liam payne sleeping

This is it. This is the best headline yet. 



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louis tomlinson

i made this audio file of louis just talking, it has clips from different interviews. the song in the background is grand piano acustic. i made it so i can sleep better and i thought some of you guys might want to hear it as well. enjoy.

harry’s version


larry’s version  2, 3/ zayn’s version / liam’s version / niall’s version / zouis version

arielfabulous said:  THROUGH THE DARK ❤️❤️❤️

Oh I would carry you over fire and water for your love,
And I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough.
When the night is coming down on you,
We will find a way through the dark.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles

here is harry’s version of the audio file talking. it took me way longer, because i couldn’t find good music for it, so i just took grand piano again. if you know a better one just tell me. i hope you guys like it and it helps you sleep. enjoy.

louis version / larry’s version, 2, 3 / zayn’s version / liam’s version / niall’s version / zouis version

About Zayn’s IG post today:

zayn  ;)❤️

“Gigi liked/replied the post. Her team are following his social media closely.”

“I find as a way to direct people’s mind that the caption is intended for her and not for ahem certain individual who is famously connected to the color red. I think that caption of Zayn is really flirty. And it’s for Liam, hence the red heart. Remember his zoem about colors having meanings? Haha”

“Liam was right there… That was for us. He knows us.”

“Hmmm… didn’t think of that. Makes sense too. So Zayn is like winking at us? That something is up and that would be represented by the red heart aka Liam.”

“A wink and a red heart. It’s like: ‘this is our secret’. And who’s from outside the fandom would imagine that? No one, lol.”

“So it’s more like Zayn being cheeky and shady? Lmao.”

“Exactly. And teasing us, because he definitely follow us”

stop 👏 making 👏 harry’s 👏 sexuality 👏 more 👏 important 👏 than 👏 his 👏personality 👏 and 👏 music 👏 thanks👌