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Sneak Peek to the handjob story.

I still have a lot more editing to do for this story and I’ve been working on the dialogue and the planning for the majority of the afternoon - then two friends from school asked me to meet with them after 2 years so I went to see them - and it’s just gone midnight and I’m still working on writing the description part of the story in between the dialogue because I love this and the idea of Harry in need of a handjob makes me weak.

Enjoy this sneaky peek.

You’ll get the rest tomorrow. ;) ;) ;) x

“What are you doing? Thought we were going for a dip in the deep end.”

“Got somethin’ in my trunks f’ you,” he whispered lowly in your ear, his voice cracking with arousal as he pushed his hips up to your crotch. And you could feel it; a prominent bulge forming from his hardening cock constricted against the tight material covering his lowly half. “I have a boner. D’you understand how god damn gorgeous you look in that bikini?”

“I had a feeling I looked pretty good. Knew it would get your motor running, so, s’ why I picked it out,” you grinned cheekily, your head rolling back as he suckled on your chlorine-tasting skin of your neck, his lips nibbling at the flesh below your jaw. “No hickies, Harry. Please. I don’t have a lot of make-up to cover them.” 

“M’not. You just taste so good,” he whispered against your neck, his warm breath fanning across your wet skin and making goosebumps raise on the surface, your hairs standing on end. “Got a boner in my trunks. Need you to jerk me off, please.” 

“Harry, please. I didn’t get in the pool for this,” you warned, pushing his shoulders a little to create space between your bodies. “I thought we were going to swim. Not do the unspeakable.” 

“The unspeakable? Gorgeous, you make it sound like having sex with me is bad and wrong,” he chuckled, his hands holding your hips as he let his fingertips slide beneath the band holding your bikini bottoms up on your hips, “is it really the unspeakable?”

“Harry, public sex is unspeakable for us. Especially with your status in society,” you claimed, sighing heavily. “We run the risk of cameras and fans taking photos and we can’t d- get your hand out of my bottoms, you bugger,” you grumbled, reaching between the two of you and squeezing his wrists, trying to pry them from the constraints of your bikini bottoms.

“C’mon. I need you to help me. It looks like we’re just being intimate and cuddling in the water. Saw loads’a couples doin’ it today in the pool. Pretty sure that blonde couple were fucking on the steps, you know? She spent a lot of time on his lap when they were cuddling on the steps,” Harry reasoned, his eyebrows raising up and down as he spoke. “Besides, we have the pool to ourselves and no one has walked through her in ages and we’re cuddling and we’re not doin’ anything. Just want a handjob.”

“You’re not spunking in the pool, Harry.”

A snort left his mouth.

“M’not goin’ to release in the pool, Gorgeous. In my trunks. And do you have to say spunk? Sounds so vulgar,” he muttered under his breath, a grin forced onto his lips.

“Oh, and giving you a handjob in the pool is okay, hm?” You questioned with a smirk, bringing your arms back to his and raking your fingers through the hairs at the nape of his neck. “You’re so unbelievable, Harry. Do you know that? What would your mother say?”

“Nothin’ because she’s not finding out about this, okay?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of telling your mother what we do on our holidays, Peaches. I never kiss and tell, you know that,” you smiled, blushing softly as he pressed his lips to yours in a impromptu kiss.

“Does this mean you’ll give me a handjob?”

I am so excited for this one. xx

Do We Need A Proper Daddy Snuggle?

We Can Make It ‘Til The End

Do We Need A Proper Daddy Snuggle?

Visuals are in the text of this chapter.

His phone screen lightened with an alert of an email, his background reading 02:46, the moon continuing to shine through the shades that had been drawn the previous night before bed. Niall had been sleeping soundly, an arm draped around your waist, where a slight belly bump had formed, his nose nuzzled into your neck, slow breaths filling the air. He heard the patters of footsteps passing across the corridor, drawing him from his sleep, slow blinking opening his eyes, his vision catching sight of his four-year-old daughter, her fingertips clutching the hems of her sleeves as she pads across the carpeted floor, nearing closer and closer to her father.

“Daddy,” Ophelia whispers, her tiny fingertips poking at her father’s cheek. “Daddy, I feel sickly.”

“What’s wrong, sunshine?” Niall coos, sliding up against the headboard, knuckling the pockets of his eyes, a yawn escaping his lips subconsciously, leaning down, sliding his hands underneath her arms, lifting her onto his lap gently. “’s it your tummy?”

“Daddy, ‘s ‘me head, ‘me head hurts,” she cries, pressing her cheek against Niall’s bare chest, her fingers holding onto his hands as he soothingly rubs circles on her belly.

“Do y’a wan’ me t’ sing you a song? We can try to distract you from your headache,” he mumbles, pressing his lips to the crown of her head, his fingertips lightly massaging circles onto her arms.

“Will y’a sing t’e one t’at we sing in t’e car? T’e song t’at Mummy loves, too?” she mumbles, her fingertips wrapping around the midsection of Niall’s tee shirt.

“I’d love to,” he smiles, humming the melody quietly, his hold on Ophelia beginning to rock slowly, her bright, blue orbs focused on his face. “Lay your dreams, little darlin’, in a flower bed, let that sunshine in your hair, in your hair. You’re gon’a bleed somebody’s brand new love, mama, who’s gon’a feel you like it always do, and when your fairy tale is through, and you’re looking for someone new, you can always find me where the skies are blue. You can always find me where the skies are blue.”

“Daddy?” she mutters, her eyelids slowly falling shut, her words slurring together as she drifts into sleep. “T’ank y’a f’ takin’ care ‘f me.”

