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What we know about season 8:


- Faces struggles with owning her new building

- Doesn’t get along with Mel (Perry Matfeld)

- Doesn’t want anything to do with the meth situation

- Gets involved with the meth situation to fix what he kids fucked up.

- doesn’t get along with any tenants

- becomes friends with (1) one tenant, Nessa who is dating Mel


- Is staying sober

- Is on a break from Sierra because of staying sober

- finds it hard to get laid being sober

- is getting $$$ from selling his meth

- gets jealous of Sierra with other men

- still very much into Sierra

- possibly gets a new job


- still working as an EMT

- still involved with Trevor and now involved with Trevor’s work

- Is involved with an LGBT inspired protest

- gets into trouble with the whole meth situation

- possibly tries too hard to get involved with Trevor’s job

- gets a tattoo for Monica, only it ends up being tits and he isn’t impressed.


- still working on her trade

- gets a job to help support Franny

- helps her brothers with the meth situation to get herself money for Franny

- Franny starts walking

- possible new love interest


- comes home from Military school a changed man, not too changed though.

- takes responsibility with selling his siblings inherited meth for them

- wants to help a war vet

- has some kind of love interest

- gets into meth related trouble with his siblings


- still in school

- still cute af

- frank gets further involved in his school

- is good in art class


- gets an actual job

- wants to be 20 again to restart his life

- is grieving Monica’s death

- he’s on meth

- gets involved with parents group at Liam’s school

- becomes some kind of saint, robes and all

- seems to be a good dad for five seconds


- Is still working at that club

- possibly exchanges sexual favours to make extra money

- is diagnosed with (possible) breast cancer

- probably believes he is dying and is high key stressed about his surgery

- on top of that the Alibi is still run by Svetlana.


- isn’t taking Svetlana’s bar stealing very well

- tries to take it back from her in any way that she can, even calling immigration

- gets into a physical fight with Svetlana over it.

- still involved with Yevgeny


- turns the Alibi into a Russian bar

- names it Putin’s paradise

- gets into fight with V

- probably still loves her (maybe I am just hoping lol)

i am just so ANGRY because MICKEY AND MANDY MILKOVICH WERE GOOD FUCKING PEOPLE who absolutely did not DESERVE what happened to them and they are now not even being treated with the respect and love that THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH. after their entire lives being ABUSE VICTIMS this is how they’re sent off the show, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? and FUCKING SHEILA CALLAWHATEVERTHEFUCK talking about mickey becoming ian’s NURSE like literally shut the fUCK up, how do the WRITERS not even have a grasp on their own fucking character what thE FUCK I AM SO MAD. gOD so he’s finally taking care of the person he loves after literally going through HELL TO BE WITH HIM and now that’s a bad thing????? and he was being overbearing??? and oh oh oh ian just missed the old badass mickey??? didn’t want him to be all soft and gentle but now that he’s gone ian just wants something soft and gentle give me a fUCKING break. and WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT IT, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO IAN? HOW COULD YOU DEMOLISH SUCH AN INCREDIBLY WELL-CRAFTED CHARACTER? LIKE WHERE THE FUCK DID IAN GO? see like the ONLY way i’ve been able to interpret his actions is like if ian is still somewhat in love with mickey and the only way he knows how to cope is by distancing himself and trying to convince himself that the relationship wasn’t “real” or all too good or whatever. like i get that. i’ve been there. and it’s a natural coping mechanism. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THE WRITERS ARE DOING. THEY ARE FUCKING UP IAN’S CHARACTER AND I’M NOT OKAY WITH IT. BIPOLAR DISORDER DOESN’T CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY LIKE THAT, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT MENTAL DISORDERS ARE??? I’M SICK OF THEM TRYING TO DESTROY IAN GALLAGHER. IT’S NOT REALISTIC AND IM FUCKING MAD BECAUSE THEY ALREADY DID THIS WITH DEBBIE. as SOON as debbie became a teenager they literally threw her character out the window and gave her a new one. what, you think as soon as you get your period you become an entirely different person? AND YOU KNOWS it’s because she’s a girl, because carl is going thru his dumbass teenager phase too but it FITS his personality, as much as we wished he wouldn’t take the criminal lifestyle to heart. but NO debbie is a GIRL so of COURSE SHE HAS TO BECOME THE AIRHEADED HORMONAL TEENAGE GIRL WHO’S OBSESSED WITH BOYS AND WANTS A BABY, like are you FUCKINg kidding me? that is the most un-debbie like storyline ever, and it’s sO overdone, are you really lacking creativity tHAT badly?!?!? oh teenagers have the stereotype of being troublemakers so naturally debbie has to be one of them. YES OKAY MAKE HER REBEL, MAKE HER QUESTION THINGS LIKE A TEENAGER, but she IS STILL DEBBIE FOR FUCKS SAKE. SHES STILL THE SAME PERSON. look at the debbie in season 3 and tell me it’s the same person as the one we’re seeing now. go ahead. i dare you. because there’s a difference between growing up and going through phases, and completely developing a new mindset, a new set of beliefs, and a new fucking personality?!?!?! and NOW THEY’RE TRYING TO DO THE SAME WITH IAN.



