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scott's appraisal of liam

“It’s good to finally meet you,” Liam says, thrusting his hand out at Scott. Scott stares at Liam for a second before shaking his hand. Liam doesn’t even acknowledge the hesitation. “Liam Kosta.”

“Yeah, I remember you pre-jump. You’re one of Dad’s handpicked guys.” Even as Scott talks, he’s looking over Liam’s shoulder at his sister, brow furrowed.

Sara has a lot of answers to give him. She’s conveniently left out a few personal details, and he doesn’t think he really likes it.

“You also made out with my sister in front of a crowd?”

Sara’s ears are completely red, and she coughs into her hand. “Small detail, Scott.”

But Liam laughs. Not like he thinks Scott’s made the world’s best joke, he’s not pandering to his girlfriend’s family. He just genuinely sounds happy about everything. Scott watches as this guy wraps his arm around his sister’s shoulders and pull her in closer. Sara goes easily, letting herself rest again him, her arm around his waist.

“Okaaaaay.” He presses his lips together. One induced coma, and his sister has gone from hopelessly single to – “He proposed to you. In front of everyone.”

Her face is red now.

Liam rubs the back of his neck with his free hand, his grin edging more on awkward nervousness. “I have a problem with just blurting out things around your sister. I feel it, I want it, I tell her.”

“Right.” He rubs a hand over his face now. He needs to go back to bed for another 600 years, maybe. He’s been half-dead, wakes up to a bunch of nonsense, was kidnapped, hijacked for his brain, and now… “You’re essentially dating yourself, Sara.”

Sara’s eyebrows almost disappear into her hairline as she turns to look up at Liam. There’s a tug of a smile on her lips when she does it. “Yeah, I guess we are kinda similar.”

“You know, I wasn’t going to say it, but he’s not wrong.”

They kiss.

He’s not sure if Andromeda can handle the three of them, honestly.

Backstage Quickie (1D 4/4 Preference)

Summary: how the backstage quickie is for you guys

Pairing: the boys x reader

Warning: nah no smut to me but slight ;)

I dont wanna live forever as track while writing this tho ;)


It would be nearly half an hour before the show started and the adrenaline would make Liam be all over you. You guys would be sneaking and doing it in the dressing room. With moans quickly filling the room and you would be having a hard time keeping the moans to yourself so Liam would kiss you to shush it. He would have you really hard against the wall.  “Li god I’m so close..” you would pant only to be answered by his grunt. Liam would thrust harder and bites your neck sure to be leaving hickey for the others to see. When you both finally came, he would kiss you softly still panting. Fixing both your clothes, you could hear Louis shouting asking where the fuck is Liam. “What the fuck were you doing in the dressing room?” “Umm” Liam would try to think what to say to cover the fact that you guys have been horny before stage. “Oh god! You fuckin horndog mate!” Louis would say noticing the hickey on his neck courtesy of one you gave him earlier.


It was in between break that you’ve been teasing Lou before the show has begun and you know you’re getting it now. All along the first hour oh show his focus had been divided into two. More into the thoughts of how he would wreck you though you could tell from his eyes and how the lyrics somewhat slips from his mouth. And now Louis had dragged you somewhere in an empty room. “Love, you’ve been teasin’ me.” Louis would started. You just bit your lip and grinned at him. “Well 1 month is a long time. I do love to watch you sing and make the crowds go crazy Lou, I do, but I also need some fucking going on.” You explained. “Hmmm well undressed now we don’t have much time.” With that you hurriedly shimmied out of your skirt and start unbuttoning your top. “Leave it, we wouldn’t have time if we’re completely naked.” Louis would skip any kind of teasing and go straight fucking you hard and fast. It was purely lust from both sides and you both were just focusing on orgasming.And just as you got down from the high, “Lou! I know you’re in there! Get  your bum out here too Y/N!” Harry bangs on the door making you both laugh. “5 more minutes mom!” You shouted sassily at Harry. “Jesus Christ..” You could heard him muttered behind the door. And when he returns to the stage, twitter almost instantly went uproar about how disheveled he looked. Not to mention his sex hair.


A quickie with Harry is not unusual seeing as you both have sex anytime anywhere you can. So of course this tour break quickie is no exception. “Y/N baby cmon lift your skirt up.” He would say as he lifts your left knee and bend it slightly. His jeans on his knees and hard thrust was quickly given. Sweat all over your body and him. “Harry…” you could only pant as Harry kept up his pace. You could heard the sounds of something being moved and steps outside. “Cmon Y/N…” Harry grunted as he thrust relentlessly to your body. Harry would kiss your neck and groping your breasts with both his hands. “Your tits babe.. God I love it. I love you.” You would only moan and turn your head slightly to kiss him. Harry would kiss you ferociously and kept going until he could feel you’re close. He could tell by the way you clench really tight around him and your body started to jerk everytime he touches you. “Cmon babe… Let go.” And you would do just that. Your body quivering in pleasure. Seeing you like that would push himself over the edge and Harry spurts inside you thrusting hard and giving a final hard thrust before stopping and pulled out from you. Both of you would still be panting and tryna catch your breath before Harry would have to go out and went on with the meet and greet. The next morning you guys would be on the news saying how ‘Styles Love BIte” is the trending topic.


