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161: You can’t swim and you’re scared of water.

Harry: The pool party was in full swing and Harry had been keeping a close eye on you, knowing one of your deepest, and for you, most embarrassing secrets, something only he knew. After your parents’s tragic death by drowning when you were only a child, you had never set a foot into water ever since. Once he observed that you were in deep conversation with Louis and Liam, a satisfied Harry disappeared to grab a beer and catch up with his other pals. “Gonna have a dip, y/n?” Louis asks with a cheeky grin. You shake your head. “Uh, no, I haven’t brought a bikini with me” you reasonably excuse yourself from any water activities, shaking your head with a nervous smile. Louis and Liam smirk at each other and their next actions were completely unpredictable to you as they both picked you up, Louis holding you under your arms and Liam holding your ankles. “No no no no!” you exclaim in panic as they start swinging you. “It’s just a little water y/n, on three, Liam” Louis jokes. “NO!” Despite your desperate screams being loud enough to attract the attention of all the guests, heads quickly turning at your distress, the boys continued to swing you. On approaching the number two, they’re quickly distracted. “Put her down!” Harry yells, running towards the three of you. Louis and Liam quickly put you down beside the pool and you quickly bring your knees up to your chest, sobbing into them. “It was just a bit of fun, mate” Louis murmurs, although he knows he’s angered his best friend and upset you, and both guilt and remorse are evident in his voice. “Her parents fucking drowned!” Harry shouts at the boys before lowering to the ground and pulling you into him. “Shh darling, it’s ok. You’re ok. I’m here” he whispers into your ear.

Liam: A holiday with Liam’s family was the perfect getaway since you all got on really well, and Liam certainly needed the break from the solo music he was producing. Lowering the umbrella to shade him more, you left him sleeping on the sand. Nicola and Ruth both ushered for you to join them in the sea. It was so blue and beautiful and whilst your fear of water was strong, you knew you would be safe with a little paddle. The hot sand between your toes felt out of this world and the sea lapping up onto your ankles was relaxing. Moving in a little further up to your knees, you were comfortable staying put and observing the world around you. As you went in deeper, you began to panic. Liam wasn’t there to guide you or reassure you. Turning around, you see him still sleeping on the sand. You take a step to head back to safety when you lose your balance. A wave comes crashing around you, dragging you under and further out to sea. Everything else becomes a blur as you splash around, gasping for air and choking on the salty water that you’re submerged in. Sounds of distress and screams from all directions begin to fade as your body lacks oxygen and water fills your lungs. You feel a hand around your waist, pulling you against the current. Before you can comprehend what’s happening, your laying on the sand, various faces staring in disbelief a blur, and only Liam’s is in focus. You hear the publics questions darting from every direction before Liam pipes up. “Give her some space!” He quickly averts his attention back to you, resting his hand on your forehead and stroking it softly. “You’re ok darling” he whispers. “We’re gonna get you checked out though” he adds, before lowering his lips to your cheek.

Louis: “That’s it baby girl, you’re doing fantastic!” he praises you, and whilst you feel a little silly and childish, you appreciated that he was teaching you how to swim. “Now let’s go in a little deeper” he suggests. You shake your head. “No Louis, I don’t think I can, I’ll drown” you panic, desperately holding your float. Taking your hand gently, he softly murmurs “I’m right here. I’m not going to let you drown. I love you too much.” He smiles and you reciprocate the actions, before kicking your legs and going deeper into the swimming pool. “I’m doing it Louis, I’m doing it!” you proudly announce. “You are sweetheart, I’m so proud of you.” You both tread water in the deep end with your hands still firmly clasping the float. “You never told me where your fear of water came from and how you never learned to swim?” Louis questions curiously. You shrug your shoulders. “I fell into a swimming pool when I was little. I got into trouble and panicked. It scarred me for life. After that, my mum didn’t want to scare me even more and send me to swimming lessons. I guess back then she was just considering my feelings, but in hindsight, she should have done the opposite.” You never blamed your mum, but you weren’t blind to the fact that she was the reason you had never learned to swim. Louis nods understandably. “Well at least you’re leaning now, darling. And in the future, when we have our own little ones, we can teach them how to swim” he smiles.

Niall: Sitting in the large rubber dingy and bobbing up and down in the sea certainly wasn’t your idea of fun, but as time continued, you were distracted by the conversations you were having with Niall, Louis and Eleanor. Despite your unknown fear of the water and being unable to swim, you had forgotten that you were miles away from the shore. The waves began to get bigger and the sun was disappearing. “Guys, we need to go back” you murmur. “It’s ok y/n, the sea doesn’t get much choppier than this” Louis chirps. You shake your head. “No, you don’t understand. I need to go. I can’t be out here anymore” you begin to panic. “Princess?” Niall questions, wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s ok” he reassures you, as the dingy begins rocking more vigorously. Your breathing becomes more erratic and you begin to flap. “Please, I need to get out. We need to get back to the shore.” Eleanor grips your shoulders gently. “Y/N it’s ok, like Louis said, it won’t get any worse than this. Just breathe.” You shake your head. “You don’t understand. Any of you! I can’t swim. If we overturn, I’ll drown” you cry out. Sensing your distress, Niall pulls yours body into him. “Sweetheart, why didn’t you say? We’re not gonna topple over, ok? And I’ve got you, you’re ok. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Now please calm down and breathe for me” he whispers into your ear. “We’ll get back to the beach, Ni” Louis murmurs, understanding your distress. He murmurs a quick thank you to his friend before making a mental note to teach you how to swim the next day.