“I always will, baby,” Niall smiles, kissing her cheek, his fingertips beginning to stop in their circular motions, his breathing slowing as he falls to sleep, once more, his heart warming, his hand nuzzling around your waist, cuddling your form into his side, his cheek falling against the crown of your head as you softly snore. “G’nigh’, my loves.”


“Lia, baby, you cannot put your fingers near t’ere, ‘kay? You’ll get an ouchie,” Niall coos, adjusting his forearm underneath Ophelia’s bum, her arms wrapped around his upper torso, her cheek resting peacefully on his shoulder. “D’ y’a understand?”

“Mhm,” she hums, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheekbones. “D’ y’a have t’ leave me, today?”

“’m not leavin’ y’a, darlin’. ‘m goin’ t’ play a game of football wit’ Uncle Louis, ‘s all,” Niall explains, skilfully flipping a pancake onto a plate, his digits clutching onto the glass as he moves it to the island countertop. “When it’s over, we’ll come home and have a proper Daddy-Daughter snuggle, yeah?”

“But, I t’ought you liked golf? Daddy, you always play golf,” she reasons, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion.

“Y’re right, baby. I do love golf, but I like football, too. Some people asked me to play a game of football wit’ Uncle Lou for charity. T’at’s where ‘m goin’, and what ‘m goin’ t’ do,” Niall smiles, kissing her cheek sweetly, settling her gently in the seat in front of the dining table, his fingertips running through her brunette hair softly. “It’s important for us t’ do t’ings for ot’er people.”

“I t’ink you do a lot of good t’ings for Mumma and me,” she grins, humming happily as she bites into a piece of pancake, her lips shimmering with butter, her tiny mug of orange juice being gripped between her small hands. “You’re ‘me favourite daddy. I t’ink your t’ best daddy in t’ whole world.”

“I love you so much,” Niall grins, leaning down, his weight being supported on the balls of his feet, pressing his lips across her face, giggles erupting into the air as Niall kisses her skin lovingly.

“Have I missed something important?” you giggle, shuffling across the tiled floor, an old tee-shirt of Niall’s clinging to your torso, paired alongst with stolen briefs, your hair tied into a knot at the top of your head, your fingertips rubbing at your eyes, slowly adjusting to the bright light flooding through the open windows. “Have I missed a milestone between my two favourite people?”

“Mummy, you haven’t missed anyt’in’. Me and Daddy were talkin’ about his football game, t’day,” Ophelia grins, her baby teeth shining across the room, her smile a replica of her father’s, your heart warming at the sight. “We’re goin’ t’ sit wit’ Will and Auntie Rose, right?”

“We are, sunshine. We’re goin’ t’ meet with everyone, after we get t’ the area, okay?” you nod, your fingers moving swiftly to lift pancakes onto a plate for you to eat. “Good morning, Cuddles. Thank you for breakfast.”

“Your welcome, Princess,” he grins, standing up slowly, walking towards your figure, pressing his lips against yours sweetly, before leaning back. “G’morning to you, too.”

“What time do we ‘ave t’ leave for the game?” you wonder, Niall’s thumb swiping across your chin to swipe away stray crumbs that had fallen.

“Maybe one, possibly two hours?” he suggests, running his digits through his hair as he questions his own words. “I t’ink t’at’ll be fine. I’ll text Louis to double check.”

“Perfect,” you smile, placing your fork on the table top softly. “Don’t forget to tell me. I want to be ready, with Ophelia, at the right time.”

“I’ll tell you. I promise,” he grins, kissing your temple swiftly, before padding across the kitchen, his hands cupping the mug of tea that he’d made earlier in the morning.

“Daddy!” Ophelia calls, her voice high-pitched and filled with joy, her cheeks bright red, her smile spread across her features.

“What’s up, darlin’?” he excites, a smirk playing on the corners of his lips secretively.

“Guess what?” she smiles, sliding off of her chair, bouncing on her feet excitedly.

“Hmm?” he chuckles, huffing softly as Ophelia rushes into his legs.

“I love you,” she giggles, her hands wrapping around his waist, her cheek pressed against his abdomen lovingly.

“I love you more, sunshine.”


Niall puffed a breath from his lips heavily, his nerves beginning to rise as he straightens out his collar, the grey, dress suit fitting snugly on his toned figure, the blue tie contrasting on his pale skin, his fingertips running through his styled hair, his cheeks blushing pink as his anxiety heightens with each passing minute.

“Cuddles, are you alright, in there? I don’t mean to rush you, however, your son is pressing on my bladder,” you mumble lightly, your tone soft and cheerful, shuffling into the en-suite bathroom, careful not to rise any further nervousness in Niall’s thoughts.

“’m fine, yeah,” Niall sighs, his palms pressed into the marble countertop, his gaze directed towards himself in the mirror, his cheeks puffing out as he breathes heavily. “How’s t’e little man doin’ in t’ere? He’s been kickin’ ‘round at night. I felt his little pushes t’is mornin’, when we were snuggling.”

“He quite an active, little boy. He’s so much like his daddy, already,” you smirk, bumping your hips against his softly, the quiet flush of the toilette sounding from the adjacent, yet small, room. Your fingertips snuck past Niall’s form, into the sink, wetting with warm water and foaming with soap as you rinse your skin. “Niall, please, stop worrying about today. Lia and I are so proud of you. If you win or if you lose, we are still going to celebrate. Competing in an event for charity is a major accomplishment. You’re an inspiration to millions of people, especially our daughter. I couldn’t be any luckier to have you, as my husband.”

