liam payne golfing

Imagine he licks you clean
My dirty boy


  • One direction: we're gonna be back soon
  • 1d management: they're coming back
  • Fans: they'll be back soon
  • Obama: one direction will return
  • The world: the hiatus is temporary
  • The sun (newspaper):
  • The sun: 1D are splitting for good, fans are crying.
  • Fans: wtf? No, we're not. They're coming back
  • The sun newspaper: actual gross sobbing
  • Fans:
  • The sun: also. Liam is dating a granny, Harry continues to sleep with everything that moves, Niall stays chill, and Louis is a father to a totally real baby. They're all no homo buddy bro pals :)

**Niall Horan Imagine for rosietheturtle**


Going golfing with Niall but he’s too busy copying how you walk.