liam payne is my baby daddy


The first televised Larry moment…I cri

Little baby Hazza picked up Louis and was all “THIS IS MY DADDY. MINE.”

Since 2011 I’ve been a fan and I’m still going strong every single day. I wouldn’t be here without these boys. All 5! {Just couldn’t find a comparison thingie of Zayn}

~All my love, J xo

The Tommo Tum...
  • Someone, Somewhere: Louis looks so fat have you seen his-
  • Harry: *jumps out his window*
  • Harry: *does eight cartwheels*
  • Harry: *uses meditation skills to levitate*
  • Harry: *smashes through their window*
  • Harry: *takes off his earings* somE ONE HOLD ME BACK THIS BITCH IS ABOUT TO GET A BIT OF MY TOMMO FIST
tacos christmas and babies oh my!
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Gemma Styles, Anne Cox, Jay Tomlinson, Lottie Tomlinson, Fizzy, The Twins, Michelle Ganatra, Nick Grimshaw
Additional Tags: Pregnancy, Nipple Play, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Anal Sex, Pregnant Louis, Daddy Kink, Funny, Fluff, Angst, not rlly but if u squint its there, i swear this wasnt sponsored by mcdonalds or taco bell, Christmas, i think this is it but comment if i missed anything!
Series: Part 2 of im pregnant harry dammit

“Um, I threw up. And I want tacos. And McDonalds fries. And ice cream. Please?” Louis begged, tugging at Harry’s shoulder.

“You threw up?” He grumbled back, not moving from his spot. Yeah he was concerned but he was also tired as hell.

“You’re missing the point, I need the keys.”

basically this is what i think would happen if this was an A/B/O world and Harry Styles got his omega bf Louis Tomlinson pregnant
I Need Somebody (to Love Me Blue) - beautifulou - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: beautifulou (aka me)

Chapters: 1/?

Fandom: One Direction (Band)

Rating: Not Rated

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Gemma Styles, Zayn Malik, Nick Grimshaw

Additional Tags: First fic so idk what to tag um?, Infantilism, Age Play, Smut, Angst, Fluff, Light BDSM, Daddy Kink, Bottom Harry, Top Louis, Baby Harry, Daddy Louis, Porn With Plot, Alternate Universe - High School, harry is really needy, Domestic Fluff, Dom/sub, Not an American AU but idk the correct british terms for like high school and shit so, Alternate Universe, Soulmates, really nervous about posting here bc all these writers are aMAZING, so… please be nice to me, Threesome - M/M/M, at some point probs

Summary: Harry tugged on his daddy’s hand, admiring the tattoos that littered his wrist, “daddy, are you awake?”

Louis smiled with his eyes closed, feeling someone’s fingers try to pry open his eyelid, “no.”

The curly haired little giggled from his spot beside his daddy, and kissed his nose. His cheeks felt like they were burning from the inside out. His daddy always made him blush.

“Hiiii, daddy!”

“Hey, baby,” Louis’ groggy, morning voice greeted, “I just had the weirdest dream that a small, little monster was tugging at my face.”

“Not a monster! Was me,” Harry launched himself at his daddy’s chest, and cuddled deep against him.



Preference #21: Morning Sex

Preference #21 Morning Sex

A/N: dirty!! smut warning! So enjoy my horny readers ;)

Niall: His hot breath across your neck woke you from a dead sleep. His boner apparent against your ass. “Mornin Princess” his thick Irish accent buzzed in your ear as you stirred.
“Morning Nialler” you let out a groan as he attaches his lips to your neck a hand wrapped around your waist “Someone think they’re gonna get some?” you ask smirking to yourself.
“Mmm yeah baby girl, you” he sits up and pushes you on your back “I had the best dream baby” he kisses you and moans in your mouth, his breath heavy.
He starts grinding into you, your core getting wetter by the minute. He sucks on that sweet spot he can find so easily and you let out a girly whimper making him moan into your neck “Fuck princess you like that?”
“Yes Niall, holy shit I want you so bad baby” You look into his eyes that are hooded from sleep and dark from lust, “ Fuck me already.”
“Your wish is my command baby girl” He smirks and reaches over grabbing a condom from the bedside table pulling it over his hard dick. He pulls off your panties moaning low at how wet your folds are “you’re such a naughty girl, what made you this wet” his calloused thumb moves over your folds pressing into your clit
“Y-you did Niall, its all for you” you prop yourself up onto your elbows and he moves over you. With one thrust he’s inside of you and you moan, your body moving with his.
His moans grow louder as he makes love to you, He cups your face stroking your cheek “I love you so much baby girl”
you whimper at his words “ I love you too” He kisses you and starts making out with you getting closer to his orgasm, his thrusts sloppy and hard “Im c-close Niall fuck” your body goes limp in his arms as your orgasm takes over, his quickly coming after. You lie with him, panting and out of breath.
“So who’s making dinner?” he asks earning a smack on the arm from you.

Harry: You joined harry on their US tour for a while, having that you were off school for the summer and you wanted to see your boyfriend. You were cuddled up under his arm fast asleep after having a late night at the show. The way he moved on stage turned you on, and you just happened to be having a dream about the way he moved for you on stage. Harry is stirred awake by your soft moans and your body moving against him. He smirks and strokes your cheek kissing your forehead waking you up “Haz..I”
He cuts you off “Shh baby i know Hazza is gonna take care of you now” his long fingers move into your panties going to work on your clit.
“H-Harry” you moan out his name your fingernails digging into the tattoos on his hips. You were so turned on by this, half asleep and being pleasured by your boyfriend couldn’t have been better.
“God Y/N you’re so wet for me…” he whispers and moves a few stray hairs out of your face.  You kiss his lips hard bucking your hips into his hand leaning into him, giving him your body as much as you could.
“Harry fuck, i wanna cum” you grab his hard dick through his boxers and he lets out a throaty moan as you stroke him hard.
Harry quickly pushes one finger into you moving it in circles making you throw your head back in pleasure, he was always so good at this, cheeky bastard. You continued like this, sharing passionate, lust-filled kisses before your orgasm took over your body. Harry held you close as your back arched and you came in his hand, his cum spurting out of his tip a few minutes later.  

