liam proposed

I just

I love Liam Kosta so much?????

I don’t even have words for how much? he is a genuinely Good Dude who tries his best

(and kind of fails at it sometimes, but he owns it. and tries to fix it.)

and he is a monumental dork, from that goofy little wave on the Hyperion, to spinning around when the gravity goes, to “did not die!”, to hauling a freaking couch to Andromeda, to the armor scene, to the car, to his facial expression at “change…change of plan?” in his loyalty mission, (to his entire loyalty mission really), to organizing an interspecies soccer/football match, to the heart-shaped jump jets if you romance him

and I just.

He is such a beautiful goof and I love him so much

Still Got Time

When Liam comes home one evening, his shirt sleeves are uncharacteristically rolled up. 

Zayn notices immediately. Just as Liam had planned.

“Babe?” Zayn whines questioningly, his voice coming out high-pitched. Wondering if it is, could really be, what he thinks it is.

“Gears…” He gulps, grazing his fingers over the large, intricate machinery running up the underside of his boyfriend’s forearm. His eyebrows furrow, looking almost in pain as he continues ascending up his arm. “The… clock.”

He bites his lip so hard, he’s surprised he doesn’t taste blood as he swallows. Finally letting his glance slide up to meet Liam’s, he lets out a shaky breath. 

He waits for Liam to respond, doesn’t want to spoil the moment in case he’s wrong, in case this is for something completely different, something completely unrelated to-

“We still got time,” Liam mumbles, eyes shining as he gives Zayn a watery smile. 

“Liam, you didn’t,” Zayn says shyly, head ducking momentarily as he feels the blush creep up. “I mean,” he stutters on. “It’s just a really rough demo at this point. I don’t even know if it’ll ever become official or anything.”

He laughs almost maniacally, still in shock. He shakes his head in disbelief. “But you went and got it fucking tattooed on your arm.” 

He allows his eyes to dart up to Liam’s. When he sees his worried look, his moment of hesitation, he gives a small smile in an attempt to calm his nerves. “I’m just surprised, babe, but I love it, okay?” He traces his fingers across the skin, exhaling as he feels goosebumps bubble up on Liam’s arm. “I love you,” he finishes, pulling him down for a kiss. 

He keeps his hand carefully draped around the clock. 

“You’re not the only one that gets surprise tattoos, you know,” Zayn says, quirking an eyebrow when he sees Liam’s expression. His eyes look like they’re about to burst out of his head, and Zayn chuckles lowly at the sight. 

“We still got time,” he says shyly, as if this suddenly explains everything, repeating the words Liam had said to him oh so long ago. “More than a year later,” he gulps. “And I know it’s not a clock, per se, but…”

Liam’s hand moves to hover over the initials. He gently traces over the S, then the G. And then finally the T. His eyes catch on the date tattooed below. “Today, babe?” He asks quietly, looking up at Zayn a little hesitantly as if afraid of the answer.

“I don’t want to have time anymore, Liam,” Zayn says cryptically, and Liam’s heart pounds at this, his hands suddenly sweaty as he rubs them against his pant legs. 

The words don’t add up with the new tattoo, with what Zayn’s just said. 

Zayn doesn’t explain further, instead only bending down, one knee bent on the cold, hard, tiled kitchen floor and-


“Liam,” Zayn pleads quietly. “We’ve had time. We’ve had so, so much time. Going on seven years, in fact.” He offers a small smile. “And I’ve loved every single, goddamn minute of it. But-” His voice cracks, tears springing up behind his eyes.

“I don’t want just time anymore. I don’t want to stop looking for love, ‘cause I’ve found it in you.”

He gulps before continuing on quickly, words all blurring together. “And I want to keep finding it, each and every day, right next to you.”

He fumbles for the box in his pocket, huffing out a low breath. He feels suddenly lightheaded, practically ready to crash on the floor from the nerves pounding through him. 

Liam’s shocked expression does nothing to help.

“I’m so…” Zayn gulps, can’t even remember his words. This had all been so planned out, and now he can barely even seem to remember his own name. “Nervous,” he gets out finally.

