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  • Fave character: Death confirmed
  • Me: Haha, show me their corpse and then i'll believe it
  • Writers: It's right there
  • Writers: They're never coming back
  • Writers: They're dead
  • Me: Nah they're okay :')

Do you ever make up a scenario in your head and think “no this is so past reality I need to stop” and then you realize it’s your own mind you can create whatever scenario you fucking want

Me: *watching season 1 of Shameless* I cannot believe anyone on this website sees any redeeming qualities in Mickey Milkovich

Me: *Watching Season 3 of Shameless* Holy shit Mickey Milkovich 10/10, the greatest, 100% a saint


*List features both finished and upcoming works.

One Direction


  1. You Say You’re Fine, But He Knows You’re Not Zayn      
  2. Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Zayn    


  1. Promises Kept
  2. Love That Lasts
  3. Night Before Life Goes On
  4. Our Perfect Family
  5. Should’ve Chased Me
  6. Meeting Niall
  7. Second Chances
  8. Emotionally Compromised
  9. Leave Out the Rest
  10. Nothing Feels Like You Niall
  11. Our Perfect Family (Niall Pregnancy)
  12. Love Don’t Come Easy
  13. Crossing Boundaries-Niall

The Arrangement Fanfic

  1. The Arrangement Part 1
  2. The Arrangement Part 2
  3. The Arrangement Part 3
  4. The Arrangement Part 4
  5. The Arrangement Part 5
  6. The Arrangement Part 6
  7. The Arrangement Part 7
  8. The Arrangement Part 8
  9. The Arrangement Part 9
  10. The Arrangement Part 10
  11. The Arrangement Epilogue


  1. Make It Through The Night
  2. Picture
  3. Birthday Surprise
  4. You Take A Bullet For Him
  5. Meeting Harry
  6. None of the Rest Matters
  7. The Handbook
  8. Stolen -Harry
  9. The Departure Harry
  10. Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Harry

My Best Friends Wedding Fanfic

  1. My Best Friends Wedding
  2. My Best Friends Wedding Part 2
  3. My Best Friends Wedding Part 3
  4. My Best Friends Wedding Part 4
  5. My Best Friends Wedding Part 5
  6. My Best Friends Wedding Part 6
  7. My Best Friends Wedding Part 7
  8. My Best Friends Wedding Part 8
  9. My Best Friends Wedding Epilogue Part 1
  10. My Best Friends Wedding Epilogue Part 2

Love Like Ours Fanfic

  1. Love Like Ours Prologue
  2. Love Like Ours Part 1

Road Less Traveled Fanfic

  1. Road Less Traveled


  1. Summer Back
  2. Any Other Choice
  3. The Color of Jealousy Louis      
  4. Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Louis  


  1. Hurt
  2. Difficult Love
  3. Talk To Me
  4. Secret Love
  5. Forcing Out the Truth Liam  
  6. Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Liam  

Finding The One Fanfic

  1. Finding The One
  2. Finding The One Part 2
  3. Finding The One Part 3
  4. Finding The One Part 4
  5. Finding The One Part 5
  6. Finding The One Part 6
  7. Finding The One Part 7
  8. Finding The One Part 8
  9. Finding The One Part 9


Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

  1. Odd Behavior
  2. The Game (Lemon)

Tony Stark (Iron Man)

  1. You’re the Reason
  2. Playlist
  3. Jealousy


  1. Return of a King (Part I of IV)
  2. Return of a King (Part II of IV)
  3. Return of a King (Part III of IV)
  4. Return of a King (Part IV of IV)
  5. A Long Time Coming (Part I of III) (Lemon)

Bruce Banner (Hulk)

  1. Heartbreak (Part I of II)
  2. Heartbreak (Part II of II)


  1. Banishment (Part I of III)
  2. Banishment (Part II of III)
  3. Banishment (Part III of III)

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

  1. Protection

The Path Between Fanfic


Years ago highly trained operative Y/N has been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent since she was sixteen. As punishment for a op not by the book she is sent to babysit a prince. A simple job goes wrong when Russian soldier is sent to take her out. As the man with the metal arm pursues her things shift he now needs her help.After a month on the run and his memories back Bucky and Y/N are tracked down. Y/N escaped due to Bucky’s help but Bucky was captured wiped and refrozen. Seven years later Y/N is joining Maria Hill by working for Stark after the collaspe of S.H.I.E.L.D. Late one night a man is following her from a distance she turns to confront the man only to be confronted by a ghost from her past.

