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Louis moves back home after graduating from college and finds out that Harry hasn’t changed much in the ways that matter and neither have his feelings for him.  His hair is longer and his voice is deeper and he now owns the bakery where they worked as kids.  But his eyes are just as bright and his dimples are just as beautiful and he’s still everything Louis wants.  Niall and Liam basically help them both get their shit together because what else is new.


Anon: Can you do One Direction Hogwarts AU or Camp Half-Blood or both…
Me: *Puts everyone in the same house, so they can all be together*

There are things he sees, when he’s fighting. He always has, since the beginning, since they started this journey together. When things are grim, he sees. It’s not the rush of flashing visions of a life long lived—instead it is a moment of peace amid disaster where the world slows to a crawl just long enough to breathe. Perhaps it is fate, the early beginnings of a destiny he did not want. Perhaps it is sentiment, the deep-rooted love for those he calls family. But perhaps it is something else entirely. Perhaps it is just Vax’ildan, still alive and waiting for the moment.

I had this weird Thiam thought...

One day Theo and Liam would be out walking in the woods talking about some deep shit and suddenly Theo looks back to find Liam disappeared.

He fell in a hole, again… He’s so embarrassed and just done, he doesn’t even bother crawling out of it, he just was like “Fuck it, I’m gonna live in this hole now.”

Theo would crawl down into the hole and sit next to Liam and they’d just finish their conversation down in this random hole.

People ask where they’d been and they’d reply -“We fell in a hole.”

Blankets (OC, sickfic)

Liam could have predicted this. It had barely been a week since Elliott moved in with him, and already he’d come down with another cold. The move had been a pain, dealing with the administration at Elliott’s university, and moving was stressful under the best circumstances. So Liam wasn’t surprised when Elliott woke one morning sniffling with his head buried beneath the blankets.

What Liam did not predict was coming home from work to find Elliott on the couch, shivering, even though he was clothed in a thick black sweatshirt and fleece pajama pants. His red hair was in complete disarray, and next to him sat a ball of the fluffiest yarn Liam had ever seen. “What are you doing?” he asked.

Elliott jumped as if he hadn’t heard Liam come in. “Er–ndothi’g,” he said. Another shudder overtook him and he lost his grip on the tool in his hand. It fell to the hardwood floor with a sharp clang!

Liam crossed the room and picked it up when Elliott made no move to get it himself. It was a single metal hook, about as long as a pencil and as thick as Liam’s little finger. “Are you knitting?” Liam asked, as Elliott reached for the hook.

“Crocheti’g,” Elliott said, kneading a spot on his forehead. His eyes were a glassy green, half-lidded and blinking as if he were struggling to stay awake. Still, he slipped the hook into a loop on his current project - which looked like a very wide scarf - and continued his stitching, one by one.

“What are you making?” Liam asked, sitting down beside him and casually inspecting his work.

Elliott sniffled and rubbed his nose into the back of his wrist. “A blagket,” he said. “It’s goi’g slower thad I’d like…mby ha’ds are chh-cold–” He twisted away from Liam suddenly with a harsh sneeze, buried hastily into the crook of his elbow. He came out of it slowly, as if he’d sneezed away a portion of his soul.

Liam furrowed his brow. “Bless you,” he said, puzzled. “Why’re you making a blanket now?”

“I’b cold,” Elliott said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He didn’t look up from his work, only kept his elbows close at his sides. Chills visibly wracked his slender frame, and he kept sniffling, now a wet, stunted sound.

“Elliott, I’ve got blankets,” Liam said, resting a warm hand in the middle of Elliott’s back. “Why didn’t you just take one of those?”

Elliott shrugged, but kept his eyes firmly fixed on his strip of blanket. “I dided’t wadt to take theb off the beds. I thought you’d be mbad.”

Liam’s chest tingled with pained sympathy. “I wouldn’t be mad, El’,” he said. “God, I think you’re uncomfortable enough without having to make your own blankets, yeah?”

He scratched lazy circles over Elliott’s back, and felt his boyfriend relax beneath his palm. For a moment, Elliott ceased his stitching in favor of slouching into the cushions and allowing Liam to massage his fingertips into his tense muscles. Liam kept up his ministrations for a few minutes, until another contained tremor resonated beneath his hand.