As he lifts up on the box, he squeezes his eyes shut, afraid to see Liam’s reaction. After a second, he forces himself to look up. He’s surprised when he sees that Liam is no longer standing above him, but rather squatted down to his level. He carefully lifts his hands to Zayn’s cheeks. “Worry about the ring later, then, Z,” he grins, gently bringing Zayn’s lips to his. 

Liam pulls back just slightly, eyes darting up to the other boy’s. “You have a enthusiastic yes from me, by the way.” He gives him a soft look, a full grin filling his face when he sees Zayn light up. “And no ring is ever gonna change that.” He rubs his thumb along Zayn’s lower lip thoughtfully. “Besides, we have all the time in the world now, babe. There’s no rush.”

A. Ryder Log #24

Angaran’s give a gift; humans give a ring.

Jaal decides to do both.

Jaal x Ryder, Established Relationship, Post-Game. Also posted on AO3 under ‘The Misadventures of Aria Ryder’.

Fluff. Definitely fluff.

Gonna dedicate this to two lovely artists here on Tumblr this time around:

@lynngo-art again because a)srsly her design of Tela is spot on and her art is adorable go look and b)she mentioned proposals in her tags on that sketch and well… >3> ;;;

and also to @gangstagandalf for all the lovely compliments on the story and super awesome art for this series!! Go check both these awesome people out!! ♥ ♥

And also a big thanks to everyone who’s supported this work so far ♥ You guys are awesome. Enjoy the fluff! ♥

“Want to go with Auntie! Please?”

“It’s really no trouble, Finn; I can give her a tour of the ship, at least.”

“So long as you promise to return her before takeoff, Ryder. I fear you’re becoming as attached as Tela.”

“H-Hey! I wouldn’t-!”

“I jest, Pathfinder. Go on, Tela, have a look around. But stay close and listen to Aria when she says it’s time to go.”

“Yes, Father! Auntie! Up!”

“Alright, kiddo, up we go. We’ll be done in about an hour, Finn, promise.”

As much as Jaal enjoys the scene before him - watching the easy banter between his brother and his beloved, seeing Aria scoop Tela up in a now-familiar motion, settling her easily on her hip - it makes slipping away all the easier, silently heading up into the Tempest and towards a specific storage room to the left of the loading ramp.

He has a specific, secret matter to take care of, after all.

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Operation TouRING

A Sequel to Operation Pirate Law

Summary: It hadn’t been long after Killian had first met Emma Swan that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. Everything about their lives just fit together so naturally, and she and Henry were every bit as much family to him as his younger brother, Liam, was, and he was ready to make it official. There was just one thing he needed to do first. Convince the lads to help him with Operation TouRING.

Notes: A BIG THANK YOU to @looselipswontsinkships being an incredible beta and helping me overcome my dry spell/writer’s block. You’re the best!!

Also on ao3 and

General Audience rating / Word Count: ~5400

Henry didn’t think a day could go by any slower, but there he sat, in the desk next to his best friend anxiously waiting for the last bell of the last school day to ring. What a year it had been! When he thinks back to the beginning of the school year, he’s struck with just how much had changed in his life in the past nine months.

For starters, he has a best friend. He wasn’t too sure about Liam Jones when he’d first arrived in Storybrooke with his older brother. An older brother that is quite literally…older. Older and owns a pirate ship. Older, owns a pirate ship, and was currently dating Henry’s mom, something he and Liam had a hand in making happen.

Liam had seen the potential romance between his brother, Killian, and Henry’s mom, from the get go. He’d gotten into a spot of trouble that had gotten him hauled into the Sheriff station; that’s how Killian and Henry’s mom, the town Deputy, had first met. After the sparks of that initial meeting Liam kept getting into trouble, hoping the forced interaction between guardian and Deputy would lead to something. It wasn’t until Henry had gotten involved, and launched Operation Pirate Law, that’s when things finally started to happen.

He and Liam had worked to get the two together in various social and volunteer situations, and it was obvious that the two adults definitely had a thing for each other. It wasn’t until he and Liam had finally thrown subtlety out the window and conned their guardians into a romantic, candle lit dinner on Killian’s ship, The Jolly Roger, that the two ultimately became an official couple.

