liam paynes bum


They’ll get there…. Hopefully


You tried to stay up because you knew he would be coming home late. He told you all night. He apologized all day. He would just be so mad that he could come home sooner and start the next season of Friends on Netflix. But of course he had a dinner he forgot about. And then one “quick” rehearsal that sent him home at midnight. And as hard as you tried, you couldn’t keep your eyes open. Your day was nearly as long a Liam’s. He would argue that you worked harder because once you’re done with work you pretend you’re a housewife and he can’t believe all the stuff you do for him and never complain because he’s so needy. “Baby, do you think we could have this for dinner?” or “Love, come watch and cuddle, we can do dishes later.” and “Sweet, could you rub my back and I’ll give you kisses? The laundry can wait.” but you constantly remind him it’s not a competition. and you happily do that stuff so (haha) he keeps you around. (Which then results in a tickle fight of him just loving you even if all you did was watch TV all day.) So when he finds you asleep curled up on the couch in the middle of an episode playing and your body bundled in the blanket his mom made him when he was born he can’t convey how much his chest aches just looking at how sweet and beautiful you are. He knows you tried to stay up, even though he told you to go to sleep. And he gives you all the credit in the world for your valiant attempt. And he can’t believe how perfect you looked snuggling into the couch cushions. He pushes your hair out of your face and carefully places you cradled in his arms so he doesn’t jostle you. “Li?” Crap. He didn’t want to wake you. He’d kiss your forehead. “Just sleep, darling,” he’d whisper. And you nod and snuggle into his chest. He’d settle you on the bed and cover you with more blankets and kiss the tip of your nose. “Good night, my angel. I love you,” he’d whisper and you wouldn’t answer but a small little smile would grace your lips and he’d move into bed beside you and he’d wrap his arms around you and cuddle you up to his body while he drifts asleep and dreams of the most beautiful girl in his world.

So it’s 2 AM and the only thing I can think of is this:

Here’s the thing:

he’s already in handcuffs.

Go pay his bail and say, “we’re going to keep the cuffs.”

And then just leave and that’s how Night Changes should have ended for Louis.