The cute irish man is very much proven not to be innocent at all. By how he performs on stage. Those hip thrust made your thoughts gone hayware and lost focus. Only Niall could do that to you. So here you guys are. In the bathroom with your naked ass sitting beside the sink, Niall would bend up your knees as he eats you out. “God you taste so sweet Y/N” Niall moan. Right after he made you cum, you would slide down on your knees, unbuckle his belt and suck him off until he stop your bobbing head, pulling you up and switching you around, thrusting himself into you from behind. He would be slightly rough and go fast seeing as you both has no time. When he’s close, he would reach forward and play with your clit, making you scream in delight and came between seconds. He would switch you again, and you know what he meant to do. Getting down on your knees you open your mouth and look up at him waiting, and finally hot spurts shot into your mouth and face. You swallow whats on your mouth and clean your face with the tissue before going out with him. 

She’s not you

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Requested by anonymous: Can u do a Liam one where you’ve had a crush on each other a while and there’s a lot of like sexual tension then the pack gets u 2 alone and things get heated ?? Ty xo


WORDS: 552


A/N: Enjoy!

Y/N P.O.V.

The Pack was at my house, Stiles had a new plan and I was very uncomfortable because Hayden was here too. I mean… what the fuck? Why is she here?

“But Theo just wants to help.” Hayden said.

“No. Theo is the bad guy.” Stiles looked at her.

Liam was next to me, I felt the tension between us, and it was awkward.

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Preference 1) "Faster"

First one from my Wattpad and I’m nervous


The sweat beat down your forehead has Liam thrust into deeper. You gripped his biceps as sucked between the valley of your breast making you moan louder, but you needed more. “Liam, I know I said go slow and make love to me, but I need you to go faster.” You said, trying to keep your voice even. “I want all of you.” You begged. “I thought you never ask, baby.” He growled with a devil-like smile. He adjusted you a bit before thrusting into you faster and deeper. “Li-Liam fuck!” You yelled, bunching the bed sheets underneath you. Each thrust directly hit your g-spot, making you yell out. He smirked. “Be careful what you wish for.”


“Niall, please. I’m sorry” You apologized again. Niall’s hands roughly held down your hips, restricting you from moving. He was slowly thrusting into you making it almost painful. “Niall!” You whined again. “Are you gonna listen to me this time like a good girl?” He asked, stopping his thrust. “Yes, I promise. Please just go faster. Just fuck me!” You moaned before he let go of your hips, thrusting into you faster. “Oh God, Niall.” You whispered, barely audible. He smirked and started to rub your clitoris in circles making you moan louder. “Only good girls get to feel this good, babe.”


You had Zayn’s wrists cuffed above him, connected to the headboard. “Baby, I need you now.” Zayn begged, rattling his cuffs. “Patience, babe.” You said, straddling him and running your hand down his tattooed chest. You slowly sunk down onto his member, watching him let out a throaty groan. You slowly rocked your hips and watched has his head fell back in agony. “Stop teasing, Y/N, dammit.” He complained trying to thrust upward to meet your hips. “You want me to go faster?” You asked leaning down, your lips almost touching his. “Yes please.” “All you had to do was ask.” You chuckled against his lips. You started slowly bouncing that escalated to faster ones making you a moaning mess. “Just like that, baby.”


Harry wanted your first time to be special and it was just that. He went slow for you, but after a while you wanted more. The pain had turned into pleasure and you needed more. “Harry, please go faster.” You moaned out. “Y/N, are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.” He said, making you sigh in frustration. “I have never been so sure before in my life. Just go!” You groaned, throwing your head back onto the bed. He softly chuckled. “Anything for you, baby.” He whispered against neck. His thrust progressively got faster making drag your nails up his bare back. “Oh God H-Harry!” You yelled out, boosting his confidence. “I’m the only guy that can and will make feel like this.”


“I think the guys are looking for you.” You moaned out, stopping your pace. This wasn’t the first time you and Louis were hot and bothered together before a concert in a storage closet on the floor, but the last thing you wanted to get caught. “We need to go faster, but you need to be quiet babe.” Louis whispered. You bit your lip and nodded before Louis started helping you bounce on his shaft. “Louis!” You yelped, before he covered your mouth. “Do you want to get caught or do you wanna cum?” He asked, uncovering your mouth. “I wanna cum, baby, please.” You whispered before he started thrusting into you. You bit your lip, only letting out small whimpers. “That’s my girl.”