Now, nearly seven months later, the four of them were almost like a family. Killian and Liam had celebrated Christmas with Henry and his mom (the first Christmas for Liam without his father, whose passing had caused Liam to come live with Killian in the first place), and they all rang in the New Year together on The Roger. His mom and Killian had been nearly unbearable to be around during Valentine’s. He’d never thought of his mom as a gushy, romantic type, but he guessed when you’re in love all those hearts, flowers, sonnets and glaring public displays of affection seem necessary. (They’re not.)

Spring Break had been awesome, with Killian taking them down the coast on his ship. Killian and Liam had been teaching him the finer points of sailing, and that had been the first time they’d taken him out on the open seas. It was also when the topic of he and his mom joining the Jones brothers on their summer tour had first come up.

Killian was an online History professor, but had a side job of touring his replica 1770’s Brig to various ports during the summer. He’d visit different festivals, educating visitors about maritime life in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, while also teaching the young men and women he’d hire on as crew all about sailing.

This summer Killian wanted Henry and his mom to come with them. It had taken some convincing (and begging, pleading, and possibly bribery), but his mom had agreed and managed to get an old friend to come in and cover for her as Deputy while they were gone.

Now they were just hours away from casting off and starting a grand adventure that would take them from their little town in Maine all the way down to Florida, and possibly even the Caribbean, if time and weather allowed. Tonight they’d all be staying on the ship, ready to set sail at dawn, and Henry was bursting with excitement.

When the bell sounded he and Liam practically sprinted out the door, into the hall, and towards their lockers to grab their things. They said quick goodbyes to their classmates and then they were gone. Off to The Jolly Roger.

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“I’ve come here with a view to asking you… to marriage me. I know I seems an insane person because I hardly knows you but sometimes things are so transparency, they don’t need evidential proof. And I will inhabit here, or you can inhabit with me in England. 

Of course I don’t expecting you to be as foolish as me, and of course I prediction you say no… but It’s Christmas and I just wanted to… check.”

**Harry Styles Imagine**


You and Harry had been dating for a couple years now and you always attended all the concerts when available. For one particular show Harry really wanted to come.  You could practically perform with the boys you’ve see the show so many times. You agreed to go because Harry wasn’t backing down. At the concert your parents were there along with your closest friends and you started to think something was up. You let it slide because maybe that was why Harry wanted you to come. Before the boys were going to perform  Strong (which was your favorite song ) Harry said he had an announcement. This got your attention as you stood in the front row.  Once the crowd quieted down Harry made his announcement. 

“ As you all know i’ve been with Y/N for a couple years now and I love her dearly.  I couldn’t imagine myself with any other girl so… Will you marry me, darling?” 

The crowd was cheering loudly and some how a camera put you one the big screen. The anticipation built as the whole stadium  waiting for your response. 

You had a big smile on your face and said yes. Everyone cheered and Harry attempted to kiss you be the stage was too far. You promised to give him the biggest kiss as soon as the show was over. 


anonymous asked:

Zayn finding the ring before Liam proposes

Liam’s pacing up the stairs to their apartment when his phone vibrates in his hand, ‘Zayn’ abruptly appearing across the screen. He accepts the call and puts the phone to his ear, searching his pockets for his keys with his spare hand.

“I’m literally coming in no—”

“Yes!” Zayn blurts into the phone, voice scratchy with excitement.

Liam frowns, slotting his key into the lock.


“I found the ring, Li — I’m so sorry, but —”

Liam pushes the door open to the flat, standing in the open doorway with his lips breathlessly parted.

Zayn is standing across the room with the tiny velvet box pressed into his palm, his phone up against his ear. His eyes are wide, teeth biting over the smile stretched to his lips.

He tosses his phone onto the sofa beside him and strides across the room, throwing his arms around Liam’s neck. Liam holds him instinctively, but remains silent — in shock as he looks at Zayn’s teary eyes.

Zayn giggles beneath his stare, fingers tangling into Liam’s hair as he stammers a desperate kiss over parted lips.

“I didn’t even ask you,” Liam eventually says, but a smile finally reaches his lips, crinkles drawn intricately around his eyes as he holds Zayn to his chest and easily lifts him off of the ground.

“I don’t care,” Zayn whispers, blurting a laugh before he sobs over Liam’s lips.

