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Just imagine waking up to this one on a beautiful morning, light little snores coming from his mouth, looking so comfortable and he would have a small smile on his lips and would sleep talk some weird stuff.

A Year or Two

Hey i absolutely adore your blog ♡♡♡ is there any way that you could do an imagine about having a huge crush on a guy who is a year or two older than you but you have a huge crush on him etc??? Love your blog :)

Add on: For that huge crush thing you can do one where you’re at school and you got late to class and he’s on his way to his class but you bumped into him. And he ask your name and you say it and he suggest you guys should skip class and have a fun day and you say yes. Add on: You and your crush play Just Dance and its a really cute romantic song or something and things happen XD

While quickly pacing to your locker, your fixing your bed hair trying to fix your tired eyes. Once finally reaching your locker, you open it and pull out your binder only to have everything fall out of its place. You scramble it together and file it back into the front pocket of the binder. You slam your locker in frustration as you hear the bell signaling that everybody has to be in class. You just sigh and start walking to your class which is as well on the other side of the school. You attempt to put the papers from your binder back into their place but struggle greatly.

Standing beside the wall, you turn the sharp corner and -BAM. You felt a larger body crash into yours. With your binder already open, the papers become even more unraveled, flying everywhere. You immediately start to file your papers, not even bothering to look at who you hit. “Sorry about that, I’m sort of in a rush,” you say as you stand look at whoever was picking up their own things.

“No it’s okay (y/n) I woke up about five minutes ago so it’s my fault,” you hear (c/n) say. You looked up in confusion and said, “you know my name?” You ask as you eventually shove everything in your backpack.

(c/n) was a year older than you, you were a sophomore and he was a junior. Their wasn’t much of an age difference since you had an early birthday. He was a little bit of a bad boy jock. Every once and while you see him throw a smirk at you while walking down the hallway like he does with every other girl.

“Yeah I know your name. Everybody knows the beautiful girls names,” he says. You blush at his compliment but remember that your now at least 5 minutes late for class. “Thank you but I have to get to class”. You continue walking down the hall but get stopped by (c/n) grabbing your wrist. “How about we skip for the day. I wasn’t feeling this whole school thing anyway” (c/n) says giving you a sheepish smile.

“Where to first?” You say grabbing his hand pulling him out of the school doors. “Anyplace but here. I skipped breakfast so let’s hit up Denny's”.

He unlocks the door to his truck and you hop in the car and buckle your seatbelt. You arrive and once you guys sit down you finally ask, “so why did the bad boy want to go skip school with me?” He looks up from the menu and replies, “Who wouldn’t want to skip school with you. You’re hot and I like your attitude" he says returning his eyes back to the menu.

“Oh, so what’s next after breakfast,” you say taking your attention away from your blushing face. You choose what you want for breakfast and the waitress takes your order. “Anything you want,” he says.

You guys are almost done eating when you spot (c/n) looking at you. You roll your eyes and say, “What?” He says nothing but gives you a sheepish smile. You stick out your tongue at him. He sticks his tongue out at you and gives a wink.

You guys finished your food and got back in the car. He already started driving and you had no idea where he was going. A few minutes later you pull up to a driveway. You assumed it was his house.

“What are we doing here,” you ask, jumping out of the car to the front door. “I don’t know we could just hang out”. You walk in and he leads you to the living room. “My parents work all day too so don’t worry about getting in trouble about ditching”. He turns on the TV and sits down on the couch. “So you just expect me to watch TV.” You look around and notice he has a Wii. “Let’s play Wii. What games do you have?”

He sits up and pulls open a drawer full of all types of games. You catch your eye on Just Dance. You pull it out and plop it in the disc holder. He laughs, “You want to play this out of all games?” You nod and grab your remote. You start by playing something beginner level. Tik Tok by Kesha starts and you watch as (c/n) picks up his remote before strolling over to you. He stands beside you and gets ready for the first dance to start.

Even though the dance is quite simple, (c/n) isn’t a very good dancer. It’s becoming more difficult to dance when you notice his body moves almost like a robot. “Stop laughing at me (y/n), that’s not very nice.“ “I’m sorry it’s just that your dancing like a robot,” The song finally ends and you guys are both slightly out of breath and you sit down as (c/n) strolls through the songs.

“Okay get up we’re doing this song,” he says grabbing your hand and pulling you up. You look at the tv and notice it’s a duet song. You stand confused but agree none the less. It’s starts off slow with you guys standing extremely close together. The next part is you guys in a close embrace, basically slow dancing. Your looking up into his eyes as you both forget about the actual dance happening on the screen. The dance ends and you look at him. “The dance is over (c/n)”. “I know, but I can’t dance with a pretty girl that I like?”

“You like me?”

“Yeah…I do. It’s the way you smile the way you laugh.”

The blush grows deep on your cheeks. He asks you, “Do you like me too?” You nod and take a step to give him a peck on the cheek. “I think you were a little off don’t you think.” He says and you lean in once again to kiss him for real on the lips. He holds your face with both of your hands. You step back just to stop yourself from actually kissing him again.

“Why did you pull away?” He asks with a small frown. “Because if I kept kissing you I wouldn’t be able to stop”. He sits on the couch and pulls you on to his lap. “Who said that was a bad thing.” he says slightly moving your shirt to place his hand on your hip.

“I don’t want us to be a one time thing” you say slightly embarrassed. “I don’t want to be a one time thing. I want to be with you. So we can play just dance together all the time.” You nod and move your legs so your basically straddling him. He kisses the side of your jaw and next to your lips.

“Even though I’ll kick your butt every time. I’d love that”. “Me too, now while we have…4 more hours until school actually ends, I’d like to have less talking and a lot more kissing.”

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“I’m just admiring the view”

oh, the conversation is between Harry and Niall. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear, but again, I wasn’t going to share this and when I did it, I knew who had the conversation :D also, I’d like to thank all the 18 followers and all the likes and reblogs, as always! you’re amazing. :) I hope you all have a lovely sunday, and if you have the chance of going to the Soccer Aid match today, then have fun!! :D I wish I was going bc it’s gonna happen like half an hour away from me lmao SAD. anyways, enjoy. X