Louis: You were Lottie’s close friend, Louis invited Lottie, her boyfriend and yourself out to a club. Of course you were ecstatic, Louis was smoking hot, you really liked him and you had the idea he liked you too. Before Louis and Lottie you were never much for a club scene alcohol having a less than attractive effect on you, but that wasn’t going to stop you from having some fun. It was about 3:00 am and you were practically passed out on a sofa in the VIP area
Lottie rushes over to Louis “Y/N is passed out on a sofa we need to get her out of here”
Louis is shocked “Did anyone give her a drink? c’mon lets go get her” lottie leads him to you and He sits next to you rubbing your side “Lets get you out the back love I’ll help you”
You can barely understand him, your head in a cloud “Someone gave me something, i shouldn’t have taken it” you clutch onto him for dear life and it takes all Louis has to not lock down the club and find who did it
“Shh love i gotcha its ok,” he turns to security “Get the car in the back of the club, no paps at all” you feel him pick you up and rub your back, passing out as you get in the back of the SUV. He gets you to where your staying and tucks you into bed, sleeping next to you to keep you comfortable.
Louis liked you, he wanted you to be safe and he felt terrible you were drugged last night “Poor thing” he mumbles in the morning stroking your cheek. You stir and wake up, hungover and turned on at the oldest Tomlinson next to you.
“Louis, Morning…” you whisper and sit up a bit your faces just centimeters from each other. Before you knew it you were both naked and he was inside you “Ive always wanted this louis” you say as you ride him, your hips rocking back and forth.
“Me too babe me too” He kisses you giving you his all, wanting you to be his.

Liam: After a long day at the studio, Liam always loved cuddling and watching Harry Potter or Toy Story until you both fell asleep on the sofa. The front door to your house opened and Watson, the not so little puppy that you and Liam shared running to the door “theres my big puppy” he pets Watson’s head and kisses it
“What about me babe?” you chuckle and Liam turns to you looking like an actual heart eye emoji.
“Theres the Mrs!” He walks up to you giving you a kiss and hugging you “Soooo Toy Story? Im in the mood for a good Pixar movie” he smiles at you and takes your hand leading you over to the large sofa, letting you sit in between his legs and gets the movie started. About an hour into the second movie you and Liam are both asleep. You wake up around 8:00am when the sun comes up, and Liam is kissing your neck “Baby… Daddy needs you”

“Fuck Liam… again” you smirk “i want you so bad” he practically throws you across the sofa so he can start undressing you doing the same 

“Lets try not to break the sofa again ok?” he chuckles and kisses you sliding into you with ease. You moan and kiss him hard as he fucks you “god Liam you’re so huge.. i love your dick” 

“Yeah baby? you wanna cum all over my cock princess?” he grunts and thrusts into you harder getting closer to his own orgasm
“Yes daddy yes fuck me” you scream out his name as your orgasm takes over and you squirt all over his cock and the floor.
“Fuck baby.. gotta have morning sex more often” He smirks and pumps himself cumming all over your stomach.

Down to Earth
Keep on falling when I know it hurts
Going faster than a million miles an hour
Trying to catch my breath some way some how

Down to Earth
It’s like I’m frozen but the world still turns
Stuck in motion and the wheels keep spinning round
Moving in reverse with no way out

And now I’m one step closer to being Two steps far from you
When everybody wants you
Everybody wants you

How many nights does it take to count the stars
That’s the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh baby I was there for you
All I ever wanted was the truth
Yeah yeah

How many nights have you wished someone would stay
Lie awake only hoping they’re okay
I never counted all of mine
If I tried I know it would feel like infinity




Eyes can’t shine
Unless there’s something burning bright behind
Since you went away there’s nothing left in mine
I feel myself running out of time

And now I’m
One step closer to being two steps far from you
When everybody wants you
Everybody wants you

How many nights does it take to count the stars
That’s the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh baby I was there for you
All I ever wanted was the truth

Yeah yeah

How many nights have you wished someone would stay
Lie awake only hoping they’re okay
I never counted all of mine
If I tried it would feel like infinity




How many nights does it take to count the stars
That’s the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh baby I was there for you all I ever wanted was the truth

Yeah yeah

How many might have you wished someone would stay
Like awake only hoping they’re okay
I never counted all of mine
If I tried it would feel like infinity




—  Infinity - One Direction
Sex Tape

To the girl who requested this on Wattpad. I hope you enjoy! 


“Harry, no I’ve already told you, you’re not going to film us having sex,” you groaned as your husband showed you the new camera he had bought to ‘capture your lovemaking’.

“But baaaaabe, it would be so hot to watch when I go on the road and am feeling a little frustrated, please?” He pulled those puppy dog eyes that he knows you can’t resist.

“Let me think about it,” you said before standing up and walking through the kitchen and out to the back yard. You had just moved in to the house and the yard was by far your favourite place. You walked over to the right where there was a canopy with a fire and two sofas along with two sofa armchairs. You sat on one of the sofas and propped your legs under your bum before sighing. You wanted to please Harry in all departments, but you weren’t sure about a sex tape. What if it leaked? Harry had already assured you it would be stored on his laptop and his laptop only unless you wanted a copy you’d have one on your laptop. But what if he left his laptop somewhere and someone were able to get into it?