He tangles his legs around Liam’s waist, swallowing.

“You didn’t need to ask, I. You. I didn’t even need to answer, love.”

Liam presses his grin to Zayn’s, kicking the door closed with his foot and resting beneath hands at Zayn’s thighs.

“How d’ you know it’s for you?” He teases with a raised eyebrow, smiling at the tear slipping over Zayn’s flushed cheeks.

He feels like crying, too — but can hardly acknowledge the situation as he beams at Zayn with nothing but fondness and love focused on his fiancé.

“Shut up n’ kiss me,” Zayn breathes, the two of them laughing through smiles as Liam complies with his request.

One Direction Masterlist

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Once in a Lifetime

Nicholas Sparks AU Series:

Part 1

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The Arrangement
Harry Styles Fanfiction


When We Were Young
Harry Styles Fanfiction - based off Adele’s “When We Were Young”

Harry Styles Fanfiction 

Series: Becoming Mrs. Styles (part 4)

–Part 2 of the proposal!


By the time you and Harry had made the drive into the city, you still had an hour or so until your reservation time at the restaurant, so you decided to take a walk together on some of the smaller streets you could find close to the restaurant - being right in the center of the city, however, made it a bit difficult to find less busy streets. So naturally, the paparazzi quickly spotted the two of you and followed you with cameras in your face and asking questions. Fortunately, there were only about three of them at this point. You smiled as usual, though also slightly uncomfortable with the three men trying to join yours and Harry’s conversations. Harry had his arm snaked around your waist, holding you tightly as he always did when paparazzi were around. You both tried your best to ignore them as you walked and talked - your conversation couldn’t go much beyond the weather and how pretty the city looked this time of year as the flowers were blooming and the trees were green again. Anything said that was personal would immediately be picked up by the paparazzi, so small talk was the way it had to be.

However, after a few minutes of this, the paparazzi were getting bored and anxious for some juicy gossip, so the questions you always hated started being asked, not to anyone’s surprise, though.

“Y/N, are you pregnant?” “Yeah when’s the baby due, Mr. Styles?” You naturally looked down at your stomach as you always did when they asked this question, just to see if it actually looked like you were. Harry laughed as he saw you do this like you always did.

“Don’t worry, love, you look perfect,” Harry smiled at you before glaring at the paparazzi. 

“Okay well when’s the wedding you two?” “Yeah, gotta put a ring on it Harry!” “Can I get an invitation to the wedding, Harry?” 

Your face flushed as it always did when this question was asked. But you felt you had gotten more embarrassed each time it was asked because it was never true. Harry noticed the expression on your face and, although it tore at his heart just a little thinking that you might think he wouldn’t want to marry you, he also smiled at the thought of tonight and how the next time the paparazzi asked this question, you would actually be engaged, hopefully. 

“Alright, a pleasure as always, gentlemen,” Harry smirked as he led you into the tall building where you would be dining tonight. And also where he would propose to the love of his life. 

A man standing behind the desk smiled at the both of you when you entered and, seeing your attire, guessed you would be looking for the building’s only restaurant on the top floor. “Welcome, please take the elevator up ahead and to the left and press floor number 30 to arrive at the building’s restaurant. Enjoy.”

There was something about the way the man was looking at Harry, with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye, that made you think the two of them had met before. Maybe Harry had lied and had actually been to this restaurant before?

Once you finally arrived at the top floor and stepped off the elevator, you were stunned seeing the decor and the ambiance of this place. And the view! Glass windows from floor to ceiling on three of the four sides allowed for the perfect view of the city and, right now, of the sun setting and filling the sky with your favorite colors. 

“Good evening, Mr. Styles?” The woman waiting to seat you asked Harry to make sure she had the correct reservation name. You always were amused when people pretended like they didn’t know it was Harry Styles standing on their presence, like they weren’t preparing for a celebrity. 

After being led to your table, you sat down across from Harry, slightly disappointed. Out of all the tables, they had to seat you at one against the wall and next to a pillar so you couldn’t really see out and look at the city below.

