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So earlier I got a banter with Liam complaining that Ryder wasn’t playing any music in the Nomad.

So next time they head out Pandora is sure to bring her playlist of greatest anime hits from the 90s through the 2100s. 

Liam is not impressed. 

Jaal however, is in tears; humans have such beautiful music and clearly “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” is the highest form of musical art they have to share. 

ya’ll i know we’re all hyping harry right now and i’m up there with you cheering my boy on and buzzing for his success BUT i honestly cannot wait for liam to obliterate every semblance of ‘chill’ in my body with his single. like i’m so HYPED, like it’s his turn now, it’s now or never and ofc my love and support is definitely with louis, niall and harry but watch me go absolutely crazy when liam drops his song, i’m so damn excited :))

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Hey I'm glad that you believe that chiam baby is babygate 2.0, because it seems that everyone in the fandom believe its real

I don’t think everyone believes it’s real.  

Of course the people who believe the entire official narrative are going to believe it.  There are also some Larries who don’t pay enough attention to Liam to see all the shadiness around babygate 2.0.  There are also Larries who see the shadiness and refuse to say anything publicly because they’re afraid of breaking rank and losing popularity.

Those are the 3 groups that pretty much always miss the ball on shady things going on with Zayn, Liam, and Niall.  

The Ziam group and Team Stunt are agreed about the shadiness of babygate 2.0 as far as I’m aware.  Of course there will always be some exceptions, but I don’t think I’ve seen any real arguing about it in the parts of the fandom I expected to call out babygate 2.0 as a stunt.  I mean, in reality, we’ve been calling it out as a stunt for the last 6 months or more anyway.

Maybe you just need to follow more Ziam/Stunt people and fewer others.  It’s hard to do sometimes, but I’ve found that I’m much happier when I unfollow blogs that regularly post opinions I find frustrating and/or disgusting.  I lose information sometimes and I still haven’t really found a good source to get information about what’s being discussed on the Larry side, but my metaphorical blood pressure is much lower.

Unpopular opinion ahead.  Ye be warned.

I will never like “Liam 2/Liam Jr.” or the mind-numbingly stupid storyline behind his creation.  Nor do I think Nick Eversman was well cast in that role.  At all.  And I just wish I could blacklist posts with him cuz I don’t want to rain on anyone else’s parade and I believe you should be the curator of the content you want to see on your dash.  But I can’t, because adding the “Jones brothers” tag will nix all the Killian/Liam content I WANT, same goes for “Liam Jones.”  There doesn’t seem to be any uniform tagging when it comes to half Jones, so it’s hard to block them out in general. I will never forgive A&E for recycling Liam’s name on that kid.  /flips table.  

I wish I didn’t have to curb my enthusiasm for posts about literally one of my most favorite subjects (tbh, Killian and Liam are prob my most favorite thing about OUAT other than CS), but every time I see content with Stabby Jr. included I’m like:

Happy 22nd Birthday, Harry Styles!

how the FUCK are you gonna compare larry to kesha. how the FUCK are you larries going to use #freelarry and #freekesha in the same POST. PLEASE STOP YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING DIGUSTING.

I just can’t wrap my head around the cruelty of having Louis prance around living the biggest lies of his life against his will, and on the other hand seeing Harry being allowed to go to a game with a rainbow pin on, making an album with proper promotional support, and being able to wear and express himself the way he wants to (i’m sure there are limitations, but still - it’s clear he’s allowed a lot more freedom at the moment). 

And it’s not that I don’t support Harry or don’t want him to succeed, because I do and I got up at 5:30 to watch SNL live, I’ve pre-ordered his album on iTunes and ordered the most expensive bundle of music from his own website, but the purposeful and deliberate contrast it provides with Louis’ situation is very painful to see. Because I don’t doubt for a second that it is being done on purpose. Louis is being punished for god knows what, and it makes me so mad because we as fans can’t do anything except stand by idly and support the shit out of him whenever he’s finally allowed to actually make art, rather than pose for some stupid narrative-supporting photo-op with his PR girlfriend. 

You’re blind if Eleanor and Louis look happy together, or think they have chemistry together.

You’re blind if you think Louis’ team has ever done ANYTHING to promote or support his music and career properly or appropriately. You’re blind if you think it’s normal that Steve Aoki and his team are the only ones who’ve pushed the song, who’ve promoted their collaboration and continue to do so - and who’ve openly liked comments condemning Louis’ management. 

This doesn’t even have anything to do with Harry and Louis being together or not -  it’s just disrespectful to erase Louis’ musicality and ambition and potential , and to reduce him to this person who all he has to live up to is being in a heterosexual relationship with a fame-hungry unsuccessful lifestyle/fashion blogger that promote sportswear together.

And that is in itself already a lot to have to deal with on a daily basis, but then having to contrast that with his bandmate getting the chance to shine and being recognized for his talent - for who he is - makes it a lot worse. 

Because I want Louis to get that same opportunity too. 

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I've read your post about why the Larries refuse to acknowledge Ziam with great interest. I have a feeling that there is a silent agreement between the Larries to never mention Ziam, look into it and even ridicule Ziam believers. In your tags you mentioned that Liam peaked your gaydar. Can you explain why? :) Have nice day

Anyway, yeah, Liam’s always kind of pinged my radar for  "effeminate" body language. Now, let me stay straight-out: mannerisms are not enough to base a call on someone’s sexuality on. Until explicitly stated BY Liam, I’m not gonna be comfortable insisting he’s gay (or bi/pan/demi/ace/straight/whatever). 

But we can speculate, based on available evidence, and my experiences have led me to consider things like…

….the upper-body-expressiveness shimmy….

External image

…the head-level limp-wristed clap…

External image

…the “is this happening?” wrist…

…the head-wiggle-into-pursed-lips expression…

…and of course, this shrug…

External image

…are mannerisms far more prevalent in gay men. 

Occasionally, Liam’s tone and speech patterns set off the same thing for me, but I’m an American English speaker, so I wouldn’t trust myself to be able to pick it up in Liam’s lovely accent.

Regardless of how substantial this sort of thing is as proof, it’s definitely interesting to watch. The truth is, I love when Liam does stuff like this, because he always seems completely comfortable in his skin when he does. And when beautiful people with beautiful souls are comfortable with who they are, it can only be a good thing.

How about a half-decent manip of Anton Zetterholm and Harriet Jones in the Rooftop scene? Here ya go!

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