liam proposed

bertrand, pretending to be shocked when mc tells him that she loves maxwell considering she’s flirted with him every chance she got, agreed that they would make a cute couple, shut down penelope’s interested ass, and the two of them even faked a proposal:

I just

I love Liam Kosta so much?????

I don’t even have words for how much? he is a genuinely Good Dude who tries his best

(and kind of fails at it sometimes, but he owns it. and tries to fix it.)

and he is a monumental dork, from that goofy little wave on the Hyperion, to spinning around when the gravity goes, to “did not die!”, to hauling a freaking couch to Andromeda, to the armor scene, to the car, to his facial expression at “change…change of plan?” in his loyalty mission, (to his entire loyalty mission really), to organizing an interspecies soccer/football match, to the heart-shaped jump jets if you romance him

and I just.

He is such a beautiful goof and I love him so much

Still Got Time

When Liam comes home one evening, his shirt sleeves are uncharacteristically rolled up. 

Zayn notices immediately. Just as Liam had planned.

“Babe?” Zayn whines questioningly, his voice coming out high-pitched. Wondering if it is, could really be, what he thinks it is.

“Gears…” He gulps, grazing his fingers over the large, intricate machinery running up the underside of his boyfriend’s forearm. His eyebrows furrow, looking almost in pain as he continues ascending up his arm. “The… clock.”

He bites his lip so hard, he’s surprised he doesn’t taste blood as he swallows. Finally letting his glance slide up to meet Liam’s, he lets out a shaky breath. 

He waits for Liam to respond, doesn’t want to spoil the moment in case he’s wrong, in case this is for something completely different, something completely unrelated to-

“We still got time,” Liam mumbles, eyes shining as he gives Zayn a watery smile. 

“Liam, you didn’t,” Zayn says shyly, head ducking momentarily as he feels the blush creep up. “I mean,” he stutters on. “It’s just a really rough demo at this point. I don’t even know if it’ll ever become official or anything.”

He laughs almost maniacally, still in shock. He shakes his head in disbelief. “But you went and got it fucking tattooed on your arm.” 

He allows his eyes to dart up to Liam’s. When he sees his worried look, his moment of hesitation, he gives a small smile in an attempt to calm his nerves. “I’m just surprised, babe, but I love it, okay?” He traces his fingers across the skin, exhaling as he feels goosebumps bubble up on Liam’s arm. “I love you,” he finishes, pulling him down for a kiss. 

He keeps his hand carefully draped around the clock. 

“You’re not the only one that gets surprise tattoos, you know,” Zayn says, quirking an eyebrow when he sees Liam’s expression. His eyes look like they’re about to burst out of his head, and Zayn chuckles lowly at the sight. 

“We still got time,” he says shyly, as if this suddenly explains everything, repeating the words Liam had said to him oh so long ago. “More than a year later,” he gulps. “And I know it’s not a clock, per se, but…”

Liam’s hand moves to hover over the initials. He gently traces over the S, then the G. And then finally the T. His eyes catch on the date tattooed below. “Today, babe?” He asks quietly, looking up at Zayn a little hesitantly as if afraid of the answer.

“I don’t want to have time anymore, Liam,” Zayn says cryptically, and Liam’s heart pounds at this, his hands suddenly sweaty as he rubs them against his pant legs. 

The words don’t add up with the new tattoo, with what Zayn’s just said. 

Zayn doesn’t explain further, instead only bending down, one knee bent on the cold, hard, tiled kitchen floor and-


“Liam,” Zayn pleads quietly. “We’ve had time. We’ve had so, so much time. Going on seven years, in fact.” He offers a small smile. “And I’ve loved every single, goddamn minute of it. But-” His voice cracks, tears springing up behind his eyes.

“I don’t want just time anymore. I don’t want to stop looking for love, ‘cause I’ve found it in you.”

He gulps before continuing on quickly, words all blurring together. “And I want to keep finding it, each and every day, right next to you.”