“Oi,” Niall blushes, turning on his heel, his back leaning against the olive green wall, his arms outstretched, patiently waiting for your figure to near his. “I’ve fallen in love with and married t’ best wife in t’e world, haven’t I? What have I done to be t’is lucky?”

“Niall Horan,” you blush, tucking your face into his chest, your fingertips tugging on the collar of his coat, his digits running loosely through your curled locks, the jean jacket covering your navy blue romper, paired with black sandals, accentuating the blonde in your strands. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, more, Princess.”


“Daddy, t’is place is so big,” Ophelia whispers in amazement, her jean-patterned playsuit adorning her figure, her tiny feet covered in a tiny set of Nike’s, her grip firmly holding her father’s hand, her footsteps light as she and Niall tread across the field, Niall’s hold on his daughter tight and protective in fear of her running away from him.

“It is, isn’t it?” Niall nods, slowing his pace, careful not to speed, enjoying his quality time with his daughter before having to leave her side for multiple hours. “How’re you feeling, Lia?”

“’m still feelin’ sickly. Can’t I stay wit’ you?” she whines, stopping in her tracks, lifting her arms, jumping upwards for Niall to lift her onto his hip.

“I wish you could, baby, but I have to do t’is on ‘me own,” he sighs, continuing his path alongst the side lines, smiling slightly, his heart warming with the knowledge that his daughter wanted to stay by his side as she felt ill, her heart wanting snuggles and kisses from her ‘Daddy’ to help her feel better. “I’ll be back before you realise I’ve left.”

“Alright,” she sighs, pressing her cheek onto his shoulder, sighing heavily, her fingertips toying with the zipper of his jacket. “Daddy, t’ey’re screamin’ your name! T’ese people are here t’ see you!”

“Not all of t’em, baby. We’re here for a charity football match. T’at’s why Uncle Lou and I are playin’,” Niall explains, sighing slightly, his fingertips drumming against his daughter’s spine lightly, the motion soothing and loving to her skin.

“I t’ink t'ey’re here, for you, Daddy. Lots o’ people like you. I can see your name, too,” she adds, her pitch heightening as she reasons her thoughts.

“T’ere are lots of ot’er names, too, darlin’,” Niall corrects, feeling slightly guilty for drawing as much attention as it has been placed on him, as well as feeling upset that he could not completely comfort his daughter in a time where she wasn’t feeling her best.

“But, they’re screamin’ your name loudly, like t’ey do at your concerts. T’ey’re playin’ your songs too!” she smiles, humming alongst to the melodies of her father’s music, songs she had heard thousands of times beforehand.

"Well, a lot of people listen to t’ose songs, ‘cause t’ey’re on the radio,” he mumbles, his lips close to her ear, his tone soft and mellow, contrasting drastically to the rushed and powerful atmosphere around the two.

“I think they’re playin’ ‘em because people are excited t’at you’re here,” she grins, kissing Niall’s cheek lovingly, a cheer of cooing emitting from the audience, her cheeks blushing red in embarrassment. “I love you, Daddy.”

“You’re just the cheekiest little t’ing, aren’t y’a,” Niall chuckles, adjusting her form on his hips, padding across the grass to where you were seated in the stands, his hands beginning to lift her up, only to be drawn back into her grip. “I love you, too, sunshine. You have to go wit’ Mummy, now, okay? We’ll be toget’er soon.”

“I don’t want to,” she pouts, jutting her bottom lip between her teeth, a clear-cut way to have her father give in to her wishes, his heart not being able to handle disappointing his little girl.

“I know, baby. It’ll be over, before you know it even started, yeah?” he suggests, kissing her lips lovingly, his fingertips tickling her tummy, causing giggles to leave her mouth, a grin falling to his features, his tone adding in excitement as he spoke. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Daddy. Good luck!”


“Niall Horan adds one point to the ‘Rest of the World’ score!” the announcer calls, his voice booming over the speakers, cheers and applause around the arena nearly overpowering him.

Ophelia focused her eyes on her father throughout the entire game, intently staring over the edge of the concrete blockade of the section, keeping her gaze on Niall’s every movement. She had been ready for the match to end, as soon as it had started, her mind feeling slightly drowsy from being ill, her only wish to be cuddled up with Niall, falling asleep snuggled into his chest as he quietly sang her favourite song. Once she had heard Niall’s name, she was speeding down the stairwell, avoiding your protests and commands of her name, running to her father on the bench, excitedly calling to him in excitement, extremely proud to know and see that her father had taken part in playing the game that had been explained to her time and time again.

“Daddy, you scored a goal!” she grins, strutting straight into his embrace, her grip placed around his neck, her face tucking into his neck, a tight hug being wrapped around him. “’m so proud of y’a, Daddy.”

“T’ank you, sunshine. T’at means a lot to me,” Niall grins, scooping his daughter upwards, lifting her on his hip, his arms tucked tightly around her, his lips touching her cheek sweetly, before leaning downwards, settling her feet on the grass, his hands remaining on her hips lovingly. “I love you so much, and I wish you could stay wit’ me, but I ‘ave to play wit’ ‘me team, now, yeah?”

“I’ll be a good girl. I promise,” she pleads, her eyes watering slightly, her bottom lip trembling as she begs to remain by her father’s side. “I won’t make any noise, an’ I’ll sit on t’ ground by you.”

“Lia, baby, you have to be wit’ Mumma, right now. We only ‘ave a little left of t’e game, t’en we’re goin’ t’ go for tea wit’ Auntie Rose, Uncle Louis, and Will. Is t’at okay?” he suggests, gently moving a piece of hair from her forehead, her gaze falling directly into his. “We’ll go home, afterwards, to watch any film t’at you’d like, okay? We’ll have tonnes of snuggles and cuddles. We might be able to stay up a wee bit later, t’night, if Mumma agrees.”

