liam payne with girlfriend

Learning to be okay without him is weird.
I swear I’ll be fine for weeks,
but one morning I’ll wake up
and my heart feels heavy for no reason at all
And I feel like I lost him all over again.
It’s just hard, you know?
Thinking you’re making all this progress only for it to be ruined when you see someone else brush their hair out of their eyes the same way he used to.
One little thing, and bam-
You start thinking that you’ll never be able to live without hearing his laugh ever again.
—  I’m okay, but I’m not really okay
The signs and cute couple moments

capricorn: competitively playing monopoly against each other and you steal kisses over the board and one of you pout when you lose and the other tries to cheer them up by kissing them and tickling/wrestling

aquarius: baking cookies or cake or something together and when one of you is mid stirring the other pours flower over their head and you have a mini food fight and end up kissing with chocolate and sugar all over you

pisces: going ice skating and failing to stand up on the ice so one of you fall over and pull the other down with them so they land on them and you ignore everyone else on the rink and giggle and kiss

aries: driving on a long road trip together and fighting over what music to play but agreeing on one song you both like and screaming the words and singing really badly together, one person has their hand on the others leg or you hold hands between the seats

taurus: staying at home and watching a disney/netflix marathon on the couch or in bed and eating food together like pizza or something and jokingly feeding a slice to the other and you can’t stop touching each other and kissing

gemini: it being wintery and cold and deciding to go for a walk together and one of you wears knitted gloves or a cute beanie and you hold hands or wrap your arms around the others waist to keep warm and one of you offers their jacket bc someones cold 

cancer: jumping in a lake together at night and swimming around and splashing each other under the moon and after a huge splash fight thing you end up kissing and saying cute things to each other

leo: in bed in the morning when the sun is rising and you both had woken up early for some reason so you open the windows so the air is fresh and crisp and cuddle together underneath sheets with sleepy eyes and morning voices and just talk and lay together

virgo: lying together maybe on the beach or on a balcony or anywhere really and just watching the stars, one of you is cuddled under the others arm and they kiss the others head and like say you love each other and talk about life and anything at all

libra: being caught in a situation where either you walk through the pouring rain or be stuck waiting and one of you pulls the other out so your standing with soaked clothes in the middle of the rain laughing and holds the others face with their hands and kiss

scorpio: bringing blankets and pillows up to a rooftop maybe of an apartment building and waiting till sunset just to sit together underneath a blanket cuddled up together when the sun starts to turn pink and orange and talking about the things you would never usually tell someone and kissing in between your sentences

sagittarius: walking hand in hand through a haunted house and one of you is scared and jumpy and the other ‘protects’ them and tells them its okay and makes them laugh and kisses them when nothings happening

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Niall Horan reveals a secret lover he had in 1D inspired his best songs — and it has inspired his emotional debut album Flicker

FOR his five years in ONE DIRECTION – and the nearly two years since they went on hiatus – NIALL HORAN has been linked to a string of beautiful women.

But while his bandmates HARRY STYLES, LIAM PAYNE, LOUIS TOMLINSON and ZAYN MALIK have had plenty of girlfriends since shooting to fame, Niall always insisted he was single . . . until now.

In his first Bizarre guest-edit since going solo, Niall revealed his incredible debut album Flicker, out today, was inspired by a secret relationship.

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AU: You’re a celebrity and Harry likes you

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Liam Payne on his home life with Cheryl and baby Bear

Liam Payne says his home life with girlfriend Cheryl and young son Bear is the “constant” he needs as his solo career takes off.

He told Scott Mills and Chris Stark about the domestic bliss in his home life when he dropped into The Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

“She’s absolutely amazing and it’s nice to have a constant at home, when I go home, with things as crazy as they are at the moment,” said Liam.

“Our lives get more and more insane as time goes on, it’s the best thing ever but you do need that bit of happiness at home.”

And despite Liam and Cheryl being A-list British celebrities, their home life sounds suspiciously similar to a lot of other people’s.

They watch a lot of TV.

“We’ve been watching boxsets and chilling,” he said, naming Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and Love Island as his current faves.

But he admits that he often has to shield baby Bear’s eyes from what’s on screen, even if he is only a few months old.

“We’re still at phase where he doesn’t understand what’s going on,” he told Scott and Chris.

