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Revenge Sure Is Sweet

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 I was inspired by Sebb Argos “Talking To My Ex Boyfriend,” video, which you can watch here:  

Revenge Sure is Sweet

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“Hello everyone, welcome back to another Sugg Sunday, and today video is a prank video on my boyfriend Jack Maynard. I remember a couple weeks ago he pranked me good, when he faked cheating on me, and now it’s my turn for revenge,” Joe smiled in a mischievous way, if you’re going to prank the prank king you better be prepared for him to strike back at you twice as hard. “What you guys don’t know is that it is very easy to make Jack jealous, so I’ve decided that I’m going to act like I’m phoning my ex boyfriend, when actually it’s going to be one of my mates back in Wiltshire. Now Jack doesn’t know my friend, so he wasn’t able to recognize the voice on the phone, and another thing I had been acting really distant toward Jack lately simply for this prank, so his reaction was far worse than I expected, let’s roll the clips.”


“Okay Jack should be waking up from his nap at any moment now, I’ve already dialed Sammy, my friend from Wiltshire, and changed his name on my phone to my ex boyfriend’s name, all we do now is wait,” Joe wasn’t going to lie he was feeling a bit nervous about this prank, he knew it was going to work but he was more scared of how Jack was going to react more so than the prank itself. The sound of feet hitting the ground alerted Joe, he quickly sat himself down on the couch and grabbed his phone. “Jacks awake.”


Jack made his way down the steps, in seek of his boyfriend, Joe had begun to fake laugh to draw Jack’s attention to him. “Babe you left the bed, I woke up and you weren’t there,” Jack whined while draping his arms around Joe, and laying his chin on his head. “Where’d you go?

“I got a call, and I didn’t want to disturb you,” Joe whispered before going back to listening to whatever Sammy was saying.


“Who is it?” Jack whispered back as he started rubbing Joe’s arms, there was a long period of silence before Joe bursted into laughter.


“No I don’t want to talk about that, it so embarrassing,” Joe practically squeaked while he continued to laugh. Jack soon realized he had been ignored, and wanting to get Joe’s attention Jack began to kiss down Joe’s neck. “Jack? Babe I’m on the phone.”


“But Joey I’m lonely, and I woke up and you weren’t there, so can’t you make it up to me?” Jack whined while sucking on one of Joe’s sweet spots, causing the older man to shiver.


Joe resisted Jacks advances by standing up and moving across the room, so he wouldn’t give in. “Sorry it’s just Jack, he messing with me again.”


“I wouldn’t necessarily call that “messing,” but okay,” Jack muttered while rolling his eyes, and leaning into the couch.


“Yes I did get the pictures, they were kind of naughty don’t you think? I can almost see your penis,” Joe giggled the kind of giggle he only did when Jack said something flirtatious. Jack’s whole body stilled as he listened to his boyfriend’s conversation, Who the hell was he talking to?


“Joe who is that?” Joe decided this time he was going to answer Jack this time, he didn’t want to drag this out for too long. “Aaron,” Joe felt his stomach fill with nerves as he saw a strange look appear on Jack’s face.


“Aaron who?” Jack felt anger seep into him. He definitely knew who Aaron was one out of two of Joe’s exes who came before Jack. Jack has actually had the honor of cursing Aaron out after he had been texting Joe relentlessly for 2 weeks during the beginning of his and Joe’s relationship .


“Um, Aaron Trug,” Joe mumbled but he knew that Jack heard him , as Jack head snapped up and looked at him with a harsh glare . “Okay just hear me out , yeah? He called me two weeks ago and he wanted to meet up for coffee to apologize for being a creep so I agreed, and he’s changed I promise.”


“How many times have you two “Hung Out”?” Jack made his way over to Joe, a permanent frown seemed to have made his way onto his face.


“Only a handful of times but I promise Jack he hasn’t made any advancements on me what’s so ever,” Joe reached for Jack’s hand wanting to bring some comfort to his boyfriend, Jack let him grab him but it did not lessen his anger at all.


“Oh really what naughty picture did he send you them?” He snapped while reaching for Joe’s phone, Joe quickly moved his phone out of Jack’s reach  while wrapping his other arm around Jack.


“Jackie  don’t you trust me,” Joe whined while looking up into  Jack’s blue eyes with a pouty face.


“I do trust you but I don’t trust this Asshole ,” He finally managed to grab  his boyfriend’s phone  and move out of  his reach. Jack unlocked Joe’s phone having his own fingerprint on there, he quickly went to Imessage to see  ♥️Aaron ♥️.“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me Joe , he basically sent you a fucking Dick pic, and what is up with this fucking name, Aaron with two hearts?”


“I give everybody emoji’s, and he sent me that picture because we were comparing each others abs ,” Joe explained knowing that it would make Jack even more mad.


“He’s seen your fucking abs, Joe every message he’s sent you is  him flirting, and you flirting back. What is wrong with you? Are you not happy with me or something? Because this is basically cheating!” Jack almost shouted ,  and Joe could tell he’s hurt his boyfriend.


“Jack you know I love you, it’s just a little flirty banter  I swear I have no romantic feelings for anyone but you ,” Joe pouted while crossing his arms, and staring at the ground .


“I have to say that it sure doesn’t feel like you love me anymore, you’ve been distant for the past week, and now I find out it’s because you been hanging out with an Ex. What the fuck am I supposed to think Joe?” Joe heart actually hurt at Jack not believing that he loved him, but then he quickly noticed that Jack was using his phone to call someone.


“What are you doing?”


“Calling Aaron,” Jack answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Aaron” answered on the 2nd ring, and he didn’t even get the chance to say hello, before Jack was going off. “Who the fuck do you think you are! How many times do I have to make it clear that Joe is not interested in your stalker ass.  If you must know he is in a committed relationship, and he doesn’t need you coming along  trying to fuck that all up. I get it Jack is pretty damn hot, but he’s happy with me, so can you do us both a favor and kindly fuck off!”


Jack hung up the phone and handed it back to  Joe before trying to storm off. Joe quickly stopped him by grabbing his hand, “You are so sweet y’know?”


“What the hell are you talking about?” Jack turned around to be met with the sight of Joe holding one of his cameras. “God damn it this is a prank isn’t it?” Joe just smiled widely and nodded. “Oh piss off!”


“You love me!!” Joe shouted while wrapping his arms around Jack and kissing his cheeks. “What do you take me for? I would never cheat on the love of my life , beside Aaron has nothing on you love.”


Jack  embraced Joe back, relieved that Joe wasn’t actually cheating on him , planting a soft kiss to his forehead. “I’m going to get you back Joseph Sugg, just you wait. Now  who the hell was I on the phone with?”

“Oh my cousin and friend Oscar, also the abs were a picture of Liam Paynes abs, I’m not surprised that you didn’t notice,” Joe teased while  flicking  Jack on the forehead.


“Oh whatever, now give me a kiss to make me feel better about the emotional  rollercoaster I just endured,” And that was when  Joe turned the camera off.


The Video returned to Joe sitting on his bed, with a bright smile,“So as you all can see I got Jack back, but it won’t be too long before he strikes again, hopefully I can see right through it, until next Goodbye!”