deja-vu all over again. Because The Sun reported this just 2 weeks ago:

The pair met on the set of the X Factor in December, where Craig, 34, performed with Cheryl’s act Reggie N Bollie at the final.

Pictures emerged yesterday of the pair on set. Craig is said to have lavished her with compliments before hugging her tightly.

Thank goodness Cheryl likes to get it in on the XFactor set so The Sun can can mention aka XFactor over and over again. How the heck did Craig and Liam miss the fact that she was casting her spell on both of them at the same damn time on the same damn set of the damn XFactor??? I am intrigued. Please, continue.

A pal said: “The atmosphere was electric when they met on the X Factor set. Cheryl has needed fun and friendship in recent months and Craig has given her that. They speak a lot and there is something special between them. Watch this space.”

Ummm, I did watch this space bitch. WTF?

But back to Liam.

But they became friends in recent years after Cheryl signed with 1D’s management company Modest — and because of their mutual connection to boss Simon Cowell.

By all means, make sure the whole gang gets a shoutout, as they are utterly desperate on the eve of losing their biggest act ever.

Friends of the couple say since she has been with Liam, Cheryl appears transformed. A pal said: “Cheryl is like a different person. She’s carefree and happy again. There’s a lot less stress in her life.”

But what about all that “fun and friendship”  and “something special” that Craig gave you TWO WEEKS AGO, Cheryl? LOL

Liam had a three-year on-off relationship with Brit dancer Danielle Peazer from 2010 to 2013 after they met on the X Factor.

In 2012, he went out with X Factor winner Leona Lewis, eight years his senior. He dated childhood sweetheart Sophia Smith from 2013 to 2015 but they split last October.

Liam is heterosexual. We stg. Please accept this rundown of fauxmances as proof.

Pretty pretty please, believe this. We know we were on some other shit 2 weeks ago. But this time I’m telling the truth, pinky promise. Would I lie to you? *sweats*  

A genuine attraction


ON paper, the union between Cheryl and Liam has left their close friends genuinely stunned. No one saw it coming.

But as someone who has known them both for years, it actually makes sense.

They are both genuine folk who never expected to find international superstardom and have struggled to cope with many of the more difficult aspects of fame.

Both also have no interest in sleeping around — they want nothing more than to find The One and be in a serious relationship.

Luckily, Liam is the fiercely loyal type. And he speaks English. Something her previous husbands have struggled with.

And let’s wrap up this trashterpiece with some lowkey xenophobia and racism. Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini is French. Ashley Cole is a native born Black Brit. Fuck you Dan, you trash peddling miserable bitch.

This is one of the most shameless examples of 1DHQ fakery I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a lot.  I shouldn’t ever give them credit for having an ounce of common sense. My bad. Obviously they intend to milk 1D for publicity until the bitter end. So when will Harry and Niall be drafted for some totally unbelievable stuntin’ again?

Well, this tells us a few things. Zayn is doing a thing. So as usual, Liam has to be very publicly elsewhere. And, 1DHQ wants you to pay no attention to the little man behind the babygate curtain. It truly must be winding down for real. Also, Liam himself may be doing a thing before the end of March, which makes re-establishing his heterosexuality a priority according to the twisted logic of 1DHQ.

Look for Cheryl to show up with a Cartier screwdriver necklace any minute now…


It’s Harry’s birthday and it was time to cut the cake….

People surounded him as you guys all sang happy birthday and cut the cake. Everybody made a toast and it was down to you now, his girl friend, to say the last one. 

You got up and stumbled a bit due to your tipsiness, but you recovered, “whoopsy..” was what you said in the beginning. Niall laughing in the background. you scowled at him and got back to the toast, “well i’d like to start first by saying Happy birthday to the sexiest man alive, that is my boyfriend…” you slurred then turned your attention to Anne and his father Des, “and thank you for making that possible…” you slurred some more. 

People started to laugh and clap their hands, as Anne and Des gave each other a knowing smile, Des getting up to bow. you laughed a bit then held on to Liam for support, “and lastly…due to me having the worst job in the world…i didnt get my hubby a present, due to the lack of time..” you pouted and you heard some ‘aww’s’, “anyway so to make up for being the worst girlfriend ever…all i can say is..somebody is getting lucky tonight.” you said as you pointed to Harry.

With that Everybody laughed hysterically, and guys patted Harry on the back as he just…