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Liam x Reader

Warnings: smut, sex, public sex, rough, biting, +18 gif undercut

Liam let out a low grumble as he shifted in his seat. It took all he had not to crawl under the table and bury his head between your thighs. Instead he glared at you from across the table while prodding his lunch with a fork.

When he finally had enough one hand vanished under the table and just as he had reached your thigh Scott’s hand grabbed his wrist while his glare was fixed on you. “Stop it (Y/N), don’t look at me like that we can all smell you.”

“Well we can’t.” Stiles added and jerked his thumb at Liam. “But this one looks ready to make it with the nearest thing that moves so, it’s a little obvious.” He chuckled when you pulled a face on innocence before leaving without a word, throwing a bright smile over your shoulder at Liam who looked like he was half way between a dead faint and crawling through the canteen over to you.

During your lesson Mason sat between you and tried to keep you both focused on the work. “… the trip will begin tomorrow morning and will end on the Saturday evening,it is compulsory even for those on the Lacrosse team.” Your teacher finished but you had barely pulled your eyes away from Liams.

When the class finished the three of you met the pack at Scott’s locker per usual and started walking out to Lydia and Stiles’ cars. “So is anyone else going on that trip because we have to miss the game?” Liam asked and Stiles rolled his eyes.

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Tell me neither of you bit her! A Thiam!Threesome Smut

Malia had warned me about my heat. She told me that the only reason she got through it was because she had Stiles and now she has Scott. Scott had Deaton tell me exactly what it was and how long it would last. I was told to stay away from the other males in the pack. According to Deaton a female in heat was nearly impossible to resists. A male werecreature can smell her pheromones and will try to mate with her. As for the female she will want to mate. Her heat drives her crazy since she is highly aroused. He suggested that I stay home from school and take a lot of cold showers, and masturbate. He said I should masturbate often to keep my need to mate at a minimum.

I was two days into my heat and already I was going crazy. I had gotten my mom to tell the school that we would be out of town for a family emergency. It got me out of school for a week and Scott told the pack to leave me alone. The girls knew why but Scott kept it from the boys, mainly from Theo and Liam.
I had already masturbated six times and it wasn’t helping. I wanted more than just a buzzing toy. I wanted to be dominated and owned. I wanted to be pounded into oblivion. I needed someone to screw, no scratch that, I needed someone to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk. I groaned loudly as I was hit with another wave of arousal.

I walked to my room and laid on my bed. I had stopped wearing underwear since it just made everything worse, I just wore a light skirt I had taken from my mom’s closet. I grabbed my vibrator and turned it on high. I started rubbing the tip against my clit, moaning loudly. I just started fucking myself with it when there was a banging on my front door. I growled trying to ignore it but it was hard with all the yelling. Once I focused on it I could make out the voices of Theo and Liam. “Y/N, we know you’re in there.” Liam yelled. “We can hear your heart beat.” Theo added. “Come Y/N, we just want to know you’re ok. Scott won’t tell us why you’re not at school, or why we can’t see you.”

I got tired of their yelling so I tossed my toy to the side and angrily stomped my way to the front door. I yanked it open and glared at the two boys. “I’m fine!” At first they were shocked but then their expressions changed. Both of their eyes flashed to amber before they moved forward and trapped my body between them. I was gonna push them away when Liam started kissing my chest and Theo started kissing my neck. I gave in to their touch immediately and they knew I was theirs’.

Theo gripped the neckline of my shirt and Liam gripped the hem, together they ripped it in two. Liam’s lips went straight for my exposed breasts. His tongue lapped at my nipple while his hand squeezed my other breast. Theo let his hand worm it’s way into my skirt, letting his fingers rub against my pussy. I moaned loudly and was ready to tell them to have their way when I felt a cool breeze against my heated skin. “My room, we should go to my room.” Liam kicked my front door closed and both boys followed me upstairs.

Once we made it to my room I was pushed on to the bed and Theo was on top of me. He spread my legs with his knees and shoved two fingers inside me. “So wet baby.” He purred in my ear as he started fingering me. Liam growled and pulled Theo off me, I groaned at the loss of contact. “Boys don’t fight, last time I checked I can take you both.” My words had a double meaning and the boys knew it. Liam and Theo both growled, the smell of their arousal growing.

Theo smirked at me and pulled me up, ripping my skirt off and tossing it to the side. He kissed me roughly. “Hands and knees baby.” He lifted me up and placed me on the bed, I got down on my hands and knees facing Theo. He walked up to me and gripped my jaw. “Open wide.” I looked up at him as I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out slightly. Theo wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and tapped my tongue with it before sliding into my mouth.

