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1D Preference-Masterlist

I wasn’t sure if I should make a Masterlist because I only just started writing preferences. However, for those interested, here you go.

(Writing is like a puzzle to me. The pieces eventually come together so it takes time to figure things out)

Regular Preferences:

He Comforts You


He Helps You When You’re Tense

He’s Dating A Shipper (A very crappy one. Don’t read)

He’s Sick In The Car

He Helps You Study


Au Preference (s)

He Has A Superpower

1D Life Series:

You Tell Him You’re Pregnant

Cute Pregnant Moments

Our Little Angel

Will update soon :D

Thank you fromlondon–withlove and @ohmagawdbatman for giving me the suggestions!

1D Preference #56: Inspired by X (Part 4)...

Liam - One:

Liam downed his third whiskey, getting himself ready to switch back to beer. Tomorrow was the big day and he didn’t feel sufficiently ready to get through it. It would be the day that defined the relationship between you and him. The day you officially declared there was no more chance for him to come back into your life. Liam signaled the bartender for a beer. He wasn’t drunk enough to be thinking about you getting married to that guy. And the worst part was there was nothing wrong with the guy. He was nice, he had an amazing job, he loved you deeply - there was just nothing wrong with him. “I think you’re almost done here.” The bartender muttered so as not to embarrass Liam. The brunet ran a hand through his hair. “I’m almost done everywhere.” Liam said sadly and the bartender sighed, feeling Liam’s pain. “Alright, a few more but let me call you a cab so I know you have a way home.” Liam gave the bartender a weak smile as his mind drifted back to you.

You held tightly onto Liam’s hand as he counted down. “1!” He exclaimed. The two of you jumped from the side of the yacht into the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. It took a minute or two but the two of you gripped each other’s shoulders underneath the water before popping back up, still entwined. You pulled closer until your legs and arms were wrapped around Liam. He pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “That was fun!” You told him when you pulled back. Liam nodded. “I’m surprised you actually jumped with me. I would’ve thought I’d have to get Tommo up.” You shook your head. “No chance. I wanna spend as much time as I can with you. I wanna do everything with you.” Liam smiled fondly at you, pressing another kiss against your lips before dunking you underwater so he didn’t turn into a big sap. He felt the same way. You were the only one for him. It was as simple as that.

Liam stumbled from the cab towards the front door of his house. His senses were heightened meaning he could feel everything 10x worse than usual. Everything hurt. From his heart to his fingers, he felt kind of numb and extremely upset. You were getting married tomorrow. You were getting rid of any chance he ever had to win you back. Liam groaned when he dropped his key again. Nothing was going right. Nothing ever went right. It should’ve worked out between you two. He shouldn’t be drunk and stumbling home right now, he should have his arms wrapped tightly around you. His life should include you. He shouldn’t be drinking away his feelings only to find them again at the bottom of a beer glass.

“What?” You sighed, not wanting to repeat the words. This was as hard as it was for you as it was for him. “I met someone else.” Liam shook his head violently, brown eyes wide in disbelief. “No. No you didn’t. Who? No. This can’t be real?!” Liam exclaimed. You couldn’t blame him. But you had met someone. This beautiful Yale Law student who you were falling for quickly. He was exactly who you’d pictured yourself with when you were younger and suddenly Liam was seeming more like someone you’d loved the idea of. “So what? You’re just gonna dump me?” You shook your head before stopping, because that was what were you doing. “I guess I am. He says he sees a future with me. Liam, we’ve been together for 2 years and I’m not even moved in yet. I need more stability and more predictability.” Liam frowned and you sighed. This was so hard. This was harder than it should be. 

Liam fell into bed, immediately passing out with a water bottle ready on his nightstand. These nighttime drinking episodes were not rare so he prepared himself before he left. He really needed to stop drinking so much. The rest of the night was spent in a dreamless state until loud knocking woke him up. Liam felt a headache come on as the knocking continued. He grabbed his water and pulled on a t-shirt and sweats before running down to the door. He opened his mouth to greet whoever was behind the door but as soon as you two made eye contact the words died on his lips. You stared at Liam patiently, waiting for him to speak or let you in the house. “What are you doing here?” He finally asked still shell-shocked from seeing you on his doorstep. “You didn’t RSVP to my wedding.” You said softly staring wide eyed at Liam. “It’s kind of selfish of you to expect me to be there when you know damn well that it’ll hurt me to watch you marry someone else. You were - are actually - my only one. The only person I could ever see myself marry. You’re my everything and you want me to go to your wedding. Are you kidding?” He spat at you. There was something there though. The tone didn’t crush you because those words meant everything to you. You smiled softly up at Liam. “I’m your everything?” Liam glanced down at you, an eyebrow raised. “You always were.” You smiled a little wider. “When I broke up with you, I don’t think I was really thinking. You’re kind of my only one too.” As the words processed, a small smile spread across Liam’s face. He put out a hand to you and you took it. He led you into the house. “So why are you actually here?” Liam asked as he pulled you to the couch. “I broke off my engagement because I missed you and I love you and I don’t think anyone else could ever measure up to how much you meant to me and I guess I just needed to learn that the hard way.” Liam shook his head before you pulling you into him, your back against his chest. “I can’t believe I ever left you.” You muttered snuggling closer to Liam, loving the feeling of his strong arms wrapped around you. The arms that were so familiar to you and the only arms you ever wanted wrapped around you. “Promise me you’ll never leave me again.” You smiled softly, looking up at Liam. “I promise, Li.”