“Right, I’m getting the comforter off the guest bed,” Liam said, standing before Elliott could protest. He certainly tried, as Liam strode down the hall, but it only ended in a fit of grating coughs and a muffled groan. Liam, meanwhile, tore the thick blanket from the bed in the other room and shook it in an effort to get the dust off. It had been a while since anyone had stayed in the room, and if he were honest, he hadn’t been as thorough with the cleaning as he had with the rest of the house. He brought it out to Elliott, who had abandoned his blanket on the cushion beside him, and was now huddled with his arms wrapped around himself, fingers retracted into his sweatshirt sleeves.

As soon as Liam draped the blanket over Elliott’s shoulders, the ill man hugged it closer, as if he’d just been out in a snowstorm. Liam palmed his forehead. It was warm, but not too warm - a low grade fever at most.

“I’m going to make you some soup,” Liam decided, piling all of the pillows on the couch at one end. “You lie down, and I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

He took the yarn and the hook and set it down on the coffee table while Elliott adjusted himself to lean into the nest of pillows. Once Liam was satisfied, he gave him a last pat on the head and turned toward the kitchen.

He hadn’t even made it to the door when he heard Elliott’s light snoring, and he smiled to himself. Just as he’d predicted.

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Nouiam fic: Part 1 Liam hesitated a moment in the quiet of the hall, biting his lip, one hand on the door jam and the other raised ready to knock. In the corner of his eye, Niall's profile stood in the wings struming his guitar, looking to him with raised eyebrows. The distant cries of the fans in the auditorium grew in volume and energy. He finally knocked gently, opening the door to find Louis standing in the haloed light of the make-up dresser holding a framed picture.

“Ready?” Liam asked, glancing at the old picture of ot5 at one of their first gigs. Sentiment clutched his belly as Louis placed the pic on the dresser and looked back at him, blinking away moisture. Then he smiled. “I’m ready, Payno…lets go!” He moved forward rubbing his hands together and Liam squeezed his far shoulder as they left the room and joined Niall. “Hey, they are callin’ for us,” Niall greeted in his joyful Irish brouge, “it’s going to be amazing!”

And as they embraced and owned the stage that night, greeted by the screams of joyous fans, it really, really was

Longer than 5 sentences, but it was much longer when I first wrote it. 😊 Hope you liked!

Anon–THANK YOU! (I edited out the post numbers so it would be easier to read. I hope that’s OK!)

I love it, I love it, I love it. And I would be here for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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When he felt a pang of jealousy, he panicked. He and Brett were enemies, rivals, he shouldn’t be jealous is any way that he was dancing with someone else. Boys like to dance with girls, no biggie.

Except now he’s dancing with a boy.

‘So he’s either bi or likes to have fun with whomever,’ Liam thought to himself.
'Whomever but you,’ said another voice in the back of his head, causing his face to redden.

“So is this club mixed?” He asked his best friend.

“Ish,” Mason replied, following Liam’s gaze.
What was he doing!? Why would Mason, his dear best friend, leaving him alone with guys all over him, to flirt with the enemy! Didn’t he know that Brett hated Liam? Didn’t he know Liam was bad at talking to strangers? Didn’t he know that Liam was straight? Not like he had anything against gays, but it was pretty uncomfortable being surrounded by naked torsos and constantly having to deny dancing.

Suddenly there was a hand sliding on his shoulder and a body pressing closer. Turning around, Liam prepared himself to tell the stranger to leave him alone only to be shocked by a familiar face.

“Hey, shorty. Havin’ fun?” Brett asked, wearing his trademark smirk.

Liam just gave a small shrug and looked away from Brett’s burning gaze.

“Oh come on! Dance with me, yeah?” Liam was dragged unwillingly- no, he let himself be pulled away from the bar. Next thing he knew, hands were gliding over Liam, hot breath on his neck, and a body moving against his, with his. His mind was clouded, couldn’t think straight at all.

“W-where’s Mason?” He asked shakily, finding it hard to talk.

Brett’s mouth moved up to Liam’s ear, “He went to the bathroom, he’ll be back.”

The warm breath against his ear caused Liam to shiver.
'What is wrong with me? I don’t like Brett AT ALL.’ He told himself over and over.

But then their bodies were closer. Brett laid his hands on Liam’s hips and actually kissed his neck. Just when Liam thought he couldn’t get enough, he was gone. Just vanished into the crowd. There were too many bodies to be able to pick up Brett’s scent.