“I was watching a scene the other day; I was holding him on my lap, so I covered the screen with cushions and faced him away from the screen.

"It was an action scene and it was a bit brutal and I didn’t want him seeing anything, even though he has no concept of what’s going on and can only see 30 centimetres, I don’t want that in his face.”

He’s even been told off by his mum for what he watches on TV with Bear.

Speaking about his solo career, Liam revealed that he will release a new single with US producer Zedd and that he was happy to be the final One Direction lad to release music.

“I got to see what everyone else was doing,” he said.

“It was funny to see that nobody has got into anyone else’s lane, we’re all very much doing our own thing.

"I know mine and Zayn’s is kind of similar in a sense, because we like the same sort of stuff, but for the rest of the boys, that was more like the sound One Direction was based off and me and Zayn had other influences.

"Being last, I had a lot to do at that time and we didn’t want to get in each other’s way when we did our thing.

"People are always going to pit you against each other that’s just the way it is, but that’s life.

"At the end of the day, the whole thing is a competition, we’re up against the Drakes and the Biebers of the world, it’s part of the game.”

Liam Payne’s Strip That Down is currently A-list at Radio 1 [source]


[word count: 1,163]

[Y/N: your name]
[Y/C/N: your crush name]
[Y/F/N: your friends name]
[E/C: eye color]

[request: Where you thought he liked your best friend but he admits that he likes you, please and thank you :)]


You walked along the dark pavement, a smile etched on your face. Between the bright lights around you, the food, and all of the attractions, you were put into a great mood. The carnival was always a place that you could enjoy yourself at. It only came around once a year, so you wanted to make the best of it.

“Y/N! Are you even listening?” Your best friend, Y/F/N, blurted from beside you, pulling you from your trance.

“Yeah, sorry. I zoned out again.” She laughed, nudging your shoulder with hers.

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately. Something on your mind? Y/F/N glanced at you curiously.

A sigh escaped your lips, "No, everything’s fine.”

But it wasn’t. There was something that had been bothering you, but of course you weren’t going to tell anyone. You weren’t one to make a big deal over something no matter how much it affected you.

It was Y/C/N, the guy you’ve liked for as long as you could remember; and Y/F/N knew this too. But recently, Y/F/N had been acting strange. From canceling plans and making ridiculous excuses, you knew she was up to something. Something that involved Y/C/N. There would be times when the three of you would hang out with a larger group and the both of them would disappear at the same time. You had also noticed Y/C/N’s name pop up on Y/F/N’s phone screen quite a few times in the past few months. You couldn’t help but jump to conclusions. Y/F/N knew how much you liked him; she wouldn’t do this to you, right? You were torn, not knowing what to believe.

As you both continued walking through the carnival, your eyes fell on something in the distance. Someone, actually. Y/C/N.

‘Go figure,’ you thought to yourself. You always caught yourself staring at him, even when you didn’t intend on doing so. When Y/C/N heard you and your friend talking, his eyes drifted over to the both of you. A blush broke out on your face as you darted your eyes down, hoping he didn’t catch you staring at him. He left the friend he was talking to and began to walk in your direction.

'Don’t be so obvious,’ you thought as he now stood in front of you, looking slightly nervous.

“Um, Y/F/N, can I talk to you for a second?” Y/F/N turned to look at you.

“I’ll be right back,” she spoke, walking away with Y/C/N trailing behind her.

Your heart dropped immediately. You knew it, you were right. He liked her. Why would he ever like you, anyways? You weren’t anything special. You were nothing compared to Y/F/N.

You sat down at one of the wooden picnic tables, playing with the hem of your shirt to keep yourself busy. You couldn’t help but be upset over what had just happened. The sun was quickly setting in the distance, the sky turning to a dark orange. A few minutes had passed, and you were beginning to get cold. Cursing yourself for not bringing a jacket, you began to run your hands up and down your arms to try and keep warm. You suddenly felt something drape over your shoulders, causing you to gasp in surprise.

“You looked a little cold,” Y/C/N smiled down at you. Your heart was beating rapidly as you looked up at into his E/C eyes.

“Oh, thanks..” You trailed off, pulling the jacket further onto you.

“Uh,” he trailed off for a moment, “Do you want to walk with me for a little? There’s kind of something I wanted to talk to you about.” His hand rubbed the back of his neck as he hesitantly looked towards you.