Zayn: The poolside was getting busier, your anxiety increasing even more. You watched Zayn and the rest of the boys enjoying a swim and the occasional water activity. Whilst you felt pretty good in your bikini, you had no intention of setting foot into the swimming pool. “Y/N! Come join us!” Niall calls out. You shake your head and give the boys a small smile. “She’s alright boys” Zayn smiles, understanding your reason for staying firmly on the ground. The boys quickly go back to their games and you continue to mingle with others by the poolside. A group of lads, who clearly drank more than they could handle, barge straight past you and between the conversation you were having. As one of them passed, he lost his balance, grabbing you for support, consequently pushing you in. Whilst you heard a few cheers and “whey’s,” Zayn’s exclamation didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. “Fuck!” he yelled out, swimming the length of the pool. He reached you within seconds of you splashing around and gasping for air. Grabbing you by the waist, he pulled you to the side. “Take her!” he exclaimed to onlookers by the poolside. They did as they were told, pulling you out of the water and sitting you upright on the floor. Zayn was beside you in seconds, rubbing your back and whispering reassurances to you. “Zayn, chill mate, yeah? It’s a bit of water” Liam pipes up from across the pool. “Are you fucking kidding me Liam? She can’t swim! She could’ve fucking drowned!” he yells out. As soon as he shouted at Liam, he felt guilty, it hadn’t even been his fault, but adrenaline was pumping through his body. Wrapping a protective arm around you, he murmured softly, “let’s get you home.”

Dirty in Janitor's closet - H.S. ONE SHOT

°•°•Dirty in Janitor’s closet. Harry Styles ONE SHOT. 👀👅•°•°

CAUTION- smut!!

Your POV

He grabbed my wrist and I followed him inside. Light pouring through small holes around as I pressed my lips against his, fingers roaming through his curls.

Tugging them slightly, he let out a husky moan as I continued to kiss his mouth and slowly moving to his neck, sucking and biting area above his collarbone.

He grabbed my shoulders lightly and pushed me against the wall as he took the advantage . he yanked my panty down my skirt and legs and rubbed my clit slowly.

“Fucking tease..” I muttered lightly and fiddled with his belt, along with kissing his jawline.

He chuckled as he helped pulling the jeans down, along with his boxers.

Even though there was dim light, I can still make out the size of his wonderland.

“I would have loved to see your boobs but it’s kind of in a hurry so..” Harry trailed off, taking something out from his jeans.

Moments later I felt him rub against my entrance. I sucked in a breath , trying to be as quite as possible.

He pushed inside me, and I smashed my lips against his, trying to compress the moans in our mouth.

I slipped down a bit, making it a bit easier for him to push and pull. Harry pushed all the way inside before pulling out and smashing in with force. I let out a moan of pleasure in his mouth.

“Harry please..” He nodded and repeated it again, hitting my G-spot repeatedly making me closer to my orgarm.

He felt you twitching as he spoke, “hold it baby..” .

“Harry please, let me go!!” I spoke. as I try to control my orgarm.

“Let it go!” He breathed out, both of us pulling out of our orgarm together. My legs shook badly as I wore off my high .

“Didn’t know that it would be so bad..” He murmured, placing a kiss on my mouth. We both got dressed up and got out, but froze as soon as I saw our friend circle standing a few feet away . they all gazed up on you both and you blushed.

°•°•°• Question- What was the first album you bought? Mine was Up all night and MITAM
162: How you approach the subject of using a condom.

Smut, smut and more smut! Contains sexual references.

Harry: Your legs wrap around him tightly as he carries you through his apartment. This had always been a regular occurrence and God, you had missed it so much. The few months you were separated was agony for both of you and no matter how many other girls he had fucked in an attempt to get you out of his head during your separation, they would never compare to you, and whilst you had stayed so pure during your break up, you had forgotten how easily he could have you trembling beneath him. You gasp for air as he pulls his lips away from yours, trying desperately to grind on him as he kicks the door shut before locking it behind him. “Take me to the bedroom” you almost beg, one hand curling round the back of his neck whist the other rests gently on his cheek, skimming it softly. Items of clothes that are in the way of accessing each other’s bodies quickly become discarded and he sets you down on the bed. Your knees are bent as he pushes them apart, his tall body between them as he hovers over you, one hand grasping yours, fingers interlocking, whilst the other delves into his back pocket and reveals the small shiny package. You shake your head, your hair splaying beneath you as you catch your breath. “Bare. I want you to take me bare” you plead. He rips the packaging open with his teeth, ignoring your pleas. “Fucked so many others, baby” he grunts as he unzips his jeans and lowers the waistband of his boxers. “Need t’ be tested. Can’t risk yeh catching anything” he murmurs, pulling away to reveal his length before covering it with the condom. “Need yeh t’ be safe.”