He gathered my hair into a make shift pony tail, using it to hold my head in place as he fucked my mouth. Liam climbed onto the bed behind me, rubbing my aching core with his fingers. Theo pushed his cock as deep as he could causing me to choke. I pulled off Theo, moaning loudly when I felt Liam’s tongue start lapping at my clit. Theo pushed his cock back into my mouth, fucking my throat raw. Liam started tongue fucking me while rubbing my clit with two fingers.

It was the most attention I’ve gotten since my heat began. All my senses were on high making my body shake. “I think she’s gonna cum Liam.” Theo smirked as he held me in place, shoving his cock deep in my throat. I started gagging making him moan. Liam got behind me and lined his cock up with my entrance. I pushed back on him when he slid his dick inside me. Liam gripped my hips, I could feel his claws digging into my hips, as he started thrusting.

Theo pulled out and looked at Liam. “Let her ride you.” Liam growled, not liking being told what to do by Theo. “Let me ride your cock Liam.” I moaned as I sat up on my knees. He kissed my neck before laying down on my bed, Theo gestured for me to turn and face Liam. I did as I was told before straddling Liam, and sliding his cock back inside me. Before I could start bouncing Theo pushed me down and lined up his cock. “You said you could take us both. Were you lying baby?” I shook my head ready to beg for him to fuck me. “Let’s see about that.”

He pushed his cock inside me slowly, stretching me more than I’ve ever been before. I clawed at my bed, growling in pure pleasure. “Fuck!” Both boys started thrusting at the same time, pinning me between them. It took every ounce of control I had to keep from shredding my bed to pieces. “Fuck Theo, holy shit Liam!” Their thrusts sped up, Theo slamming into me causing my bed to rock.

My body tensed up as I felt my orgasm build. Theo gripped my hair and yanked my head back. “You gonna cum baby?” I growled out a yes while digging my claws into my mattress. “I don’t think so baby. Not unless I say so.” My fangs showed as I growled at Theo. Liam reached between our bodies and started rubbing my clit. “You can hold it baby.” Now Liam was getting dominate. It took all my power to hold off my climax, my claws were buried deep in the memory foam of my bed, my eyes were golden, and my fangs were bared.

Theo started thrusting faster as Liam started slamming into me. “You wanna cum don’t you baby?” Theo growled in my ear. “Fuck! Can I cum please?” I didn’t want to beg Theo but I needed to cum and they weren’t giving me what I needed. “Keep begging and maybe I’ll let you.” Both boys started to slow their movements making me whimper. “Please Theo let me cum? I wanna cum so bad. Fuck baby let me cum!” I growled loudly just as they both started slamming into me.

My orgasm hit me hard making me see colors. My pussy clenched around their cocks making them cum with me. Theo and Liam roared before sinking their teeth into my neck. They kept thrusting slowly, riding out their highs. When they calmed down they released my neck. Theo pulled out of me before laying down next to Liam, I rolled off Liam and laid between the two boys. “For the love of god! Tell me neither of you bit her!” Scott roared from my door way.

Part Two

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The way Liam moves his hips. FUCKKKK

Yes anon!!! The way he moves his hips is absolutely sinful!

I mean we get hip swivels and some abs

and sometimes we get straight up thrusting

and then we’ll get a hip swivel plus a mic flip and him looking sexy as hell

and sometimes he’s just adorable

or you know he’s giving a demonstration of graining on that wood heh

then sometimes he goes from sexy to adorable boy I just wanna hug in one second

but you know sometimes slow and steady will get it ;)

or quick and fast ;)

and sometimes he doesn’t care if he kills us all from his hip swivels

Sometimes I’m like 


but most of the time I’m like  

(GIFS NOT MINE!! Credit to the gif makers)

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yo why was tmh tour so ziam af like for sure fucking was going on?

UM YES tmht was a literal ziam goldmine esp the european leg like i get the shakes just thinkin abt it but that tour on a whole was ziam AS HELL we were blessed w so MUCH like u could just cut the sexual tension with a KNIFE am not even lying tbh we got shit like this on the daily

what the actual FUCK no wonder that vid got deleted jesus chrisist n then theres all the buttslaps n thrusting 2wards eachother (i swear i got like 50 gifs saved solely of liam thrusting at zayn irfl) n things like zayn checking out liam n then saying ‘nice’ bc liams tshirt was wet and u could see his nipple and zayn wiping between liams ass w. liam’s bandana like ???? LMFAO #nevr4get :’-(

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scott's appraisal of liam

“It’s good to finally meet you,” Liam says, thrusting his hand out at Scott. Scott stares at Liam for a second before shaking his hand. Liam doesn’t even acknowledge the hesitation. “Liam Kosta.”