'Why would I care, anyway? I don’t want to find him!’ Liam convinced himself.. for the moment.
Liam woke up to find a text from Mason.

/dude last night was so much fun, thanks for being my flight attendant ;)/
/yeah yeah no problemo. Score any dates?/  he replied back. Instead of getting an answer to his question, Mason asked if his best friend wanted to come over and play video games.

What Liam was expecting when he got there was Mason wandering around or trying to improve his Call of Duty skills.
What he didn’t expect was Brett Talbot sitting awfully close to Mason while they battled for most kills.

Liam just stood in the doorway and watched in amazement as Brett tackled the smaller boy. They were both laughing loudly as they rolled on the ground.

“Uhh.. sorry to intrude…” Liam turned on his heel, ready to go straight back home when Mason called out his name.

“Hey, Liam!” Mason wore a stupid, happy grin and Brett looked up.

“Hey, shorty.”
“Dammit! I just wanted the stupid Mystery Box,” Mason sighed as he wanted for another round of Black Ops 2: Zombies.

“Hey it’s okay, babe. I wasn’t covering you,” Brett told Mason, his so called boyfriend.

Liam muttered under his breath about how gross the couple were and how you can’t get a boyfriend that fast. He never even considered that Brett would be listening to every word as they fought the zombies. He even smelt a whirl of emotions on the 15 year old: jealousy, anger, sadness, slight disgust. Hell, Brett could even read it on Liam’s face.

Liam was trying to be happy for his friend, he really was, but there was still jealousy and anger radiating off him. He couldn’t quite figure it out, either. Yeah, he understood that it was Brett Talbot, the person who took pictures of their coach’s vandalized car, but that wouldn’t make up for everything he felt.

He just focused on the game in front of him and tried to compressed his feelings.
It went on for days.

The hand holding, the snogging, the giggling at things that Liam never found out about. Tons of people thought Brett and Mason were pretty cute together. Even Liam, in the slightest way, thought they were cute. That fueled his jealousy, the jealousy be still didn’t understand he felt.

One day, Mason came over to Liam’s house proudly sporting some hickies. He acted like he was trying to hide it, but he really wasn’t. Liam didn’t really blame him, Mason had been wanting a boyfriend for a while, and he was especially happy that it was from one of the hottest werewolves around.

“He’s pretty sweet, you know,” Mason was telling his best friend.
“He’s funny and kinda protective over me. You two are friends now, right?”

Liam shrugged, pretending to be extremely concentrated on his video game.

“If you’re still mad at him, it’s one sided. Brett has said that he thinks you’re a cool guy, and really good at lacrosse. Besides, wouldn’t it be kind of horrible to hate your best friend’s boyfriend?”

Liam just pursed his lips, not wanting to hear about precious Brett anymore.

A few minutes later, the two friends heard a 'tap tap tap’ on Liam’s window that wasn’t the usual rain pattering down. They both looked over to see Brett waiting to be let it his hair dripping. As soon as Liam let him in, he hopped over to his boyfriend, giving him and kiss and throwing a small smirk at Liam.

“Ready to go?” Brett inquired. Ready to go where?

“Yep!” Mason grinned then turned to Liam, “Oh I forgot to tell you, sorry. Brett and I are going on a date. I’ll see you later though, okay?” Liam just nodded and let out a quiet 'yeah no problem.’

Brett smiled at the small boy, “Great, thanks for letting me take this awesome boy out,” he winked and lead Mason out.

Liam sat still in silence until he knew Brett and Mason were gone gone. Tears welled in his eyes and he started to understand everything.

He stood up abruptly, hands in fists and breathing hard. Liam couldn’t control his anger, so he started destroying things. He threw his chair, tore off the sheets on his bed, chucked his pillows down the hall. He knocked textbooks off his text and threw a couple other books. Liam punched his wall then sprinted as fast as he could into the wet woods.

His mind was completely fogged up and his throat burned. Thunder roared above and the rain got harder.

'Why would he do this? Why would he completely lead me on, then steal my best friend away from me? Everything is his fault, everything! Stupid Brett, I hate him!’ Liam screamed in his mind.

Liam pushed his legs even harder until he tripped over a tree root and crashed into the ground. Sprawled in the dirt and mud, Liam cried. He cried hard, letting everything flow out with his tears.