“Alright,” she sighs, dropping her chin to her chest, her eyes cast upon the field, her toes kicking upon the grass in disappoint. “I guess so.”

“T’at’s ‘me girl,” Niall smiles, kissing her forehead softly, lifting her up once more, stepping towards the plastic barrier, shifting Ophelia from his hold to yours, his lips touching your temple, before retreating towards his bench. “I love you, Lia.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.”


Niall grinned quietly, his finger tapping against his phone screen as he takes a picture of his little girl, her forehead creased as she paces around the pretend kitchen, that had been setup in her bedroom a few months prior.

He had pulled her long, curly hair into a top knot earlier on, stray pieces beginning to touch his mouth as he consumed his dinner, Ophelia inevitably falling asleep in his lap merely an hour following the football match. Her fever had returned towards the ending of the game, her tears for her father and pleas for his comfort becoming greater and greater with each passing minute. His heart ached for Ophelia, his mind wishing that she would feel well and joyful, beginning to play tea-party and dress-up with Niall at eight o’clock in the morning, as a ritual routine. He admired her with amazement, the disbelief that his baby, his little sunshine had turned five-years-old, in the last week. He couldn’t believe how much she had grown up in her five years of being, it astonished him, yet made his heart burst with love for his sunshine.

“We ‘ave to have a bath, before we can snuggle and watch t’e film t’at you wanted to see,” Niall explains, shoving his iPhone into his jean pocket, his figure ready to be overtaken by his daughter, who had always found a reason to spark chuckles to roll of Niall’s tongue with ease. “Come on, sunshine. Mummy told me t’at you could stay out of bed late, t’night, which means t’at you can play in t’e bath for a little bit, before you have to put on your pyjamas.”

“Will we ‘ave a cuddle, after?”

“We’ll have a humongous cuddle,” Niall smiles, wrapping his arms around her midsection, lifting her into the air, swinging her playfully, before padding across her carpeted floor, pulling her favourite pair of pyjamas from the wardrobe, his path changing to follow through the doorway, stepping into the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. He flicked the light switch upwards, the lights brightening, the contrast of the baby pink walls contrasting against the darkened sky outside. He settles her tiny feet on the tile, turning the nozzle on the bathtub, watching patiently as the water fills, the warm liquid a perfect temperature for his daughter’s sensitive skin. He drops bubble bath into the mixture, waiting patiently as bubbles foam against the surface, giggles behind him drawing his attention. “I t’ink my baby girl all ready for her bath.”

“’m not a baby, Daddy,” she informs, giggling quietly as she holds his hand tightly, stepping into the bathtub with heavy caution, careful not to slip and fall against the bottom.

“You’ll always be my baby,” Niall correct, gently cupping water in his palms, running it over her hair, her locks turning into a dark brown, the smile on her features fading as she closes her mouth and eyes.

“Will I still be your baby, when my baby brother is born?” she wonders, her innocent question causing Niall’s heart to ache, his mind formulating an appropriate answer that she would understand.

“When the baby is born, he’ll be t’e baby of our house, yes,” he begins, quickly completing his response as he witnesses her mouth curve into a frown, “but you are always goin’ to be my baby, because you were my first baby, ever. You’re my sunshine. You are my only sunshine.”

“Really?” she grins, her lips changing form, a grin spread wide across her young face, Niall’s pain subsiding significantly, his love for his daughter growing with each passing second.

“Really,” he smiles, kissing her forehead sweetly, squeezing a dollop of lavender shampoo on his hand, lightly massaging it into her scalp, the scent sweet and soothing, an aroma that he would never become bored of with every moment he spends with her.

“Daddy?” she mumbles, her fingertips ghosting across the surface of the water, a mischievous look falling onto her features.

“Hmm?” he hums, his focus upon Ophelia, intently listening to her every word.

“Daddy, you’ve bubbles on your face,” she smirks, cupping her petite hands underneath the bubbles.

“No, I don’t, Lia,” he chuckles, preparing himself for the moment, he knew was nearing close.

“Now, you do!” Ophelia giggles, wiping bubbles onto his cheeks, her laughter sounding throughout the bathroom. “I tricked you, Daddy.”

“I know, you did. You tricked me, sunshine,” he chuckles, gently tossing bubbles onto her skin, his fingertips carrying a significantly less amount of bubbles, careful not to toss any into her eyes or ears. “I tricked you, too, baby. You have bubbles on your nose, now, too.”

“Daddy, guess what?” she excites, bouncing playfully against the bottom of the bathtub, her washing nearly finished as he softly pours water over her head, placing the soapy washcloth that he had used to wash her figure in the laundry bin beside him.

“What?” he smiles, readying her purple, cotton bath towel for her to step into, drying off swiftly before sliding on her pyjamas.

“Baby brot’er was kickin’ for y’a, today, at t’e game,” she states, her voice shaking as Niall dries her off, shaking her hair to ensure that she wouldn’t become even sicker, placing his lips on her forehead, rechecking her fever, which hadn’t yet dropped. “Your name was called tonnes of times, and, when we heard it, I could his feet pressing against Mummy’s tummy. He did it for your songs, too!”

“Did he really?” he grins, nodding for her to lift her arms upwards, pulling her pyjama top over her torso, sliding her bottoms up her legs, reaching for a hairbrush nearby, brushing it through her locks softly, careful not to cause any pain as he removed the knots from her strands.

“He really did,” she said surely, wincing in pain as one particular spot was brushed heavily. “Ouch.”