You were in two minds about the whole thing. You just didn’t want to disappoint Harry, but you also didn’t want the possibility that yours and your husbands sex tape could be leaked. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Harry startled you from your thoughts and you turned to face him. He was walking over to you with two glasses of white wine, one in each hand. He handed you one and then sat beside you. You took a sip before placing your legs onto his lap where his hand rested on your ankles.

“I don’t know about the whole sex tape thing, H. I want to make you happy, I do. And if you want to film us then I want to do it, trust me, but thinking that it could be leaked, I’m looking out for you, babe,” you said and he shuffled his body so he could look at you better.

“It wouldn’t leak, because we’d both be careful. But if you’re not comfortable then I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to force you into anything. I love you and if we need to stick to phone sex then so be it. You not doing this isn’t going to make me love you any less. Nothing could,” he whispered before placing a hand onto your cheek, his thumb stroking it gently. You kissed his lips gently, him smiling into the kiss before you pulled away.

“Go set up the camera,” you whispered. His face lit up and then dropped again.

“Don’t do this for me, do it for you, love,” he whispered and you nodded.

“For me, when you’re gone and I wish I could have you. Go, quick,” you whispered seductively and he scampered back into the house, grabbing the camera he had bought that morning and going upstairs to set up the tripod while you were downstairs downing a glass of wine to gain some confidence. Once you were ready, you wandered upstairs to find Harry standing only in his black restricting boxers, his erect bulge clearly visible through the tight fabric. You stripped from your summer dress quickly leaving you in your favourite black lace underwear set. You looked over to the camera to see the red light already on and you walked over to Harry as seductively as you could. You placed your hands around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.

As he deepened the kiss and grabbed your ass cheeks in his hands making you moan a little. You walked him backwards until he hit the bed, you unjoined your lips and he climbing on, laying back on the pillows. You swung a leg over his body and straddled him, feeling his hard penis underneath you. You ground your hips into his bulge before smirking at him and joining your lips once again.

“Please baby, suck my cock,” he whispered and you groaned. You shuffled yourself down his body before pulling his boxers off, allowing his erect penis to spring free and slap against his stomach. You noticed the small patch of pre-come already on his boxers and you smirked up at him, seeing him looking down at you with hooded eyes. You grabbed him in your hand and pumped a few times before licking a stripe up the underside of his hard member. You teased him a little making sure to circle his tip with your tongue making him almost lose it before abruptly opening your mouth up to him and sucking as hard as you could to bring him to climax. And he did, fairly quickly making you smirk, a sense of accomplishment glowing over your face.

“Harry, I need you, now,” you whispered longingly before you felt his hands undo your bra clasp and the straps fell down your arms. He pulled you forward to take one of your breasts into his hand, squeezing and kneading gently making you moan. He took the other into his mouth, his teeth grazing the hardening nub, before you felt his hand that wasn’t kneading your breast brush down towards where you needed him.

“Lie down, baby. Let me love you,” he whispered and you climbed off of him, lying on the bed beside where he was. He was now up on his knees, between your legs prying them apart before peeling your underwear off. He moved his face closer and closer before he finally licked up your slit, you groaning as he finally reached your clit. “Your pussy tastes to fucking good, my love.” He paid attention to your clit with his mouth, sucking and lapping at the sensitive bundle of muscles whilst he inserted his index and middle fingers into you, hitting your g-spot every time he curled them.

“Harry, I’m so close,” you whimpered as you buried a hand into his hair, the other gripping onto the sheets below you. He sucked with more suction and pumped his fingers quicker, quickly bringing you to climax and come undone below you. He pulled away and you smiled up at him. “Now, let me ride you, Mr. Styles,” you whispered before pushing him into the mattress and straddling him.


“I’m so tired,” you whimpered to Harry. You were both currently out shopping for baby clothes after finding out 2 months ago that you were three months pregnant. “Let’s go home. We have plenty of time. I need one of your special massages,” you whispered.

“Ok, come on baby,” Harry smiled, wrapping his arm around you tighter before you both made your way to his car. And just as you were climbing in, his phone started to ring. “It’s our publicist. I need to take this.”

“Hi,” he said into the cars bluetooth handsfree system.

“Harry we need to talk,” said his publicist.

“Ok, go. Y/N’s here too,” you heard a cough before the boys publicist took a deep breath.

“Your iCloud has been hacked, as has Niall’s and Liam’s. We have reason to believe that a very particular video has been obtained by someone who is releasing it to OK! Magazine as we speak,” Harry was confused. What video?

“What are you talking abo- SHIT! Are you serious? They can’t fucking do that! They have no right! That video was taken with the intention that no one would see it. They hacked my iCloud! Surely that’s against the law” Harry shouted and your eyebrows furrowed. Then it all clicked.

Your sex tape had leaked.

“What should we do?” You whispered to Harry before rubbing a hand on your belly. Clips had made their way on to twitter and while it wasn’t extremely visual, it was still enough to get Harry off when he went on tour, so it wasn’t exactly PG-13 either. “Maybe we should release a statement? They know it’s us babe. We have to own up, it’s the only way all of this could go away.”

“Should I tweet and explain? There’s no other way to get in touch is there?” You shrugged before he grabbed the MacBook and started to type.

@Harry_Styles: As you all probably already know, a very personal video has been released without the consent of my wife and I.

@Harry_Styles: We are responsible for taking the video, but with the understanding that it would be between us and only us, until my iCloud was illegally hacked.

@Harry_Styles: As you can imagine, my wife and I only spend 6-8 months together each year and it gets extremely hard.

@Harry_Styles: We are both very much in love with each other and don’t understand the problem of recording our times together.

@Harry_Styles: We’re sorry to any fans who have lost respect for us but you must understand that it was for us only, not anyone else. You weren’t supposed to see it.

@Harry_Styles: The video is full of love and wasn’t recorded with the purpose of releasing it. Purely for the purpose of reminding each other of the love we have while I’m gone.