He fumbles for the box in his pocket, huffing out a low breath. He feels suddenly lightheaded, practically ready to crash on the floor from the nerves pounding through him. 

Liam’s shocked expression does nothing to help.

“I’m so…” Zayn gulps, can’t even remember his words. This had all been so planned out, and now he can barely even seem to remember his own name. “Nervous,” he gets out finally.

As he lifts up on the box, he squeezes his eyes shut, afraid to see Liam’s reaction. After a second, he forces himself to look up. He’s surprised when he sees that Liam is no longer standing above him, but rather squatted down to his level. He carefully lifts his hands to Zayn’s cheeks. “Worry about the ring later, then, Z,” he grins, gently bringing Zayn’s lips to his. 

Liam pulls back just slightly, eyes darting up to the other boy’s. “You have a enthusiastic yes from me, by the way.” He gives him a soft look, a full grin filling his face when he sees Zayn light up. “And no ring is ever gonna change that.” He rubs his thumb along Zayn’s lower lip thoughtfully. “Besides, we have all the time in the world now, babe. There’s no rush.”

Put A Ring On It

So, this is my first foray into the smuttier side of fanfiction writing. It was supposed to be much longer and dirtier, but it just wasn’t working for me. So, it’s a short combo of smutt/fluff.  Enjoy?

Pairing: Liam X Theo

Word count: 516

“I think we should get married.”

Theo makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat, hands clenching into the skin of Liam’s shoulders. His hair is in sweaty disarray across his forehead, eyes blown wide with lust and surprise as he stares down at Liam. His lips parting as he breathes; “What?”

Liam can feel his face heating up in embarrassment. This isn’t how he had imagined asking Theo, and believe him, he’s thought up a million different scenarios in the last two months, none of them had seemed right though. He’s a little mad at himself, a little ashamed, but mostly he’s kind of glad that the words he’s been biting back for so long are finally out there in the open.

“I said I think we should get married,” Liam repeats, staring up at Theo from where he’s lying between the chimera’s legs, hands splayed out along his thighs, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into warm flesh. Theo’s dick is bobbing just below his chin, red and wet from Liam’s mouth and the cock ring wrapped tightly around the base of it preventing him from coming.

He’s beautiful, Liam can’t help but think.

Theo laughs.

It’s one that Liam knows well because he knows Theo; knows all of his smiles and his laughs and the wrinkles he gets between his eyes when he’s concentrating. This laugh though, it’s one of Liam’s favorites. It’s loud and startled sounding, meaning Theo’s caught between being happy and being nervous.

Liam grins up at him, hands ghosting around Theo’s thighs to squeeze gentle and reassuring.

“You’re serious,” Theo whispers, staring down at him, completely awestruck. The chimera swallows thickly. “You want to marry me?”

Liam nods and slithers up Theo’s body to press his mouth against the chimera’s. Kisses Theo with everything he has; slow and deep and full of fucking love. Theo kisses him back, fingers trembling at Liam’s waist.

Liam pulls away just enough to brush his lips against Theo’s chin and his cheek, works his way up higher so he can mouth at the sensitive spot just below his boyfriend’s ear. “Yes, Theo, I want to marry you.”

Theo’s hands glide up his back, claws scraping lightly up the line of Liam’s spine to clasp behind Liam’s neck and pull him in even closer. Liam can feel the chimera’s heart against his own chest. It’s beating wildly against the cage of his ribs, perfectly in sync with Liam’s own racing pulse. “Okay.”

“Yeah?” Liam’s breath hitches.

Theo nods, nose brushing against Liam’s as they lean in to kiss one another. “Yeah.”

They’re both breathing raggedly when they pull away, bodies moving against one another, creating a delicious slow burn of friction. Theo chuckles into the skin of Liam’s shoulder, “I can’t believe you proposed with a cock ring, I’m telling everyone we know.”

Liam groans; part dismay part pleasure. “You’re the worst.”