“I’m so sorry, baby,” Niall sighs, his tone defeated, upset that he hurt his daughter whilst completing the simplest task.

“’s okay, Daddy. Don’t be upset,” she assures, turning around to face Niall, her voice lowering to a whisper as she states a secret. “Mummy does it, sometimes, too.”

“Does she?” Niall chuckles, replacing the hairbrush in its original place, hanging the towel on its proper hook, lifting Ophelia onto his hip, shuffling out the bathroom, turning the light off, before leaving, following the corridor to your shared, master bedroom, where you were already laid on the bed, your pyjamas tight to your rising baby belly.

“Mhm,” she admits, sliding down Niall’s side, clumsily climbing onto your mattress, her fingertips lifting your shirt, her fingers tracing over your bump softly. “Mummy, is my brot’er kickin’ you, again?”

“He was a few minutes ago,” you nod, giggling slightly at her frowned expression, running your digits through her soft, damp hair lightly. “Maybe, if you speak to him, he’ll kick, a bit more.”

“’kay,” she hums, her tone becoming cheerful, her form dipping as Niall slides on the bed frame, as well. “Hi, baby brot’er. Mummy, and Daddy, and me, are all cuddling toget’er ‘cause I’m sickly, but as soon as you come out of Mummy’s belly, we’re goin’ t’ have a great, big cuddle wit’ you. I can’t wait to teach you lots and lots of t’ings. I’ll teach you our favourite song, too. I love you.”

“Daddy! Look! He’s kickin’, again,” she squeals, a grin forming on her features, her bum bouncing against the cotton sheets underneath her.

“He is, isn’t he?” Niall smiles, kissing the crown of her head with love, careful not to bump his mouth against her bumbling figure. “We have to settle down, now, baby. We’ll have a proper daddy-daughter-mummy snuggle, yeah?”

“Mhm,” she grins, cuddling into Niall’s form, her eyes slowly falling shut, as Niall turns the lights off, the television volume lowering, her favourite film playing the the background. She comfortably turns, kissing you on the cheek, your hand outstretched, wrapping around her belly, hugging her closely, Niall’s fingers lightly massaging your shoulder. “I love you, Mummy. I love you, Daddy.”

“We love you, too, Lia.”


niallhoran: Ophelia made me a congratulatory cupcake. #bestdaughterever #mysunshine #mylittleirishbaby

y/nhoran: So proud to call him my husband and my best friend.

TW Preference - How they let you know they love you without saying it

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope you like it ^-^

Stiles Stilinski

Stiles liked to kiss you whenever he could. Usually when you were in public or with the pack it would be on the cheek or on your forehead but both of you favoured them. Whenever you made a witty comment or pointed out something important that the pack had missed he would pull you closer with his arm around your waist and press a kiss to just below your hairline. If you or him had to leave to go somewhere without the other, Stiles would not let anyone go anywhere without placing a quick kiss to your cheek. But sometimes, mainly in private, he’s just so in awe with how beautiful and talented and wonderful you are that he will place a finger under your chin so he can kiss you properly and you know exactly what he’s trying to convey when he does.

Scott McCall

While he was very proud of how hard you worked and everything you did for the pack, Scott knew that sometimes in the whirlwind of life you forgot to take proper care of yourself. Scott would turn up at your house in the early hours of the morning and found you sitting at your desk still researching, he knew he would never convince you to go to bed so he would close your laptop and lead you there. Without a word he would lay down with you and wait until you fell asleep before he would close his eyes with you in his arms. Every so often you wouldn’t turn up in the cafeteria for a few days and Scott would find you in the library. “Have you eaten today?” “Urm.” “Y/n, when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” He would see your guilty smile and roll his eyes but you knew he only did all this because he cares.

Isaac Lahey

You knew that Isaac had a troubled past but you’d never be able to tell on a normal day because he puts on a happy face and is ready to make sarcastic or funny comments whenever they’re needed. This is all most people see. But you know when he’s seeming a little off and when you get to your house later you tell him that it’s okay and he usually immediately falls into your arms. You can practically see the walls that he’s spent years building crumbling in your hands and you know that Isaac would let them fall for anyone else. You knew how much trust it must take and you were glad that it was in you.

Derek Hale

Most of your evenings were spent in Derek’s loft and so he took the opportunity to cook the most wonderful food he could for you. When you arrived after school the loft would usually already smell of the spices he was using to prepare it. Time after time you told him that he’s too busy to be bothering with all this effort. “It’s not too much effort if it’s for you.” If you couldn’t stay for dinner he’d either give you some to take home with you or a few cookies or a slice of cake to have after whatever you were going to have at home. Although you were still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing you’re favourite was when he gave you a box wrapped in brown paper with the instructions to put it in the fridge and eat it at school the next day. It was always amazing to unwrap it in the cafeteria or the library and find one of his wonderful recipes and a note on top reminding you to enjoy your day.

Liam Dunbar

Liam had been nervous when he asked you out and this anxious energy hadn’t seemed to disappear, only shift. During the school day he would find you between classes to check that everything was okay and once you’d reassured him he would shuffle quickly to his next class after placing a kiss to your forehead. You had to keep your phone on silent and away in your bag because it was always vibrating with texts, /how are you? x/ /everything okay? x/ /just checking in x/. To some they would seem annoying but you appreciated how much he cared about you. Once, during a Lacrosse game, after you had been hurt a little by a werewolf looking for Scott, Liam would hardly take his eyes off of you where you were safely guarded by Lydia, Malia and Kira. He got ran into more than a couple times and eventually Coach had to bench him after he was completely swept off of his feet, it was all quite endearing.