A/N: So this is the last one! I really like this.  I originally did it based on another song and that is not something I want to share with the world in this preference. Maybe another time. We’ll see. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoyed this. And again maybe if you want you could give me some album recs for these preferences. | Louis | Harry | Niall |

love- part 8

“So I live here?” He coughed. “I mean, I live here, with you? We live here together?”

You nodded and closed the door behind you. You threw your keys in the bowl before taking of your shoes and jacket.

“Uhm- yeah. We live here. ” you said, nodding awkwardly.

You could tell he felt a but uncomfortable around you and that killed you.

“Harry?” You asked, breaking the silence that settled between the two of you.

“Yeah?” He was still looking around the flat.

“Do you remember your childhood?” You asked, fiddling with your fingers.

He nodded and pinched his bottom lip with his thumb and forefinger. “Yeah, yeah. ” he looked at you with brows furrowed. “Why?”

“Do you remember anyone?”

“My mom, dad, Gemma,” he said shrugging.

You let out a breathy laugh. “Except for them. ”

He whistled and walked towards the living room and plopped himself down on the couch. You followed him, but didn’t sit down.

“I remember my neighbors having a little girl that I became friends with.”

You grinned and walked up to him and crouched down. You rested your hands on his knees, hesitantly at first. “Okay, do you remember her name?”

He let out a breath and furrowed his brows in concentration.

The doctor told you to take it slow. It will take time. Not to pressure him in remembering or else it’ll be worse.

God, when Harry said those three words to you, your heart dropped. You couldn’t believe he forgot about you. Three long years of relationship memories gone, and twelve years of friendship memories gone.

He doesn’t even remember the boys.

You sighed. “It’s fine. Just- don’t think about it too much. ” you slumped to the ground and rested your elbows on your bent knees. Your head rolling back to lean against the couch.

“Love, who’s the girl?” He asked.

“The girls me, Harry. ” you mumbled. “We’ve been friends for twelve years. ”

You heard him sigh. “I’m sorry. ”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. ” you stood up and blinked several times.

“No it’s not. If I could have tho-”

“I said its fine, Harry. ” you snapped. “I’m gonna make dinner. ”

You didn’t mean to snap at him. You were just mad that the drunk man decided to drive while not being sober.

You decided to make Mac and cheese since it’s probably the easiest and fastest thing to make.

“Smells good,” you turned around and saw Harry leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen door. “What is it?”

“Mac and cheese. ” you mumbled.

“Are you mad that I didn’t remember you? Cause that is not my fault. ”

You turned the stove of and grabbed to bowls and filled it up with Mac and cheese. You walked up to Harry and gave him his bowl.

“I know it’s not your fault. ” you said then shoved your spoon if your mouth. You walked past him and back into the living room and sat down.

You heard a chair scrape across the floor and looked over your shoulder to see Harry sitting at the dining table.

You sighed and turned the tv on. You and Harry would usually eat dinner in the living room. Together and watch whatever Disney movie you guys find on TV.

Not even five minutes later, you heard the sink from the kitchen running. You paused tangled and stood up, cringing when your ankles pooped from having them folded under your bum for so long.

“You don’t have to wash the dishes,” he jumped at the sound of your voice. “I can do it. You-you just- how about you go and change into someth-you know what? How about you wander through the house and adventure. ”

“It’s fine, babe. I can wash the dishes.” He turned around and extended an arm towards you. You raised your eyebrows and looked at the hand brides looking back at him. “Give me your dish. Please. ”

You sighed, but obliged. You grumbled and walked to your shared bedroom and changed into something comfortable. Sweats and a t-shirt.

You walked back down to the living room to see Harry lying down on his back with minx on his stomach. He has a huge grin on his face, the corner of his eyes crinkling while he laughs at minx.

You lean against the doorframe and cross your arm over your chest and smile a small smile. You haven’t seen that smile for two weeks and you missed it.

“What’s his name?” You jumped slightly at the sound of Harry’s voice. You looked at him to see him looking up at you, rubbing behinds minx ear. Just where he likes it.

“Minx. ” you pushed yourself off the doorframe and walked up to them and sat crisscross next to Harry. Minx barked and jumped off of Harry, an ‘oof’ leaving Harry’s lips when minx stepped on Harry’s stomach to get to you.

“Hi baby,” you cooed, petting minx.

“Who named him?” You looked up to see Harry sitting now, a faint smile on his face as he looked at you and minx.

“Uh- Marty did. ”

His brows furrowed. “Who’s Marty?”

“My brother. He’s the one who got us minx. ” minx jumped of your lap and barked and ran upstairs to God knows where.

You looked at Harry to see him staring at you intently. Before the accident, you could see the love and adoration he had for you behind his eyes, but now, you can’t see any of that.

He wanted to remember you. He didn’t want to see you hurt because of him. Hell, he didn’t want to see anyone hurt because he can’t remember the person or thing or place of a memory. He’s been trying so hard to remember you and the boys, but not a memory or clue or even a name pops into his head. He didn’t even know his own girlfriends name. He didn’t know how or when he asked you to be his girlfriend. All he remembers is a girl from his childhood memory. He knew that girl was you, he just didn’t know your name. Still doesn’t.

He cleared his throat and looked away. “Can I take a shower?” He asked quietly.

You chuckled. “Baby- I mean Harry, you live here. You don’t have to ask me. ”

He sent you a small shy smile and nodded. “Where is it?” He stood up and groaned, holding his head with one hand.

You stood up and took a step forward and looked at him with concern. “You okay?”

“I’m fine. ” he said.

