liam u ok


Interview about season 8. (via AndEspeciallyFU on twitter)

  • Past Me: One Direction are completely overworked it's not good they need to slow down and take their time with stuff.
  • Present Me: chop fucking chop lads gimme that solo shit I mean c'mon a little speed never hurt anyone gimme the goods I'm too impatient for this nonsense

fans :  oh no……. brett would never do that to liam?????? are u kidding

me :  ok but brett also teased liam about his disorder CONSTANTLY ….  it was the first thing he did on screen, wasn’t it?   he did it multiple times later on,  as well.   it’s not that shocking.

ok so this is gonna sound cheesy n stuff but i just really wanted to thank you guys because you’ve supported me with a lot of stuff (especially when i came out to you guys as transgender, that’s the most important thing for myself and i was really scared and you made me feel comfortable and a lot better about it) and honestly you’ve helped me to be who i am now, i am a happy person and i am happy with who i am and i owe a lot of that to you because you’ve always made me feel accepted and made me feel better and with your nice mesages you make my day and when real life gets messy i know that i can come here and just have a good time because you’re all nice peeps with me and i’m really really grateful, thank you for being so lovely and kind with me, i love you loads, i don’t even see the toxic people anymore because your kindness and beauty is getting all of my attention