@Harry_Styles: I hope you all understand and don’t be quick to judge us. Thank you to everyone being supportive. All the love .x


If I could explain One Direction in one gif this would be it. 

I can never get any fucking sleep. 

Extremely Dirty Harry Imagine

This imagine is EXTREMELY dirty read at your own risk, contains strong language, blowjobs, riding, eating out, and rough sex, fingering, and explicit language

You have been warned


Today was the day. You finally decided to break down and buy a new car. Yours has about had it with all the flat tires, engine problems, gas pedal getting stuck, paint chipping, it’s a sight as well as a death trap. You pulled into the Range Rover Dealership wanting to look at a nice, luxury, smooth riding car/SUV you know you can’t afford, you park your P.O.S car and get out, you begin to walk down a row of 2014 Evoque, when you glance up through your aviators seeing a man with curly brown hair wearing black slacks, a white button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black loafers and black Ray Bans, quickly approaching you, waving as he walked
“Hi, my name is Harry, how are you today” he asks in a deep British accent as he stops in front of you, smiling from ear to ear showing off his perfect teeth and dimples
“Hello, I’m y/n, and great how are you” you ask politely
“Fantastic thank you for asking, is there anything I could help you with today” he asks cheerfully, you bite your lip and look around at all the cars
“I’m looking for a new car and I love Range Rovers, but I know I can’t afford one so I just wanted to look around” you explain and he nods glancing around
“Come with me and I’ll show you some cars, we will start with the Evoque” he says gesturing to the Evoques behind you, after looking at cars for hours, test driving them, sitting in them, now it’s time to talk numbers, you walk into the office seeing all the lights were off except for one
“I can come back later if you would like to go home” you say and Harry shakes his head walking into his office
“I’m not leaving until my client is left with no more questions” he says sitting down at his desk, oh my god he is sexy, the way his biceps flexed in the clingy white fabric of his shirt, the way his tight black slacks outlined his long dick when he would sit next to you in the cars, how big his hands were, everything about him made you sexually frustrated, you sit in the chair in front of his desk as he typed at the computer
“Ok so the 2014 black Evoque is $60,000, the insurance to cover the vehicle would be…” he explains getting cut off by the phone ringing
“Excuse me, i have to get that” he says leaving the room, you look out of the windows and peaked around the door not seeing Harry anywhere, you slip off your flip flops, and unbutton your shorts shimmying out of them, leaving them in a heap on the carpeted floor, you tear your shirt off desperate to quickly get off before he came back, you sit back down in the chair, running your hand down the front of your body, slipping it into your underwear, feeling a pool of wetness between your legs, you flutter your eyes closed as you dip your fingers into your little hole, moaning Harry’s name as you pumped your fingers in and out of your tight heat, you continued to quickly move your fingers, arching your back and quietly moaning out Harry’s name as your orgasm builds up
“If you wanted me babe all you had to do was ask” Harry’s deep raspy voice says stopping your movements you open your eyes seeing Harry’s tall frame leaning against the doorway, his green eyes never leaving where your fingers and core met
“Harry please finger me, I’m so close to cumming” you say confidently, moving your fingers slowly, he groaned never breaking eye contact with your fingers
“Why would I finger you, if I could use my tongue” he says quickly kneeling in front of you draping one leg over his shoulder, you remove your fingers and push your pussy towards his face, he chuckles and grabs your butt and pulls you out of the chair and stands up, pushing your upper back against the wall draping your other leg over his other shoulder he pulls your panties to the side gaining easy access, he kisses your clit earning a shaky breath from you, he glances up at you and smirks before taking a long slow lick between your folds, you moan fisting his curly hair in your hands as he sucks on your clit he teeth lightly grazing it, he then plunges his tongue deep into your core
“Oh my god” you moan tilting you head back against the wall, he chuckles sending vibrations through your body, causing your orgasm to quickly build up, you cross your ankles behind his upper back pulling him closer to you by his hair
“Now baby, no need for that” he says grabbing both of your hands in his, pushing them against the wall, he pushes his face deeper sending his tongue inside you deeper then before
“FUCK, IM CUMMING” you scream, arching your back, Harry continues to lick and suck pushing you over the edge releasing on to his tongue, rolling your hips against his mouth softly moaning, he lets go of your arms bringing two fingers between the two of you, running them up your dripping folds before holding them up to you, you take them in your mouth swirling your tongue around and between them sure to get every drop
“So sweet baby, sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted” he says cleaning you up
“Harry I want to suck your cock” you say breathlessly above him, he removes your legs from his shoulder letting you down, you automatically drop to your knees, unbuckling his belt as he unbuttons his shirt revealing all of his tattoos, he drops his shirt to the floor, as you push his pants and briefs down to his ankles, he steps out of loafers and discards his slacks, briefs and socks, you stare at his dick, long and thick the way you liked it, you lightly grab his length starting to slowly pump
“Don’t tease me baby, I want to see how good you are with that pretty little mouth” he says leaning over, running his thumb over your bottom lip, before connecting his lips with yours, he shoves his tongue between your lips exploring every inch of your mouth, you continue to pump his shaft causing his eyebrows to furrow with pleasure, you pull away and take his dick in your mouth, he moans fisting your hair into a makeshift ponytail so he could get a better view of you, you looked up at him and hollowed your cheeks, swirled your tongue around his thick length, and massage what you can’t fit in your mouth and his balls all at the same time, making him groan
“You’re so sexy sucking my dick baby, giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had” he says as you deep throat his length, you close your eyes and focus on taking all of his dick but it was impossible for you, you gag pulling him completely out of your mouth to catch your breath, you quickly pump his shaft
“Do you like it when I suck your dick Harry, do you like my mouth around you sucking you off” you ask and he nods
“Oh fuck yes y/n, your so good with your mouth” he says making you smirk
“Do you want to fuck my mouth baby, you want to take control” you ask, he nods fisting your hair tighter