“Yeah, I remember you pre-jump. You’re one of Dad’s handpicked guys.” Even as Scott talks, he’s looking over Liam’s shoulder at his sister, brow furrowed.

Sara has a lot of answers to give him. She’s conveniently left out a few personal details, and he doesn’t think he really likes it.

“You also made out with my sister in front of a crowd?”

Sara’s ears are completely red, and she coughs into her hand. “Small detail, Scott.”

But Liam laughs. Not like he thinks Scott’s made the world’s best joke, he’s not pandering to his girlfriend’s family. He just genuinely sounds happy about everything. Scott watches as this guy wraps his arm around his sister’s shoulders and pull her in closer. Sara goes easily, letting herself rest again him, her arm around his waist.

“Okaaaaay.” He presses his lips together. One induced coma, and his sister has gone from hopelessly single to – “He proposed to you. In front of everyone.”

Her face is red now.

Liam rubs the back of his neck with his free hand, his grin edging more on awkward nervousness. “I have a problem with just blurting out things around your sister. I feel it, I want it, I tell her.”

“Right.” He rubs a hand over his face now. He needs to go back to bed for another 600 years, maybe. He’s been half-dead, wakes up to a bunch of nonsense, was kidnapped, hijacked for his brain, and now… “You’re essentially dating yourself, Sara.”

Sara’s eyebrows almost disappear into her hairline as she turns to look up at Liam. There’s a tug of a smile on her lips when she does it. “Yeah, I guess we are kinda similar.”

“You know, I wasn’t going to say it, but he’s not wrong.”

They kiss.

He’s not sure if Andromeda can handle the three of them, honestly.

Preference 1) "Faster"

First one from my Wattpad and I’m nervous


The sweat beat down your forehead has Liam thrust into deeper. You gripped his biceps as sucked between the valley of your breast making you moan louder, but you needed more. “Liam, I know I said go slow and make love to me, but I need you to go faster.” You said, trying to keep your voice even. “I want all of you.” You begged. “I thought you never ask, baby.” He growled with a devil-like smile. He adjusted you a bit before thrusting into you faster and deeper. “Li-Liam fuck!” You yelled, bunching the bed sheets underneath you. Each thrust directly hit your g-spot, making you yell out. He smirked. “Be careful what you wish for.”


“Niall, please. I’m sorry” You apologized again. Niall’s hands roughly held down your hips, restricting you from moving. He was slowly thrusting into you making it almost painful. “Niall!” You whined again. “Are you gonna listen to me this time like a good girl?” He asked, stopping his thrust. “Yes, I promise. Please just go faster. Just fuck me!” You moaned before he let go of your hips, thrusting into you faster. “Oh God, Niall.” You whispered, barely audible. He smirked and started to rub your clitoris in circles making you moan louder. “Only good girls get to feel this good, babe.”


You had Zayn’s wrists cuffed above him, connected to the headboard. “Baby, I need you now.” Zayn begged, rattling his cuffs. “Patience, babe.” You said, straddling him and running your hand down his tattooed chest. You slowly sunk down onto his member, watching him let out a throaty groan. You slowly rocked your hips and watched has his head fell back in agony. “Stop teasing, Y/N, dammit.” He complained trying to thrust upward to meet your hips. “You want me to go faster?” You asked leaning down, your lips almost touching his. “Yes please.” “All you had to do was ask.” You chuckled against his lips. You started slowly bouncing that escalated to faster ones making you a moaning mess. “Just like that, baby.”


Harry wanted your first time to be special and it was just that. He went slow for you, but after a while you wanted more. The pain had turned into pleasure and you needed more. “Harry, please go faster.” You moaned out. “Y/N, are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.” He said, making you sigh in frustration. “I have never been so sure before in my life. Just go!” You groaned, throwing your head back onto the bed. He softly chuckled. “Anything for you, baby.” He whispered against neck. His thrust progressively got faster making drag your nails up his bare back. “Oh God H-Harry!” You yelled out, boosting his confidence. “I’m the only guy that can and will make feel like this.”


“I think the guys are looking for you.” You moaned out, stopping your pace. This wasn’t the first time you and Louis were hot and bothered together before a concert in a storage closet on the floor, but the last thing you wanted to get caught. “We need to go faster, but you need to be quiet babe.” Louis whispered. You bit your lip and nodded before Louis started helping you bounce on his shaft. “Louis!” You yelped, before he covered your mouth. “Do you want to get caught or do you wanna cum?” He asked, uncovering your mouth. “I wanna cum, baby, please.” You whispered before he started thrusting into you. You bit your lip, only letting out small whimpers. “That’s my girl.”