Jordan Parrish

“You’re so intelligent” “Have I told you how beautiful you are?” “How did I get so lucky?” “I’m so proud of you, you should be proud of yourself too” “Sorry I just keep getting lost in your eyes” Every time Jordan gave you a compliment you’d feel the blush spread across your cheeks immediately, you could never stop it. Whether it was over text or face to face, he would never go more than half an hour without telling you that you ‘made things so much better when you were around’ or that 'your smile lights up the whole room’. He knew that you had struggled with self-esteem issues and wanted to completely change that. So while it was sometimes embarrassing, Jordan made you feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t trade him or his ways for the world.

Allison Argent

While you and Allison had things in common, there were obviously still some differences. Most of them were what you got up to in your free time. What surprised you most is how keen Allison was to give up some of her free time that she could have spent practising archery going with you to take part in your hobbies. You could tell when she wasn’t really enjoying it and knew that it wasn’t likely that she would do it again with you but you were so grateful that she tried when most people would have a conversation about it with you once before changing the subject. After a while of experimentation you and Allison found something you could do together which often turned out to be the highlight of your week.

Lydia Martin

Lydia talks a lot, you definitely knew that, but what you didn’t know that the majority of the time when she was talking to others the subject was more often or not you or something you’d done. When Stiles told you about it you were completely blown away. Apparently she loved to talk people’s ear off about how kind and caring and intelligent you are. When you asked her about it, you found her innocent and slightly embarrassed face adorable and you couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

Kira Yukimura

As you found out pretty quickly, Kira wasn’t the best at showing her affection for you, but she was always making up for it. Before you even opened your locker you knew that there would be a sticky note on the inside of the door below the picture of you two telling you that 'I haven’t seen you today but I know that you look stunning’ or 'I hope you have a wonderful day’ or 'Keep your head up, someone might be falling in love with your smile (p.s. Someone is and it’s me’. You would tuck it into the front of your notebook so you would see it all day before putting it in a small box in your room with all the others. But that was not the only note you would find all day. You are pretty sure Kira had other people doing it for you because during the day, even more notes of the same nature would turn up. Your bookmark would be replaced when you got it out to read it at lunch. The page you were working from in your text book had a small post it note that she’d doodled a heart and a smiley face on. You’d open your pencil case in your third class of the day to find another that had definitely not been there in your other classes. Sometimes you just could not believe the extent that Kira would go just to show her affection.

  • Parents:...Oh, you still like One Direction?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:First of all ya'll better believe that this ain't no phase like this some ride or die shit and i got a ticket to forever so ya'll better start respectin' this shit or ya'll can move the fuck outta the way because i got five new daddies who will take your place at any moment so please control your disrespectin' stuntin' ass or so help me lord

“Louis Looks like a rat why is he in One direction?“ 

Louis girls:


the nice part of the fandom:

everyone else:

Liam falling on his ass

Guys. The fans will be the reason that the boys will break up if most of you don’t calm down. Throw away all of the distractions: modest, mr. x, etc. Those issues aren’t the problem. We are. Fans jump to conclusions about certain aspects of the boys’ lives. Fans jump on the boys for their mistakes quicker than any news column. They’ve closed theirselves off. They’ve made theirselves less available. And do you know why? Because we treat them like they owe us something. News flash: They don’t. In all of the years I have been in the fandom, I have never been more disappointed in us. They don’t deserve to be thrown under a bus by anyone, much less the people who “support” them. If you want our boys to be happy and to stay together for much longer, you have to stop. This is beyond unfair to them.

Handjob story will be up today, Lovelies.

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He's mad at you (1D preference)

Harry: You both sat on the opposite of the couch. It’s been like this for thirty minutes. He hadn’t said a word. These last five minutes, you couldn’t help but just stare at him, hoping he would say something. Hoping he would say that he loves you. But he didn’t say anything. He was staring at the TV, emotionless. And this was one of those moments you actually had no clue what to do. Did he want you to leave him alone? Did he want you to beg him for forgiveness? Did he want you to say sorry again and again and again? You didn’t know… It felt so frustrating. So you let out a sigh and you stood up from the couch. ‘I’m sorry, Haz…’ You quietly said. ‘I’m sorry I disappointed you. But I can’t take it back. I’ll make myself ready so you can go to the bedroom. I’ll sleep on the couch… I hope it gives you time to think.’ And after saying that, you moved yourself to the bathroom. You couldn’t help but slip a few tears while preparing yourself for the night. When you entered the living room again, he was gone. So that meant sleeping on the couch. You took a couple of soft sheets out of the closet and were ready to drape them over the couch, when you felt two warm hands, grabbing your waist softly. ‘You’re not going to sleep on the couch…’ His low voice whispered in your hair. He placed his hand on your lower back and led you to the bedroom. You crawled into the bed you shared with Harry. He pulled you into his chest. ‘I love you… Now sleep, and we’ll talk tomorrow.’ You couldn’t help but tighten your grip around his chest. That was one of those things that you loved about him: even when he’s mad, even when he’s furious, he still cared if you were ok or not. And he would push every angry feeling away, just to make sure you were fine.