'Brett Brett Brett, this is all his fault. All his fault…’

Didn’t Liam like girls and just girls? Why was he so upset about this? He was pissed that Brett was basically stealing Mason away from him but the fact that he acted interested in Liam made everything so much worse. They had danced, their bodies were touching, Brett had kissed his neck.

'Maybe that’s why he disappeared,’ Liam thought. 'To mess with my mind then go back to playing with Mason. That douche!’

Liam laid on the ground sobbed uncontrollably for another half hour. His whole body was soaked and his torso was covered in mud. Eyes red and puffy and legs weak, Liam slowly made his way back home. His mom was out of town for a few days and his step dad was working the night shift at the hospital, so he’d be at home alone for a while.
Showers were such a relief when you have been out in the cold rain for a long time, especially in a fit of rage.

Too tired to clean up majorly, Liam grabbed a pillow and hugged it tight while laying down. With his mind finally clear, Liam came to a conclusion: he liked Brett. He liked how he was almost a foot taller than Liam, how he had a trademark sexy smirk, how his hair seemed messy and put together at the same time, how his eyes were the most gorgeous bluest blue he had ever seen. When did he even start liking him? That night at the club? When he first met him? Liam couldn’t tell, but the dancing and then dating Mason definitely brought it out.

Liam flipped over on his side, his back facing the window that was still slightly cracked open.

“Looks like now I gotta get over him,” Liam sighed. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his body.

“Get over who?” A voice he recognized said softly. Liam shut his eyes, not believing Brett was actually there.

“Liam…” Brett breathed against the smaller boy. He made Liam turn over to face him and smiled.

“What do you want?” Liam asked, a hint of sharpness in his voice.

“What has been up with you lately? I know you well enough to know that you shouldn’t have been this angry and jealous like you have been ever since Mason and I got together.” Brett furrowed his eyebrows, even though he pretty much knew the answer.

Letting out a sigh, Liam told him that he thought it was unfair how Brett was stealing Mason from him and that he felt.. used in a way. He explained that at the club, he thought Brett was with him because he liked him, not because he was bored with Mason was gone.

“I figured you were interested in me, but then you seemed to not be when I did talk to you. But you think I was stealing Mason away from you? He actually seemed to like me and I did too, and we hung out like boyfriends do.” Brett told Liam.

“Whatever, doesn’t matter now. Go on, have fun with your boyfriend. I don’t even know why you’re here.”

“Mason and I broke up,” Brett said flatly.

Liam turned back around to study the older boy’s face. He wasn’t lying.

Brett continued, “We both agreed it was better. Dating wasn’t as fun, and it was pretty obvious that you wanted me.”

With his jaw dropped, Liam exclaimed, “What?!”

“Yeah, anyone with eyes or ears would be able to tell.” Brett smirked while Liam just stared, a pretty pink blush reaching the tips of his ears.

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, the eldest werewolf bit his lip before smashing them against Liam’s. Twisting his fingers in Brett’s hair, Liam gladly kissed back. He was fairly inexperienced in the kissing department, but he tried his best, and Brett enjoyed everything he was offered.

Brett lightly dragged his fangs across Liam’s jaw, down to his neck where he began kissing it. The actions caused Liam to moan, which then encouraged the boy to do more. Anything to elicit more noises like that.

“B-Brett, Brett stop,” Liam panted. Misunderstanding Liam, Brett continued sucking his neck.

“Brett, stop. I don’t- I don’t want to do this,” Brett met Liam’s eyes with his own filled with concern.

“I just.. I just want to take this a bit slower, okay?” Brett nodded at Liam’s request and got up from on top of him.

He checked his phone. “It’d kind of late, I’m gonna head home now.” Brett made his way for the door before a hand pulled him back.

“N-no. I mean… do you want to stay over?” Brett couldn’t resist Liam’s puppy eyes as he asked.

He smiled, “I’d love to.”

Needless to say, Liam’s shirts were a bit too small on Brett.

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For the three part meme! Chills, Hand carding through hair, and "I've had worse" :3

slkdjflsakfj thank you so much, I’m so excited to do this!!

(Sickie’s pov)

Liam had been fighting this stupid cold for days. Everyone around him knew it would catch up with him eventually, but even he couldn’t have predicted how hard it would hit him. Now, he lay in bed, shivering after his last - if far too long - shift of the week.

“This really brought you down, eh?” Elliott said, approaching with a steaming mug of tea and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Liam sniffled, and huffed a sigh. “I’ve had worse.”