“Oh I’m sorry, baby. They must be very full tonight,” Harry told you, a smile on his face. Something told you he wasn’t actually that sorry… 

You were a little miffed that Harry had brought you to this amazing restaurant with the best view you’d ever seen but didn’t even try to get a table by the window and not right behind a pillar. But you weren’t going to push it. Plus, once your food was served, you couldn’t help but be happy as the delicious tastes of your favorite foods filled your senses. 

For dessert, you both shared a slice of chocolate cake that looked so pretty you didn’t want to eat it at first. There was a sugar rose on top of it and chocolate shavings and frosting - it was delicious. Right when you were finishing up the last bit of cake, Harry told you he was going to use the restroom. 

He’d been gone longer than normal, you noticed, when the hostess came up to your table.

“Mrs. Y/L/N? Could you please come with me.” The way she asked, it was more like you had no choice but to follow her. But this was all starting to get too  weird for you.

“Um, do you know where my boyfriend is? Where do you want me to go?” You asked, your brows furrowed at the thought of something happening to Harry.

“Yes, he had to go take a call down in the lobby but he asked me if I’d let you know so you wouldn’t be sat here waiting for a long time. Please come with me.” You still didn’t understand where she was going to take you. You were pretty sure you knew how to get out of the restaurant? But also you hadn’t even paid yet!

“Wait, we haven’t paid yet,” you told the hostess, your eyes starting to squint in suspicion.

“That’s all been taken care of by Mr. Styles, please come this way,” she gestured for you to follow her. 

To be fair, Harry had thought this whole thing through minus the excuse for you to follow the hostess. So he’d sent you a text a few minutes before, hoping you’d see it by this point. And before getting out of your chair, you instinctively checked your phone to see a text from Harry that read: “Please follow the hostess. xoxo.” You laughed at Harry’s lack of creativity in persuading you to do as he wished, but you finally agreed to follow the woman, knowing that Harry wouldn’t put you in any bad or strange situation. 

As the two of you exited the restaurant, she motioned for you to go through a door that led to stairs only going up.

“I thought we were on the top floor?” You questioned, puzzled.

The hostess just smiled and held the door open for you to venture up to who knows where on your own.

“Harry I swear if I get freaking murdered because of you,” you mumbled under your breath as you walked the short distance to the top of the stairs. Before opening the door, you noticed rose petals at your feet, which made you feel slightly better about opening the door in front of you. 

As soon as you opened the door and stepped out into the beautiful summer night, your jaw dropped. That feeling in your stomach suddenly appeared, the one that feels like butterflies, and you walked forward, looking around at everything before you.

You found yourself on the top of this building with a view that was to die for. Not only the view of the city and all the lights and the glow of the moon above you, but the view on the rooftop itself. Twinkly lights were strung all over the sides and rose petals covered almost the entire floor. You laughed, exuberant, and it was then that you heard the music coming from the corner furthest from you. And you saw, through the dark as best you could, four figures standing together, one of them playing a guitar… and then Zayn started singing the first notes of Little Things! Zayn! You were currently being serenaded by Harry’s four best mates from afar, and you were so excited that they were there that you almost ran to them, but then you noticed the pictures.

On the floor in front of you, on top of the rose petals, were tons and tons of photographs, all facing up and all spread out all over the floor. You hadn’t realized your eyes were welling up with tears until you found yourself having trouble trying to read the caption under the first picture you picked up.

“When I knew I would love you forever” read the first caption, under a picture of you standing in the kitchen in one of Harry’s t-shirt, your back to him, clearly in the middle of dancing to a song you had playing as you often did. You laughed.

“First time you slept over” read the caption under the next picture that you picked up of Harry lying on his back in bed, clearly taking a selfie, with you curled up on top of him, fast asleep. He had the biggest grin on his face.

“Right before I told you I loved you the first time” and a picture of you watching a movie next to Harry, smiling at whatever film was playing in front of you. How had you not noticed him taking this picture? 

You continued to wonder that as you looked at more and more of the pictures. 

