liam payne wears clothes

1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #226

So, I see many people talking about how Liam Payne has changed, he’s dressing up differently, he’s not the same, etc. 

And I’m like, oh yeah he’s totally changed, except he’s always been wearing similar kind of clothing. Liam Payne in the years gone by:

And this is Liam Payne recently

Aside from the chain, the clothing hasn’t been all that different but ANYWAY

Preference: Wearing His Clothes

Harry: “Well, I’ll see you when I get home,” You say to Harry after pecking his forehead. You reach for the doorknob, when Harry jumps up from his spot and interrupts you. “Wait! You need something before you go,” He tells you, hurrying off and returning a moment later with his beanie in his hands. He places it on your head and steps back with a smile. “There. Now, off you go. Have a good day.”

Liam: One by one, each of the boys turns to look at you, and you pause. “What?” You squeak, feeling uncomfortable with all eyes on you. “Nice outfit,” Louis comments, before adding, “Are those Liam’s sweatpants?” A blush creeps onto your face and you shyly nod. “Don’t listen to him,” Liam tells you. “You look great in my sweatpants,” He says with a wink.

Niall: “You know what’s absolutely hilarious?” Niall’s voice startles you when he suddenly appears behind you, and you turn to see that he isn’t wearing a shirt. You shake your head and he nods toward you. “I have a shirt exactly like the one you’re wearing. In fact, I’ve been lookin’ for it all morning,” He says with a smirk on his face. “Sorry,” You mumble, but he waves off your apology. “Don’t be. It actually looks really good on you.”

Louis: You groan as you stumble into Louis’ house, weighed down by your clothes that are now soaking wet. It was Louis’ brilliant idea to push you into the pool. He follows in after you, and you cross your arms over your chest, glaring at him. “C’mon, I’ll give you something to change into,” He says, leading the way to his bedroom. You end up in a baggy t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts, courtesy of Louis himself.

Zayn: He pulls you into his side and rubs his hands up and down your arms as you shiver. “I told you to bring a jacket,” He reminds you, and you sigh. “I know,” You mutter, while Zayn pulls away to slide his jacket off. “No, it’s okay. It’s my fault for not bringing my own,” You say to him when he offers his jacket to you, but he insists that you wear it until you get home.