“Open wide” Harry says, you smirk and open your mouth as wide as you could, staring up at him, he places one foot up on the chair and thrust into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat making you gag, he continues to thrust into your mouth moaning every time you would gag on him, he pulls out of your mouth letting you catch your breath, you take one breath and take him back in your mouth
“Oh you’re a little cock slut huh, you like having my cock in your mouth” he asks and you nod, he leans over your body unclasping your bra letting it fall loosely off your chest, you remove your hands and remove your bra throwing it across the office
“Fuck baby, you’re gonna make me cum” he says causing you to pick up the speed and take him deeper, he roughly pulls you up by your hair bringing you to your feet
“If I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in that tight little cunt of yours” he says making you moan, he spins around sitting in the chair
“Ride me” he says, you happily straddle him his long cock rubbing your clit, you reach down gripping his dick, lining it up with your entrance, you sink down onto him, your walls stretching around his big dick, you both let out moans as you sink all the way down, his cock filling you up better then any of the other guys you’ve had sex with, his lips pressing to your neck sucking on the skin leaving many love bites
“Oh god you’re tight” he says against your skin as you slowly begin to bounce
“You’re so big, feel you stretching my little cunt” you say starting to bounce faster, his hands fall to your waist gripping your hips tightly sure to leave bruises, you grip his shoulders digging your nails into his skin as he thrusts into you as you bounced making his dick pound into your G-spot
“Right there baby, oh god fuck me hard” you moan as he grabs your hips helping you bounce, faster and harder, his grunts were like music to your ears as were your moans to his, you feel yourself clinching around his length making him smirk
“Is daddy going to make you cum again (y/n), you gonna cum around daddy’s cock” Harry asks staring at your pleasure stricken face, your eyes were clamped shut, your mouth forming an ‘O’as moans and profanities slipped from your lips
“Fuck yes daddy I’m going to cum around your huge cock” you say grinding your hips into his making him moan
“Come on baby, cum for daddy, look at me when you cum baby doll” he says grabbing your breast playfully squeezing them, he massages them peppering kisses all over the tops of them as you continue to move your hips focusing on reaching your second climax to please Harry, you were right there, but needed a little something to push you over the edge
“Talk dirty to me daddy” you moan still moving your hips against his, his dick deeply inside you pushing into your G-spot with every thrust of your hips
“You have the tightest cunt I’ve ever felt around my dick baby, you’re so hot riding me (y/n) with you’re little clit on display just begging to be played with, oh baby you’re so close I can feel it, cum on me (y/n) make daddy happy” he says in your ear, that was the little jolt you needed to push you over the edge
“DADDYYYYY” you scream opening your eyes to stare into his as you released, your cum running down his shaft, you whimper falling against his chest, starting to leave love bites on his chest, and neck as you slowly grind your hips into his
“We aren’t done yet (y/n)” he says slapping your ass signaling for you to get up, you stand up whimpering at the empty feeling inside you, you’re legs trembled, knees weak making you grab the edge of his desk for support
“Let’s see, how do I want to fuck you on my desk” he says pumping his shaft, looking at his desk in wonder, you moan at the sight, he smirks and pushes everything off his desk before bending you over it, pushing you down by your hair, he spreads you legs slightly before thrusting into you as hard as he possibly could
“AHHH” you scream looking back at him, seeing him smirking because of your reaction
“Ohhhh fuckkkk” you moan gripping the edge of the desk dogging your nails into the wood
“I love your pussy y/n, so tight and warm around my throbbing cock” he says pounding into you without mercy
“Yeah fuck that tight little pussy baby” you moan lifting one leg on to his desk giving him more access
“Oh god y/n” he says grabbing your ass cheeks in his large hands kneading them and slapping them not so playfully, your ass now stung from his assault
“Y/n baby I’m going to cum” Harry says closing his eyes trying to steady his breathing
“No no baby, I want to see your face when you cum inside me” you plea, he smirks and pulls out of you pumping his shaft again
“Lay down of the desk” he demands smirking deviously, you scurry onto the desk looking over at him, he places his dick at you lips
“Give me a few good pumps with that mouth” he says m, you take him in your mouth bobbing your head a few times just to have him pull out and climb on top of you placing you on your side, he grabs your leg placing it over his shoulder and he stands on his knees and lines up with your entrance
“Ready love” he asks and you smirk nodding, bringing your hand up to push the curls out of his face, he thrust deep into you making you tightly grab the back of his neck moaning as you kept eye contact
“Scream for me baby, tell me what you want” he says reaching up to grab your breast
“OH GOD HARRY FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, CUM IN MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY DADDY I WANT TO FEEL YOU SHOOT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME” you scream your breaths becoming short, he thrust at top speed making your vision go blurry, you knew your thighs would be bruised in the morning from his intense fucking, your third orgasm build up quickly this time with more pressure, you knew this was going to be the best orgasm of the night, Harry’s thrust begin to get sloppy, and he reached down with the hand that wasn’t grabbing your breast to rub your swollen clit fiercely, you arched your back throwing your head back in pleasure
“I’m cumming” you say weakly playing with the curls at the nape of his neck
“DONT. YOU. EVEN, WAIT” he demands, you cower at his tone of voice trying your best hold it in
“Harry I can’t hold it much longer” you say, he moans
“Ok baby on three” he says
“1….2….3!” He shouts, you cum.. Hard, screaming his name as your orgasm washed through your body, Harry cums deep inside you from the intensity of your orgasm moaning your name, he waits a few minutes before pulling out of you and laying next to you of the small desk, you turn around to face him and smile
“That was amazing, best orgasm I’ve ever had” you state, him nodding in agreement
“You’re just amazing” he says cupping your cheek before pressing his lips to your starting an intense makeout session
“I wish I would’ve asked you on a proper date first” he says making you giggle
“Oh really” you question eyeing the love bites you left on his chest and neck
“Yes, will you (y/n) go on a date with me” he asks and you giggle nodding your head quickly, he smiles and leans in kissing you softly and tenderly on the lips
“You know what the good side to fucking before the first date is” you ask, he hums waiting for your answer
“Now I know you’re a god in bed” you say making you both laugh
“Hey I have a Range Rover, maybe after that date we can test out the backseat” Harry suggest making you moan
“I’m counting down the seconds” you say kissing him softly as he grins