After a few more minutes of smiling, laughing, and letting a few tears escape your eyes as you took a trip down memory lane, you saw a photograph furthest in front of you, close to the part of the rooftop furthest from the door you had walked out of only a few minutes ago and next to Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn who were now midway through If I Could Fly. They all smiled at you as you walked closer and you smiled back, tears welling up in your eyes at seeing the four of them together again. All that was missing was Harry…

You picked up the photograph in front of you and were surprised when it wasn’t another picture of you. You first read the caption, which said: “Right before I asked you to marry me”. The picture was of Harry, wearing exactly what he had on that night, standing in front of the door you had walked out of, minutes before, with all the rose petals and twinkly lights set up just as they were now. 

You turned around to find an exact replica of the image in your hands before your eyes, Harry and all. And somehow Harry had worked the timing out perfectly as the bridge of If I Could Fly was just beginning. You and Harry started walking toward each other as he started singing, much more slowly than the original and with Niall playing his guitar behind you. 

I can feel your heart inside of mine. 

I feel it, I feel it, the other boys sang.

I’ve been going out of my mind.

I feel it, I feel it.

Know that I’m just wasting time, and I, I hope that you don’t run from me.

Harry finished singing as he finally reached you, putting a hand to your cheek and kissing your forehead. The other boys finished the song as Harry rummaged around in his pocket for the thing he had been protecting and keeping secret for awhile now. 

Tears fell from your eyes consistently now as you watched him kneel down on one knee, on top of the rose petals and under the moonlight. The boys had started quietly humming their song 18, in harmony of course, as Niall lightly strummed his guitar.

“Y/N, I have loved you for as long as I’ve known you. And I’ve known since then that I never would be completely satisfied with my life if I didn’t live the rest of it with you by my side. My heart will be forever yours, and if you’ll let me, I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you’d make me by saying you’ll be my wife. You are so smart, love, and you are so kind and loving and supportive and caring and everything I’ve always wanted in a partner, and more. And you are so beautiful, Y/N, so so beautiful.” Harry’s eyes were welling up at this point and you watched through blurry eyes as a single tear escaped his eye. “Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” Harry asked you, his voice slightly shaky, and his eyes locked on yours.

And he was so beautiful. He was love. And he was light, and this night was beautiful, this rooftop was beautiful and the view was beautiful. But nothing was more beautiful than Harry. And you felt like you were home.

You realized after a few seconds you hadn’t answered his question yet so you laughed and crouched down to meet Harry’s eye level, tears spilling from your eyes. 

“Yes, Harry! Of course I will,” you whispered before taking his face in your hands and pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. You heard Louis yell “get a room!” after the kiss had still not ended and you and Harry both laughed, standing up, as Harry slid the ring on your finger, which you’d almost forgotten about. 

“Oh my gosh, Harry! It’s so beautiful, wow,” you sighed as a smile lit up every inch of your face. “Thank you so much.”

Harry lightly kissed your nose and laughed. “Anything for you, lovely.”

You heard one of the boys clear their throats. Harry laughed and, holding your left hand in his, yelled: “SHE SAID YES!” And all the boys came rushing towards you so you could finally hug them all as they congratulated you both, everyone laughing, most with tear-stained faces. 

After a few minutes, Harry pulled you into him and whispered, “I couldn’t deny you this view,” as he gestured to the city and all the lights around you. 

“Mmm, but the best view is you,” you smiled at how sappy you sounded but Harry loved it. And he loved this night and this place and his life. Most of all, he loved you, and now he would love you forever.


There’s the proposal, I hope you liked it! Feedback and requests always welcome :)

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hey. can you rec me some ziam fics. maybe your favourites? pls


Sorry for taking a bit longer to get to this! I was all set to do it yesterday, but then Top Knot Zayn happened, and I needed the time to appropriately reflect on him. But I’m back and focused and here goes!

(I’m putting all my recs under the cut because I don’t have any self control.)

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imagine in another world, harry is the bachelor on an all men season: liam, louis, zayn, and niall are all contestants. tell me their fates

on the introductory night zayn is detached and claims his friends signed him up for it. louis and niall are the first in the kitchen pouring drinks. harry walks into the kitchen at the same time, straps on an apron, and talks about his past.. 

louis ends up drunk and pushes zayn into the pool while laughing even though zayn cant swim. liam patiently waits on the couch waiting for his turn to talk to harry…and when he gets a chance he drops a few ‘no homos’ while harry looks on charmed but confused since it’s a show about finding love. niall has a crowd around him by the end of the night where he’s magically found a guitar and is now playing a cover of wonderwall…harry likes his charisma and gives him the first impression rose. He takes Niall on the first date and things get steamy while they make a trip to the local pottery shop..