Theo licks a stripe up Liam’s neck, “Yeah.” He bites down gently, kneading the skin between his teeth until it’s nice and bruised. “But you love me anyway.”

Liam really, really does.

A. Ryder Log #24

Angaran’s give a gift; humans give a ring.

Jaal decides to do both.

Jaal x Ryder, Established Relationship, Post-Game. Also posted on AO3 under ‘The Misadventures of Aria Ryder’.

Fluff. Definitely fluff.

Gonna dedicate this to two lovely artists here on Tumblr this time around:

@lynngo-art again because a)srsly her design of Tela is spot on and her art is adorable go look and b)she mentioned proposals in her tags on that sketch and well… >3> ;;;

and also to @gangstagandalf for all the lovely compliments on the story and super awesome art for this series!! Go check both these awesome people out!! ♥ ♥

And also a big thanks to everyone who’s supported this work so far ♥ You guys are awesome. Enjoy the fluff! ♥

“Want to go with Auntie! Please?”

“It’s really no trouble, Finn; I can give her a tour of the ship, at least.”

“So long as you promise to return her before takeoff, Ryder. I fear you’re becoming as attached as Tela.”

“H-Hey! I wouldn’t-!”

“I jest, Pathfinder. Go on, Tela, have a look around. But stay close and listen to Aria when she says it’s time to go.”

“Yes, Father! Auntie! Up!”

“Alright, kiddo, up we go. We’ll be done in about an hour, Finn, promise.”

As much as Jaal enjoys the scene before him - watching the easy banter between his brother and his beloved, seeing Aria scoop Tela up in a now-familiar motion, settling her easily on her hip - it makes slipping away all the easier, silently heading up into the Tempest and towards a specific storage room to the left of the loading ramp.

He has a specific, secret matter to take care of, after all.

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Making Sure You Get The Right One

I wrote this as a birthday present for my friend Irene ( @memesxmisery ), she dreamt about this scene and I decided to take it into my hands. This is the result. Hope you like it and happy birthday, baby!

The night was warm and beautiful. There was a slight breeze that caressed their skins and moved their hairs a little. The full moon was high and beautiful in the sky, seemingly smiling at them, and surrounded by little shining stars. It was the perfect night to leave the house and take a walk, it was the perfect night to relax and not worry about anything, it was the perfect night to forget about everything that clouded their minds and be free.

They had done exactly that. They left the house and their problems behind and walked around town together. It was peaceful and calm, it was exactly what they needed considering all the stress and danger that came with living in Beacon Hills, it was a nice and much-needed change.

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And so, she broke his heart

author’s note: I really didn’t like the way Liam reacted when the MC rejected him, I feel like the man’s got som serious emotional health issues, neglecting his feelings and shit. so sis put on some sad music to get in the mood™ and this angsty (kinda trash) fic was born. also, this is my second fanfic I’ve posted so be nice to me :-)

disclaimer: all characters belong to Pixelberry Studios okok

summary: ““What can I do? Tell me what you want me to do!”
“I want you to love me the way I love you!” he shouts.

And just like that she knows she’s broken him.”

or; MC turns Liam’s proposal down and Liam doesn’t react like Liam would but the way I reckon Liam should.

pairing: hana x mc, drake x mc, maxwell x mc, whichever you want it to be. I wrote this in a way so that all of y’all can read it and imagine it with every li (well except for Liam but that’s given). personally I feel like it gets more heart breaking if the MC is in love with Drake because that’s like double betrayal for Liam but obviously my li is Maxwell lol anyway you get the point

word count: 1304

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. God, it wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Not here, not now, not like this. But he’s down on one knee, holding out a small box, inside of it a ring that is meant for her finger, for a love that doesn’t exist.

There are a lot of people. A crowd has begun to form around them, expecting to witness the beginning of a happily ever after. Stella suspects the man in front of her is too. “Will you marry me?” the question echoes in her mind, and she stands there, frozen, wide eyes trained on the ring, unable to look away, unable to form a single coherent thought, much less a sentance.

