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Behind the scenes of the Red Nose Day Love Actually ‘sequel’ short

British charity Comic Relief is getting the Love Actually band back together for a short film that will revisit the characters from Richard Curtis’ 2003 romantic comedy and see what they’re up to in 2017. The short, Red Nose Day Actually, is being made in support of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day fundraiser, which airs March 24 on BBC One.

The cast members returning include Hugh GrantKeira Knightley, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Andrew Lincoln, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martine McCutcheonOlivia Olson and Rowan Atkinson.


Red Nose Day Actually: The Love Actually Reunion

One of the funny things about Love Actually is what happened to the cast. We thought we’d cast about a 50 percent famous cast. But then suddenly Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, and suddenly the little boy is in Game of Thrones and Liam Neeson is the world’s greatest action hero. January Jones, who appears at the bar, is in Mad Men, and Andy Lincoln is in The Walking Dead. It’s like a much higher cast movie now. In some ways it’s much more expensive now than when we made it. Keira Knightley, I remember talking to her when we were making it and she said, ‘I’m making this pirate film next.’ And that was Pirates of the Caribbean.
—  Richard Curtis, writer and director of ‘Love Actually’

At this point, I would give anything for Louis to be treated by his label the way Capitol, Steve Barnett and Ashley Newton have been treating Niall. His promotional campaign has been stellar. It is perfect in it’s tone - not overbearing or overblown in any way and works with Niall’s personality in the best way - highlighting his attributes as a skilled performer and his traits as an artist - focused on songwriting, hardworking, professional, etc. The quotes from Steve Barnett and Don Henley emphasize these, and truly, what a genius move.

And I know it’s wishful thinking to want this for Louis seeing that Niall has the Capitol top brass behind him. So does Liam at Republic and Harry at Columbia. Even Zayn’s new article has RCA’s Chairman and CEO behind his 2nd album. Their managers are also very publicly supporting them and have been visible.

Meanwhile, Louis has YET to be publicly acknowledged and claimed by any label as having been fully signed by them and is an artist on their roster. His manager is hiding from fans. JGG’s CEO hasn’t acknowledged him in any way unlike Simon Oliveira with Liam, not to mention Richard Griffiths and Irving & Jeff Azoff with Niall and Harry, respectively.

So it’s perfectly understandable than fans are worried, angry, annoyed and confused - because now we have all seen how the support of a label’s and management’s senior leadership can bring success to an artist and their projects, and how they can get the best promotional opportunities through press and media placements. 

Louis is so worthy and deserving of such support. but it seems to be withheld from him at the moment. 

Hopefully, this will all turn around soon because his team will not be able to escape the criticism if their lack of support continues - it will be so obvious in light of all the other boys’ campaigns that he is indeed being treated poorly, and there is no excuse for that!