liam silver

The Swan Princess

The angel was clear, the little cygnet needed to be protected, he was to be her hero, and at the young age of five, Killian Jones is all too willing to take on that task. Little does he know, the cygnet is more than what she appears. 

Rated T: Language and some violence.

Words: 8425

Warnings: Briefly shows Killian & Milah but nothing detailed.

Based off of this fanart I came across​. Fair warning, this moves along pretty fast and probably makes zero sense. Also, it’s unedited. I was just having a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy! :D

Killian is five years old when he encounters the woman in the woods. Her hair is black, her skin is almost white as snow, and she’s clutching a little cygnet to her chest. He’s scared but her smile is kind and when he asks if she’s an angel, her laugh reminds him of the bells that ring from the castle.

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