“Stella,” she meets his eyes, his happy, hopeful eyes. Dammit, he makes this so much harder than it has to be. He smiles, stop smiling, probably takes her silence as shock, as if she didn’t know for certain this was going to happen tonight. “Are you oka-”

“I can’t!” the words leave her mouth quicker than she can process them at all, coming out a little too loud and harsh, making him flinch the tiniest bit. “Liam, I can’t marry you.”

It’s evident he did not expect that response. Liam looks away for a moment, seeming to take her words in, before meeting her eyes again, the excitement completely washed away and replaced with a look of utter confusion.

“I- I don’t understand. Why?”

She takes a deep breath, bracing for what is to come.

“I’m in love with someone else,” she says, and his face falls. Gasps errupt from the croud surrounding them.


“I’m sorry,” is all she can say. Because he looks like she just tore his heart from his chest, toyed with it for a bit and then stabbed it with a fucking royal knife with a golden handle. And lastly, tossing it on the ground before his feet to watch it bleed out. And she did, didn’t she?

She hadn’t planned to fall for somebody else, how could she? She hadn’t necessarily seen a future with Liam either but if anyone, she thought it’d be him. But love wasn’t why she came to Cordonia in the first place, not at all. She hadn’t known what to do with her life, but she desperately didn’t want it to be waiting tables in a stale bar in a city where she never quite belonged anyway. She knew she needed to be somewhere different, maybe she needed to be someone different too. Maxwell had offered her an escape, an adventure, an opportunity for something else. And so help her if she hadn’t grabbed a hold of that with all her might, terrified that her only chance at another life might slip through her hands. It was never for Liam, but inevitably it was always about him. Had the circumstances been different, had she not been so altogether petrified of the consequenses of telling him the truth sooner, she wouldn’t be standing here now, a heartbroken king still kneeling before her.

Liam hasn’t moved, except for his arm holding the ring now resting on his knee. And maybe his posture has faltered at her confession, if ever so slightly. The ring is still gleaming guiltily in the corner of her eye and once again she finds herself adverting her gaze to it. She doesn’t want to look at him, doesn’t want to meet his eyes, but damn it, she owes him that much.

He doesn’t say anything for a long moment. His face expresses such sheer sorrow and when she meets his eyes again there’s a look of something Stella is all too familiar with: betrayal. If she doesn’t already know the torture that comes with guilt, she does now.

“Who?” he says finally. “Is it Hana? She’s a lovely lady, I couldn’t blame you. Actually that’s a lie,” he scoffs, half laughing. His face has contorted into something Stella doesn’t recognize: normally perfected controlled, but kind, features now resemble something ugly, something dark. It’s so odd and sudden it startles her and she seems to have lost the ability to speak - again.

“Oh! What about Maxwell? I mean, he’s an absolute idiot, I don’t see how anyone could fall for him. But I’ve seen how close you too are.”

Stella’s eyes are brimming with tears now, Liam’s with something else she can’t quite identify. She knows he doesn’t mean what he’s saying, this isn’t him.

Yes, it is. You made him like this.

“Or maybe- maybe it’s Drake” he let’s out a bitter laugh and grimaces at the probably more painful alternative: his best friend and the woman he loves going behind his back. The thought of betrayal at its absolute worst.

“Liam, please, don’t do this-”

“Imagine the headlines: “This just in!: the king dumped for commoner best friend”. Jesus, that’d be some scandal, wouldn’t it?”

What is she supposed to say? Whichever answer she gives him it will only break him further. She can’t tell him right now, she can’t possibly bring herself to. p>

“Actually, don’t tell me who it is, I don’t want to know,” he says. He looks down at the velvtet box, turning it over in his hand. “I’m so stupid”, he mumbles.

No, don’t do that. You’re not stupid,” Stella tries, shaking her head.