“Are you sure? Do you need me to get you your pil-”

“I said I’m fine. ” he snapped.

You took a step back and nodded. You looked at the clock that was hanging above the tv and saw that it was past ten. You looked everywhere but at him. You heard him sigh and soon you felt his hand on your arm, sending a bolt of electricity through you whole body. You looked up at him to see him looking at you with the green eyes you fell deeply in love with.

“I’m sorry, love. I didn’t mean to snap. ”

You shook your head and smiled. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. ” you took a step away from Harry and started walking towards the stairs. “You coming?” You asked.

“Hm?” He turned around and looked at you with raised eyebrows. “Yeah, yeah of course. ”

You walked up the stairs and into your shared bedroom and sat on the edge of bed. “Shower is right there,” you pointed towards the bathroom door that’s connected to your room. “And your clothes are right there.” You pointed at the closet and dressers. “Towels should be hanging in the bathroom. ”

He smiled and grabbed boxers and shirt and sweats and walked into the bathroom.

You sighed and shook your head. This is going to be harder then you thought. Getting him to remember you and the boys will take a long time.

You heard the shower water turn off and soon Harry caning walking out with a white shirt and grey sweats. He had his sling in his hand while his unbroken hand was running through his wet hair.

“Do you need help putting the sling on?” You asked, sitting up from your lying position.

He looked up and nodded. “Please. ”

You nodded and stood up. You walked towards him and gently took the sling and stuck his arm through the sling then over his head so it rested in his shoulder.

“Thanks. ” he whispered.

You looked up and smiled. “No problem. ”

“So uh- where’s the guest room?” He asked.

Of course he wouldn’t want to sleep in the same bed as you. He’d probably feel uncomfortable. But it did hurt.

“Right-it’s uh-it’s the first door to your left. ” you said, blinking away the tears.

“I can sleep here with you if you wa-”

“No, no. It’s fine. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. ” you smiled and nodded. “I’ll sleep in the guest room. You can sleep here. ”

You walked past him and opened the door. You turned around and saw him running A hand over his face.

“I lo-,” you stopped yourself. He wouldn’t say it back. “Goodnight. ” you whispered. You shut the door behind you and walked to the guest room to see minx in there.

You shut the door and climbed in the bed and under the covers and let the tears stream down your cheeks. You felt your phone vibrate. You pulled it out to see that you got a text message from Louis.


How you holding up, love?


Not good. He only remembers a little girl from his childhood memory.


At least he remembers you.


Lou, he still doesn’t know my name.


I’m sorry, love. He’ll remember.

I just wanted to know if we can stop by tomorrow?


Yeah, of course.


Alright. Well, sleep well and give him some time, yeah?

Goodnight. X


Goodnight, Lou. X

You set your phone down on the nightstand and sighed. You closed your eyes and started to fall asleep, but a knock on the guest room door, made you open your eyes.

“Come in. ” you mumbled, knowing it was Harry.

“Y/N,” he breathed. He walked in and slammed the door shut.  He walked up to the bed and crawled in next to you. “Y/N”

You sniffled and wiped your eyes before sitting up. “What’s u-,” you cut yourself off. He said your name. He remembers your name. Your eyes widen And you looked at him to see him grinning. “You said my name. ”

He nodded. “I said your name, love. ”

You jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck. You surprised him, but he recovered and wrapped his arms around your waist.

You pulled away and grinned. “I’m sorry, it’s just- you remember my name. You’re starting to remember. ”

“I am. ”

You say down on the bed and grabbed his hand to bring to sit down next to you. “What else do you remember?” You asked

“I uh- I remember when we were fourteen and you were dating this kid name Caleb and I hated him. I told you that he was bad news but you ignored me.  

"One night you came to my house around two in the morning crying because Caleb never actually liked you. He was just dared to ask you out. ”

By now you had tears in your eyes. He remembers you.

“Is that all you remember?”

He nodded. “Yeah. ”

“How did you remember my name and that memory?”

“I couldn’t sleep so I was just wandering in the room and saw pictures of us when we were little and now. ”

You grinned and shook your head. He’s starting to remember, slowly. But that makes you happy.

“I just don’t remember the boys,” he sighed and shook his head.

“You’ll remember them. ” you patted his knee and nodded.

“I can’t remember me liking you. I can’t remember asking you to be my girlfriend. I can’t remember falling in love with you. I want to, but I can’t. ” he shook his head. He grabbed your hand and gave it a small squeeze then looked at you.

“It’s okay, you’ll remember. Just, just give yourself some time. ”

He shook his head, once again. “No. You don’t understand.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t think I will be able to love you the same way I loved you before the accident. ”

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This is a place where I don’t feel alone / This is a place where I feel at home

Harry saw you sitting on your balcony from his own balcony just one flat over. You were sipping on a drink that was coffee colored with chocolate syrup swirling around the plastic cup. Your sunglasses were perched on the top of your head and you had music playing low from a small speaker. You were reading–so absorbed in your book and Harry had never fallen so hard for a girl just looking at her. And yeah, Harry was a romantic…but he wouldn’t believe in love at first sight unless he experienced it himself. Maybe it wasn’t even love…yet…but it was something he’d never felt before and he never wanted the feeling to go away.

Your feet were crossed at the ankles as you sipped on an iced coffee in the lounge chair. He liked how your hair fell and how you seemed so gentle and at peace with the world. He doesn’t remember you moving in. He would have remembered eyes like yours and a smile like that. He liked that you were there. But he doesn’t know when your smile graced the building.