Elliott snorted and reached out to card his fingers through Liam’s dark, sweat-dampened hair. “Yeah? Since when?”

It took Liam a moment to answer. If he had to be ill, this was his favorite part of it. He loved Elliott’s touch, those practiced, gentle fingertips caressing his hair. He couldn’t help but wilt beneath them. He closed his eyes, felt his breathing slow down, ready to let himself be carried off to sleep until, for a reason he couldn’t place, he startled back to wakefulness and remembered he had not yet acknowledged Elliott’s question.

“I had flu last year,” he said lamely. Another shudder overtook him, and he huddled further beneath the comforter, wishing the stupid fever would leave him alone, if nothing else.

Elliott arched an eyebrow. “Right,” he said. “I wouldn’t count this one out just yet.”

(Caretaker’s pov)

Elliott doesn’t want to wake Liam. He needs his rest, and Elliott knows that. He’s also been asleep for most of the day, and Elliott is worried that if he doesn’t eat, he’ll be even weaker than he already is.

And so, he pads up the carpeted staircase with a bowl of hot soup that he hopes Liam will agree to eat. Liam does like his homemade soup, after all. If Elliott is going to persuade him to have something, this is the best he’s got.

He enters their loft bedroom to find Liam buried in blankets - Elliott had gotten him extra when Liam kept saying he was too cold - with only half of his face visible against the pillow. It isn’t until Elliott gets a closer look that he realizes Liam is still shivering. The chills come in tight bursts, and with each one, Liam’s brow furrows as if in unconscious frustration. Even in his sleep, he can’t get comfortable. Elliott supposes, then, that there’s no harm in waking him.

Elliott rests a gentle hand atop Liam’s head, as a warning in case it was a light sleep. When Liam didn’t move, Elliott sifted his fingers through Liam’s hair. His scalp was hot, a testament to the fever settled beneath his boyfriend’s skin, made more obvious by the flush across his cheeks.

“Hey, Ave,” Elliott says, voice low. He brushes a few strands of hair back from Liam’s face, tucking it behind his ear. It will fall back out of place as soon as Liam shifts position, but Elliott isn’t doing this to tidy him up. If there were ever a time Liam were allowed to look disheveled, this is it.

Finally, Liam wakes, lashes fluttering as he peers up with glassy, slate blue eyes. “Tibe’s it?” he mumbles, emerging from his blanket next.

“Half past five,” Elliott says. “You must feel pretty bad if you slept the entire day away.”

Liam shrugs. “I’ve had worse.”

Elliott takes the statement with a grain of salt. He knows Liam has had worse, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t plenty bad, too. “I brought you some soup,” he says, offering the bowl. “You hungry?”

Liam sits up slowly. “Ndoh, but I’ll eat if you mbade it.”

“I must have like a chimera magnet or something,” Mason says, leaning against the bleachers. “This is the second one I’ve found-are you listening to me?”

Brett starts and looks at him. His face is pinched in an odd way but he nods. “Yep. Two chimeras.” 

“Corey doesn’t seem as homicidal though. More like Hayden. Maybe he hadn’t been activated yet? Or something?”

“Isn’t this the boyfriend of the guy you were making out with last week?” Brett asks abruptly and Mason sort of blinks at him.

“Uh. Yeah.”

Brett kicks some dirt off his shoe against the bleacher. “Did you make out with him too?”

Mason’s eyes narrow. “Not that it’s any of your business but…no. He wanted to though. I think he’s having a rough time since you know, his boyfriend attacked him and then up and disappeared.” 

“You shouldn’t be running around kissing chimeras,” Brett says, immediately biting his lip like he wishes he hadn’t.

Mason stands up. “Listen buddy,” and he instantly makes a face at how juvenile he sounds but soldiers on like a champ, “you really don’t have a say on who I make out with okay? If you don’t want me making out with random chimeras why don’t you do something about it?” 

Brett looks at him suddenly and Mason falters and swallows, eyes flicking to Brett’s lips. He wonders if Brett can hear his heart thumping in his chest, guesses yeah from the way Brett’s lips quirk. He knows Brett knows he thinks he’s hot and he knows they’ve been kind of…dancing around each other for lack of a better word, ever since Brett and Liam managed to put whatever grudge they had aside. 

Mason thinks he’s actually going to do it, actually going to lean over and kiss him. 

Until he hears Liam shout for him across the field.

