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Momma’s Boy Part 10

Prompt: A witch turns Liam into a toddler causing the reader and Scott to take care of him. (Requested)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) , Scott McCall x Reader


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(Requested) Preference: BSM, Family Vacation

Liam’s is long but it was requested, should I make a part 2?? 

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Liam, Age 13: “Mum, do I have to share a room with him?” you whispered, glancing to where Liam was putting away his clothes. “Your two sisters have the other room, and then your father and I have the master bedroom. You have to stay here with Liam unless you want to sleep on the floor of Ruth and Nicola’s room,” Karen sighed. “I’ll do that!” you said quickly, smiling. Karen rolled her eyes and shook her head, “You two will be fine and you’re staying here. It’s getting late, just unpack and go to sleep. Liam, watch her!” your mother added loudly to Liam who jumped and looked over, nodding. You let out a long sigh and shut the door, turning to your bed and starting to unpack. The room was awkwardly silent until Liam turned on the hotel telly and some horror came on. You didn’t bother telling him you didn’t like these movies since you two never really talked. You just climbed into bed, turned off the lamp nearest to you and fell asleep to the sounds of some girl screaming. Unsurprisingly, you woke up hours later from a nightmare, sweating and tears running silently down your face. You slowly crept out of bed, moving towards the hotel room door so you could go find your parents or sisters, anyone but Liam. “Where are you going (Y/N)? It’s two in the morning,” Liam’s gruff voice came from his bed. He had sat up and was squinting at you in the dark. “I had a nightmare, I’m going to find mum,” you said shortly, turning the doorknob. “Don’t bother mum, she’s exhausted. Besides mum, dad, and the girls are a floor down, I don’t want you wandering around alone this late,” Liam said quietly. “Just come here.” You looked at his outstretched hand in shock, stumbling forward and taking it. He pulled you into the bed, bringing you into his side and running his fingers through your hair, “I shouldn’t have played that movie, I was just annoyed you didn’t want to stay in here with me, but I’m such a crap brother I get it.” “You’re not-“ “Oh shut up,” he laughed lightly, squeezing you. “Just go back to sleep, I’ve got you. I think we can get along better in the morning.”

Niall, Age 10: “We did come here for you, you know? The least you could do is wake up,” Niall sighed, sitting on the side of your bed and shaking you again in another attempt to get you up. “Yeah, I don’t know why,” you grumbled, pulling the pillow over your head. “I’m not a baby anymore. I’m ten years old, I don’t want to go to Disney World.” Niall chuckled and rubbed your back, “But everyone wants to go to Disney! No matter how old they are!” You squinted up at him disbelievingly from under the pillow, “You wanted to come too?” “You kidding!” Niall said, faking an overly excited tone. “I’ve wanted to come again for ages! And coming with my favorite little sister is just even better,” he added, grinning and tickling your feet lightly, laughing as you squirmed and whined. “I’m your only sister,” you pointed out tiredly, going back under the blanket. “You’re still the best-ey not so fast,” he yanked the blanket completely off the bed, laughing loudly at your shocked face. “Ni, it’s cold!” you whined, going quickly onto his lap and putting your arms around his neck. “Ah, I’ve got you now!” he grinned, standing up and carrying you over to the closet. He picked out some clothes from your suitcase, sat you on the bed and tossed them to you. “Hurry and get dressed otherwise I’m not going on any rides with you.”