“Hi, Kitten,” he said gently. You looked up and your eyes widened and you lips fell into a shy smile. Your cheeks turned red at his pet name for you and you stood up and walked to your side of the balcony.

“Are you actually Harry Styles?” You questioned softly.

He smiled. “Yes. The one and only,” he told you leaning over his balcony a bit to look at you. He liked how soft and gentle you looked. He saw pain in your eyes, deep back there. But it was deep now. Like you recently got rid of it, but it was always there haunting you. He wanted to know what it was more than he ever wanted to know anything.

“I live next door to Harry Styles,” you giggled excitedly shaking your head in disbelief. You didn’t know Harry was seeing you–the real you, the one that you hid from everyone else. 

“Yes you do,” he answered. “And I live next door to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he said sweetly. You blushed. He smiled at you with a cheery expression. He was so lame it was incredible you fell for it. He regretted the words instantly because why on earth would you fall for such a cheesy line? But you did and you giggled delightedly and blushed so madly it made Harry’s heart tumble in love with you. “Can I get you a snack?” He asked. You blushed and smiled shyly.

Yes. Yes. YES. “Oh, I’m good,” you said gently. Your heart pounded and you wanted to say yes, but clinging to Harry Styles the day you meet him sounds like the last thing he’d ever want. He was a bit hurt, because he wanted to get to know his neighbor. He could finally get a cat then and not worry about it dying while he was away if you were kind enough to watch him. And you were really, really cute. “I had a nice little breakfast earlier,” which was also true. “And I have to get work to soon…” Also true.

He pouted, but it was short-lived. “Maybe tomorrow?” Harry wondered with a sweet smile. You blinked in surprise. He actually wanted to hang out with you? Like for real. He wasn’t just asking out of politeness. He didn’t see that you were dying to hang out with him. He wanted to hang out. With you.

Your heart bounced into your chest at thought of spending even another minute with Harry. “Yeah,” you nodded a grin stretching across your face. “I’d really like that.”


Harry was brave enough to hop over to your balcony and he knocked on your patio slider with a sweet, gentle smile. He was so excited to go out with you. It had only been a day and he was already aching to see you again. You leaned against the door frame and cocked your head to one side. “I have a door,” you told him knowingly.

“That’s too conventional,” he shrugged and leaned in toward you to sweep his lips against your cheek. You were sure every part of your body blushed. He paid no attention to it if he noticed. “Have a nice day, kitten?” He asked.

You smiled. “Yeah,” you said gently. “You?”

“It was terribly boring without you,” he said knowingly. You giggled and shook your head at him.

“You’re crazy,” you told him. But so were you. Crazy about Harry. And if he was the slightest bit crazy about you, you wouldn’t question anything about the situation. (Except you definitely thought Harry needed glasses.)

He grinned gently at your little breathy giggle. He took it as a victory getting you to laugh. “So where do you work?” He questioned as you gesture for him to come inside. He admired your decorations, it was like walking into a beach cottage. “Are you a mermaid?” He chuckled.

“Yes,” you grinned. “I own a cute little children’s clothing store,” you began. “It’s cute in the mall and whatnot….and no. Not a mermaid. Just…can take the girl from the beach but can’t take the beach out of the girl…kinda thing,” you said lamely and scuffed your foot on the floor.

His eyes lit up at the thought of children. With you. On a beach in little tiny bathing suit-clad children that would have your hair and laugh as they clumsily followed him to the water like little ducklings. He had just met you, he was insane, but if you liked being with children enough to open a store all for them, he assumed, in the most human-to-human kind of way, you were probably delightful to children.

“Sweet,” he smiled gently. He didn’t want to let on that he was mad over you moments after knowing two things about you–three if he was to count how. gorgeous. you. were.

You grinned gently. “And what do you do?” You giggled twisting your hands behind your back. You were nervous. And you didn’t know what to do with your hands.

He chuckled and stuffed his hands in his pockets because when he was nervous, he was a lot clumsier and he didn’t want to break any decorations you had so neatly spread about the house. “I sing a bit,” he said flirtily.

“Indie?” You asked as you nibbled on your lip. You didn’t flirt well, obviously having this conversation was a struggle.

He snorted at your cute little joke. “No, pop,” he answered.

“Really you wouldn’t strike me as a popstar,” you said knowingly. “Hair is too long,” you shrugged. You weren’t a fan of guys having hair as long as yours. But Harry Styles was no ordinary boy and he certainly could pull it off.

He was literally willing to cut it off for you if you asked. “My name is Hair-y, I have to have a lot of hair,” he shrugged. You laughed and sighed and looked at the floor a moment before glancing up at him. Harry’s gaze hadn’t moved from your eyes and you thought your skin was on fire. “Well,” he cleared his raspy voice. “Should we go?” He wondered.

You bit your lip and smiled shyly at him. “Are you sure you wanna go out with me?” You asked softly as you looked at the floor in embarrassment. “There’s probably a million other girls or so that–”

“Of course, my darling,” he whispered and tipped your chin up and tilted his head at you as you blushed shyly again. “I want to show you off to the world,” he told you quietly.

You smirked and nodded. “Thank you, Harry,” you whispered.


“KITTEN WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT I BOUGHT!” He shouted from your patio. You rolled your eyes at your three month neighbor and boyfriend. “Look! Look! Look!” He bounced with excitement as he placed a box on the floor and it started moving. You slammed your body against the door.

“HARRY STYLES,” you growled.

“Relax!” He held his hand up and knelt down to the box. “Look,” he smiled softly and lifted the box. A tiny little white kitten with black patches hopped out of the box and walked over to you and brushed up against your ankles.