  1. The Path Between: An Unexpected Friend (Chapter 1)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

  1. Promises Kept

Where the Line Blurs Fanfic


When Y/N, a reformed mercenary who worked as a SHIELD operative, is asked to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. she has her own agenda, find the people who betrayed her and eliminate them. With a special request of Agent Coulson she teams up with an unsuspecting Steve Rodgers, who does not fully understand the lengths this newly emerged Hydra will go to. Y/N and Steve clash due to their different perspective to handle their enemies. With a few coveted secrets of her own Y/N begins to see the appeal Captain America has and opens up. However, when Y/N discovers a traitor nestling their way into the reborn S.H.I.E.L.D agency she brings the news to the attention Steve, Sam, Natasha and Clint only to discover that they believe she is the traitor. Y/N takes it upon herself to rid S.H.I.E.L.D of the last of Hydra so she returns to her mercenary identity to infiltrate Hyrda. As the spy game wears on the only thing to be called to question is where the line blurs while the war between corruption and freedom wears on.

  1. Where the Line Blurs: The Burglar (Chapter 1)
  2. Where the Line Blurs: Passing Judgements (Chapter 2)
  3. Where the Line Blurs: Friend or Foe (Chapter 3)
  4. Where the Line Blurs: The Arrangement (Chapter 4)

Logan (Wolverine)

  1. Threats
  2. Choosing Sides
  3. Understanding (Lemon)

Johnny Storm (Human Torch)

  1. Intensity
  2. Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part I of IV)
  3. Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part II of IV)
  4. Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part III of IV)
  5. Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part IV of IV)

Chalres Xavier (Professor X)

  1. Rewriting History (Part I of III)
  2. Rewriting History (Part II of III)

Eric Lehnsher (Magneto)

  1. Replay


Luke Hemmings

  1. Such A Tease (One Shot) SMUT

Michael Clifford

  1. Mind Games (One Shot)
You are My Heaven: Epilogue (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill(mentioned), OFC Lily, OMC Liam. 

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. How much time and distance does it take to heal a broken heart? (Mentions events from CACW, including a direct quote)

Warnings: bit of fluff, some angst. Mention of heartbreak. 

Word Count: 3.3k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Here we have it! The wrap up for this unexpected multi-part fic. It’s been healing for me to write this and I’m grateful for the kind words and shared stories I’ve received. I appreciate every single message. Also, I did write The Truth Behind You are My Heaven, which is my personal story if you’re interested. Any feedback is appreciated. I love you all!!

<<<Part Two   Epilogue(end)



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One Year Later

Stepping into your London flat, you pulled the key from the lock and placed your purse on the side table. You kicked off your high heels and spread your toes, feeling relief at last after a long day. Carrying your shoes in one hand and work bag in the other, you walked down the hall to your bedroom and changed into comfortable lounge clothes. Venturing into the bathroom to toss your clothes in the hamper, you discovering a pair of men’s boxers on the floor. Letting out an amused sigh, you simply picked them up and walked the two feet to the hamper before tossing them in.

You had the flat to yourself tonight, which was unusual, so you decided to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up on tv shows you had recorded but never found the time to watch. As it grew later, you found yourself yawning and giving into the temptation of your soft, comfy bed. You rinsed out your glass and turned out all the lights except your bedside lamp. Plugging in your phone, the screen illuminated a new email notification from work, which wasn’t unusual. Timezones meant nothing in your line of work so you opened it just in case, planning on dealing with whatever it was in the morning.

Reading the subject line, your stomach dropped. 

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Carey turned and swung on instinct, making contact with a strong jaw before red, white, and blue slammed into his face, knocking him to ground.  He was shocked, it was like getting hit by a Mack truck.