“Just,” he weakly holds a hand up. “stop.” 


“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“There was so much at stake, I just- I wanted to but…” Liam scoffs.

“But what? You wanted to wait ‘til the right moment? Is that it?”

Her throat feels dry and her jaw falls open as she’s fumbling for words. She could’ve told him this morning, at least. Instead she’s put herself in the worst possible scenario. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. 

“I’m on one knee, asking for your hand and you tell me now that you’re in love with someone else? Was that your plan? To humiliate me as much as you could?” 


He stands up. “I thought you loved me, Stella.”

“I never said that-”

“You never said you didn’t. I am so pathetically in love with you, and from the way you acted around me.. I really thought…” he trails away. 

“I’m so sorry,” Stella pleads. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“Well, shit.”

“What can I do? Tell me what you want me to do!”

“I want you to love me the way I love you!” he shouts.

And just like that she knows she’s broken him.

Stella hasn’t heard Liam raise his voice like that before. Not even on the night of the coronation when he reached out for her and called her name, as guards dragged her out the palace doors. His voice is so harsh now it makes her gasp and take a step back. She wonders how much pain one truly must cause such a gentle person to act the complete opposite of their character. A lot, she decides.

He leaves her then, standing on the ground of the city where she kissed him all those months ago. Where she started a fire in a heart and left it burning to ashes.

“What are you looking at?!” she sneers at the stunned crowd around her that then begins to scatter. Amidst the chaos she had totally forgotten that there were onlookers present, which suddenly makes the the lump in her stomach feel heavier. They must think she’s an awful person, she thinks, and right now, so does she.

She doesn’t leave straight away, but instead sits down on a bench nearby. Picking up her phone she dials a number she knows by heart. After a few rings she hears a voice on the other line that she hasn’t heard in months. Suddenly all the emotion rush to the surface, the tears she’s been able keep at bay for the last minutes now runs down her cheeks.


**Harry Styles Imagine**


You and Harry had been dating for a couple years now and you always attended all the concerts when available. For one particular show Harry really wanted to come.  You could practically perform with the boys you’ve see the show so many times. You agreed to go because Harry wasn’t backing down. At the concert your parents were there along with your closest friends and you started to think something was up. You let it slide because maybe that was why Harry wanted you to come. Before the boys were going to perform  Strong (which was your favorite song ) Harry said he had an announcement. This got your attention as you stood in the front row.  Once the crowd quieted down Harry made his announcement. 

“ As you all know i’ve been with Y/N for a couple years now and I love her dearly.  I couldn’t imagine myself with any other girl so… Will you marry me, darling?” 

The crowd was cheering loudly and some how a camera put you one the big screen. The anticipation built as the whole stadium  waiting for your response. 

You had a big smile on your face and said yes. Everyone cheered and Harry attempted to kiss you be the stage was too far. You promised to give him the biggest kiss as soon as the show was over. 



“I’ve come here with a view to asking you… to marriage me. I know I seems an insane person because I hardly knows you but sometimes things are so transparency, they don’t need evidential proof. And I will inhabit here, or you can inhabit with me in England. 

Of course I don’t expecting you to be as foolish as me, and of course I prediction you say no… but It’s Christmas and I just wanted to… check.”

anonymous asked:

Would Theo propose to Liam or vice versa? Like not in airplanes or anything

Liam plans out the perfect proposal, I’m talking full on gorgeous romance, flower petals and shit. Mason is crying just thinking about how beautiful it will be, it’s been months of planning and then
Theo fucks it up when they’re watching a history documentary at 4am and Liam spills his soda down himself and Theo’s just grinning at his idiot of a boyfriend as he tries to mop up the spillage with a freaking sock and asks then and there, no lead up, no nothing just grabs the sock, daps at the puddle still on Liam and says “marry me.” It’s not even a freakibg question. It’s like he knows without a doubt that Liam’s going to agree, he does, but Theo could at least pretend he thought there was a chance Liam would say no.
Liam almost punched him for ruining the big “give Theo a proper proposal because he’s missed so many big moments” plan. Mason does punch Theo when he finds out.