Brett slams himself back in his seat, looking anywhere but at Mason, who is looking nowhere except at Brett. At least until Liam joins them, looking at Mason worriedly.

“Hey. Scott told me you found another chimera. Like Hayden?”

Mason nods. “Corey. We were at the club-”

“Again?” Liam asks, smirking.

Brett stands up. “Looks like you guys got the situation under control. Well,” he amends, “Scott probably does.”

He gifts Liam with what is probably supposed to be a mean smirk but comes across as more of a playful grin which Liam returns with a middle finger and a smile. Brett doesn’t look at Mason, just nods in his direction and sets off across the field.

Mason watches him go until Liam nudges him. His friend’s face is kind when he turns to face him and Liam tilts his head to the side, glancing back at Brett’s retreating figure.


Mason forces a smile. “Everything’s great.”

He knows Liam can tell he’s lying but Liam, thankfully, doesn’t press.

Liam convinces Mason to return to Sinamex. Liam claims it’s because they keep running into chimeras here but Mason really knows that now that he and Hayden are A Thing, Liam just really wants a chance to stare adoringly at her all night.

“I can’t believe it,” Mason mutters as Hayden walks by them and smiles (actually smiles at Liam) “You came here to be my co-pilot and instead you knocked me out and flew the plane yourself.”

Liam wrinkles his nose. “You need a better metaphor.”

Mason sighs and looks out around the club, wondering if his Mr. Right is hiding somewhere nearby or if maybe he’d have better luck out of Beacon Hills. 

“You okay?” Liam asks, “And can you be honest with me this time?”

Mason smiles sadly. “I guess I’m just…lonely. It’s a lot easier for other people to find boyfriends at Beacon Hills, I guess.”

Liam frowns. “You’ll find someone. You’re a great catch! Who doesn’t want someone with an affinity for werewolves and all things supernatural?”

Mason raises an eyebrow at him and Liam just grins. 

“You know what though? I think you’re gonna be a lot less lonely in a minute.”

Mason stares at him until he feels someone tug at his hand and suddenly he’s flipped around into someone’s embrace. Brett’s embrace, he amends and Brett is smirking at him, hands suddenly low on Mason’s hips.

“What are we doing?” Mason asks, moving in turn with Brett’s hands.

“We’re dancing,” Brett says, leading him further onto the dance floor and tugging him until they’re basically chest to chest.

“No, I mean,” Mason says and then he shakes his head.

Brett leans in until he’s brushing his nose against Mason’s. “I’m doing something about it.”

And then he’s leaning in, pressing their lips together in a sweetly desperate kiss.

“So,” Liam says, “You and Mason.”

Brett’s grinning. “Me and Mason.”

Liam shuffles his feet and glances back at the slowly emptying club, where they’re waiting on Hayden and Mason to come from.

“You’re going to smell him on me. A lot,” Brett warns cheerfully.

“Good thing I don’t want to kill you anymore,” Liam says and his eyes slide over to meet Brett’s.

Brett stares him down for a second before he’s grinning and then they’re knocking their fists together, a long way from the two boys who tried to kill each other on a lacrosse field. 

And really, Liam thinks, if Brett makes Mason happy- that’s what matters.

Finally he spies Mason coming toward them and he grins, even as Mason sidles up to Brett’s side and Brett wraps an arm tight around his waist.

“No chimeras tonight,” Brett says, almost cheerfully.

“No chance to really find one, “Mason says, “as your tongue was down my throat all night.”

Brett grins and leans in to nuzzle Mason’s neck and Liam makes a face. 

“Just because I’m cool with it doesn’t mean I need to see the PDA,” he says and Mason just looks at him.

“Dude, you and Hayden.”

Liam grins, chastened. “Noted.”

“What about me?” Hayden asks, joining their group and bumping her shoulder with Liam’s.

“You guys are gross,” Mason says and Hayden purses her lips and then kind of nods in a so-so fashion.

Brett snorts and then presses his lips against Mason’s ear. “Let me walk you home?”

Mason beams. “Sure thing, strong werewolf boyfriend. See you guys later.”

Liam and Hayden raise their hands in weirdly synchronized waves as Brett and Mason cross the parking lot hand-in-hand. Hayden turns to Liam expectantly.

“So are you taking me home?”

Liam grins sheepishly. “Well since you’re the one of us with a car, I was hoping you’d be taking me home.”