“Oh goodness, look at you, my sweet little kitten,” you said and scooped him up. You placed him in your arms and held him close to your chest. He purred. “What’s your name?” You asked and kissed the top of her tiny little head.

“His name is Ace,” Harry said.

“Oh Harry, he’s adorable,” you cooed. Harry smiled gently.

“So you like him?”

“I love him,” you said sweetly and cuddled the soft ball of fur. Ace meowed and nuzzled his little nose against your jaw. “HARRY HE’S SO CUTE,” you cried.

He laughed. “Well, he’s going to keep you company while I’m away.”

“Of course,” you nodded vigorously.

Harry grinned brightly. These were three best months of his life. He was so happy and he was so gone for you. At first it was your beauty, then it was your love of children, books and coffee. And now it was everything that you were. You were there for him whenever he needed, either in person, on the phone, just existing, he knew you were there for him. He had never felt so good to be at home in his flat and know he wasn’t alone. He realized that he hadn’t felt that way since he lived at home with his mum and Gemma before One Direction got their break. He was home.

You were so kind. At first he thought you were sweet and then you…you did things that made people’s days. You bought them coffee when they were struggling to find a card that worked. You would talk to little kids in line for ice cream asking about their days and plans when it took too long for them to get their summer treat. Sometimes you held doors open for tens of people because there wasn’t a break in the flow of people entering. He’d never met anyone like you and he never wanted to let you out of his sight.

“I’m glad you like him,” Harry said as the kitten purred into your chest. “He already loves you,” he said quietly. “A lot,” he mumbled afterwards.

You blushed and looked at Harry with a grin. “Well, I love him a lot too,” you said with a wink and set the fluffy baby on the floor and watched him crawl around.


Harry loved that he had to hardly ever worry about you leaving for the night. You were literally right next door. You told him flat out you would not move in with him for quite some time…but it didn’t matter. Because you still lived in both apartments right next door to one another you may as well have knocked the wall down in between you fluttered back and forth so quickly.

Harry and you were twined together on his bed eight months later from the day he met you. Ace was sleeping in his little bed in the living room. He held your hands rubbing his fingers along your hands and peppered your skin with kisses on your hairline. “I love you,” he breathed. You giggled as his lips tickled your skin. You loved him so much and he was so cute and gentle.

“I love you too,” you whispered back. It was like it was a secret between the two of you. In reality, it was anything but.

He nuzzled your neck. “I’m never letting you go,” he promised with a yawn.

After a few moments of silence you had to break it because your sleep deprived mind remembered something. “Harry,” you whispered.

“Hmmm…?” He hummed as his body wrapped around you tightly.

“If you were a giant, everyone would be scared of you because you’d be a klutzy giant,” you giggled.

He started tickling you causing you to squeal for several moments and then he held you close. “Silly,” he mumbled sleepily as you slowly caught your breath and then drifted to sleep in his giant embrace–small giggles escaping your lips every few moments.


Right after your one year mark Harry went on tour. You swore to Harry you would never disbelieve him. You knew his life was stressful and complicated and the last thing he needed was extra stress because you couldn’t trust him.

“I know you don’t trust easily,” he said one of the last few days he was home. He was pretty sure you still didn’t trust him completely–which was fine, he just had to be extra careful to keep breaking down your trust walls. You cupped his face and nodded.

“Nope, not at all,” you whispered quietly. “How did you know that?” You wondered curiously. “No one’s ever noticed that.”

“I can see it in your eyes,” he swiped his thumbs beneath your eyes. “It’s deep in there,” he mumbled.

You blushed a bit and avoided his eyes a moment and then looked back up at him your eyebrows cinched in confusion. “It’s different with you,” you answered. “You know?”

“I’m glad…” he trailed off and left a long kiss on your forehead. “You should trust at least one person in life,” he said sagely.

“I suppose Prince Harry Styles is probably the best person I could trust,” you smiled gently and nuzzled into his collarbone and neck.

“Yeah?” He mumbled. “You think?” He wondered.

“I’ve not had reason to distrust you, sweet love,” You kissed his lips softly.

He grinned gently gazing at you. He would help you trust. Especially him.


“You okay?” He asked. It was bed time where he was and morning where you were.

You yawned. “Mm…just early,” you said softly. “I sleep better with you in bed,” you said cutely. “Hello, sweet kitty,” you cooed. “Do you miss Har-bear?” You asked sweetly and nuzzled the kitten into your chest. “Me too,” you murmured.

Harry smiled gently. “I know the papers–”

You shook your head and took a deep breath. “Don’t worry about it,” you said simply. Frankly you were concerned. But you decided to trust Harry. You had to. And you know, as awful as it sounded, you figured if Harry couldn’t be trusted you would know for good you can’t trust anyone.

But you wanted to trust Harry. He was such a lovely person and you were thrilled he let you in his chaotic life. If anything, he should have been hesitant to trust you. He had mentioned casually that sometimes he had the hardest time figuring out who was okay to trust. “You’re easy,” he said simply. “I mean this in the nicest way, people that have a really hard time trusting are so easy to trust because they hate not trusting,” he explained.

You had never thought about it like that; he was completely right. You knew you were trustworthy and yeah, he could trust you. You knew what it was like to be let down constantly.

But Harry didn’t hear you say “don’t worry,” in a simple manner. He heard it sharply. Like you were angry. His heart skipped a beat in nervousness. Shit.

“Um…it’s not a big–”

“Really, love, don’t worry about it,” you shrugged again casually.

