Liam Payne is officially a solo artist with a great label, UMG over Sony, which is thousands of times better, a great, well-renowned PR team with influence in some of the music industry’s hardest to crack areas like New York, and a fantastic management company that made a music division specifically for him. Your passive aggressive behavior about how smart Liam has been so far with these decisions and the good deals he’s landed veiled by some type of transparent faux-concern because he’s part of your ship (and that’s all he’s ever been to a lot of you) just proves the point further that you’d never be happy for him unless he’s linking himself to the person you ship him with.
Liam is making great decisions, landing good deals, and you can stay mad about it.

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Just to add to the massive coincidences regarding your excellent M25 post. RBB is reading the Danny LaRue book. Danny's birthdate was 26th July 1927 and Liam's management and his essential freedom was announced 26th July.

O shit waddup! 


I just need a second here to go scroll through some shit and find what I’m looking for…which I don’t really need to tell you since this isn’t a live chat but whatever. If I’m gonna make the effort, people are going to kNOW. 

Okay. I’ve found what I’m looking for, which is this post about all the times RBB alluded to Liam and this post about all the times RBB alluded to OT5 and my post from yesterday about Liam/M25 here

But goddamn…so I have a lot of feelings about this. At first people were saying, “It’s kind of a stretch to think that back then RBB could have predicted the end of Babygate like this,” which, agreed. That stunt is such a shit show that I really think it’s spiralled out of control and there is evidence that it should’ve ended ages ago due to how farcically bad everyone is at doing the bare minimum to convince anyone that it’s real. 

HOWEVER, last year there that random picture that surfaced and was even in the media about Liam meeting alone with a record label.

But of course because it was Liam and not Harry no one flipped their shit and everyone just moved on. 

(Seriously had Harry done that it would have been CHAOS.)

So for over almost a year, Liam going solo has been floating around out there since this meeting was in September 2015. Actually though what’s kind of interesting is that I found it on an Unreality article here, but when I reverse google searched that image only Daily Mail articles about him and Sophia showed up and nothing else, not even the Unreality article. Something that I came across similarly when trying to find articles about Simon Cowell…most of the things about him that you wouldn’t think he’d want people to know are buried deep with in the interwebs and I could only find certain things through one paparazzi archive site. So that might be something, it might not be, but it probably is seeing as Simon has all but shushed any hint of Liam going solo despite Liam being the one posting original work on Instagram. The solo Harry hysteria seems to completely overshadow the glaring fact that there was more evidence for Liam going solo than anything else in the past year.

If we can agree that an album and record deal is something that isn’t as flippantly dealt with as something like babygate, and that it requires actual legalities, especially considering non-compete clauses and what I imagine to be a bitch of a Syco contract, then this will have been in the works for quite some time. I don’t think it’s at all far fetched to say that in October they could have known that July was when they they would be able to announce this. 

Zayn didn’t just get up and leave one day and Liam didn’t just sign a contract last week, so this could be a very good example of how the RBB and SBB stuff relates to the entire band and not just Louis and Harry.   

Okay so I was bored and looked up 1940 pictures of soldiers during the Battle of Dunkirk and i shit you not I found some 1D look-alikes

so first we obviously have the Harry one, which I’ve found isn’t a n*zi soldier but “[…] Addison Road station, London, 31 May 1940. One of the soldiers is wearing a captured German helmet.”

there’s also this one of a soldier looking like Harry:

Then we have Niall (the one with glasses):


And Louis-ish:

Bonus: Zac Efron in the back lmao

Masterlist of my favourite fandom writers...

My all time top 4:













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Hey SAO! I usually come to your blog and Melly's blog for all my ziam/larry speculation! I remember seeing anons saying that Cheryl would play a big part in babygate ending. Do you think that a bigger sham stunt will try to overshadow the ending of babygate or that a breakup will try to cover it up? Or since anons like that should be taken with a grain of salt maybe ignore it completely? Thank you!

What’s up yo!

Melly and I were just talking about good ol Cheryl yesterday and how X-Factor starts on or around the 27th of August. So realistically Chiam should be wrapping up within the next few weeks to fulfil Liam’s totally unnecessary involvement in promo for the X-Factor via giving both Simon and Cheryl headlines and so, as Melly believes, she can put out a breakup single, which I concur would make sense. 

I doubt Liam would carry on with this stunt for shits and giggles and it’s very reminiscent of when Zayn left and stunted with Perrie for the first month before droppin it like it’s hot. (The relationship, not Perrie. No one should ever drop Perrie no matter how hot she is. Which is very. Sorry just totally zoned out for a bit thinking about Little Mix and how completely fucked over everyone on the Syco label is for a moment there.) 

Personally I do believe that the stunt baton is about to be passed from Louis to Liam and that the amping up of Liam’s drama with Simon is going to seamlessly flow into a rift with Cheryl seeing as she’s Simon’s wingwoman and she’s going to choose her career over Liam blah blah don’t care la la maybe he’s not ready for kids despite the drastic changes in her wardrobe to try and convince him that her body is ready. This is purely speculation, I have no idea how they’ll do it but that would kind of make sense. 

Given that Louis couldn’t breathe near a shopping mall without being papped for months, the fact that he was at an EA Fifa event, had several pictures taken apparently by the event, but then it was nowhere near any articles is interesting. Meanwhile dumb and dumber are in the Daily Mail for god knows what reason other than to prove that neither of them are near Louis. I’m sure he would want nothing to do with their fashion choices, so his involvement in their lives has been reduced to headlines calling them Louis Tomlinson’s “ex-flame” and “girlfriend”…

BY THE WAY, why don’t we talk about the fact that Louis’ only internet activity the day after he announced the baby were a couple of likes on Instagram, including this one? 

Anyway, yes I think there will be a lot of things happening all at once to cover up the end of Babygate…it’ll probably look something like this 

I’ve only just noticed that sceptre the bear is holding, which 100% looks like someone made at arts and crafts time, only has green, red and yellow jewels. I don’t know if this photo pertains to this particular piece of the puzzle but clearly going by this handy chart:

We can see that green, red and yellow are Harry, Liam and Zayn.

Zayn’s got a music video out, Liam’s got a record deal, and Harry has the trailer for Dunkirk coming out soon. Also, Niall is being seeded for some drama in gossip blinds, which I hope doesn’t happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone takes one for the team so Louis can just get the hell out of LA, except we know that he’s going to Vegas so that might be one final publicity move for him before he does whatever the hell he wants (I hope). 

We. Shall. See. As I always say, who knows? Not me.