“Yeah, okay,” you stood up and were surprised when he tugged on your hand, lacing your fingers together. A blush rose on your cheeks as you began walking away from the carnival.

You were confused and nervous; what would he want to talk about? Did he know that you liked him? That would be so embarrassing, were you that obvious? So many thoughts clouded your head as he led you towards a deserted area far from the all of the commotion.

He dropped your hand, running it through his hair. “There’s been something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he began, looking a bit nervous. “Um, I haven’t been very honest with yo-”
You cut him off, not wanting him to finish his sentence.

“Look, it’s okay if you like Y/F/N, I get it-”

“What? That’s not with this is about, I like you, not her!” You stared at him in shock. You were so surprised, you had no idea what to say. Y/C/N liked you this whole time? You immediately felt like a complete idiot.

“I-I, oh,” you looked down towards the grass, embarrassed.

“I didn’t mean to make this awkward, I’m sorry, it’s okay if you don’t like me back, really-”

“No! No, that’s not it. I do, trust me,” you laughed slightly, a small smile on your face, “I just thought you liked Y/F/N this whole time, you’ve been with her a lot lately…”

“Yeah, about that…I’ve been meeting with her about you. I sort of wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend and I just wanted all of it to be perfect because you deserve it but I couldn’t wait any longer, so…” Y/C/N trailed off slightly. You were speechless, once again having no idea what to say. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening.

“Y/C/N, I don’t even know what to say…that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.” You spoke softly, gazing up at him. Your close proximity made your heart flutter. Y/C/N smiled at you, walking towards you and wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you to him. Your foreheads were touching, noses brushing against each other. You could feel his warm breath on your face as he spoke.

“You don’t have to say anything, everything’s okay now. I’m just relieved that you like me back or else this would have been extremely awkward.” You giggled, smiling at him. Everything around you was silent, the faint sound of the carnival in the distance. You both stood quietly, enjoying each other’s presence.

“Y/N?” Y/C/N whispered, brushing a piece of hair behind your ear.


“Can I kiss you?” Your heart jumped at those four words and you became anxious. You nodded your head, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. Y/C/N slowly leaned in, his eyes never leaving yours. Both of your eyes fluttered shut, and moments later his lips were pressed softly to yours.

What an amazing way to end the night.

[sorry for the lack of imagines lately, i hope you still enjoy!]
Liam Payne says he and Cheryl are already talking about having more kids
The ex-One Direction star says he is a 'changed man' as he gushes about his home life with 'amazing' girlfriend Cheryl
By Halina Watts

Liam Payne has revealed he and girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy are already thinking about more children. And the former One Direction star reveals he feels like a “changed man” since launching his solo career and becoming a dad for the first time .

But he admits only one person wears the ­trousers in his relationship – and that’s Cheryl.“She’s very headstrong. She’s a strong woman,” Liam tells me in an exclusive interview.

 “We had Kimberley Walsh round and she couldn’t believe that we’d got baby Bear into such a good routine. Cheryl’s just been amazing. She doesn’t want to miss the close contact with him. And the thing people don’t know is she has done it all herself . When she first got pregnant, I couldn’t keep up with everything.”

It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for the 23-year-old star after 1D called time-out in late 2015 and he started dating 33-year-old Cheryl a few months later while considering his solo career.

 “I think I needed a breather after the band finished,” he says.“It was the most enjoyable time in my life, but it did get hectic towards the end. I’m not going to lie. Now I feel like a changed man. With home life it has been amazing. Chez is unreal. It’s really brought me down to earth with a lot of things. She’s been through it all before. She’s experienced all of this sort of stuff. She knows. And of course there’s the birth of my child, the most amazing thing ever – little baby Bear. It’s crazy. Waking up in the mornings is a totally different experience.”

A few weeks after Bear Grey Payne’s birth in March, Liam had to head to the US to work on his debut solo album as well as new single Strip That Down.

He admits he pined for his new family and was overjoyed to be back with them. “Being home for bath time is just the most amazing thing. We do bath time together,” he says. “I’m in charge of bath water and cooking.”

Liam reckons Bear could end up as a basketball player. “He’s massive,” he chuckles. “Cheryl isn’t the tallest and she’s like ‘How did this happen?’”