But Harry didn’t hear casual.

“You know I would never cheat or…like–”

“Harry, what’s wrong? I said it was okay, it’s not a big deal,” you said gently. He breathed out in relief for now but he felt like you were still angry. Maybe you were annoyed with his incessant questioning and you didn’t want to talk about it. He thought.

“Nothing, I just…I miss you. A lot. I miss being home. It’s lonely here.”

“You have the boys,” you reminded him.

“They don’t kiss like you do,” he joked.

You laughed, loudly. He grinned brightly and you snuggled into the kitten. “Well, I suppose that’s true…”

“I mean…Liam’s close, but he’s also really in love with his girlfriend…so it detracts a bit from the passion,” he continued.

You giggled some more. “Don’t you hate when girlfriends do that?”

“No,” he said simply. “No not at all. I love my girlfriend with all my heart,” he whispered quietly. “And I miss being home with her. All the time. I miss being less alone.”

“Soon my love,” you smiled sweetly. “I love you, too. And I miss your presence and the sense of home when you’re not here,” you told him. “Good night, my love. You’ll be home soon.”

He sighed. He loved the sound of that.


He wanted to be home. Now. He was cold and alone in the hotel bed and he wanted to be in your bed…his couch, the bathtub. He really didn’t care. He would go anywhere as long as you were there spooning him either as the little one or the big one. He didn’t care. He needed you. He needed to know it wasn’t too late.

The magazine was convincing. It wasn’t his complete fault. He should have been more aware. He had no clue that she would do that. He was so upset and he was even more worried you’d already seen it. He was alone looking at the article online. He felt so alone. The boys promised him it would be okay. But he wasn’t so sure. He was still so scared. The phone rang for forever and ever as Harry chewed on his thumb nail, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Hi Har–”

“Listen, I need you to do me a favor and not go on the Internet,” he said quickly. “I know how insane that is…but–”

“Harry…” you said. “I can’t….we…breaking up,” you murmured.

His phone slipped from his grip and landed with a small thud on the carpet. He fell to his knees soon after and he felt like he was going to throw up. Maybe he was being a bit dramatic but he was so upset. Not only because he lost his Earth angel, but because he probably ruined your trust. He ruined your trust for anyone you would kindly let into your heart ever again.

He slid the call to end. He started crying hysterically. His body felt so tiny and broken. His stomach ached. Everything started to feel broken–especially his heart. He messed up. Without meaning to, he ruined everything. Crawling to bed, he snuggled into one of your pillows he brought with him sniffing the pillow as he cried.

Meanwhile you stared curiously at your phone. You bit your lip. You were driving home for the store which means you had to drive through the tunnel. Which meant you weren’t getting proper service. You figured you would call Harry later.

You arrived home, kicking your shoes off and setting your jacket on the coat rack. Ace came over and rubbed his side up against your shin. “Hi, baby,” you cooed and snuggled the baby. He purred. You were so thankful Harry got the two of you a kitten. You adored him and it did help make the time and distance from Harry a hundred times easier.

Your phone rang again. It was Louis. “You have to come out,” he said.

“Harry!” You heard Liam call through the receiver.

“Why? What’s wrong?” You asked running to your room shoving clothes into a duffle bag. “Is he okay?”

“He won’t let us in. He’s hiding in the bathroom,” Louis tells you. “Babe, I don’t even know why or how long he’s been in there, but he keeps saying your gone. His phone is out here, we can’t–”

“Book me a flight, I’m going to cancel some stuff and shift things around. Can your girlfriend watch the cat?” You asked.

“I’ll text her when I’m done with the flight,” he said quickly. You should have called him back immediately. You had no idea what was wrong or why it was happening all of a sudden. But you were partially happy you’d get to see your sweet Har-Bear in a few hours.


Harry woke up with his head on the tile floor of the bathroom. His head ached so badly and he groaned softly. He peered out the bathroom and saw the boys were spread about outside the door. He frowned. Harry did feel bad he made them so worried. But he was still so distraught and sad.

He wanted to go home…but now he wasn’t sure if that was the best idea. You probably hated him. And he couldn’t stand the thought of seeing hate in your pure, perfect good eyes.

He sat down on his bed and held your pillow to his chest. He let a few silent sobs shake through his body. And then there was a knock on the door. He didn’t want to answer it. So he just laid there. “Harry?” You whispered softly into the wood.

His heart almost broke. He dashed to the door quickly and flung the door away from the entry. He melted to the floor again and buried his face into your legs. “I’m so sorry,” he cried.

“Sorry for what? Har-bear, what’s wrong?” You asked sinking to the floor and cupping his face. “Louis called me and said you were locked in the bathroom. C’mere,” you said and tugged him a few doors down to the room you checked into. You put a tea kettle on the stove and then you sat on Harry’s thighs and sprinkled kisses along his neck. His heart was bursting.

“I thought you wanted to break up,” he sniffled.

“Where on earth would you get a crazy idea like that?” You asked.

“You said it!” He croaked and snuggled into your neck. You thought for a moment.

“Oh, Harry, no, I’m so sorry. No. I should have called back. I said ‘we’re breaking up,” like cell phone service. Oh my God, you poor, poor love,” you swiped his tears away. He tucked his head beneath your chin and sobbed some more. You rubbed his back and fiddled with his curls.

“But you were upset the other day,” he grumbled.

“No I wasn’t…” you trailed off. “Harry why would I be upset?” You asked.