Louis: ‘Y/N, I asked you for one damn thing! Is it so hard to do just one thing for me?’ He yelled at you. ‘Louis, I already said I’m sorry, I forg-,’. ‘Yeah… of course… You forgot. Like you are so busy all day!’ He said while grabbing his coat. ‘I’m going. Don’t expect me back today.’ And with that he slammed the front door shot. You stood there, frozen to the ground. You felt so stupid. A week ago he asked you to pick up his sister on Sunday (today) from the airport. He wasn’t able to do it because of work in the studio. But today, you just totally forgot. His sister had called you multiple times, but your phone was dead. You only noticed you forgot when Louis came home with a furious look on his face. And that was where he started yelling. And you couldn’t blame him. You would be mad as well. But you felt awful about it. It was like he said, he asked you one thing… And now he was gone and you felt so empty. And you couldn’t hide the fear you felt thinking he maybe wouldn’t come back. Tears were silently rolling down your cheeks when you moved yourself to the bedroom, into the bed you and Louis shared. You laid yourself down on his side of the bed and it didn’t take long before your tears brought you to sleep. You woke up by the movement of the bed and when you opened your eyes, you kind of jumped to see Louis sit next to you, almost immediately making a shushing sound to relax you. ‘Would it be okay if I take my place again?’ He whispered softly. You looked at the time and you were confused seeing it was only 10 pm. He left at 6. You moved to your side again, to make room  for him. But before you could turn your back on him, just to give him his space, he pulled you close to him. ‘I thought I wouldn’t see you again today.’ You whispered into his chest. He sighed and tightened his grip on you. ‘Yeah… Well… I missed you… And I didn’t know how I left you. So I wanted to come back.’ He paused for a while. ‘I’m sorry for making you cry…’. ‘I’m sorry for forgetting what you asked me to do. I really don’t know how I didn’t remember it.’ Your voice broke with the apologizing words. ‘It’s okay baby. Stop crying… please. Everything’s okay. I forgive you. It’s okay.’ And with those words the worrying made room  for your tiredness again and you felt yourself slipping away in his arms.

Niall: He was giving you the silent treatment while driving home from a party. ‘Niall… Please… It really wasn’t what you think it was! I told those boys to stop but they didn’t.’ You tried but he just didn’t reply. He kept driving. Eyes focused on the road. ‘I don’t get why you didn’t saw me trying to push them away. I really did try. But when there are three lads trying to fucking touch you it kind of gets hard, being a girl and,-‘. Before you could finish what you were saying, Niall stood on his break, stopping the car in the middle of the road. He turned himself to you in an abrupt way and stared angry in your eyes. ‘You didn’t want it? They touched you and you didn’t want it?’ He asked furiously, practically yelling. ‘Niall…’ You started trying to calm him down but he interrupted you immediately. ‘No, Y/N. Say it to me load and clear. Did they touch you although you were telling them you didn’t want them to?!’ And when you nodded he started the car again and made a huge turn, making the car head back to the party. ‘What are you doing?’ You asked confused. He didn’t answer again… You only saw him calling someone on his phone. Suddenly you heard Harry’s voice in the car. ‘Are you guys still there?’ Niall practically shouted. ‘Uhm… Yes?! What’s wrong?’ Harry sounded confused as well. ‘There are three boys over there. One blond with a red sweater, and two brown haired boys with a blue vest and a brown shirt. They were bothering Y/N. I’m there in a couple of minutes.’ He said. You were staring at him with open mouth. ‘Get it Niall. We’ll look for them.’ Harry said before he hung up. You rolled your eyes looking outside. ‘You guys are impossible sometimes…’ You said, knowing there wasn’t any chance of changing Nialls mind. ‘They have to know they can’t touch you when you don’t want to. I’m not letting them run away with that. You are mine.’

Zayn: ‘Get out…’ He said after a heated argument in the car. You were standing at a traffic light. ‘What?’ You asked confused. ‘GET OUT Y/N!’ He yelled and you basically immediately unlocked the door and stepped out of the car. The moment the light turned green he speeded away and you stood there, alone and totally unaware of what just had happened. Like it could not get any more worse, you felt raindrops touching your skin. You had to do something. It only started to rain harder and harder. You left your phone in the car. You weren’t able to call anyone. The only chance you had was walking to the closest bus station and take a bus somewhere. Your clothes started to get soaked and you were freezing your ass off.  When you reached the bus station you sat yourself down on the small bench, waiting for a bus, you couldn’t care less where it would take you. You just wanted to be out of this rain. But instead of a bus, a very familiar car stopped in front of you. Zayn stepped out of the car and walked over to the passenger side, opening the door and waiting for you to step in. ‘Please… Don’t be stubborn. You’re going to get sick.’ He said when you didn’t move. You murmured something like ‘You don’t even care.’ You were surprised when he stepped closer to you and grabbed your waist, slightly pushing you into the direction of the car. ‘I do care. And I very well know that it doesn’t look like I care right now. And I’m so sorry for that. But please Y/N, get in the car and let me take you home.’ And by the tone in his voice you knew he had realized he made a mistake. And you didn’t had a clue why he reacted this way. He was the last person on earth to let you by yourself on the streets in the pouring rain. You stepped in and you heard his sigh of relieve when he shot the door behind you. A couple of minutes later you were driving home in silence, until he started speaking. ‘I don’t know what overcame me. The moment I drove away I already regretted it. And when I turned back, you were gone. And I was so worried. I’ve never… ever… in my whole life, felt so guilty of something other than that moment. I am so… so sorry for putting you in danger like that.’ You nodded slowly staring outside, not really knowing what to say. You could feel him waiting. Waiting for you to speak. But you couldn’t find anything to say. ‘Please talk to me… Shout, scream, yell, cry. I don’t care. Just do something because this is literally killing me.’ He whispered looking at the road, reaching for your hand. And you let him grab it. And when he squeezed, you squeezed back. ‘Just don’t…’ You started softly. ‘Just don’t do it again…’. ‘Never. Absolutely never.’ He almost said immediately. And with that it was ok. With that, you let it go. Just because you knew how sorry he was. Just because you knew how much he loved you in the end. And we all make mistakes. And this was his mistake. But you knew he would never make that same mistake twice.