Rewrite the Stars (Drake POV) - Drake x MC (PG)

Drake thinks back on his relationship with Louisa and struggles with what to do when he finds out Liam is going to propose. 

A prequel/companion piece to my fic Rewrite the Stars.*

*So this 2500 words. It’s completely out of control, part stream of consciousness, part angst, all hot mess. Unedited because I just had to get this out. I honestly don’t know what happened here. 

Originally posted by she-is-beautifully-broken

“So I’m going to do it.”

“Do what?” Drake huffs, jogging beside his best friend. He really doesn’t like running, but it’s been a while since he and Liam have even had the chance to do this. They used to go running almost every morning during these sort of tours. It was a nice break from it all for both of them and a chance to just hang out together. L

ast night, on the ride back from Coney Island, Liam had asked Drake to meet him before the sun came up for a run. The invitation had left a pit in Drake’s stomach, but he’d agreed anyway. If he’s honest with himself, Drake’s been avoiding Liam lately. It’s hard to spend time with his best friend while hiding how he feels about Louisa. He knows he should have told Liam ages ago about this thing between him and Lou, but he’s just kept putting it off…like a coward. He doesn’t want to hurt Liam, but he put this off for long enough and Drake had hoped this morning would be a chance away from everything to really talk to Liam and…to tell him the truth.

Despite his initial nerves about their run, this morning has actually between great. He and Liam have been able to spend the last hour running in companionable silence and there’s something comforting about their feet pounding the pavement in a synchronous cadence. It feels familiar and easy. Like nothing has changed between them.

In the predawn light, a couple of other runners pass them as they jog through Riverside Park and Drake swerves around them as Liam answers him.

“Tonight,” Liam says, his breath curling in the cold morning air, “I’m going to ask Louisa to marry me.”

Drake stumbles suddenly, feet catching on the pavement. The air whooshes out of him as he feels Liam’s words hit him like a sucker punch. He pulls up short, hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath and stares down at at his sneakers. Shit. Shit. Shit. This can’t be happening.

“Drake! Are you all right?” Liam’s hand is on his shoulder and Drake glances up to see concern etched on his best friend’s face.

“Yeah, just…got a stitch…it’s been a while,” Drake pants, looking away as his mind races.

Liam pats his back and straightens as he continues. “I’ve called off the engagement with Madeleine.”

“You already broke it off already?” Drake asks, panic rising in his chest. “When?”

“Last night, after Coney Island,” Liam says. He steps over to a bench and steps one foot on it, bending and stretching, oblivious to Drake’s wide-eyed stares at his back.

“Wow, Liam, that’s….” Drake trails off. It’s fast…too fast. Drake can’t seem to get past Liam’s words. They echo through his mind - I’m going to ask Louisa to marry me…marry me…marry me.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Liam throws him a grin over his shoulder. “I can’t believe it’s finally here, Drake. After everything we’ve been through, I’m finally going to ask Louisa to marry me, to be queen. She’s going to make a fantastic queen.”

Liam goes on, talking excitedly about about the proposal he has planned, all the places he wants to take Louisa, how they’re going to the Statue of Liberty, and how he’s been training David to trot out with the ring on his collar.

With every beaming smile on Liam’s face, with every romantic little detail he describes, Drake feels more and more sick to his stomach.

“Hey, we should get going,” Drake interrupts Liam suddenly. He stands up and starts jogging again, not waiting for Liam to follow. “I mean, it sounds like you’ve got a lot to do…for all that.”

Liam laughs, catching up and grinning at Drake again, “You’re right, I certainly do!”

The jog back is blessedly silent. Drake wonders if anyone will notice if he just keeps running, running away from all of this, from the mess he’s made by not telling the truth from the start.

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