Harry, Age 17: “I’m just not that into swimming,” you shrugged, ignoring your family’s shocked looks. “Since when?” Harry exclaimed. “Since you almost let me drown last summer,” you said accusingly, tossing a pillow at him. He groaned and flopped onto the floor dramatically, “That was oneeee time!” You and Gemma laughed but your mum looked exasperated, “Why didn’t you say that before we booked a beach house for three weeks?” You shrugged guiltily, wincing at her groan as she flopped down onto the bed next to you. “You can still all go swim, I’d rather sit here and watch Netflix anyways to be totally honest,” you said quietly, almost hoping no one woukd hear you. Your mum looked up and glared at you, making you cough uncomfortably, “This is supposed to be a family vacation.” “I know, but it’s clear you all want to swim and I’m not going to just go sit in the hot sand for hours, just go! I can literally see you all from the window, it’ll be like we’re together,” you said reasonably, making Gemma and Harry smirk. Your mum opened her mouth again, probably to protest, but Harry cut her off, “How about I stay in with (Y/N) and watch a movie, I’m still a little sunburned from Mexico. You three go swim for a while and then when you come back, we’ll get takeout and all watch another movie and it’ll be a great family night. Mum we’re not all going to spend every second with each other, that would be mental.”
Zayn, age 15:
“This wasn’t a good idea,” you muttered, handing the man your ticket and following Zayn onto the roller-coaster. “What’s that?” Zayn asked, looking over his shoulder at you before climbing into a seat. He reached over to help you in, noticing the complexion of your face and tilting his head to the side, “What’s wrong?” “We should get off,” you said nervously, looking around at the few remaining seats and people filing into them. “It was your idea to come on,” Zayn pointed out. You shot him a look that made him grin and smacked his chest, “I know what I said, but now I want off.” “Why? Are you scared?” he smirked. “Because I can remember you clearly saying three minutes ago, when I said we didn’t have to go on, ‘Zayn, don’t be stupid, I’m fifteen. I’m not scared of this’.” You threw your head back, groaning, “I wanted to impress my big brother, happy? Now get me off.” He looked around, smiling deviously, “Sorry little one, but I think it’s too late for that.” You glanced around, noticing everyone was already seated and the man was a few seats away, making sure everyone had their seatbelts on. Zayn quickly buckled yours in, nodding at the man as he moved past you and then looked back at you. You were staring at the ground with wide eyes, breathing deeply even though the ride hadn’t even moved yet. “Babe, you’re going to be okay,” Zayn said seriously, taking your hand gently and squeezing it. “Just focus on me love.”
Louis, Age 8:
“I want to share a room with Louis!” you shouted, jumping up and down and swinging his hand. He smiled down at you, ignoring your mum’s protests and nodded, “Then we can love.” “Louis, wouldn’t you rather one of the older girls,” your mother said pointedly, gesturing towards Lottie and Fizzy. “Why? Lottie and Fizzy can share, the twins, and then the babies can sleep with you, (Y/N) can stay with me,” he argued, squeezing your hand. “Louis, you know you’re a pushover, and she needs to go to bed as soon as we get to the rooms,” your mum said in a low voice so hopefully you wouldn’t hear as you talked to Daisy. He grabbed his suitcase and yours, taking his room key from your mum and winking at her, “Mum, I’ve got this. Come on (Y/N), let’s go to our room!” He passed you your little suitcase, grabbing his and then taking your hand. You kissed everyone goodnight with Louis and excitedly followed him into the elevator and then into your room in the hotel. When he opened the door, you ran in, dropping your suitcase and backpack and jumping up onto the bed, “Come on Louis! Let’s watch a movie!” “No bug, c’mon, let’s get ready for bed okay?” “No!”


-requested by @/bvbkali11

Description: zayn gets jealous of y/n and liam and demands to take y/n back home for her punishment.

Warning: this holds extreme adult content, if you don’t feel comfortable please don’t read. [Bondage and other porngraphic content] read at own risk.