OMFG this is the dirtiest imagine I’ve ever written! I hope you guys like it! ~P

He may be my teacher... Part 5

all chapters:

His hands were rubbing me while I felt his lips touch mine, his tongue touch mine, his breath touch mine. He was intoxicating. I moaned into the kiss. I then threw my head back as he applied pressure to my clit. He began to apply sweet kisses to my neck. Passion was written within each kiss. But who was this person kissing my neck?

“HEY WAKE UP” I heard as a big book slammed near me. I jumped up straight up. My math teacher was right in my face. “you will not waste my time by sleeping in my class. do you understand?” she said. I nodded and rubbed my eyes as I hear my classmates’ chuckles all around me. They were silenced when she proceeded with the lesson. That was just the cherry on top for my day(note my sarcasm). I didn’t get enough sleep this weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr.Malik, and to make the situation worse, I have him next class. I wanted to just ignore him but my mind is continuously introduced to new “what if’s.” What if he calls me back? What if he gives me detention again?

The bell rung and I started shitting my pants. I stood around th corner staring a the door. Mr.Malik was standing there, smiling and saying “Good afternoon ” to people walking by. “what are you doing?” Jenna shouted into my ear. “waiting for a crowd of students to go into Mr.Malik’s class so he doesn’t see me.” I told her. “okay weirdo, I’ll do it with you” she told. “fine” I told her “ here comes a group, stand behind them and put your head down” I commanded her. She giggled as she followed me as I got behind them. Michael noticed me , of all the jocks he really had to notice me. “hey babe” He said and put his arm around me. “um hey?” I said to him. I thought he forgot about me. “Sit next to me” He stated. “assigned seats, remember?” I told him. We began to pass Mr.Malik and onto the class room. I looked up at him and he looked back at me, I snapped my head back at Michael. “oh yeah.” He said. “Well, that sucks. Just know I’ll being thinking about you all class.” He winked at me as he went to his seat. “why the fuck did I like him?” I whispered to Jenna, and faked a gagging nose. I sat in my seat. Mr.Malik started to teach the lesson, well more like passing out a test. TEST?! I haven’t been studying. He interrogated basically most of my life this weekend. I groaned as he put it on my desk face down. I don’t want to fail. “Okay you all my flip over your papers and start” Mr.Malik instructed and sat in his seat. I flipped over the paper and read the first question. My eyes went wide. I didn’t know any of this. Is this even on the lesson we were learning? I ran my hands through my hair in frustration. okay, here we go.
After the test, I realized they were like 6 or 7 questions I knew out of a 35 question test. “I’m most definitely failing.” I mumbled under my breath as Mr.Malik collected my test. After he finished collecting them he passed out homework. A new lesson great. After everyone received homework the bell rang. As the stampede tried to leave his class, I made the courageous decision to stay back and talk to him. “May I help you ms.(y/l/n)?” He asked at his desk. I stood up and walked to him. “I knew nothing on that test and it’s unfair to assume I would still know the material after your interrogating this weekend. ” I told him. “Interrogation? I remember fornication and that’s it” He said. What a slick bastard. “you really expected me to study when all I could think about is you throughout the weekend and even in this class?” I said in frustration. He smirked, “you thought about me this weekend?” He asked, amused. “that’s beside the point. Please, don’t let my grades suffer because what we did is all I could ever think about.” you pleaded. “That’s not my problem, (Y/n). Sorry I can’t help you. ” He said. With those words ,that set me off. “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. this is your fucking fault. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO FAIL ME. THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. YOU CANT JUST HELP ME OUT HERE?” I yelled at him. Mr.Malik walked slowly to me and got up close in my face “don’t raise your voice at me.” he said sternly to me. “then don’t fail me. ” I countered getting even closer. He held his breath. He leaned away from me and onto his desk. Legs and arms crossed. He scanned me with his eyes. It’s like he was eye fucking me. “ I won’t fail you only on 2 conditions.” I gave him a displeasing look. He better not be going where I think he is with this. “1. you actually pay attention in class AND study and 2. we have sex every once in a while. ” He said in a nonchalant manner. “ you’ve got to be fucking kidding me? it’s like your asking to go to jail.” I said through my gritting teeth. “ who says we’re going to get caught or going to get told on ?” He said . Each word was like a push for me to punch him in the neck. “excuse me, I will march to the principle right now and tell her what you’ve been doing.” I threatened him. Its one thing to do it every once in a while, but for him to use it against me. He had no right. “No, you won’t ” He said like I was bluffing. “pardon me”
“you won’t tell the principle because I have insurance. ” He said as he walked to the back of his desk. I have no idea what he meant by insurance. So I just watched him. He unlocked and opened a bottom draw. He reached inside and pulled out a black cloth, with partial lace.“shit.” I said under my breath. “See you won’t tell because I can say you are using that as an excuse because I can easily say that you flirted with me constantly, then maybe one day you decided to leave me a pair of panties and winked at me. And when I gave you Saturday detention for it, you purposely hit my nose. Then today you asked to fuck me I said no and told you I was going to tell the principle. But if you do choose and decide to tell then I’ll tell them my story which has a whole lot of evidence backing it up.” He said with a smile. “How will they be able to tell it’s my panties?” I asked.
“DNA testing, darling”
“I fucking hate you.”
“nah, c'mon you’re gunna love it. I do recall making you orgasm, twice ” He winked at me. I leaned over and put my elbows on desk with my head in my hands. Frustration and the feeling of guilt and realizations of stupidity ran through my mind. I was on the verge of tears. This is dangerous. I don’t think he understands that. He sounds outright evil and I hate to admit it but, he’s right, about EVERY FUCKING THING. From him being able to get me in trouble and from me liking having sex with him. I looked up at him holding back my tears. “the good guys always win” I told him. “If that was true then George Zimmerman would be in jail and you KNOW you won’t tell because think about all the comments they will say. ‘what a whore? what a bitch? probably has std’s? she fucked our teacher EW!’ I know you wouldn’t want that.” The frog in my throat grew as I got the feeling to cry. I kept them back. He was right,I just can’t taje hate, I can’t take rumors , I can’t take that. My fence isn’t that sturdy it can easily fall. Too much of something can make it outright collapse. He was right. “why? are you seriously doing this for your own pleasure?” I asked. “ I mean, good grades and a fucking buddy. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. ” He said. I rolled my eyes. “ I have no way out of this mess. So fine, let’s do it. ” He grinned. He put his arm out for me to shake it. I shook it. “ Okay, tomorrow, meet me here at lunch”