Karen Jackson? GONE. Sheila Jackson? GONE. Mandy Milkovich? GONE. Mickey Milkovich, who had arguably one of the most beautiful character development arcs in television history? NAH FUCK IT, GONE. 

honestly. part of me is glad they didn’t have the time to fuck up mickey’s character the way they fucked up everyone else’s.


A Fic a Day in the Month of May - Day Eleven

based on a prompt: Mickey spends his first Christmas with the Gallagher’s (include some smut and kissing)

Christmas was just like any other time of year for Mickey. In the Milkovich house you were lucky if you got a fresh pack of smokes. Some years they’d have a decent meal - if someone bothered to steal a turkey or a leg of ham from the butchers but otherwise it was Terry’s excuse to torment his kids even more, shouting out demands to bring him things and get him shit, and usually ended up with Mickey harboring Mandy in his room until after New Years so that he couldn’t get to her.

No, Christmas at the Milkovich’s was nothing like Christmas at all.

That’s why Mickey just raised his eyebrows when Ian seemed so keen for him to spend this year at the Gallagher’s Christmas special. Terry was in prison, Mickey’s brothers really couldn’t give a shit, and Mandy was invited too so Mickey really had no excuse.

“Still don’t know why you want me to come to this thing.” Mickey said on Christmas Eve as they walked down the snow-lined street.

“Why wouldn’t I want you to come? We’re a couple, and couples spend Christmas together. You can make it my present if you want.” He smiled.

“We have to get each other presents now? Jesus, what did I sign up for?” Mickey asked with a small corner smile.

“Well, technically I didn’t buy you anything but I have a good idea of what I’m giving you.” Ian grinned. 

Mickey just smirked back. “Guess I got no choice now, huh?”

“None.” Ian said.

They spent that night together, like every other night. Somehow sleeping alone just didn’t work for them anymore. Fiona reminded them all that she would be ringing the Christmas bells nice and early in the morning.

“I’m looking at you Lip.” She said.

“She ain’t serious about bells is she?” Mickey had asked and Ian just smiled. “Your fucking family is crazy Gallagher.”

“You can talk.” Ian replied.

They got into bed, kissing a little under the covers until Carl said something about ‘gay wieners’ and Ian told him to shut up and go to sleep and then Liam was laughing and giggling about Santa and Mickey was just burrowing his head into the pillow.

Christ Ian…” He mumbled.

“Alright, alright. Come on Mick.” He said, throwing off the blanket and gathering it up in his arms.

“What now?” Mickey asked, shivering a little.

“Let’s go downstairs, everyone else is asleep or… otherwise occupied.” Ian smiled, heading for the door. “Go to sleep Liam.”

“Santa Santa!” He giggled in response and Mickey was out the door.

“It’s always fucking loud here."Mickey said, heading down the stairs.

"It’s even worse at Christmas, everyone’s so… full of joy.” He grinned and followed him, watching him plop down on the couch.

He sat down beside him and spread the blanket over them.

“What we gonna sleep here now?” Mickey asked.

“It’s quiet isn’t it?” Ian said, scooting over to the end of the couch and opened his arms to let Mickey lay across his chest.

Mickey did just that, resting his head in the crook of Ian’s elbow and looked up at him. Ian ran his fingers through Mickey’s short black hair and watched as his eyes began to close. He traced the line of his chin, up to his ear and back again, watching his lips soften into a smile as he did so.

“Stay awake,” he said quietly.

“Did no one ever tell you that Santa won’t come if you’re awake?” Mickey mumbled.

Ian chuckled and shook his arm, bumping Mickey’s head up and down.

“Alright, alright, I’m awake. What do you want?” He asked, looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Sit up.” He said, and Mickey complied.

Ian’s hands were immediately at his cheeks, cupping his face and pulling him against his lips. Even if it had only been a few minutes since their last kiss Mickey missed the feeling. He missed the way Ian grazed his teeth over his bottom lip, and the way he tasted on his tongue. He missed the feeling of Ian’s fingers trying to tangle in his hair and the way the muscles in his stomach tensed at Mickey’s touch.

Everything about the way Ian kissed him was intoxicating. It was easy to get carried away as their lips moved together, over and under with their tongues passing one another and tangling together in a fiery passion.

“I know what you can give me for Christmas…” Ian mumbled in the spaces between their lips.

“Thought me being here was your fuckin’ present…” Mickey said, leaning in to bite the corner of his top lip.

Ian groaned low in his throat and pulled Mickey back to look him in the eye, his face suddenly sweet and vulnerable like it had been back when they first got together. “You know what I want Mick.” He whispered.

Mickey sucked in a breath because Ian was right, he knew what he wanted and he wasn’t sure he was ready to give it to him.

“Ian…” He said.

“Hey, it’s after midnight.” Ian said, distracted at the clock on the wall behind them. “Merry Christmas.” He said with a smile.

“You know it’s just another day right?” Mickey said, shaking his head.

“Don’t be such a Scrooge, say it back.” Ian said, poking him in the chest a few times.

“Alright, okay! Merry fucking X-mas.” He said with a smile.


So I got a little carried away with this one, read the whole lot on AO3