“About the articles, the rumors, the paps, fans, everything that I am,” he sniveled. You laid him down and looked deeply into his eyes. And now you saw it. You saw the distrust there. Harry had a lot of great people in his life, but he had never felt like he belonged.

“Harry, I love you so much and I trust you. The rumors and the fans and all that means nothing to me as long as you swear you’ll always tell me the truth, no matter how much it hurts and then we’ll work it out. I’m not giving up on us, alright?” You said rubbing the nape of his neck. He looked like he’d been crying for hours. You felt so bad. You wished you made the effort to call him back quickly. Your poor little cupcake was so upset.

“Why don’t we tell the boys you’re alright and then we’ll take a bath, okay?” He sniffled again and nodded.


You rubbed his feet as you laid across from him and gazed into his eyes. “Do you feel better?” You wondered.

He nodded. “Did you see the articles?” He questioned.

“No, babe, and I don’t care. Because I never want to see you look so sad and broken like that again. You are a wonderful person who couldn’t hurt a fly. I love you more than I could ever explain. And I think you’ve broken down all those walls,” you told him. “I trust you completely and I trust that if something does happen…we’ll be able to work it out.”

He shifted a bit, his tall frame sloshing the water around and over the side of the tub a bit. He straddled your body which caused you to flush at all the skin contact. You loved him–every part of him. He held you face in his hands and rubbed his thumbs against your cheeks as he took hold of your stare and refused to let go. “Nothing will happen,” he whispered. His eyes were so sure and bright. His voice was slow and smooth. His hair slicked back so you could see ever inch of his perfect face was making a solemn promise to you–he would never hurt you.

“I know,” you smiled gently and slid your lips against his. “I love you, Harry Styles…maybe…we need to work on you trusting me?” You suggested gently.

He frowned and looked down at your hands as they lightly traced his sparrows. “I do trust you, kitten.”

“I know,” you nodded easily and pecked his nose. “Do you know that I’m a very patient persona and I’m willing to talk to you about anything, no matter how personal, how…heartbreaking or…it might make me upset, but I’ll appreciate that you’re telling the whole truth and trying to make it work,” you vowed.

He stared at you and Harry, the cute little thing he is, leaned forward and fluttered his long, soft eyelashes next to yours. You giggled and he chuckled back and soon you were both kissing and giggling too much causing the water to slip out of the tub and you threaded your fingers in his long damp locks. “I love you, Harry,” you promised.

“I love you too, my sweet kitten,” he whispered gently.

And that’s when Harry realized that he didn’t need to go home to feel less alone. He just needed you. You were home. You made him not alone. He loved you. Tons.

And he was lucky and humbled that you loved him just as much and he would never feel alone if it was the two of you.

And probably Ace.

Preference #153 Breathing

Liam- “Don’t you get it? Sometimes it’s hard to breathe when you’re not in my sight and I don’t know where you went.” Liam was upset that you had forgotten your phone when the two of you decided to go shopping in such a popular place like L.A. where cameras and fans crowded you at every corner. You hugged him and reassured him that it was going to be fine, “I just want you to be safe.” you held his hand and slowly made him relax and enjoy the afternoon. 

Niall- Panic attacks were hard to get out of but with Niall’s aid it proved to help a lot. They happened at random times but no matter what you were doing or where you were, Niall held your hands and made you focus on his breathing and then yours as you tried copying his movements until you breathed normally again. It always worked but sometimes if it was just the two of you, he’d even kissed you to stop an attack and that was the best solution for you.

Louis- Being on summer break, you wanted to maintain a nice body in case you ever had to visit the beach so you and Louis decided to have a daily routine of sit ups and short jogs. His breathing turned from regular into panting just in a half hour and to keep him going and not give up you said, “better work on that cardio if you want more nights like last Christmas and your birthday,” those were intense but magnificent nights. He started walking faster.

Zayn- Uneven breathing in the middle of a quiet night everywhere but in your bedroom was exactly what you loved. Zayn’s flat but hard chest rising and falling as his breathing grew faster and his body heated up like a supernova when your hands ran all over him feeling his body as if to make sure it was real and not just a beautiful image. Nights like those were unforgettable.

Harry- Someone as calm and placid like Harry seemed like nothing could take him buy surprise but you did. When you kissed him for the first time you remembered exactly how it felt because he was the first guy you ever left breathless. Harry’s breath caught in his throat because he had never experienced something as peaceful and invigorating as your kisses.

#Thirty-Seven (#Six MS) - Finding a Band

Haven’t posed for this series in awhile. c: Let’s say, in this case you left the music up to him. If you’ve never heard anything by the Arctic Monkeys or only heard AM. You have to listen to Florescent Adolescence and Dangerous Animals. As for The Strokes if you’ve never heard Last Nite, Someday, or Gratisfaction go listen now. 

| Louis |

Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys were just beginning to become popular even though they’ve been around since 2002. Louis adored them, playing them in the car and singing along if they come on the radio perchance. I liked them fairly well, not knowing all the songs or anything. I can tell them apart from other musicians. Louis surprised me (of course more excited than I), it made him to happy. I made a really good decision on him picking the band. It would have sucked if I had picked the band.   

| Zayn |

Death Cab for Cutie

I’ve never listened to them, possibly heard of them once in my life. When Zayn mentioned that this would be our band, I had to listen to a few songs. They reminded me of different bands but they had a different kind of sound to their music. I  didn’t know if it would really work out but he was happy with the decision. There’s no way it could go down in flames. It’ll be perfect either way and I can’t wait to see what it’s like. 