I didn’t even eat lunch. I just went straight to Mr.Malik. I passed through people who were heading to lunch and made it to his class. I knocked first. After a couple of moments he opened the door. I walked into the classroom. He closed the door and locked it. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the far corner of his classroom. He pushed against the wall and grabbed my face and kissed me, passionately. I responded with adding my tongue. He pulled me closer from my waist. I had to get on my tippy toes. The situation got heated real fast. I love this feeling. A warmth and an excitement began to circurculate through my veins. He put one of his hands down my pants and began to rub. Slowly but with a good amount of pressure. My stomach did cart wheels. He detached form the kiss and said “ Told you that you would like it.” I nodded cause he was right. I don’t like that he held this against my will, in order for him to raise my grade. It was like me sucking his dick as he dangled a paper with an A+ on it above my head. I didn’t like that. But I can’t lie and say I won’t enjoy it. “Here’s the the thing babe. I want to fuck you in privacy. Where I can do comfortably. So if we do it at my place, I can fuck you against my walls, in the kitchen, on my bed, in my shower, jesus! babe, you name it. So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to give me your phone and I’m going to put my phone number in it. Then I’ll text you my address and that’s when you will start driving to my place. okay love?” He explained to me. I nodded and pulled my phone out of my back pocket and gave it to him.“ He grabbed it with his free hand but he continued to rub me as he did put his number in my phone. I closed my eyes and through my head back. He was going so slow which just made things more intense. Once he finished with my phone, he slipped it in my back pocket. He grabbed the back of my neck and made me look him straight in the eyes. "When I text you to come over, I expect you to be there in less than 20 minutes understood darlin?” He commanded. I nodded. He smiled then took his hand out of my pants. As he was looking me straight in the eye he licked his first three fingers. “ You taste good baby girl. I can’t wait to see you tonight” He said with a wink. He walked away to his desk. I stood there stunned. “I have something for you love.” He said as he reached down for something and pulled it out behind his desk. It was a gift bag. “Don’t open it until you get home and once you do get home, use it.” He instructed and walked over to me. I took it from him. He nodded to the door which instructed that I should leave. I made my way to the door and looked back at Mr.Malik. He was biting his lip as he smiled at me. He looked beyond content and he was a hell of a sight. I walked out his classroom. “good grades and a fucking buddy, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. ” repeated in my head.

Daddy. [Liam Payne]

Hey Guys! So here is a ‘Daddy’ imagine with Liam because I see him the more punishment type so SMUT WARNING. (; Enjoy.xx


