Producer TM 88 Reveals Where You Can Find Liam Payne And Juicy J's Collaborations

One Direction’s Liam Payne is putting his pen game to good use. Not only has he reportedly written for Jennifer Lopez, but he’s also collaborated with Juicy J and producer TM 88 of 808 Mafia finally revealed where fans can catch the star-studded team-up.

Just a few weeks after Liam teased a few lines from an untitled R&B-charged cut that he “wrote for fun,” the producer took to the Twitterverse to confirm that the collaboration between the 1D bandmate and his hip hop collaborator will be featured on Juicy’s forthcoming project.

Even though the MC’s Pure THC: The Hustle Continues has been slated for a release since late 2015, maybe this latest development will confirm a 2016 release. Juicy previously revealed that they worked on seven — count them — seven records together. After all, you know that when Directioners want something, they make their voices heard loud and clear.

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anonymous asked:

Tired Harry

Thank you for requesting, my lovely. x


“Where are y’goin’?”

His voice was strong and accentuated, slow and raspy as his head appeared from beneath the duvet. His curls matted and sticking it all directions of his head, his green eyes squinting against the LA sunshine filtering through the curtains of the master bedroom of his Beverley Hills home. With New Year just starting and the break in full swing, Harry had immediately suggested a getaway trip to Los Angeles for a time well spent with just the company of one another - parties at Jeff’s house, late night dinners at restaurants along the boardwalk, cuddles on the sofa as you watched the reruns of American shows replaying on TV, and lie-ins that weren’t interrupted with phone calls demanding for him to come in for meetings or to meet up with someone to discuss topics of work. He enjoyed his time off - no matter where the two of you were - because it just meant he got to spend his time with you and only you. His attention undivided and set upon the one person he was most looking forward to being with on a daily basis. 

“I’m going to pop down to the little cafe on the corner and get some breakfast for the two of us. Those muffins and croissants they had on show yesterday looked so good,” you smiled, tugging on your brown Chelsea boots to match your denim shorts and the shirt you’d stolen from Harry’s bottom drawer. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes. Might give Glenne a call, see if she wants to meet me there,” you added, sitting on the corner of the bed as you brushed your hair with a brush that was settled upon the vanity of the bedroom, beneath the mirror and beside the large wardrobe. 

A whine left his lips as he dropped his head back to his pillow, his arms up in the arm as his ringless fingers retracted and stretched out into the air as he puffed out his heavy breaths. 

“Come back to bed. M’not hungry yet,” he mumbled, a giggle leaving your lips as you gently peeled back the duvet from his body and looked at his fresh morning face. No concealer applied, no spot cream sitting on his acne marks, and the sleep still evident upon his facial features. “M’cold now. You have to give me a cuddle. Warm me up before I die of hyperthermia,” he whined out, his palms covering his face as he dug his fingertips into the corner of his eyes, wiping away the sleep and brushing it upon the cotton sheet covering the mattress.

“Stop being a whiny little baby, mister. You could get changed and come with me if you’re really wanting to be around me,” you smiled, letting the duvet fall from your grip and letting it rest above his naked lower half. His boxers being discarded through the middle of the night when he became too warm to lay in any clothes that were restricting against his body. “Honestly, you never warn me when you sleep naked. You think you can just do it freely?”

“You like when I sleep naked. Gives you better access in the mornings,” his voice came from beneath his palms, muffled yet audible as you pressed a hand to his belly. Your fingers brushing lightly against the coarse line of hair trailing from the bottom of his belly button to where his pubic bone and v-lines were poking through his skin. A cheeky grin lifted at the corner of his lips as he lifted his hands from his face, a blush on his cheeks. “If you go any lower, a little something might happen. I had a dream,” he started, hoisting himself up on his elbows and letting his hair fall behind his shoulders.

He need not say more. 

Through the night, he’d tossed and turned and kicked and waved his arms around every so often. His feet coming into contact with your legs every so often as he rolled across his side of the mattress, his head dropping to your shoulder as he snuffled out soft snores and mewls once his leg was hitched over your own. Soft prods against your hip was enough to give you the idea he was dreaming about something particular; and it was usually something you would tease him about the following morning, as his face contorted in confusion until he realised and clocked on to just what you were speaking about. 

“It was pretty steamy. Had you in Jeff’s hot-tub, bikini shorts aside as you-”

“Don’t go any further, mister. Or I won’t bring you back any food,” you warned, poking at his belly button before standing up from your place on the bed, and shuffling around the bed to your side. “Do you want to come with me or not?”

“I want to come with you,” he started, before yawning and covering his mouth with your hand. “But can we have a snuggle first? I won’t try anything. I just want a cuddle until I wake up completely,” he added, lifting your corner of the duvet up and patting the mattress. “Please?”

A sigh left your lips as you kicked off your boots and sat on the bed, laying back down upon the bed you’d left just an hour ago.

“Knew you’d give in. You can’t say no to me, can you?” Harry teased, rolling onto his side, propping his head up with a hand as he hooked his other arm around your waist. “Once I wake up properly, we can call Jeff and Glenne and we can go out for a proper breakfast if they haven’t eaten already. If they have eaten, then, too bad. You’re stuck with me,” he smirked, before dropping his head down and letting it lodge in the gap between your pillow and his own. “Did  I see my shirt on your body, huh? Did I say you could wear it?”

“I don’t really care. I like it.”

“You look better in it than I do. You’ll upstage me in my own clothes. That’s how fit you look,” he chuckled, his warm breath fanning across your collar bone showing from the unbuttoned buttons you’d not done up. “Maybe we could just skip breakfast, and I’ll fuck you in that shirt. Nothing better than sex in Los Angeles with your girlfriend who’s wearing your clothes,” he murmured, his toe prodding at your ankles.

“Hm. I’m hungry though,” you mumbled, lacing your fingers through his and squeezing it tightly within your hold. “I mean, I am down for sex but I need some energy in me first.”

“But, if we have sex now, you’ll work up an appetite and I’ll be more awake at the end and it’s a win win scenario because then we can go for breakfast,” he explained, lifting his head back up so his green eyes could stare intently into your own orbs. “If not now, we can do it later. Maybe in Jeff’s hot tub.”

And with that, you gave his shoulder a smack before grinning at him softly. 

“You’re unbelievable. I don’t know what I see you in you. I honestly don’t know why I like you,” you joked, pressing your lips to his forehead.

“Hm. You like my penis. I think that’s the only reason you’ve stayed,” he smirked, a yawn leaving his mouth.

“Sure. Sure. You keep telling yourself that, mister.”

* *

harrystyles: Breakfast can wait.