Hayden shakes her head and tsks at him. “Losing your street cred here, scary werewolf man.”

But she grins and knocks her hand against his as they walk toward her car. 


“Uh, can I help you?” Liam asks.  He doesn’t want to be rude, but the kid’s been staring at him for the better part of ten minutes.  Liam always gets flustered when people stare at him, and plus this kid’s got these big brown eyes with sweeping, too-long eyelashes that make Liam’s chest feel weird.

“Yeah,” says the kid.  “Sorry, I – I was just wondering how much you know about the Andromeda galaxy.  You work here, right?”

“I do,” says Liam, fiddling with his name badge.  He doesn’t know shit about the Andromeda galaxy.  Does anyone?  He’s almost 100% sure there aren’t even any exhibits here about that.  “What do you want to know?”

The kid shrugs.  “Everything.  I’m in this awful astronomy class at uni, and I’ve got a project due next week.”

“On the – uh, Andromeda galaxy?”

“Yep,” says the kid, crossing the polished floor to lean against the counter, next to the glossy pamphlets about the solar system.  He smiles up at Liam. “Tell me everything you know.  I’m ready to learn.”   

“Uh,” says Liam, “well – I just need to think for a minute.”  It’s a lie.  There’s nothing to think about.  Biology is more Liam’s strong suit.  He swallows, trying not to focus too hard on the kid’s heartbreaking cheekbones, or the way his long slender fingers drum impatiently on the counter.  Why couldn’t he be asking about turtles, or something?  The silence drags on.  Liam rubs the back of his head with a nervous laugh.

“Well, um, I know it’s – pretty far away –”

“You don’t know anything about it, do you,” says the kid, sounding amused.  He squints at Liam’s name tag.  “Liam.”

“No,” Liam admits.  “Nothing.  I don’t know why they’ve put me in the space section here.  I’m completely useless.  I can look it up on my phone, if you want.”  

“You’re not useless,” says the kid, with a devastating little smile that makes Liam bite his lip.  “You’re cute.  What time do you get off?”

“Six,” Liam says.  “I’m not sure. It depends how many other people have questions about space.”

“Questions you can’t answer,”says the kid, smirking.  “Well, if you want to, maybe we can – look up some answers together.  I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Sure,” says Liam, heart pounding hard.  The kid smiles at him, and his soft dark eyes seem to sparkle.  Like he knows very well the effect he’s having on Liam.  

“I’m Zayn, by the way,” says the kid.  “I’ll be waiting outside when you get off, okay?”

“Okay,” says Liam.  “To look up – some answers.  For your project.”

“Exactly,” says Zayn, with another sparkly-eyed smile.  He could probably kill someone with that. Liam thinks it wouldn’t be a bad way to go. “I have a lot of questions.”

this is for swallowsmateforlyfe who made me to think about SCIENCE CENTER LIAM and inquisitive student Zayn and so you can blame her for this 100% :)

(One where Liam asks about Theo’s living situation.)

Liam: Theo, have you been staying in your truck this entire time?

Theo: So what if I have? *Rolls his eyes not in the mood for this conversation.*

Liam: …Don’t you have anywhere else you could stay? *Trying his best not to sound concerned.*

Theo: I don’t exactly have friends I can crash with, Liam. It was either my truck or the Dread Doctors lab. So I picked the obvious choice. *Shrugs.*

Liam: We both know why you don’t have friends, Theo. *Scolding tone. Then adjusts his posture in an “I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen, way.”* You’ll stay with me until you can make a friend that’ll put up with you. “Well, shit…now I’m literally stuck with him, forever.”

Theo: *Lips twists into a smug grin* So you’re doing this because I’m your “Responsibility,” or because you can’t help but be within arms reach of me at all times now?

Liam: I’m trying to help you, you ungrateful little shit! *Lets out a small wolf growl*

Theo: …*Shoulders slump slightly as he processes what he just heard. His smug grin turns into a more genuine one.* I guess this is where a normal person would say, thank you?

Liam: You’re not even gonna thank me properly are you? *Unimpressed beta.*

Theo:  I will. *Cocks his head to the side with a mischievously enthusiastic expression.* I think I’ll just find a way that doesn’t involve words.

( I wanted to write about the big blue elephant in the room. Otherwise known as Theo’s truck and homelessness. There are already some great fanfics out that people have written about this! They are soo good! You guys should check them out!)