Narrator p.o.v

Zayn watched y/n and liam from across the club, they were laughing with each other and sharing very flirtatious conversation in zayn ’ s eyes . At this point he was burning with jealousy, y/n knew she was only his and nobody else’s, he blocked out what niall was saying to him about the football game they were planning for charity and downed the rest of his drink “I’m not feeling so good, gonna go home, see yah later, yeah?” Niall patted his back as he walked towards y/n and liam. The closer he got, the louder he could hear y/n ’ s laughter over the music “and then he just fell onto the couch, I couldn’t help but feel bad but he deserved it” liam continued talking, making y/n giggle more “hey, y/n, let’s go home” zayn said walking in the middle of both of them “why, zayn, we just got here and I’m having so much fun!” Y/n protested giving him a confused glance, zayn ’ s nostrils flared and he looked down upon y/n, looking into her eyes “I can see that, now get your ass outside and in the car” y/n nodded and started walking away “hey man, I don’t want any trouble” liam said, zayn ’ s head snapped back to liam “you can go sleep with any girl in this club except my girl, got it?” Liam nodded walking away. Zayn sighted and made his way out the club and walked toward his black convertable where y/n awaited biting onto her lip “sorry, zayn” zayn pulled his keys out and opened the car “if I were you, I wouldn’t be speaking right now” he barked getting inside as y/n followed.

The car ride back home was silent, y/n starring nervously out the window with her bottom lip between her teeth, zayn grip tightened on the steering wheel once he remember how fluently she was talking to liam and if it wasn’t for the fact that she had admitted to have a crush on him in the begging of there 2 year relationship, he wouldn’t care but she did and liam was single again and he didn’t like the idea of another man entertaining his women like that. He pulled into the drive way of there condo in new York and un buckled his seat belt “when we get inside, I want you go straight to our little room and strip to your underwear” he ordered, making her gulp and nod, y/n was very familiar with ‘there little room’ the room was filled with sex toys and porno films, both her and zayn had kinks and in that room they full filed them but she also knew that when zayn got like this, those toys and games could be used against her. Zayn unlocked the door, letting her in first, she quickly rushed into the room, the walls were painted red and in the middle of the room was a bed, clothed with black silk sheets, besides that was a night stand stacked his porn films of all kinds, and under the bed laid a case with all the sex toys you could name. Y/n quickly took off her red short dress along with her heels and pulled her hair up into a ponytail, she waited infront of the door, her breath catching in her throat as the door swung open, zayn appeared shirtless with a smirk on his face “good girl, but not good enough” he pulled you close making you whimper “y/n what have I told you about flirting with other guys?” Y/n moaned “I-i was-snt-” she began but he quickly smashed his lips against hers “shhhhh….be a good girl and stay quiet”. He pulled her over at the bed and bent her over the bed, he grabbed the ropes from the night stand “you were very bad, now you are going to be punished” he whispered over her ear as he bent over her, he started to wrap the rope around her chest, around her breasts and down to her stomach, to her hands and around her pussy and down her legs, leaving her all tied up, he pushed her further onto the silk bed with her stomach against the bed. He pulled out the case from under the bed pulling out the sex toys he wished to use.