Will he have brothers or sisters? “We have spoken about this,” says Liam. “We will see what happens. We are in a routine now and loving life. We sit round with Bear, watch old films like Ritchie Rich and Stand By Me, have a laugh.”

As Liam arrives at the YouTube studios in London for the premiere of his music video, he is mobbed by female fans. The 1D mania hasn’t changed even though Liam has.

He says: “I got a real sense of freedom when I was doing this record and it made me push the boundaries. It’s definitely a totally different experience to when I was in One Direction.”

 Yet he still refers to the split as a “hiatus” and adds: “Everyone is doing their own thing. I think it is better for the fans than they realise. Everyone deserves to have their own little musical journey. We will pick up the pieces and see where it goes.”


Au: You and Harry kiss when you’re both drunk. Actually he’s happy that this finally happened and tries to talk to you about it the next day, but you don’t even remember this kiss.

Reqeusted by Anon: “Harry kisses you when the both of you are drunk, and is heartbroken when you can’t remember it.”


Being Niall’s girlfriend would include:
  • Him smiling when he comes home to see lying in bed with his t shirt on because he really likes seeing you in his over sized shirts
  • Stolen kisses on chilly mornings when neither of you want to move from the warm bed
  • Automatically being best friends with the other boys and them making sure you treat Niall well since you’re the first girl he’s brought to meet them
  • Sitting with him while he watches sports and not really understanding much or caring but enjoying how passionate about it he is
  • Him inviting all the boys over to watch the game and you end up playing hostess before Niall forces you to sit on his lap and help him cheer for his team
  • Niall making up cheesy excuses to cuddle even though you’d eagerly cuddle him anytime he wanted
  • Receiving texts telling you to “turn on channel 13 before you miss us singing”
  • He would make sure you watch every tv interview and performance they had
  • Restless nights when neither of you could sleep so you’d invite him over and he’d show up in his pajamas with bed head and a bag of McDonald’s as a welcoming gift
  • Waking up during the middle of the night to him laughing at some late night show and kicking him to shut up since it’s three am and you’re exhausted
  • Finding random one direction merch around the house such as cups, bracelets and even a few blankets and always somehow managing to find more random merch in the most random places
  • You don’t question this merch either because he’s Niall and he loves One Direction
  • Making him go on late night runs to the store because you’re dying for cookie dough ice cream and Niall was kind enough to finish the last of it without asking you yesterday
  • “I also got us some mint chocolate chip, moose track ice cream and some sprinkles and chocolate syrup because they all seemed delicious.” “I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already did, Niall.”
  • Him really wanting to teach you guitar and you failing awfully but him still being extremely encouraging and patient with you
  • Niall taking you to every award show they appeared at and holding you close to him to pose for couple photos on the red carpet.
  • Glaring at anyone who looked at you in your designer dress, that he insisted on buying for you, for what he deemed to be a moment too long
  • The following morning seeing all his retweets of his photos with you along with a tweet like “So glad my girl joined me at the ama’s. She stole everyone’s spotlight and lit up the entire room.”
  • Showing you off every chance he had because he’s so proud that he found a girl like you
  • Trying to keep up with his insatiable sex drive
  • Waking up with a text from him, only to open it to see he sent you a video of him jerking off
  • Little gasps and moans leaving his mouth as he fucked his hand
  • “Wish you were here, baby. Your mouth treats me so much better than my hand does.”
  • Niall buying you frilly lace panties with some bows on them just so he can see you walking around the house in them and one of his shirts–or even just them.
  • Saying something that reminded him of some song he hadn’t heard in years but suddenly remembered every word of and now felt the urge to sing the entire song to you
  • Attempting the typical couple date night of dinner and a movie but getting bored halfway through and deciding to head to a bar for a much more fun night
  • Him stealing your phone all the time to take hundreds of selfies of himself with different poses and props
  • Picking one of those photos to set as your background so when you see it he can see you grin at his adorableness
  • “You’re such a weirdo, Niall.” “Okay, but you still love me.” “Do I?” “You better or I’m gonna eat that Chinese food you’ve been saving for dinner.” “You better not…” “Watch me!”


Honestly, the reason why I’m so afraid of letting go is because my heartbreak is all I have left of him. It’s the only thing still keeping him somewhat relevant to my life. Once I allow myself to move on, there will be nothing left of the two of us. And I’m more afraid of that than anything. I’d rather live with a broken heart than have to forget about him forever.