Liam: “You’re sure you’re ready?” he whispers softly as he wraps an arm around your waist. “There’s no time limit on this, you take as long as you need” he adds. The abuse you had suffered from a close relative years ago is something that will always live with you, but you trusted Liam and you wanted him to be your first consensual sexual partner. The trail of kisses you left along his collarbone and chest confirmed your answer and he allowed to you take control of his body. You lower your hand to his hips, and your lips to his abdomen, before trailing kisses to the waistband of his pants. You feel his hardness beneath you and he moans with pleasure as you expose his length. “You’re so beautiful” he murmurs softly, pressing a gentle hand to your face, cupping your cheek and skimming it with his thumb. Taking his erection in your hand, you hesitated, before reaching into the drawer next to the bed. “Babe?” he questions, as he identifies the packet of condoms in his peripheral vision. “You’re on the pill?” he murmurs his rhetorical question softly. You nod and take your bottom lip between your teeth. “I never got tested. I was always too scared” you shudder. “I don’t know what he could have given me. I don’t want to hurt you” you whisper softly. He gives you a reassuring and encouraging smile as you roll the condom down his hard length.

Louis: “I can make you feel better than he can” he gasps breathlessly as he supports your body against the wall. “You came here for me to fuck you properly” he murmurs against your ear. You squeeze your eyes shut and gasp as he grinds his length along your damp underwear, before you bite down on his collarbone; hard. “We should still be together, I can give ya all of this, he fucking can’t” he presses harder onto your body and you whimper in pleasure against him. “No” you gasp in agreement because you know Louis will always be the only one who can have you a quivering mess within seconds. “Fuck” you moan as Louis runs his fingers along the inside of your knickers, your wetness exposed to him. “Such a good girl fo’ me. Always so ready” he smirks, pressing rough kisses to your neck. “Condom?” you ask in a question-like statement. He shakes his head. “No, need to come inside you, properly” he moans. You shake your head and pull away slightly, catching your breath. “He fucks anything in a skirt, and then fucks me bare. I don’t know what he’s got, not hurting you though” your breath hitches, as you refer to your cheating boyfriend. Louis bites his lip. “You’re worth so much more baby girl. Condoms, they’re upstairs” he murmurs between kisses. “I want to fuck you in my bed. Not had anyone else in there since you left me” he adds, as he tightly wraps his hands around you and heads towards the bedroom.

Niall: “This isn’t a solution to the problem baby girl” he whispers softly into your ear as you straddle his hips and grind on his body. “I need you” you whimper as you lift the hem of his shirt to reveal his toned abdomen. “Need you to make me feel better” you murmur, referring to your recent loss only a few days ago, whilst your hands trail to his chest. He takes your face in his hands, peppering it with soft and delicate kisses. “I love you” he whispers softly. You bite your lip before fingering the waistband of his pants. You pull them down swiftly to expose his erection. He moans at your actions, trailing his fingertips along your thigh before rubbing his hand along your damp underwear. Hooking his fingers into the lacy material, he slowly removes them from your hips. You position yourself above his erection with a small smirk. “Wait” he murmurs, before reaching around for his discarded jeans. Without taking his eyes off of you, he reaches for the packaging. You shake your head, gesturing to the condom in his hand. “No more risks” he murmurs. “Doctors say yeh can’t get pregnant again so soon” he gives you a reassuring smile as he rolls the condom down his hard length. “Want t’ make love to yeh” he grunts as he rubs his throbbing erection against you.

Zayn: Your naked body beneath Zayn’s quivers with anticipation as his hands explore you, his touch sending pulses through you. Grabbing his hair and fisting it, you make your decision. “I need you in me, Zayn” you plead. He removes his fingers and gently holds your hips, grinding his body on yours, rocking back and forth. He can feel your dampness through his boxers as he peppers your neck with soft and delicate kisses, grasping your hand tightly and interlocking your fingers. “You’re ready, you’re sure you’re ready?” he asks, barely above a whisper when he catches his breath as you nod. “Mmm” you moan. “So ready, make love to me” you murmur. He kicks off his pants and delves into the drawer beside him, grabbing for the small box and a tube of liquid. “No” you whimper. “No condom. Come inside of me, please” you desperately beg as you buck your hips for as much friction and contact as possible. Zayn quickly shakes his head. “Need to be tested before I can do that, baby girl. Just in case” he adds. “Don’t want t’ give you anything. If I take yeh virginity, I need t’ do this properly.”