“Zayn, please?!” Y/n pleaded as he ran his fingers down her slit “look at you begging and I haven’t even started yet” he kissed down her neck and played with her nipples, turning them harshly, she moaned and closed her eyes tightly as pleasure and pain ran down her body. “You look so fucking hot all tied up, don’t you! You like it don’t you!” He slapped down onto her ass check, she yelped jumping slightly “answer me baby girl! Answer me!” He demanded slapping her ass once again “y-yes!” Y/n whined “I know you do” he rubbed his hand over her sore cheek “so tell me y/n, would liam tie you up like this? Touch you like this? Make you scream like this? Huh? Oh your so fucking wet!” she moaned, she felt a vibrator being pressed against her clit “shit” y/n moaned, zayn pulled onto her ponytail, the room started heating up for y/n, she moaned her fists turning white as she gripped onto the silk sheets “zayn, ugh! Please!” She yelped but zayn smirked and pressed a higher number on the machine “UH- UH!” Y/n bit down onto her lip wanting to stop herself from screaming out, she shut her eyes as she winced, too much pleasure running through her body “you want to cum? Do you?” He asked, she screamed “yes, yes please” he chuckled and pressed turbo on the vibrator “soon you will cry out, soon your clit will engorge with blood and your body will beg for orgasmic release. I may let you. For you are mine to do with as I please” she started screaming and dragging her nails onto the sheets “ZAYN! AHH!” He quickly took the vibrated away, making y/n yelp. “You can’t cum just yet, slut” he whispered into her ear. He rubbed his hands down her cheeks and pulled her panties off “where are we gonna put these wet panties, huh?” Y/n moaned as zayn reached and stuffed them into her mouth, she cried out “there, perfect” zayn pressed his hard on against her naked heat “nobody, you hear me, nobody will use your body and pleasure you like I will” he groaned Into her ear, he pulled a whip out the case and slapped it on her ass making he jump, he kept doing his actions making her whimpers “zayn” she tried to plead but we’re muffled by her panties “you were such a bad girl at the club, flirting with one of my best friends” y/n whimpered “ugh, you are so fucking sexy” he whipped her again, she pressed her ass against against his boner, he smirked and slipped 3 fingers quickly into her, thrusting fastly, making her scream “you like that?” Zayn bit down onto his slip and smirked, he pulled her panties out her mouth and she moaned, he untied the rope from around her body as he saw the red marks it left on her body. He turned her around “I love you” he mumbled as he kissed her passionately “promise you will remember that” he said kissing down her neck “I promise” she said choking slightly “good, cause I’m going to fuck you like I don’t” he thrusted into her and went quickly, y/n threw her head back but zayn quickly grabbed her neck and kissed her “look at me while I fuck you” zayn demanded as moans left her lip uncontrollably, his hazel eyes looking into hers, he moaned and closed his eyes in pleasure “you feel so fucking good, only for me” he mumbled getting lost In the euphoria, she screamed gripping onto his biceps, he lifted up her leg on his shoulder and kept thrusting fastly as he rubbed down at her clit “oh god! Zayn! I’m cumming! Ugh!” He switched positions so she was rising him, she bounced up and down trying to reach her own climate “yeah, just like that! Such a good girl for me! Ugh! Fuck!” She screamed as she went limp and fell onto his chest, he kept thrusting until he spilled inside of her “ugh! Shit!” He kissed her forhead “love you”. Y/n closed her eyes and whispered “love you”

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"..Like a princess.." A Liam Imagine

Hi can you write a Liam imagine where you get attacked or something along those lines and he has to change to save you and he takes you to the hospital? Thank you!


It was around midnight but you couldn’t sleep so you had called up your best friend Liam and asked him if he wanted to go for a walk with you. Liam was used to your late night calls, so he gladly accepted your offer. You were walking down the street, just laughing at something Liam had said when this guy suddenly jumped out of the bushes and grabbed you. Unwillingly, you let out a small scream, but it soon stopped when something sharp was placed on your throat. Your breathing hitched and you looked at Liam who looked like someone had just hit him in the face, hard. 

“Well well. Look what we have here. Wanna save your girlfriend? Give me your wallet.” The guy said. But Liam just smiled, as if he had heard something funny. He even laughed.

“Listen here. Let the girl go and I won’t hurt you.” Liam said. You could feel the guy behind you laugh, since your body was pressed against his chest. He cleared his throat.

“I don’t think you heard me. Give me your wallet." He dropped what he had held against your throat, only to put his hand straight on your throat. You felt something sharp press against it, and Liam suddenly changed mood. His eyes started glowing and his fingernails grew into claws. Liam growled 

"I don’t think you heard me; Let the girl go." The man behind you let out an un-human noise before he pushed you to the side and attacked Liam. You whimpered when you landed straight on your wrist. You didn’t really know what happened until Liam walked over to you and helped you up. 

"Ouch!” You cried out in pain when he grabbed your wrist. He apologized and looked completely lost. You giggled when you saw his face expression. 