Liam: Normally Liam would kiss you, just before he would go on stage. He always said it gave him luck during the show. But today, Liam didn’t kiss you. When they called the boys for going to the stage, he just walked past you and didn’t even care to look. He was angry with you. He was angry because you had just told him you would be leaving a week earlier than planned. Just because you had a lot of work for school. Lou and you exchanged looks when he walked by. You shrugged your shoulders at her and gave her a half smile, standing up and walking to the tour bus. You entered the bunk bed you slept in with Liam and just stared at the ceiling. You didn’t even know how long you were laying there when you suddenly heard the door of the bus swing open. ‘Y/N? WHERE ARE YOU?’ Liam’s voice was in complete and utter panic. And when Liam panicked, there must be a good reason. So you jumped out of bed in terror, ready to run away for fire or something else dangerous, when you stood in front of your boyfriend. When he saw you, his whole body relaxed. ‘I thought you left…’ He breathed out. Hearing those words made you relax as well. No fire. ‘I’m not leaving you like that… I at least want a kiss and a hug before I leave.’ You smiled at him. And he gave you a smile back, the smile you loved the most. ‘You can get more if you want…’ He said softly when he pushed his lips to yours. His kiss was short, but perfect. ‘I needed that.’ He whispered. ‘And now I do have a show to catch. I may or may not have lied about going for a wee.’ 

Zayn wasn’t even going to get out of bed to audition that day but he did and he gave everyone happiness for 5 fucking years so the nerve you have to say he’s giving up on everyone is bullshit. I’m proud of zayn for staying this long with all the fake lying rumors and unkind people telling him hurtful things. He isnt broken, he is strong. Zayn Malik is a strong man, he has been strong for many years and I have been more than proud to be a fan for 4 and a half years and counting even without him.

One Direction Preference #9 - "Just a taste..."

A/N: Smutty prefs are the best ones :) Hope you like it! Request are open, feedback is loved. Also posted some Punk Direction I wrote a while ago! Check that out please! xoxo

Harry: “Shh love.” He whispers softly as you whine and fidgeted on the car seat. Harry knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you when he saw your little dress. Instead of being at a dinner with his friends, your parked behind the restaurant your dress pushed up with your panties in his hand. “Just wanna taste pretty girl.” Harry whispers and he presses kisses inside your thigh. “Just wanna taste your sweet, tight, little pussy. Is that okay baby?” He asked innocently. You whimper softy and nodded your head before throwing it make as he attacked your heat. “So good for me baby girl.” He moans into your heat. “Always so good for me.”

Liam: You gasp as he lifts you onto the counter of your kitchen and tugs your shorts along with your underwear. “Liam!” You hiss crossing your legs hoping to hide your lady parts. “The boys are in the other room watching the game!” You whisper/yell at him trying to get your shorts back. You pushed back into sitting on the counter and look up to see a lust eyed Liam. “Now baby girl you know what those shorts do to me. You know how I act when I see your tight little bum walking around with your smooth legs.” He kneels down in front of and doesn’t waste time to spread your lips and rub a finger against your clit. ”Just wanna have a quick taste baby girl..then we’ll go back to the boys.”

Niall: You gasped as the blonde rubbed at your clit. You arched your back against his your hips pushing into his hand. “There we go darling.” He says in your ear as you whimper and rest your head against his shoulder crying out. You grip onto the counter in the bathroom which you where getting ready in for a night out until Niall came in. Now you stood with the blonde pressed against your back and his hand down your pants. “Sh baby.” Niall whispered into your ear and started to pump his finger inside of you. You came with a cry and had to time to register Niall picking you up onto the counter and spreading your legs. “So wet for my baby, just want a taste of you baby…wanna see how good my baby taste for me.”

Louis: “Mhm” You hum softly feeling finger tips brush across your arm. You’re still asleep but are slowly waking up feeling soft touches across your skin. “Is my baby waking up?” You hear Louis’s soft morning voice whisper. “Yeah.” You breath still slipping in and out of sleep. “Heard my baby whimpering in her sleep.” Louis says as he slips the blanket down your body. “My baby was moving her hips around trying to get friction on her tiny little clit.” Louis says as he moves in between your legs spreading them softly. You hum almost fully awake now and staring to notice the wetness in your panties. “My baby rubbing her clit in her sleep like she could get any pleasure without me.” Louis says pushing your panties aside and blowing on your clit. You gasp fully awake now and your eyes snapping open. “Going to have a taste of my baby’s wetness.” Louis cooed rubbing your inner thighs. “Just a taste baby.”

Zayn: “Look at you.” Zayn cooed smiling down on you. You where panting hard the sheets twisted around your legs. Your hair was a mess and was all over the pillow. Bruises and love bites where all over your body barely any of your skin was left untouched by Zayn. “My boo looks so fucked.” Zayn said with a grin. Unlike you he didn’t seem like he just had the most intense sex of his life the only evidence was his messy hair and occasional love bite. You hum and let your eyes slip close but gasp as you feel pressure on your clit. Your eyes shot open to see a frowning Zayn who was rubbing a finger up and down your heat. “Now boo you don’t think I’m done yet do you?” You stammer for a answer and Zayn lifts your hips into the air and bent blow cool air on your oversensitive heat. “B-baby, I c-came 5 times already. I- I can’t take a-anymore.” Zayn rubbed you thigh as he pressed a soft kiss on your clit. “I know boo but I just want a taste.” He coos. “Just a taste boo, that’s all.”