liam payne train


I’m sorry but this gif fucks me up so much.

1) Like look how big Liam’s hands are on Zayn’s shoulders

2) Look how gentle Liam is being with his trashcan lid hands on Zayn’s smol body

3) Liam looks like a mother trying to comfort a child, trying to reassure him that everything is going to be okay and that he will be there the whole time supporting him

4) Liam ducks down to get a good look at Zayn’s face to make sure he’s doing alright, and to make sure he’s not uncomfortable or nervous

5) Zayn isn’t even affected by Liam’s affection because they are constantly touching anyways

6) Zayn’s little wave and the innocent way he’s looking into the camera makes him look extra smol

7) Zayn in all black and his tattoos look hot as fucK

8) Liam in that Payne Train suit makes me sweat

9) Louis is looking around like “Are y’all seeing this domestic shit”

10) Harry won’t even look at them, same Harry what the fuck are they even doing?

1D Hiatus: Day 623

* Harry meets fans in Holmes Chapel

* Liam will be doing a secret gig in a small venue in London along with Dua Lipa soon, you have to be between 18 and 25 years old to enter the competition to win one of the 20 pairs of tickets

* Niall posts a video of Shawn Mendes performing at the VMAs on his Instagram story

* Harry didn’t win any awards at the VMAs last night

It’s Aug 28th, 2017.

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Liamy you deserve all of this


“Come on…give me a kiss,” he says stepping in front of you, cornering you from the fridge. You don’t look at him and give a pout. You were currently giving him a silent treatment. Earlier that day, you and (c/n) were cuddling on the couch, all until (c/n) did what you specifically told him you weren’t in the mood for. He tickled you. It all started simple until he set a hand on your waste, lazily grazing up and down until goosebumps rose. It was a simple mistake, he smirked and all within two seconds he quickly wiggled his fingers back and forth. This jolted you into a shock, causing you to roll right off the couch onto the floor. It sent him into a fit of giggles but you into a series of groans from the contact of the ground. You stand up and walk into the kitchen ignoring his pleas to come back to him. He instantly stands up from the couch and walks over to you. “Please baby, when will you talk to me,” he asks putting his arms on either side of you. “Come on please smile. I know you love me,” he says nuzzling his nose against yours. You look up into his eyes, still pouting. He stares at you and smiles. You know what he’s up to when he suddenly crosses his eyes, getting a huff out of you. You do what you probably wouldn’t do but you didn’t want to stay mad at him. You decided to kiss him anyway. He raises his eyebrows in surprise of how fast it took you to crack but he soon relaxes into the kiss while pushing you against the cold metallic fridge, once again causing goosebumps to rise on your skin.

Daddy's home - Liam (SMUT WARNING)

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You felt yourself stir beneath the thin sheets of your bed, tangled in a deep, sensual dream. All you could think about was Liam and you couldn’t wait for him to get home from tour, you missed him and his touch. You had that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach, a warm but tense sensation. You wanted to touch yourself but you almost couldn’t move. Only moans escaped your lips.

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