“Liam, just take me to the ER. It might be broken. And then afterwards, you can tell me what the hell just happened.” You said, trying to sound calm. 

“Yeah, I will. Still can’t believe that you’re not freaking out.” He chuckled as he grabbed your good arm and told you to jump. 

“Jump? But why would I have to ju-” you let out a small squeal when he picked you up. You laughed.

“Liam, it’s just my wrist, not my entire body that hurts.” You giggled. Liam looked you in the eye and smiled.

“I know, but I like treating you like a princess.” He said. You knew that arguing with him wasn’t going to get you anywhere, so you just smiled and leaned your head against his chest as he carried you to the hospital. 

I like it when you treat me like a princess." 


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Paring: Scott x Pack x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine for Scott, but including the whole pack? And they’re having a pillow fight or a silly string fight (that sort of thing) and they end up kissing for the first time? You can add whatever you want in there xx

Requested by: @bbymartin

Authors note: I’m sorry this took so long. I haven’t been feeling so good and I guess that’s why It’s so late. I hope you like it though.

Word count: 1296

Your name: submit What is this?

The pack were having their weekly sleep over at Scott’s house. They went all out this time. Kira and Malia bought candy and sweets; Mason and Lydia bought games, And Scott, Y/N and Stiles were at Scott’s house setting up. Y/N had liked Scott for a while now and Scott did too but no one knew. They would stare at each other when the other wasn’t looking. They would just admire each other. Scott cared for Y/N whole-heartedly and Y/N felt the same way about Scott. Scott would always be there for Y/N when times were tough.

It was junior year and Y/N thought that it would be a great idea to wear black platform-heeled boots to school. She loved how badass they looked with all the gold chains all over it. Y/N’s style has a wide range. Some days it’s cute and fun and other days, it’s all dark and badass. She was feeling badass today so she went with black jeans, a black and white shirt and her heeled boots. Y/N knew how to walk in heels. She took some runway walking classes when she was a freshman because her mom wanted her to become girlier and it actually worked. As Y/N got to school, she was greeted by the pack. “Bad ass outfit Y/N!” Lydia screamed from across the parking lot. “You look really pretty Y/N.” Liam said sweetly. Y/N ruffled his hair and said thank you. Liam slightly turned a bit red. “You’re such a cute freshman.” She smiled. Stiles and Scott walked over to the pack. “Is that Y/N?” Stiles whispered to Scott. “When are you ever going to talk to her dude? You’ve liked her for like ever.” He lightly shoved Scott toward Y/N. “Hey Scott.” Y/N Smiled and gave him a hug. Don’t let the calm manner fool you. Y/N was practically shitting herself. Scott almost melted at her smile. They didn’t even know that they liked each other. So it was lunchtime and the gang were sitting at their usual table. Y/N and Scott both walked to the lunch line. They got their lunch and they started walking to the table. Unfortunately, One of the chains on her book got caught in something and that caused her to fall, dropping all of her lunch all over herself. Scott had noticed this before it had happened and fell right after she fell. Making the attention go to him. “Y/N!” Lydia shouted and ran over to Y/N. ”Let’s clean you up.” She told Y/N and started to pick her up. Scott and Y/N’s eyes met and she flashed him an apologetic smile and mouthed thank you to him.

Scott smiled at the thought. “What are you smiling at?” Y/N questioned, while trying to put up the balloons. This caught Scott off guard. “Nothing, I just remembered a time with Stiles.” Scott lied. ”Ooh, what happened?” she said, not giving him any eye contact, she was too busy looking at what she was doing. “Uh, he fell.” The boy started a little bit too quickly. “Well he always falls.” She chuckled and finally looked at him. “Alright. Well I’m done with this.” She said taping the last piece of the banner on the wall. “Do you need help?” The girl asked him. “No, I’m good haha. But maybe Stiles needs help.” She looked at him funny. Maybe because of the way he said it. “Alright.” Y/N said and walked upstairs, leaving the flustered boy with his head in his hands.