| Harry |

The Rolling Stones

I’ve known for the longest time that The Rolling Stones is one of Harry’s all time favorites. I never really got into them but listened to them when Harry wanted to (insisted). I know probably half of their songs just from hearing Harry or hearing it in the house. When I surprised Harry and told him that I got them, he blew up. He was bouncing around the room (not in a literal sense) and his face lifted from what he was reading. It’s crazy just how much Harry’s smile gets me. I might have gotten them just to see his reaction too.

| Niall |

Bon Jovi

Niall is always saying how much he wants Bon Jovi to play at his wedding and it was adorable when he’d talk about it. We listen to them occasionally, listening to other bands more. Though we get a good bit of them, I knew that’s what Niall would get when I gave him the job. I woke up one morning, Niall asleep next to me. Once he woke up he told me all about how he got them, that excitement never leaving his voice nor expression.

| Liam |

The Strokes

The strokes are on of my favorite bands, great music and good assortment. I got Liam to listen to them when I was or make him listen in the car. He didn’t seem bothered by them but they never really became a band he loved. Though one afternoon when I called him to meet me for dinner after I had been working he scared me. He had this wide smile and nodded at me before he told me. Almost screamed in the restaurant when he told me. That’s what future husbands are for, right?

Best friends imagine #1 You run into your abusive ex, he hurts you again and they fix it TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE AND VIOLENCE

A/N: So this one is a bit different as well. You’re best friends with them all here. I figured I’d give it a shot, yeah?

TW: Mentions of past abuse + present abuse

Request: You run into your abusive ex, he hurts you again and they fix it (Best friends)

Start: It was a coincidence, really. Or you had shat on some poor homeless dude, and now the world had it out for you. There was no way a person could possibly be this unlucky. But, here you were

“Adam, could you please leave me alone?” you asked in a gruff voice. You focused on a spot just above his forehead. Those stormy, brown eyes would only bring back memories. Memories you had spent months trying to forget.

“Why would I? I’ve missed you, sexy,” Adam breathed, stepping closer so you were forced to meet his gaze head-on. “Haven’t you missed me?” The smile that unfurled on his lips were the same one you had fallen for all those years ago, and you had the yes resting on your tongue.

But then you remembered the bruises, the cuts, the manipulation and you bit it back. Adam realized he wasn’t getting a response, so he took another step forward, trapping you between the wooden surface of the bar and his body. You ripped your eyes away from his, staring resolutely over his shoulder.

“I asked you a question.” You flinched as his hand came down on your cheek, hard. You cupped it gingerly, but said nothing. Your attempt to step around him was cut off by a punch to your stomach. Flickering eyes cut around the pub, desperately trying to get eye contact with someone who could help. But they weren’t paying you any attention. Adam knew what he was doing. He was blocking the view of you, so no one could see what he was doing. Didn’t forget his old tricks, you thought sourly.

Another fist to your stomach. A kick to your shin. And then a shove in your chest that had the small of your back slamming into the sturdy wood behind you.

Answer. Me,” Adam demanded, eyes crazed and fingers twitching by his sides.

“Yes, yes I’ve missed you.” You crossed your fingers behind your back because you couldn’t help yourself. But it was the wrong thing to do. Adam raised his fist for a blow to your face that would send you flying backwards over the bar. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, nostrils flaring and a low hiss was escaping through his teeth with each ragged breath.

You squeezed your eyes shut and waited for the impact.


It never came.

When you cracked one eye open slightly, you could see Liam’s fingers wrapped around Adam’s wrist from behind. The other lads flanked Liam, each looking more pissed off than the other.

“What the hell?” Adam exploded. You slipped around him while he was distracted, and straight into Niall’s open arms. He pulled you close to his chest and gripped you so tight you almost couldn’t breathe. It was a welcoming distraction.

“You little sl-“ Adam started, but Harry was up in his face before he could finish.

“I dare you to finish that sentence,” he threatened. The low, slow timber of his voice had Adam taking a step back, but with a shake of his head, he got up in Harry’s face.

“She’s a slut.” Before anyone could react, a fist connected with Adam’s jaw. But it wasn’t the fist you expected. The ring covered fist was hanging limply by Harry’s side. No, the knuckles who had smashed into your abusive ex belonged to Louis, who was shaking the punch out of his hand.

“That felt good,” he admitted, smiling innocently at your ex as he recovered from the punch.

Adam’s eyes flickered to you but Niall was quick to shove your face into the skin of his neck. You could hear stomping footsteps and suddenly someone was pulling your arm. You slipped out of Niall’s grasp, to which the boybander protested loudly. Adam pushed you behind him before rounding on the boys.

“She’s coming home with me.”

There were several scoffs, and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Not happening, pretty boy,” Louis told him, flashing a strained smile.

“This is ridiculous,” you claimed. Adam was suddenly on you, but instead of waiting for one of the others to save you, quickly raised your leg and kneed Adam right in the balls. He crumbled to the floor pathetically, whimpering and cursing.

“You’re right, that did feel good,” you told Louis with a smile.

Your best friends cheered loudly, gaining the attention of everyone at the pub.

“Let’s get out of here,” Liam said, jabbing a thumb in the direction of the door.

“Let’s go get frozen yoghurt!” Harry proposed excitedly as he shrugged on his coat.

“Or we could get actual ice cream,” Niall deadpanned.

“But that’s not healthy!”

You’re not healthy!” Louis fired back, suddenly joining the discussion.

“I’m the healthiest out of everyone here!” Harry defended.

“Guys?” All heads whipped to you. They nodded simultaneously. “What about pizza?”