“I’ll have the Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Asparagus please.” I ordered my food with a smile and handed my menu to the waiter as he walked away. Liam and I were currently at dinner with the guys and their girls. We’ve been doing this quite often lately, and it honestly gets quite boring, for me anyway, so I decided to have some fun with Liam tonight. The boys were engrossed in a conversation involving their new album when I lightly run my hand up Liam’s thighs. He deeply inhaled and grabbed my hand, stopping just below his crotch. I smirked when he tried to stay focused on the conversation. I tapped my fingers on the inside of his thighs, seeing that they weren’t trapped under his hand. He jerked his legs together, then groaned under his breath, me guessing he trapped his goods between them. He leaned over to my ear, “If you keep this up (y/n), we won’t get to out entrees’.” He lowly rasped, I glanced down seeing the very obvious restraint on his dress slacks. Smirking I removed my hand from under his and stood up, “I’m going to go to the ladies’ room to wash up, girls, care to tag along?” I said, noticing they were just about as bored as I was. The majority of them sighed out of relief and we all headed toward the washroom. When we entered we made small talk, while I teased my hair and reapplied my lipstick, fixing my cleavage so it was a bit more noticeable in my black low cut dress. After we all finished we made our way to the table, me pushing my chest out purposely, wanting nothing more than for Liam and I to ditch this dinner and have him fuck me. I sat down and laid my hand back on Liam’s thigh, slightly squeezing. He didn’t react as much as I wanted so I decided to move a little higher up. He was in the middle of his sentence when my hand made it’s way all the way up to palm his hard-on. He stumbled over his words, before shooting out of his seat, grabbing my hand and pulled me up with him. “I’m sorry boys, but (y/n) and I are going to have to take a rain check.” I smirked and grabbed my bag before being dragged out of the restaurant and led to his car, being seated in the passenger seat. He quickly got in his side and turned the radio off, all the while I smirked to myself, getting him to react the way I planned. The sexual tension was obvious with Liam hard and me wet. As soon as he stopped the car, he jumped out, opening the door for me and walking up to the flat, as soon as I stumbled through the door I was shoved up against the wall, and into a heated make-out session. He broke from the kiss and led his lips to my jaw and down my neck, “I think I need to teach you a lesson (y/n). How would you feel about that?” He rasped. “I don’t know what you’re talking about daddy.” I innocently spoke, making him growl. “Get on the bed, naked. I’ll be up in a second.” He ordered, I nodded, turned on by his dominance. As I turned to go up the steps he took the opportunity to smack my ass as I walked away. As soon as I got into the bedroom I stripped of everything, laying on the bed, dripping down my thigh. Liam walked in not twenty seconds later, holding something behind his back. “Good girl, you listened to daddy.” He spoke before sweetly kissing me. The heated make-out turned as soon as he slipped the black silk over my eyes. “Daddy’s going to have to punish you for your actions tonight baby girl.” As soon as my vision was cut off, I felt myself being lifted to hold on to the headboard, knees on the bed. I felt Liam slowly caress my backside, squeezing slightly, as I moaned. “Ah, no sounds baby girl. You will do as I say, and you will not come without my permission or talk unless asked to. Understand baby girl?” He spoke almost sweetly. I nodded, not daring make a sound. “Tell me you understand (y/n).” He said. “I-I understand Daddy.” I said, needing him. “Perfect.” I heard him mumble before I heard the leather whip come down on my ass. I opened my mouth, not allowing anything to come out, while I arched my back from the impact. Being punished by Liam was a major turn on not only for me, but him too. He continued to whip me, harder every time, while I had to suffice my moans. After he counted to ten on each cheek, I heard him lay the whip down, snaking his arms around my body and pinching my nipples. I couldn’t hold back the whimper that escaped my mouth. “Mm, just as I was about to stop your punishment (y/n).” he tsked. I felt him smack my clit with his hand, making me nearly come. I breathed out as I felt him turn me around, bonding my feet and arms spread apart so I laid completely exposed to him. Tying me there, I heard him remove his shirt and slacks. The thought of his boner resisted by his tight Calvin Klein’s made me squirm, desperate for some friction between my legs. I heard a low buzzing sound from the bottom of the bed. We’ve never used any sex toys in our sexual experience together, so I was anxious to know what he had bought a vibrator for. “Remember, (y/n), not a sound, or I may have to whip you again. And don’t come until I say so. Understand?” “Yes Daddy.” I breathed out. “Good.” He said before attaching the vibrator to my dripping center. He circled it around my clit while his tongue shot into my slit, moving within me, the pleasure was overwhelming and my orgasm was at brink. My legs jerked together trying to stop it all before I could come, which didn’t work due to the ties bonding my legs to the posts. “You may speak, tell me what you need (y/n).” Liam said, breath fanning over my hot center, while he held the vibrator steady on my clit. “Ung! Liam! I-I need to come Daddy, Please!” I begged, not trusting myself to hold out much longer. “Not yet baby girl, I want to make you squirt.” He spoke devilishly. He reached up and released my blindfold, it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. “I-I don’t know if I can Daddy.” You spoke honestly. “I guess we’re just going to have to see about that baby.” He spoke, removing the vibrator and inserted two fingers inside me, curling inside me, pressing on my all too sensitive spot, I could hear how wet I was when his palm made contact with my clit, pushing his fingers all the way in. He swirled his fingers around before applying intense pressure to my g-spot and rapidly fingering me, in and out. As I was beginning to see stars from holding in my orgasm, he attached the vibrator back to my nub, circling it and I bucked my hips off the bed, making his fingers slip from inside me and the vibrator to be dropped, all the while my body shook, hard. I heard myself squirt, and the pleasure it gave me was like none other I’ve ever felt. As I came down from my high I slowly opened my eyes, still slightly shaking from the events that just happened. I saw Liam, his mouth agape and chest soaked with what I assumed to be my juices. He quickly shook his head and went to lick my juices from my center and legs. After doing so he untied me and I closed my legs, needing a bit to recover. “Shit (y/n). That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” He said, “Shit.” I said still trying to process what just happened. I smiled a content smile, feeling pleasured. “Thank you Daddy.” I said. “Oh princess, I’m not done yet.” He spoke. He pulled off his trousers, letting his massive dick spring free, standing fully erect away from his body, bringing it to your lips, “Suck.” He demanded. I obliged, loving to blow him and I did just that. Licking from the base of the shaft, up to the head, I licked off the few beads of pre cum and swirled your tongue around his swollen head, “Fuck, don’t tease me.” He growled. I took him into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks until he hit the back of my throat and he let out a moan, I wrapped my hands around what wouldn’t fit and toyed his balls with my other hand. Bobbing my head up and down he was a moaning mess above me, hands tangled in my hair, tugging. “Fuck, I’m not gonna last long (y/n).” I looked up at him through my lashes and this sent him over the edge, shooting his massive load into the back of my throat, lasting long, and I swallowed every drop of his salty, flavorless come. Licking his slit and giving his balls one last squeeze I pulled away from him and we both laid on the bed, moaning sweaty messes. “I hope you learned your lesson baby girl.” He said into my hair while giving me a slight kiss onto the back of my head. “Hell, if you can make me squirt like that, I’ll be naughty more often.” I spoke, proud of my orgasm. “Yeh, you really soaked the bed (y/n).” He said, I could sense the pride in his voice as well. I stood up, reaching for his hand and led him to the dresser and pulled out a shirt of his to cover myself and then led us to the guest bedroom across the hall. “I’ll clean that up tomorrow.” I lazily said as I laid down, pulling him with me. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into his chest. “Goodnight baby girl.” He spoke. “G’night Daddy.” I lazily said, exhausted from my orgasm.