“Hey, Y/N.” Stiles said, plopping down on Scott’s bed. “Scott told my you needed help with something.” Y/N smiled, putting her hand on her hip. “Oh he lied. I’m too great for help.” He said just before the little banner started to fall off the wall. Y/N raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I need a bit of help.” He said softly. “Come on! Let’s go.” I squealed and pushed him up. The two were heavily at work of the room where the whole gang were going to sleep in. “Hey Y/N?” Stiles asked. “Yes?” Y/N said not paying any attention to the boy. “Do you like Scott?” This caught Y/N off guard, almost getting whiplash by her head turning towards Stiles. “NO! I don’t like Scott. What makes you think I like Scott? He’s one of my closest friends that’s nasty.” Y/N rambled. “Woah, woah, woah.”Stiles said with his arms up in surrender. “So you’re obviously lying.” “Stiles!” Y/N whined, “Promise me you wont tell him.” Y/N threw a little tantrum. “Okay okay I wont! I’m not that evil.” “I still don’t trust you.”

Every one got to the house and the sleepover began. “Y/N come over here.” Lydia and Kira both screamed at the Y/N. “Sorry Liam, I’ll be right back.” She smiled at the younger boy and jogged to the girls. “Scott, do you like Y/N?” Mason asked Scott. He nearly choked on his drink. “What? No, I don’t. What makes you think I do?” he nervously laughed. “Your heartbeat just jumped. You’re lying.” Liam said calmly. “Shutup Liam.” “I swear if you tell her, I will hurt you.” Scott stared directly in his beta’s eyes. “Okay, chill out.” He laughed. Stiles started smirking. “Stiles what are you smirking at?” Scott groaned. “TRUTH OR DARE EVERYONE.” The scheming boy yelled. The gang all automatically formed a circle. “Okay Mason, truth or dare?” “Dare.” “Okay, I dare you to hit Y/N the hardest with that pillow.” “HEY, STILES THAT’S NOT NICE.” Y/N screamed at him. “I want to see you get hit. Sorry.” “Evil child.” “I’m older than you Y/N what?” He laughed. “Y/N I’m sorry.” The little sophomore walked up to Y/N with sad eyes. “Just do it.” Y/N sighed. Little did he know, she had a bottle of silly string that she had already shaken up. The girls were just planning to ambush the boys with silly string. Mason had hit Y/N pretty hard, but she quickly took out the shaken up silly string and a pillow and hit mason back. “ATTACK!” the girls screamed and sprayed all the boys with silly string. “Hey man, chill.” Scott screamed and ran upstairs. Y/N started to follow him armed with a pillow. “Come out come out wherever you are.” Y/N sang, creeping around carefully. Scott was in his room hiding next to the door armed with a pillow. Y/N walked into the room and Scott wacked her right in the head making her fall on his bed. “Ow.” She said clutching the back of her head in pain. Scott noticed automatically and got on top her without thinking. “Oh my gosh Y/N are you okay?” He boy frowned and tried to take the pain away, only to find out she had no pain. “HAHA I GOT YOU.” Y/N screamed in his face and flipped him over, repeatedly hit him with the pillow. “Y/N stop.” He laughed but she kept going. Scott then grabbed Y/N’s arms before she could hit him again. He stared into her eyes and she stared into his own. Something came over Scott and suddenly kissed her. This caught Y/N off guard. The boy that she liked so much is actually kissing her. They weren’t dating or anything. Scott then realized what he was doing and immediately pulled back. “I’m so sorry oh my gosh.” Scott had a mini freak attack. “No it’s okay Scott calm down its okay.” Y/N smiled at the panicked boy and started to stroke his cheek. “I like you too.” She laughed and that made Scott smile. She leaned down on him to kiss him again. Just then the gang walked into the room. “FINALLY.” They all said together. “Really guys?” Scott asked covering his red face. “I hate you all.” Y/N laughed.