A few weeks later harry becomes worried that Niall’s charisma is going to lead to him stealing one of his men and decides to send him home. Niall leaves upset and distraught..

Harry is finding himself drawn to zayn and louis’ down to earth/chill personalities but can never find them because they’re always off smoking cigs in the backyard. They’re both later kicked off when the camera crew catches them making out in a camera van. Harry wants to give them another chance but Zayn leaves mid-show. An official statement gets released by ABC stating ‘after 5 incredibly episodes zayn has decided to leave the show’. Louis is heard yelling at zayn as he leaves

Louis’ outlash does not mesh with harry’s ‘be nice, be kind’ mantra and kicks him off after a lot of thought and emotions. Liam is there to comfort Harry during his despair and the two grow extremely close, but Liam’s lifestyle of KFC and bars with odd names like Funky Buddha make harry hesitant they will not mesh either. Soon Harry finds out Liam is secretly having a baby with one of the show’s staff who is much older than him. When Liam proposes, Harry declines..

On the show’s reunion episode Harry doesn’t show up. Nobody knows where he is. He hasn’t tweeted anything normal in months. After a long silence - Harry finally tweets - everyone is hopeful for some insight and drama….but as it turns out…nobody understands

Liam Payne and Harry Styles in 2014

Better known as LIRRY, my first loves had quite a year. Between onstage sexual innuendos to being the goofiest cornballs in the history of cornballs, these two kept my lirry heart filled to the brim and STILL wanting more. They are a delight. From sweet and caring to laugh out loud moments, I present to you….

M’s fave Lirry moments of 2014

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Hey! Hope all is well with you guys :) I was wondering if you knew of any proposal fics, especially ones with Zayn proposing to Liam, but I'm not picky. Thanks!

zayn proposing

Love You More

white winter trees, covered in snow (i don’t mind)

hey baby (i know i wanna marry you)

I can’t help but loving you

Endlessly (Truly, Madly, Deeply)

I Promise You

liam proposing

We Still Like To Say That We’re In Love

long before we both thought the same thing

Colors and Promises

rest of my life with you

(Will you) marry me?

I Don’t Want to Fight at Christmas

Thought You’d Never Ask

I’m Glad You Did

Love and Duty (Royal Romance fic)

Love and Duty
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine and I’m not making anything off this.

Author’s Note- I’m still not sure how I feel about the Royal Romance. I’m not in love with any of the characters and it’s such a bizarre situation. I am leaning towards the prince though and I think he is a very interesting character, in a very hard position. I was intrigued by the information about the King’s first wife that is revealed in Chapter Four and that was the basis for this plot bunny. My Royal Romance character is Eleanor Sloane.

Pairing- Liam/MC

Summary- Liam and the King talk about what is required for a royal bride.

Rating- G

Words- 1147

“Father, you’ve been through the process of choosing a bride,” Liam began awkwardly. This wasn’t an easy topic of discussion, but he needed advice.

King Constantine smiled ruefully. “Yes. Three times.” He looked at his son. “Three times I’ve been in your shoes, having to make a choice for myself, but also for my country. Twice I chose well, once I did not.”

Liam paused, the question he wanted to ask hesitating on his lips. Mostly because he was afraid he knew the answer. “Why was it mistake?”

He thought he knew and it had been haunting him because he was afraid of repeating his father’s mistakes. He knew which woman he wanted to choose, but would it lead to another disaster for Cordonia?

“For many reasons,” Constantine told him, “That first time I let my own desires cloud my judgment. Like you, I was presented with a short list of names the nobility and the country would accept as the next queen. The first time, I didn’t choose the best queen, I chose the one I was most attracted to.”

That was what Leo had been afraid of. “But she passed all the tests?”

Eleanor had passed every test with flying colors, the press adored her and even the queen grudgingly approved. She had won friends and allies at court. There was nothing standing in his way of choosing her except his own doubts and fears of repeating the past.