“I can do this all day,” a voice spoke in a mix of warning and defiance.  Steve didn’t come for a fight, but if that’s what they were looking for, that’s what he’d give them.

“No,” Carey got up slow, with a posture of surrender, submission.  He did not want to fight Captain America and not just because the man had been one of his idols growing up.  “Sorry…Fuck.”

“Language, son.”  It was half a joke as he offered his hand and the benefit of the doubt.

The other’s lips flicked up briefly before the Earth shook under them.  The Captain’s eyes narrowed, unsure if it was the man before him’s doing or another’s, then widened as he felt the building start to give under him.  “Shield up!” Carey ordered before, with a swipe of his hand, he sent Steve flying to another rooftop and right into Deadpool’s arms.

“Captain America?!” Wade squealed in the delighted joy of a fanboy.  “You’re my favorite!  I’ve dreamed of this literally all my life!”  He was about to go on when he saw the building Carey stood atop start to collapse.  “CAREBEAR NO!!”  He spun Steve to stand on his own feet as he ran to the ledge.  There was a brief moment of shock, horror, hurt, before Wade ran past his idol to start the charge from one end of the roof in order to leap off the other. 

“Son, don’t!” The Cap warned.

“Fuck it!!”

Steven ran to the edge, watched the man fearlessly fall with the building in hopes of saving his friend.  It was foolish, it was crazy, and it was remarkably admirable.  “God speed…” he clicked into the S.H.I.E.L.D. channel.  “South side building, anyone close?”

This is gonna be a long fight with many parts and many cliffhangers so buckle up and enjoy the ride, haha!  So, in case it’s confusing, this is right after the last piece where Carey and Deadpool went to face off against Calder’s Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, but now S.H.I.E.L.D. and at least a handful of The Avengers have also arrived to try and take them in on Liam‘s information (because of course Gabe told him where he lived, lol)/request.  Things might bounce around, I’ll do my best to keep the timeline/order easy to follow haha!

Main Story: Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33 (NSFW)  Part 34  Part 35  Part 36  Part 37  Part 38  Part 39  Part 40  Part 41  Part 42 (NSFW)  Part 43  Part 44  Part 45  Part 46  Part 47  Part 48  Part 49  Part 50  Part 51  Part 52  Part 53  Part 54  Part 55  Part 56  Part 57  Part 58  Part 59  Part 60  Part 61  Part 62  Part 63  Part 64  Part 65  Part 66  Part 67  Part 68  Part 69  Part 70  Part 71  Part 72 

(Ash NSFW Prequel Piece, St Patrick’s Day Prequel, Dusty’s Trauma Extra, Arturo & Clark, Arturo & Owen )

(Top gif I found on Google, bottom found on Google then edited by me!)

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Evidence From Last Night

You Kids Run Onstage

When You’re On Your Period

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Another Boy Stares At You


You’re His Sister and He Finds Out You’re Dating One of the Boys  Part 2

Your Child Comes Out As Queer



I Love You Part 2

Indian Girl Imagine

He Gets Jealous

I’ll Pick You Up At 7

I Will Always Love You



French Cafe-Louis

Posing Nude-Niall


Avengers x Reader:

I Can’t Wait to See You Again


“I’m tired, can I go home now?” Gabe rubbed his eyes; he’d lost track of time, but was certain he was late feeding Wolvie and Furball.

Liam frowned regretfully.  “No, no I’m afraid you can’t do that.  There’s, uh…There’s likely no home to go to anyway, Gabe.

“Whaddya mean?”

“Well, uh…we…we sent The Avengers to go feed your…pets and Calder and others attacked them.”  Gabe’s face screwed up in confusion; Liam continued.  “I’ve been getting reports all day, they think your friends might’ve killed Captain America.”  That death wasn’t confirmed, but Barton’s was along with Carey’s and countless S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

“That’s not right.”  Confusion blended with fear, anger, and denial.  Why would Calder attack Avengers?  They were heroes, they were Gabe’s heroes.