One Direction Imagine


BSM - 16 years old

“Okay lads, are we ready?” The Irish lad inquired, standing in a circle with the other 3 boys. 

“Wait, where’s Liam?” The curly Chesire boy realised that the mature one was indeed, absent.  

The other followed his action, looking around the arena. 

“Ugh, he’s suppose to be here too!” Niall whined. 

“It’s alright, Ni, we can-” The Bradford boy was cut off. 

“Wait, I’m here!” Liam almost yelled to his bandmates, the other four turned wide eyed. 

“Shhhh!” They all yelled. 

“Sorry, mate. So, where is she?” Liam asked, joining the circle. 

‘She’s in the dressing room with Lou and Lux. You guys still remember the plan, right?“ Niall begged with his eyes. 

Almost everyone in the circle rolled their eyes. 

"You have drilled them into our heads since last month, mate.” Louis clarified. 

“Right, sorry. Let’s go!" 

They all ran to the stage, greeting all the screaming girls. 

"Helloooooo London!” Liam greeted with his signature opening, the girls screaming in response. 

“Wow, it’s been ages since we’ve been here, right lads?” Louis replied. 

“Yea, it’s been a while.” Zayn continued. 

“Alright, let’s get this party starteddddd!” Niall yelled. 

And the night began. 


“Alright, Twitter time!" 

"Wait, wait, wait.” Niall interrupted, making them all stop. 

“What?” Harry asked, all of them walking towards Niall at the centre of the stage. 

“Now, today is someone’s birthday.” Niall started, the audience screaming even louder. 

Like they knew what was going to happen. 

“And, she’s very close to me, my half pretty much, and she’s my sidekick. I love her, she’s been through this with me since the beginning, and she keeps me grounded. I love you, (Y/N).” Happy tears evident in his eyes. 

“With that being said, please welcome, the lovely and talented, (Y/N)!” Liam introduced, making you jump, startled. 

You were standing at the side of the stage, watching your brother and his mates perform to thousands of girls, like you did every night for the past month. 

After the intro, you went out to the stage with Lou, Lux snuggling in your arms comfortably. You had realised earlier that no one said a single happy birthday, but you almost forgot yourself -being in a rushing schedule- so you understood that even your brother forgot. 

But that didn’t mean the disappointment wasn’t there.

You moved on, like you usually do, and got on with the day. It was only a birthday, right?

So to say that you were surprised was an understatement. 

“Come on, sister, come up here!” Niall announced, looking in your direction when you didn’t react. 

The next thing you knew, Lux was pulled out of your arms by her mother and a bodyguard pushing you gently towards the stage. 

He WAS in the plan after all. 

After you managed to climbed up the steps, you were immediately in a Horan hug. 

“Happy birthday babe.” He kissed your head lovingly. 

All the fans went “Aww” on the sight, flashes repeatedly went off. 

“I thought you’ve forgotten.” You replied, happy tears making their way down your cheeks. 

“Of course we didn’t, love.” Came a new voice. Your crime partner. 

“Lou!” He hugged you next, kissing your forehead. 

After having all of them hugged you, and all the girls screaming, Zayn spoke into the mic. 

“Let’s sing a Happy Birthday for the lovely (Y/N)! Ready? On the count of three." 

"One, two, three." 

They all sang Happy Birthday, the whole arena singing along happily. 

And that means you crying buckets. 

"Thank you so much, all of you.” You spoke into Niall’s mic after the song ended, and after you wiped away all those happy tears. 

The fans screamed and yelled a “You’re welcome!” in response. 

“Thank you boys, my favourite boys.” You grinned while they jokingly hid their faces as if they were blushing. 

“I love you. I love you, Ni.” You hugged your big brother, almost taking his breath away, literally. 

“I love you too, little sis.”