“She did.” Constantine agreed. “Though she wasn’t the front-runner. I think most people hoped I would choose one of the other ladies and I know my father had serious doubts about Angelica’s ability to be queen, but there was no valid reason behind those doubts, so he accepted my choice. But within a few years, it became painfully obvious that he had been right to worry.”

“I’ve always heard it was because she was a minor noble, not prepared for life at court,” Liam admitted. “And that was why she struggled.”

“That was part of it,” Constantine confirmed. “Angelica never felt at ease at court. But I think it had less to do with her background, than her temperament.”

“Because she was a free spirit?” Liam said, the knot in his stomach growing bigger. He loved that Eleanor was independent, that she spoke her mind and followed her convictions. But would the same spirit that had to lead her to Cordonia eventually lead to her getting frustrated with royal life?

“In a way,” Constantine said, a far-away look in his eyes. Liam knew the subject was very painful for him and he regretted bringing it up, but… He needed to know. “She was very much like your brother. She hated people telling her what to do, hated the rigors of a schedule, hated the petty back-stabbing of court life. She told me once that she had participated in the social season because her parents expected it and because she thought it sounded fun, but she had never expected to be Queen. She was caught off-guard by my proposal.”

Liam blinked, he hadn’t expected that. He had always assumed that if a woman entered the marriage race it was because she wanted to win it. Was it possible that some of his suitors didn’t really want to marry him? His thoughts turned fleetingly to Hana, trying to imagine her reaction if he chose her and realized that she would accept, but not because she really wanted to. It was something he had never considered before.

That was my major mistake,” Constantine continued after a moment, “not choosing someone who didn’t have the temperament to be queen, but someone who had no desire to be.” His father paused, obviously struggling with his thoughts. “We also didn’t love each other. I was attracted to her, she was quite beautiful, and I don’t know what she felt. So we had neither love, friendship or a mutual sense of duty to bind us together. Looking back, I can see that we were doomed to fail.”

“I was always told that a prince shouldn’t expect to marry for love.” Liam countered, trying to contain his rising hope.

“Royalty rarely gets that luxury,” Constantine agreed, “though there are multiple kinds of love and love can grow with time. I was lucky enough to experience love with both your mother and Regina. With Regina, it was affection and a common love for Cordonia that grew into something deeper with time. Your mother I loved as soon as I saw her. I almost didn’t choose her because I had been so scarred by my previous experience that I didn’t trust my heart to make the right choice.”

“But you did,” Liam said, thinking briefly of the mother he could barely remember. “And you were happy.”

“Very.” Constantine agreed. “It helped that she was the obvious choice that season. Everyone loved her, the press, my parents, the other nobles. Much like Lady Sloane, actually.”

Liam was surprised by the comment. “You think Eleanor is like Mother?”

“I don’t know her well enough to judge,” Constantine told him, “but I know that she has performed admirably this season. The press loves her, the noble houses would happily accept her and even Regina approves of her. No one would hesitate to accept your choice and yet, you still hesitate. Is it because you are not sure of her?”

“I always thought I’d make my choice logically,” Liam confessed, “that I would choose the right queen for Cordonia, but with Eleanor, all I can think is how much I want her as my wife. Not for Cordonia, but for myself and I’m afraid that my feelings are blinding me, leading me to make a mistake.”

“I can’t tell you whether you are making a mistake or not,” Constantine told him honestly. “But I can tell you that I don’t think Lady Sloane is anything like Angelica if that is what worries. I also caution that some type of affection is required, even if it is not true love. If you choose the most suitable queen but feel nothing for each other, it can still end in disaster.”

Liam nodded. He had never considered that angle. Except for the fleeting thought that he would never choose Madeline because he felt nothing for her. At least he was fond of Olivia.

“Thank you, Father,” he said, rising to his feet, “you’ve given me a lot to think about.”

He exited the room feeling lighter than he had in weeks. His father words had eased his doubts. He was still scared, in many ways it was a lot easier to contemplate an arranged marriage than one based on love. The stakes seemed a lot higher. And yet… As terrifying as it was, it also exhilarating. There was nothing standing in his way. The secret hope he had nursed since seeing Eleanor at the ball was now in full bloom. He could choose her.

He would choose her.

-          Fin