“We believe they’re also responsible for the deaths of Dusty Anderson and Jadira Smith.”

“Calder said Dusty left.”

“He lied to you, Gabe.  He’s been lying to you since the beginning, bringing you along on crimes, murders…using you for your powers.”

Gabe’s eyes went wide, wet.  “Murders?“  He tried to think back, remember his outings with others, then frowned deeply and put his head on table.  “Oskar killed that guy…I beat him up, but Oskar killed him.”

“Not just Oskar…Jadira, Jovan, Daken, Calder…they all brought you on the murders of innocent people, ” Liam clarified, tossing out pictures of victims.  “You’re a good guy, Gabe, but these people aren’t.  Weren’t.”

“I’m notta good guy,” Gabe bemoaned, hiding his face in his arms.  “I’m not the hero, I’m the villain.”  Maya would be so disappointed in him.

“You can still be the hero, Gabe.”

“I can fix it.”

Liam nodded.  “By testifying.”

Gabe kept his head on the desk, face hidden, as he focused.  “I can fix it, I can fix it., I can fix it….”  He blocked out Liam and everything else in his determination.  He could undo what Calder and the others did; undo what he’d done.  He brought the images of the dead in his mind, imagined touching them, fixing them, bringing them back to life.  Pain exploded in his head, blood poured from his nose, but he ignored it and continued.

“Gabe?  Gabe!”  Liam caught sight of blood dripping from the other side of the table and shot up.  “Gabe, stop!!”  He knew what he was doing, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was his fear Gabe wouldn’t survive it himself.

He wrapped his arms over his head as the pain worsened, but he stubbornly continued.  Even as he coughed up blood, Gabe refused to stop.  What got him to stop, ultimately, was the start of a severe seizure that caused him to fall out of his chair just as Liam moved to catch him.

“Fuck…” Liam set him on the floor, pushing the furniture away, before scrambling to the emergency button then back.  “Gabe….Gabe, stay with me!”  He called out as the other’s seizure continued, caused Gabe’s eyes to roll back as he choked on his own blood.  “Fuck fuck…” This was all his fault; he’d pushed Gabe too far without understanding his powers enough.  “GABE!!”

Gabe couldn’t hear Liam, couldn’t see anything but bright white, as he slipped away still hoping he fixed it…

Thought ya’ll could use a nice little bit of emotional trauma this fine morning, sorry, haha!  I’m not saying who will ultimately be alive or dead at the end of all this, but Liam’s information on the current status of people is correct at the moment…feel free to mourn appropriately.  Next is…not sure, maybe I’ll finally catch up with Ash/Psylocke and let ya’ll squirm for a bit, mwahaha!! 😈

Main Story: Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33 (NSFW)  Part 34  Part 35  Part 36  Part 37  Part 38  Part 39  Part 40  Part 41  Part 42 (NSFW)  Part 43  Part 44  Part 45  Part 46  Part 47  Part 48  Part 49  Part 50  Part 51  Part 52  Part 53  Part 54  Part 55  Part 56  Part 57  Part 58  Part 59  Part 60  Part 61  Part 62  Part 63  Part 64  Part 65  Part 66  Part 67  Part 68  Part 69  Part 70  Part 71  Part 72  Part 73  Part 74  Part 75  Part 76 

(Ash NSFW Prequel Piece, St Patrick’s Day Prequel, Dusty’s Trauma Extra, Arturo & Clark, Arturo & Owen )

(First gif made by me via YouTube, second found on Google.)

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Frank Gallagher

I’ve watched shameless twice now. The first time I absolutely despised Frank for all of the obvious reasons. He’s a drunk, he doesn’t take care of his kids, he acts like the house is his even though he doesn’t pay a single bill, all he cares about is booze and money, he keeps wanting to go back to Monica even though she makes him even worse (she is now dead thank god). There are many many more reasons to hate Frank Gallagher, but when I watched shameless for the second time, I didn’t hate him I just thought he was funny. Regardless of how much you might hate Frank Gallagher he is fucking hilarious. This post was kind of pointless but I just wanted to say that